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Flower and mineral remedies, also called flower essences and mineral elixirs, are very dilute water extracts of flowers, minerals or other substances. They are part of the medical tradition of homeopathy whose basic tenet is “Like cures like.” What in large doses causes symptoms, in extremely small doses helps the body to relieve those same indications. Familiar treatments that follow this homeopathic principle are vaccines and allergy shots.

Flower and mineral remedies are so highly dilute that they have no direct physical effects on the body. Hence they are completely nontoxic, have no side effects and do not interact with anything else one ingests, whether it is foods, herbs, vitamin supplements or prescription medications. Only other homeopathic preparations can possibly interact with these solutions, so if you are taking any traditional homeopathic remedies, check with your practitioner to determine compatibility.

Their History
Dr. Edward Bach, an innovative English physician, homeopath and bacteriologist, noticed how people’s physical symptoms were related to the mental and emotional stresses they were experiencing. In the 1930s he went into full-time research to find a way to relieve these stresses, and developed the first system of thirty eight flower remedies which are now called the Bach Flower Remedies. Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach’s most well-known formulation. He had great success helping people to ease their physical problems through balancing their mental and emotional issues using only these remedies.

Throughout the world, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and various other health professionals use Bach’s system to resolve psychosomatic issues and support psychological well-being. Others inspired by his group of thirty eight have explored making other flower and mineral tinctures.

Santa Barbara Quantum Health, with more than thirty years of experience in using, making, clinically studying and developing new flower essences, mineral elixirs and remedy formulas, is committed to advancing this special area of homeopathy and extending the boundaries of what can be accomplished.

What They Do
These remedies extracted from nature work on subtler levels of our experience - our thoughts and feelings. They may be taken for many months without worry about becoming addicted or building up side effects. They quicken the release of blocked and negative thoughts and emotions and help uncover the gifts and positive qualities underneath. Gradually, more positive qualities begin to emerge, and you may begin to notice your positive responses toward situations or people increasing, your life circumstances becoming more favorable, and your talents coming forth or expanding. Also, physical symptoms related to the mental and emotional stresses often lessen or fade away.

In short, flower and mineral remedies accelerate the natural innate healing process, release blocked and negative thoughts and feelings and uncover the positive gifts, qualities and potential which have been there just waiting to be revealed.