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Integrative Massage Sessions

Uniquely personalized to the needs of the individual, each session provides deep relaxation and restoration as well as improved balance and alignment.

Any or all of the following techniques are used as needed to ease pain and muscular, mental, or emotional tensions. They promote toxin release; structural alignment; blood, nerve, and lymphatic circulation; equilibrium of glands and organs; energetic balance; and a deeper connection to the inner self.

  • Swedish Massage - basic, gentle, and soothing long and crossing strokes to release toxins and enhance relaxation and circulation
  • Deep Tissue/Muscle Work - deep work to release tension in muscle and fascial tissues and improve relaxation and structural alignment
  • Trager Work - gentle rocking motions of various parts of the body to generate psychophysical integration, helping the client to release muscular tension by becoming aware of it
  • Positional Release - gentle holding of the body in various positions to reduce pain and release muscle tension and misalignment
  • Acupressure - an ancient Chinese technique to bring energy back to wholeness in the body by pressing on meridian points along the skin
  • Polarity Therapy - an energy-based system to restore and maintain proper energy flows throughout the body; very relaxing and balancing
  • BEST Work - a synchronizing of the energy of the conscious and subconscious minds to remove interference that causes pain, discomfort, and illness, through holding certain points while using positive words and phrases; releases old habits held in the body-mind that keep a person in fight-or-flight response rather than relaxation mode; creates rapid positive transformation in the body and mental/emotional outlook
  • Reiki - an ancient Eastern system that amplifies the innate healing and balancing energy flowing from the hands of the practitioner, who uses various hand positions to enhance healing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit; deeply relaxes and balances, and quickens the effects of all other techniques utilized with it
  • Flower/Mineral Remedies - homeopathic, highly dilute water extracts of flowers or minerals that clear old patterns in body and mind so that positive qualities can surface, to create balance and healing in body, mind, and spirit

Prices for Integrated Massage Sessions
45 minutes - $50

One hour - $60

One hour and a half - $80

Outcall fee - $25

Energy/Reiki Healing Sessions

This divine and deeply transformative session generates deep relaxation, balance, and alignment on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit. It uses various energy techniques and enhancements as needed, such as Reiki, Polarity, Acupressure, Remedies, BEST Work, Affirmation, and Guided Visualization. The work focuses on the energy field and subtle anatomy, which includes the chakras—spinning balls of energy that run along the vertical core of the body and the subtle bodies that extend in layers around the physical form. For this session, there is no need to remove clothing and no oil is applied.

The energy work helps to remove mental and emotional blockages, sometimes referred to as negative thoughtforms, found in the subtle anatomy. These energy knots are the chronic harmful patterns that afflict us, and which we experience as persistent worry, anger, fear, depression, addiction, obsession, or negative outlooks. They can lead to disease and distress because they block the life force from flowing freely into and around the body. These knots also interfere with one’s ability to consciously connect with the Spirit and one’s divine nature. By clearing the blockages in our subtle bodies and chakras, more light and life force becomes available to stop disease before it manifests in the body and to make it easier to turn inward to find solutions to our problems and challenges in life.

Following one of these sessions, you’ll feel lighter and more relaxed, balanced, and energetic in body and mind. Any pain or physical symptoms will lessen, sleep will improve, and solutions will come more readily, as will a more positive approach to life.

Prices for Energy/Reiki Healing Sessions
45 minutes - $40

One hour - $50

One hour and a half - $70

Outcall fee - $25