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Classes and courses are conducted in small-group settings; individual instruction is also available. Santa Barbara Quantum Health awards certifications for all courses upon the satisfactory completion of all requirements. Please note: PayPal is available to purchase all classes and courses underneath their descriptions.

Reiki Classes and Certification

Camille Gilbert has practiced Reiki as a certified Reiki I and II Practitioner since 1985. She was certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 1996 and has taught classes steadily since then.

About Reiki
Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key”, consists of two Japanese words that mean “universal life force.” Rei means universal, and also refers to soul, essence, mysterious power, and transcendental spirit. Ki denotes the vital life force energy that flows through us and animates all that is living. It was so named by Dr Usui, a Japanese scholar who rediscovered the system in Indian and Tibetan sacred writings known as sutras. Reiki is a wholesome energy and contains a wonderful sense of unconditional love and an innate intelligence that quietly assists us. Being universal, it is for everyone and every living being, for any time and any place, and for all conditions and all situations.

As living beings, we all have the vital life energy flowing through us or we would not be alive. A Reiki attunement permanently opens, clears, and strengthens the channel of the universal life force as it flows through the body and out of our hands. Then, as we direct the Reiki from our hands to ourselves or to others, this channel continues to expand over time, allowing even more life energy to flow into and through us. It gently guides us toward our human potential and accelerates our evolution in three steps.

The Benefits of Reiki
  • Reiki energizes the entire system safely and quickly.
  • Reiki reduces accumulated daily stress.
  • Reiki is permanent and lasts an entire lifetime once activated.
  • Reiki increases in strength and effectiveness the more you use it.
  • Reiki promotes positive qualities of love, caring, compassion, peace, trust, growth, wholeness, goodwill and self-actualization.
  • Reiki does not conflict with medical procedures and enhances medical treatments.
  • Reiki can be used on pets, animals and plants.
  • Reiki is grounding.
  • Reiki is simple, fast and safe.
  • Reiki can be used on oneself as well as on others.
  • Reiki enhances and combines well with other techniques and modalities.
Three Degrees of Reiki
There are three degrees or levels of Reiki. Each has a separate attunement process with instructions and is built upon the preceding degree.

Reiki I
Reiki I, the First Degree, permanently activates and doubles the universal life force energy flowing though the body and out of the hands, to quicken healing and improve health. In class, you learn the history, principles and hand positions set forth by Dr. Usui and his successor teachers. Reiki I is the foundation for self-healing and for helping others: family members, friends, clients, animal and plants. It is for everyone, not just those in the healing professions.

Your hands reach out continuously into the environment to connect, express and create. Think about all that you touch every day. With more powerful, permanent positive energy radiating from your hands, you can help yourselves and others just with a touch.

Reiki II
Reiki II, the Second Degree, again doubles the life force streaming through the body and out of the hands and becomes available after completion of Reiki I. In class, you learn a set of symbols and how to apply them to amplify the Reiki energy, direct it to clear and balance the personality and release addictions, and send it long distance. Reiki II is an amazing and exciting advancement, allowing you to send the universal life force into the past, present, future and long distance. It gives you the ability to balance the mind and emotions and helps you move beyond physical and personal limitations. Sincere healers and health practitioners should seriously consider taking the second level to amplify their abilities and techniques.

In a certain respect, Reiki II is the most important step of the three because of its power to balance the mind, clear addictions and give the realization that energy is not bound by time or space. The symbols learned in the Second Degree are continually utilized with Reiki III.

Reiki III-A and III-B
Reiki III, the Third Degree, known as the Master level, profoundly and exponentially boosts the power of the universal life force flowing through the channel. It becomes a means of deep transformation and exploration of one’s human potential. Reiki II, which cleared and balanced the personality and assisted in clearing addictions, is the preparation for the powerful third-level attunement. Reiki III teaches additional symbols and is divided into two phases. The first phase, Reiki III-A, focuses on spiritual growth and transformation. It’s designed for those who want to dedicate their lives to their spiritual evolution. The second phase, Reiki III-B, includes extensive training to teach Reiki and give attunements.
A note of caution: Taking Reiki III attunements before the mind and emotions are cleared and balanced and before addictions have been conquered, can lead to extended healing crises and other extreme experiences.

To hold your place for the upcoming class, we ask for a $50 deposit, which is non refundable in the event you cancel within a week before the class begins.

Deposit for Reiki I, II or III Class -$50

The Tuition for Reiki Classes
Reiki I - $150
Reiki I - $100 if $50 Deposit has been paid

Reiki II - $250
Reiki II - $200 if $50 Deposit has been paid

Reiki III-A - $300
Reiki III-A - $250 if $50 Deposit has been paid

Reiki III-B - $500
Reiki III-B - $450 if $50 Deposit has been paid

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