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  Santa Barbara Quantum Health grew out of an increasing demand for the flower essences, mineral elixirs, and remedy formulations clinically researched, developed, and made by Camille Gilbert, BA, CMT, a gifted Santa Barbara Holistic Practitioner.

Camille began her work in 1977, after graduating from the Institute for Holistic Studies with certifications in massage therapy and the Bach Flower Remedy System. At that same time she became a qualified teacher of Reevaluation Counseling. In the mid-1980s she continued her training with the Flower Essence Society to become an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner, which included learning how to make the essences.

  She also took courses with Eric Love on the subtle uses of the Bach flower remedies, and with Gurudas, the original founder of Pegasus Products, the largest vibrational remedy company in the world. She continued taking advanced courses in various bodywork techniques and, after practicing Reiki I and II for ten years, became certified to teach Reiki in 1996.

Besides practicing privately as a counselor, intuitive, massage therapist, wellness consultant, and specialist in flower and mineral remedies, Camille has served as a California State massage instructor at the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, where she supervised student massage clinics and taught courses in Reiki, Positional Release, and the Bach Flower Remedy System. She also practices and teaches chi gong.

Camille’s extensive training and experience in teaching, counseling, energy work, and massage therapy have given her a broad perspective for meeting the needs of people on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Her decades of research and development of flower and mineral formulas have given her a comprehensive knowledge of vibrational remedies, and she provides consultations and formulations to clients around the globe.

Santa Barbara Quantum Health is dedicated to furthering the clinical research and development that has so far produced more than one thousand flower and mineral essences and other energetic remedies. Under the leadership of Camille Gilbert, it will continue to share with the world its nontoxic system that catalyzes self-healing, well-being, and body-mind-spirit balance, synergizing with psychotherapy, counseling and addiction help and such natural methods as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, chi gong, naturopathy, Reiki, meditation, and spiritual practice to quicken their effects and results.