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Decision Making

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Cerato - For feeling self-doubt and distrust of one's own abilities and decisions
Cerato helps those who do not trust their own knowledge or abilities and who lack confidence in their own decision-making. Although they usually know what they want and have the needed wisdom and intuition to support them, because of self-doubt they want outside confirmation. They constantly seek the advice of others and thus are often misguided, which causes them dissatisfaction and confusion. Because of their continual question asking, they sap the energy of others. They are changeable, and often imitate whomever they have just been with.
Cerato strengthens self-trust, self-reliance, and self-confidence to follow one's own wisdom, knowledge, abilities, and inner guidance in reaching decisions.

Chrysoberyl - Gather Personal Power, Love, & Spiritual Insight to Excel
Chrysoberyl, also known as Cat's Eye, has long been used as a talisman for wealth, good fortune, and protection. It has a remarkable ability to combine personal power, the energy of love, and spiritual insight. It calms and balances the emotions, helps people feel at ease with themselves and others, and promotes clear thinking. It gives people the understanding that everything they need to succeed is within them. This is the elixir for those who wish to succeed and strive for excellence in their chosen field. It assists them to integrate discipline, self-control, confidence, and farsightedness with serenity, kindness, and generosity. It gives them a strong determination to get things done while allowing them to take responsibility for their actions and experiences. People learn how to look at all aspects of a situation before taking action and to solve problems by deeply understanding the details involved. This elixir is an exceptional ingredient in the recipe for success!

Coffee - Acumen/Quick Decision Making/Better Motor Response
Coffee flower remedy offers a number of benefits similar to the coffee beverage but without the physical irritation. It helps us to make quick decisions by relieving indecisiveness and over-analyzing. Also it powerfully enhances our mental acumen or acuity, as well as improving our motor nerve responses. If a person is cutting back on drinking coffee, it eases the side effects, such as headache, body aches, and fatigue. There are many ways that coffee essence may assist us - making quick decisions, taking fast decisive action, studying for exams, taking timed tests, using for competitions and contests, and thinking on our feet, such as with driving, bicycling, sports, refereeing, surfing, supervising children, and even dancing. It's good to have on hand!

Daffodil - Attuned to Inner Guidance and Higher Self amid Activity
Daffodil distinguishes itself from other similar remedies that increase attunement to the higher self and inner guidance. It differs by permitting people to clearly hear the inner voice even when they're in the midst of activity. With other similar essences, people need to quiet themselves and go inside to tune into the inner help. Daffodil lets the higher thoughts to come through even while the mind is busy, improving clarity of thought. As a result, this essence is one of the most important for today's world, and for active people who don't have or make the time to relax and go within. It relaxes stress, mental tension and over-active thought processes to allow the inner guidance to reach the mind even while one is talking, working, driving, caring for children or taking exams.

Desert Plume - Better Sense of Individuality, Manifesting More Effectively
Desert Plume is visible from a great distance, with three-to-five foot bright yellow flower stocks rising above the desert. This essence develops a better sense of individuality, one that is confident and effective in the world. It is those who feel invisible, insecure, unworthy, or unable to take a stand for themselves or their ideas and gifts. Desert Plume increases motivation, self-esteem, self-assertion, and charisma for moving out into the world and manifesting goals and desires. Use it with affirmations, visualizations, and other manifestation techniques to increase their effectiveness.

Four O' Clock - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention
Four O' Clock, which grows in California's coastal hills, has bright red-violet flowers that open in the late afternoon and close the next morning. The essence helps people get in touch with their higher purpose and aids its actualization. It clears feeling aimless, insecure, frustrated, dissatisfied, unmotivated, or uninspired, states which prevent the achievement of goals and intentions. There comes a heightened sense of purpose and greater creative expression, self-confidence and motivation to fulfill goals and intentions.

Live Forever - Receiving Clear Organized Inner Guidance
Live Forever (Dudleya) is a wild succulent that often grows on rocky outcrops. It imparts strength to the body and aligns the body, mind and spirit. It is superb for receiving inner guidance in a clear and organized fashion while focusing the attention inwardly. It temporarily suspends emotional confusion or personal beliefs that can interfere with accurate reception. Use it to get answers from within, to deepen meditation and to create more clarity during conscious channeling.

Nutmeg - Higher Self, Self-Integration, Life Mission, Past & Future Lives
Nutmeg is the seed of a tree native to the Moluccas, the Spice Islands, of Indonesia. The flowers, small white orbs, represent wholeness, unity, and the soul level. Nutmeg is a major Flower Essence for attuning to the Higher Self. It accelerates our vibration and increases the capacity to remember and draw wisdom from past and future lives. Great inventors, such as Edison and Tesla, had this ability. Young people, Star seeds and Wanderers, unsure or indecisive about their careers or missions, can receive guidance from their souls. Fractures in the personality can mend and reintegrate. Nutmeg Essence brings forth information and dormant gifts from past or future incarnations to help us improve, prosper and expand. It is excellent for meditation, and with past life regression, future life progression, or Dolores Cannon's QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Training), linked here

Presence Formula
The present holds the key to life. And whatever is presented offers an opportunity to learn, grow and expand. Staying present is the gift to find solutions to questions and conundrums. The Presence Formula eases thoughts and emotions which distract from and interfere with attuning to the still inner voice always available now to resolve issues. This formula helps one stay centered and in the moment by clearing fear, worry, depression, negative outlooks, and resistance to what's happening. It increases tranquility, optimism, faith in Providence, and acceptance of what's given. It grants entrance to the power, love, light and wisdom within for support and elucidation. It keeps the attention in the moment to continually receive whatever is needed. A wonderful sense of being here and now arises so we're ever ready to face, solve, trust, enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Pink Ball Dombeya, Whirling Butterflies, Cantu, Beryllonite, Liveforever, Madrone

Scleranthus - For indecision between alternatives and for mood swings
Scleranthus people have difficulty making decisions, especially when there are two choices. They waver back and forth, unable to decide or take action. As a result, they procrastinate and waste time. They can have wide mood swings, experiencing the extremes between happiness and sadness, energy and lethargy, optimism and pessimism, or laughter and tears. Their changeability makes them unreliable and unpredictable. Their physical symptoms may move about their body. They suffer in silence, not inclined to share their dilemma with others. This remedy can be of value for bipolar issues.
Scleranthus provides poise and balance to help people make decisions from the center, not the extremes, so they can act promptly.

Self-Heal - Self-Healing & Fasting
This sweet little flower of the mint family has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. As an essence, it eases self-doubts and confusions, especially around the ability to heal or get well. For those facing great healing challenges, it enables them to affirm and draw from the deep wellspring of life for recovery, restoration and wholeness. It increases motivation and commitment for wellness, helping one turn inwardly for guidance to make decisions about one's health, and which treatments to choose. Use with psychosomatic ailments, recuperating children and convalescing elderly persons, and also as an aid for fasting to maintain one's focus, motivation and energy.

Wild Oat - For uncertainty about one's work, career, or life direction
Wild Oat is used when people are undecided about their work, career or calling in life. Such individuals have ambition and a variety of talents but don't have a clear direction. They may feel restless, dissatisfied, frustrated or unhappy. This remedy is helpful for people in high school or college when they aren't sure what they want to do with their lives. It helps those who are drifting through life without a definite plan or sense of purpose and who feel like life is passing them by. It can also be used when people are tired or bored with their current work or career and seeking new avenues for their talents and ambitions.
Wild Oat clarifies one's purpose, ambition and direction in life, activating one to pursue and succeed in their chosen field and become happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Wishbone Bush - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention
Wishbone Bush, a wild four o' clock in California's coastal hills, has bright red-violet flowers that open in the late afternoon and close the next morning. The essence helps people get in touch with their higher purpose and aids its actualization. It clears feeling aimless, insecure, frustrated, dissatisfied, unmotivated, or uninspired, states which prevent the achievement of goals and intentions. Use it for a heightened sense of purpose and greater creative expression, self-confidence, and motivation to fulfill one's goals and intentions.

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