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Colds / Flu / Allergies

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Allergy Ease Formula
Wonderful energetic relief for respiratory distress related to airborne allergies such as cat hair, pollen, smoke or dust. Temporarily clears the nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs without side effects, drowsiness or over-stimulation.

Bladderpod Cleansing Toxic Conditions of the Body
Bladderpod is used for any toxic condition in the body in which cleansing is sluggish or difficult. This essence stimulates autolysis and also assists the clearing and resolving those of issues of mind or emotion that hamper toxin elimination. Because Bladderpod accelerates deep cleansing, its an excellent support for fasting, cleansing diets, chronic disease states and eliminatory problems of any organ or system. Use it with other remedies, herbs or supplements to target specific areas of the body.

Cold/Flu Ease Formula
Helps prevent and ease cold/flu symptoms, such as a sore throat and mucus congestion in the sinuses, nose, throat, or lungs. Synergizes well with other related herbs and natural medicinals, and enhances their effects.

Crab Apple For a poor self-image, feeling unclean, and compulsive cleaning
Crab Apple helps those who feel there is something unclean or toxic about themselves or their environment. They suffer from a poor self-image. There is a compulsion to cleanse their body or keep their houses in complete order so they can feel acceptable or likable. The may obsess over small details, such as germs or skin blemishes, while ignoring a more serious disease or issue. They become despondent if treatment fails. As a cleansing remedy, Crab Apple can be used to assist detoxification, such as during a fast or with a cold or other infection. It can be used alone or with Rescue Remedy for watering or spraying diseased plants.
Crab Apple helps one keep a balanced perspective during the cleansing process and maintains self-esteem despite ailments, impurities, or small defects. The self-image improves with acceptance of oneself and ones imperfections.

Elderberry Accessing Spiritual Light, Protection and Guidance
Elderberry powerfully attunes and connects people to the spiritual light within them. This essence greatly strengthens and protects the energy field, healing any holes in the aura. People are able to access, embrace and receive guidance from the spiritual light within during states of siege, extraordinary stress, harrowing experiences, or when feeling attacked by dark or sinister forces. It can be atomized around the room and body or put into a bath.

Extreme Immunity
The immune system is increasingly challenged and asked to adapt in the current world situation. Extreme Immunity is formulated to vibrationally strengthen, balance, regenerate and evolve the immune and endocrine systems. Thymus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, spleen, liver, kidneys, heart, brain and nervous system are all fortified. This Formula aids the cleansing of viral, bacterial, fungal, foreign or alien infections and toxins. It also disperses blockage in the flow of vital energy to organs, glands and cells, stimulating and harmonizing the body's rhythmic processes, and creating a greater sense of vitality. It provides protection from EMF, WiFi, ELF and other forms of radiation. Confidence, patience, unconditional love, and visualization for selfhealing all get a big boost. It is helpful for those who catch frequent infections, are chronically ill, have serious disease or allergies, or whose immune systems react rather than protect. Combines well with Cold/Flu Ease.
Ingredients: Blackberry, Platinum, Rutilated Quartz, I. O. Jasper, Gold, Jade, American Ginseng, Amaranthus, Queen of Denmark Rose, Peach, Peridot, Self-Heal, Corn, Pansy, Shungite, Crabapple, Olive, Filtered water and Alcohol
Olive For physical exhaustion after long effort or illness
Olive is the remedy for complete and utter exhaustion of body and mind. It is for the deep fatigue that follows a long struggle or a long bout with illness, when all reserve energy and strength have been depleted. Long periods of nursing someone, of personal difficulties, or of intense work or study are circumstances that may lead to a complete loss of energy, strength and reserve.
Olive restores mental and physical strength and vitality and renews ones lively interest in life.

Self-Heal - Self-Healing & Fasting
This sweet little flower of the mint family has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. As an essence, it eases self-doubts and confusions, especially around the ability to heal or get well. For those facing great healing challenges, it enables them to affirm and draw from the deep wellspring of life for recovery, restoration and wholeness. It increases motivation and commitment for wellness, helping one turn inwardly for guidance to make decisions about one's health, and which treatments to choose. Use with psychosomatic ailments, recuperating children and convalescing elderly persons, and also as an aid for fasting to maintain one's focus, motivation and energy.

Vibrational Medicine Chest Formula Set
Excellent formulas to keep on hand.

White Sage Stimulating Higher Consciousness, Cleansing the Energy Field
White Sage powerfully stimulates higher states of consciousness. It awakens and clarifies psychic, visionary, and spiritual awareness. As a potent cleanser of the energy field, this essence clears toxic thought forms and releases negative mental and emotional issues that are blocking spiritual growth. Use it with ceremony, meditation, and fasting. To clear stale or negative energy and to strengthen spiritual protection, atomize it about the room or energy field.