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Astrology Elixirs and Formulas

Because of the continued popularity of our Astrology Product line, Santa Barbara Quantum Health now offers the AstroProtect Cosmos Set, single elixirs whose energies are matched and bring out the best for each of the planets, asteroids, nodes, signs and houses. The astrologically inclined can explore the benefits of using these elixirs singly or working with them in concert with difficult aspects in their charts, or those of friends, clients, and loved ones. They can help to transform challenging configurations more quickly and easily, to learn the lessons involved, and to move forward to extend the scope of talents, activities, consciousness, and the like. These also make lovely gifts for your astrology friends and loved ones.

You will find the new AstroProtect Cosmos Set right after the AstroProtect Formulas. Click the links or scroll down.

Astrology Formulas

Our ever popular formulas plus the new AstroProtect: Galactic Center and AstroProtect: Super Galactic Center.

  The Solar Eclipse Evolution Formula  

This is a powerful aid to align and work with the evolutionary potential of this Solar Eclipse and to maximize its positive effects. Quickly it clears, releases and transmutes out-dated and unproductive attitudes, ideas, behavior and patterns, like criticalness, selfishness, confusion, insensitivity, rigid viewpoints and discord. It instills a positive attitude, harmony, clarity, elevated perception and insight, and a global perspective and sense of planetary purpose. Too it catalyses compassion, spiritual awakening, cosmic awareness as well as better access to the higher self and ability to collaborate with others to help, heal and protect the planet. There's a wonderful sense of lightness in the heart with increased serendipity and better focus to get things done, especially in cooperation with others. The formula can be taken before, during and for months after the eclipse, since a total solar eclipse has an affect for at least 3 months prior and up to 6 months afterwards, according to celebrated astrologer, Charles Jayne, who studied eclipses for 50 years.
Ingredients: Shooting Star, Nebula Stone, Moldavite, Staurolite, Ajoite, Larkspur, Zincite, Chiastolite, Snow on the Mountain

Invitation and Call to Action
On August 21, 2017, the USA experiences its first Total Solar Eclipse since June 8, 1918. There will be a powerful grand trine of celestial bodies in all three Fire signs including the Galactic Center, the very center of our Milky Way. The GC represents the evolutionary fire that streams forth to all stars, planetary bodies and life forms in the galaxy, encouraging growth and advancement. This aspect adds immense significance to the eclipse. The Galactic Center and Saturn conjoined in Sagittarius will trine with the Sun and the Moon conjunct in Leo, and also with Uranus and Mars conjunct in Aries. The transformational fire from the Galactic Center with Saturn (restraint and responsibility) will channel through both Uranus (liberation, independence and sudden change) and Mars (action) and connect with the union of the Sun (masculine energy and leadership) and the Moon (feminine energy and intuition).

For those who wish to help, heal and evolve the planet, your time has come; this is the call. On Monday, August 21, please meditate, along with the many others from around the world, for peace, healing, harmony, and release from selfish interests that do not have concern for the whole in mind. I invite you to meditate with a network of people who have joined forces to gather love, energy and focus at 11:11 am PDT, 12:11 pm MDT, 1:11 pm CDT, 2:11 pm EDT. Check the link below to learn more, convert to other time zones and access a short, lovely visual meditation.


  AstroProtect: Cosmos

Are you ready? Do you feel that you've learned the basic lessons from the challenges in your chart, natal or progressed? Are you prepared to move forward to ponder a bigger view and the life lessons gained and integrated from the planetary bodies of this solar system? Do you aim for a more galactic or Cosmic perspective? The Cosmos combination contains the elixirs for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the four Belt asteroids Vesta, Ceres, Juno, and Pallas Athena, plus Chiron and the Galactic and Super Galactic Centers. It harmonizes all planetary forces and energies and helps to handle any difficult current transits. Take it once a day around noon.
Ingredients: Shooting Star, Ruby, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Tiger's Eye, Bloodstone, Topaz, Moss Agate, Ajoite, Beryllonite, Amethyst, Rhodolite, Diamond, Jade, Herkimer Diamond, Nebula Stone, Flower of Life, Filtered water, Alcohol

Following is a quote from a reading with Kevin Ryerson, world class channeller, from Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Volume II, Page 22.

"Question: You said the soul's forces are not linked to the different planets and constellations in their influence on us, but it surrenders portions of its consciousness to the biological personality. Please expand in this statement.

"Answer: It is that the soul's force is not beneath thought, it is thought. Therefore, the soul's forces are not so much linked to the planets but find a focus for their activities within the activities of the body physical. This is not the force of the soul: it is the surrender of the soul to the natural disciplines of the physical universe into which it has penetrated. Until it can totally become conscious of the self and its higher nature, the soul falls under these disciplines."

  AstroProtect: Natal

Protect and transform yourself and your energy field in relation to difficult astrological configurations in your natal chart, such as squares and oppositions. Attune to the Higher Self, beyond the reach of the stars' influence, to move through challenges in your chart and shift them more quickly and easily into strengths and gifts.
Ingredients: Dodecatheon, Artemesia, Juglans, Delphinium, Prunus, Nandina, Copper, Silver, Gold, Filtered water, Alcohol

  AstroProtect: Transits  

Protect and transform yourself and your energy field in relation to current difficult astrological transits and configurations, such as square, oppositions, retrogrades, or void of course Moon. Attune to the Higher Self, beyond the reach of the stars' influence, to move through challenges and shift them more quickly and easily into strengths and gifts.
Ingredients: Dodecatheon, Artemesia, Juglans, Delphinium, Prunus, Zigadenus, Copper, Filtered Water, Alcohol

  AstroProtect: Uranus Square Pluto Formula  

Between 2012 and 2015, Uranus, unexpected radical change, squares Pluto, complete dissolution necessary for the next cycle to begin. The 90 degree angle of these two outer planets creates powerful conflict but also offers the unprecedented opportunity for an awakening of consciousness and a new way of life. It clears the decks of old ways of thinking and doing and helps us break bad habits and old patterns to bring forth our potential and new powers. It's an absolute overhaul. This formula helps us to totally let go of what is leaving and no longer serving, to accept and trust what's being presented, and to listen to our intuition and inner guidance for assistance to reinvent and renew ourselves and our lives.
Ingredients: Shooting Star, Ulexite, Herkimer Diamond, Whirling Butterflies, Filtered Water, Alcohol

  AstroProtect: Galactic Center - Evolutionary Fire of our Galaxy  

The Galactic Center, a term used by astrologers, is the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Its vast inconceivable power of attraction organizes an estimated 100 to 400 billion stars in an immense spinning spiral of light. Astrologer Paul Hewit says, "Probably the second strongest spot in any astrology chart after the Sun, it is a stunning source of energy, motivation and aspiration, it's the Sun of our Sun". The Galactic Center is the force of evolutionary fire for everything within its sphere of influence. All the stars, planets and living things, including humankind, receive continuous support and inspiration for positive growth, evolution and expansion. It speaks to our higher selves, nudging us to evolve along our chosen path. It awakens us to our higher nature, reminding us of our cosmic destiny with the planet. AstroProtect: Galactic Center elixir increase our ability to receive this fire of evolution and expansion into our lives. It brings us brilliant insight and progressive information, always on the leading edge, ahead of the curve. In Western astrology, the Galactic Center is about 26 degrees Sagittarius. This elixir can be taken on day every month that the Moon moves over the GC in Sagittarius, or in the third week of December, when the Sun passes over the GC, or when any other planet does so, for that matter. Another way to apply this elixir on a more continuous basis is to work with one's natal astrological chart and combine the GC elixir with the elixirs of those planetary bodies and such, that aspect with the GC. (Feel free to email or phone me for assistance to create such a mixture.) Such formulas help to revolutionize one's path and destiny. Enhance your attunement to the evolutionary fire of our galaxy!

  AstroProtect: Super Galactic Center - Evolutionary Fire of the Universe  

A super massive galaxy M87, known as the Super Galactic Center to astrologers, is located about 2 degrees Libra in Western astrology. It has the mass of 30 trillion Suns, and is the core of a larger cluster of galaxies (including our own Milky Way), that revolve around it. The SGC comprises the very center of the known and observable Universe, as seen from Earth. It represents the evolutionary fire of the Universe for those galaxies captured within its colossal influence. It beams information from the Source of All to guide and escalate the evolution in this part of the Universe. The AstroProtect: Super Galactic Center formula attunes us to this extraordinary force. It retrieves our soul, increases our vibration, lifts us toward the next dimension, aids in Ascension, and enlarges our own sphere of influence to shine brightly for humanity. Use this elixir for a few days after the Sun moves into Libra, or when other planets or the moon pass over the beginning of Libra. Another way to utilize this elixir, on a more continual basis, is to work with your natal astrological chart, and combine the SGC elixir with the elixirs of those planetary bodies and such, that aspect with the SGC. (Feel free to phone or email me for assistance to create a mixture.) Such a formula will encourage one to become whole, fulfill one's destiny, and become a central force of healing for many people and the planet. Do you hear the call?

  AstroProtect: Custom Formula  

Would you like a new exciting, simple way to help transform difficult astrological configurations? Along the same line as the AstroProtect: Uranus Square Pluto formula, AstroProtect: Custom formula is designed with your special needs in mind related to challenging aspects in your natal or progressed chart, or to transiting aspects adversely affecting them. We use special gem and mineral elixirs that represent and bring out the best in the sun, moon, planets, asteroids and nodes to more quickly and easily shift hard aspects into a force for good. For focus and clarity, please work with one problem aspect in each custom formula, such as a square, T square, opposition, grand cross, conjunction, etc. When you order the AstroProtect: Custom formula, please write down which planetary bodies and aspects that you wish to work with, in the instructions area. If you would like more information or help, please email me at with ‘AstroProtect: Custom' in the subject line.


AstroProtect Cosmos Set

These elixirs have been enhanced and attuned to their respective astrological influence. They are all made at stock level in one ounce bottles. Also included is a section that gives suggestions on how to use the elixirs in this set.

Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Galactic CenterSignsHousesAspects
How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos SetDiscounts for 6, 9 & 12 Elixirs


Planets, Asteroids, Nodes & Galactic Centers

  Sun - Ruby

Moon - Moonstone

Mercury - Aquamarine

  Venus - Sapphire

Earth - Tiger's Eye

Mars - Bloodstone

  Ceres - Moss Agate

Juno - Ajoite

Pallas Athena - Beryllonite

  Vesta - Topaz

Jupiter - Amethyst

Saturn - Rhodolite

  Chiron - Diamond

Uranus - Ulexite

Neptune - Jade

  Pluto - Herkimer Diamond

North Node - Hessonite

South Node - Chrysoberyl

  Galactic Center & Super Galactic Center - Nebula Stone


Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Galactic CenterSignsHousesAspects
How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos SetDiscounts for 6, 9 & 12 Elixirs


Zodiac Signs

(Using the Elements)

  Aries - Iron (Fe)

Taurus - Copper (Cu)

Gemini - Molybenum (Mo)

  Cancer - Silver (Ag)

Leo - Gold (Au)

Virgo - Magnesium (Mg)

  Libra - Palladium (Pd)

Scorpio - Manganese (Mn)

Sagittarius - Tin (Sn)

  Capricorn - Zinc (Zn)

Aquarius - Chromium (Cr)

Pisces - Platinum (Pt)


Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Galactic CenterSignsHousesAspects
How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos SetDiscounts for 6, 9 & 12 Elixirs


The Houses

  1st House - Coral

2nd House - Lapis Lazuli

3rd House - Picture Agate

  4th House - Jelly Opal

5th House - Yellow Jasper

6th House - GreenJasper

  7th House - Emerald

8th House - Dark Opal

9th House - Turquoise

  10th House - Clear Quartz

11th House - Spessarite

12th House - White Opal


Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Galactic CenterSignsHousesAspects
How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos SetDiscounts for 6, 9 & 12 Elixirs


Astrological Aspect Remedies

The following remedies are added to combinations to harmonize the different astrological challenging aspects.

Opposition - Scleranthus flower essence is used specifically to harmonize opposing configurations.

Square - Whirling Butterflies flower essence is added specifically to harmonize squaring configurations.

Any Difficult Aspect - Larkspur flower essence can be used to harmonize any difficult aspect.

Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Galactic CenterSignsHousesAspects
How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos SetDiscounts for 6, 9 & 12 Elixirs


How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos Set

Pick What AppealsChoose a ChallengeOrderingHow to Take

1. Pick What Appeals to You
Pick the elixirs that appeal to you to experience how they bring out the positive benefits of the planetary body, sign or house. Try your Sun, Rising, and/or Moon signs, or the planet that rules your chart. Choose your North node, sign and house to give it strength.

2. Choose a Challenge
Choose a difficult astrological configuration in your chart: natal, progressed, or with transits, which you wish to work on. Make a note of the planetary items involved, like sun, moon, planets, asteroids, nodes, or rising sign.
    a. Use just the Angles
    You may choose to just focus on the angles of those planetary items involved without including the signs or houses.
    b. Include Signs and Houses
    Or you may want to include the houses and signs that the planetary items are in. Make note of them too.
    c. Choose the Astrological Aspect Remedies
    Next choose the way you want to harmonize the configuration from the Aspect Remedies. You can pick a specific one for Squares, for Oppositions, and/or use the general harmonizer for any difficult aspect.
3. Ordering
    a. Order the Elixirs.
    Then choose your elixirs and aspect essences. If you have chosen six or more remedies you can get them at a Discount at this link. We're always happy to help you. Call us at 805-687-2478 or email us at
    b. We can make your Combination for you.
    Or you can have us concoct your combination at AstroProtect: Custom for $15 per bottle. List the elixirs you want in your formula. We're always happy to help you decide. Call us at 805-687-2478 or email us at
4. How to Take the Elixirs
All AstroProtect Cosmos elixirs or combinations are taken once a day, 7 drops under the tongue, close to noon when the Sun is in a more neutral position.

Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Galactic CenterSignsHousesAspects
How to Use the AstroProtect Cosmos SetDiscounts for 6, 9 & 12 Elixirs


AstroProtect Cosmos Elixir Kits

Theses Kits make unique and delightful gifts for your astrology inclined friends and loved ones. Give them their Sun sign, Rising sign and/or Moon sign elixir. Or you can give them a gift certificate for a Consultation or an AstroProtect: Custom bottle where they can choose the ingredients ($15).

Any 6 Astrology elixir bottles - $50
Any 7 Astrology elixir bottles $58
Any 8 Astrology elixir bottles $68
Any 9 Astrology elixir bottles $70
Any 10 Astrology elixir bottles $78
Any 11 Astrology elixir bottles $86
Any 12 Astrology elixir bottles $90
The 12 Planets - $90
The 12 Signs - $90
The 12 Houses - $90

The 5 Asteroids - $55
The 15 Planetary Bodies - $112
The 19 Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, and Galactic Centers - $135
Discounts 2

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