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New Millennium Gem Elixirs

For over 30 years, Santa Barbara Quantum Health has made and researched hundreds of gem and mineral elixirs. We have decided to offer a number of individual gem elixirs and gem elixir formulas made from newly discovered minerals as well as some special ones which are relatively unknown. They all hold tremendous evolutionary and alchemical promise.

Please note: All remedies come in one ounce bottles and are formulated at stock level.

  Single Gem Elixirs

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Ajoite - Finding Joy, Love, Beauty & Acceptance Inside and Out

Ajoite, most often found as soft blue-green phantoms in crystals, radiates one of the sweetest, most loving and serene energies in the mineral kingdom. It brings calm and peace to our emotions while gently cleansing our hearts of sadness, anger and hurt. As a result, we experience greater levels of joy, love, acceptance, and compassion. And because it melds the heart and throat centers, we more easily express what's in our hearts. Ajoite helps us see beauty, love and joy both within and around us, no matter the circumstance. It moves us along our spiritual path allowing us to more easily link to the higher dimensions as well as to people we meet along our way. Truly a gift from nature for the heart.

  Anchi Crystals - Raise Vibratory Rate/Harmony & Healing /Better Intent & Creation

Newly discovered and mined in Colorado, this combination of crystals are 1.6 billion years old, with scientific research discovering a strong energy field surrounding and radiating from them. It has been hypothesized that this field was imbued into the crystals during the highly formative genitive era that the earth was in at that time. The crystals have a templating and retemplating effect on body, mind and spirit. As an elixir, it has a number of helpful effects that together make it a powerful ally. 1) It raises the vibratory rate of the body encouraging healing and restoration. 2) It clears and transforms negative emotions into positive feelings. 3) It increases the ability to focus intention and creative power to more quickly manifest desires, goals and abundance. 4) It brings a sense of happy harmony with others and the surroundings. 5) The radiating field protects from EMF, WiFi, microwaves, and negative thought forms. It is highly beneficial used in the bath and as an adjunct to other remedies. It can also be sprayed on affected body areas, around the energy field, and in rooms and spaces, to encourage healing, harmony and clarity, and to elevate the vibrations. As one of the new millennium minerals, anchi crystals significantly enhance spiritualized and harmonious creation, healing, and relationships for all. Comes with an atomizer spray cap. (Check out more about the crystals at

  Apophyllite - Spiritual Light, Joy, Optimism, Opportunity

Apophyllite emanates a delightful, elevated vibration. It uplifts the spirit and infuses both our ethereal and physical being with Light. This Elixir clears blockages in the Crown Chakra to thin the veil and allow a flow of spiritual energy from the higher realms. Psychic abilities and intuition increase along with access to our higher guides and guardians. Apophyllite Elixir streams this divine energy into our hearts and solar plexus, which then translates into joy, optimism and serendipity. We're able to face fears and correct mistakes to move forward in life and make the most of our current situations. We learn whats in the way of our true happiness, and how to recognize and act on opportunities. Feelings of burn out are replaced with zest and enthusiasm. Apophyllite builds a strong connection between the spiritual and physical aspects, so higher energies and guidance can help us participate more fully in life with joy and optimism.

  Beryllonite - Experience Spiritual Light & All Good Inside & Out

Beryllonite is a rare mineral containing beryllium, which too is a rare element. This elixir assists us to consciously transcend deeply entrenched perceptions of duality and polarity, like bad vs. good, wrong vs. right, hatred vs. love, or poor vs. rich. It helps us to perceive and receive spiritual light, even in the darkest hour, and to recognize that the Light can pierce the veil to reveal the highest good and the constant presence of the Spirit. It powerfully expands our consciousness easing fear, anxiety and ego illusions so that we can more closely identify and work with our eternal Soul, Divine purpose and the Source of All. We begin to see divine power in everything. Our negative thoughts and emotions dissolve to become faith, love, altruism, and spiritual insight. We notice goodness in ourselves, others and situations. In a world of strife, we become aware of the higher truth that brings us brilliant solutions for all our challenges and difficulties.

  Bixbite (Red Beryl) - Loving Intimate Relationships

Bixbite, a rare raspberry colored beryl, brings forth self-confidence, unconditional love, harmony, cooperation, and compatibility. It enhances intimate relationships, giving courage to make deep emotional commitments. People who are over-analytical or overcritical become more sensitive and feeling. Anxiety and tension lessen. This elixir kindles affectionate lasting love, assisting relationships to stay caring and supportive in difficult times. Helpful for relationship counseling, marriage and couple problems, and fear of intimacy in relationships.

  Charoite - Spiritual Fear, Access to Higher Realities, Spiritual Protection

Charoite is a rare lilac purple mineral named after the Chara River in Siberia, where it was discovered. The Mongols ceremoniously boiled the stones as a tea and then drank it with the belief that it could strengthen family and community ties and protect all members from evil spirits. As an Elixir, it first and foremost eases the fear of experiencing higher dimensions. It powerfully opens the Brow and Crown Chakras as well as balancing both analytical and intuitive aspects. When someone is unfamiliar with more rarified levels or has difficulty letting go to allow them, this Elixir clears the fear. Courage, trust and spiritual protection increase so that access to higher states of consciousness comes more easily. Charoite is quite useful for meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral and soul travel. It works well with Erythrite to improve, remember and interpret dreams and visions. It's excellent for enhancing spiritual growth.

  Chiastolite - Transmutation, Get Unstuck

Chiastolite is the stone of transition, for transmuting from a less desirable state to a better one smoothly and quickly. It creates a bridge for crossing over: from old to new, youth to maturity, false to true, illness to wellness, dissention to harmony and the like. It helps people get over the hump, to blast through obstacles and unproductive patterns, and to gain a foothold in the new with confidence, fresh insight and better options. People stay centered, calm and grounded, linked to their higher self and soul mission. This elixir dispels and protects from negative energies. One can safely journey to the higher realms or the Akashic records. Chiastolite activates the earth star below the feet and the soul star above the head as well as aligning all the major chakras and subtle bodies. This universal elixir has many applications for making progress when feeling stuck, in both daily affairs and traveling transcendent levels. Excellent adjunct with other remedies to guarantee successful shifts.

  Chrysoberyl - Gather Personal Power, Love, & Spiritual Insight to Excel

Chrysoberyl, also known as Cat's Eye, has long been used as a talisman for wealth, good fortune, and protection. It has a remarkable ability to combine personal power, the energy of love, and spiritual insight. It calms and balances the emotions, helps people feel at ease with themselves and others, and promotes clear thinking. It gives people the understanding that everything they need to succeed is within them. This is the elixir for those who wish to succeed and strive for excellence in their chosen field. It assists them to integrate discipline, self-control, confidence, and farsightedness with serenity, kindness, and generosity. It gives them a strong determination to get things done while allowing them to take responsibility for their actions and experiences. People learn how to look at all aspects of a situation before taking action and to solve problems by deeply understanding the details involved. This elixir is an exceptional ingredient in the recipe for success!

  Chrysocolla - Emotional Balance, Spiritual Progress, Breath Work

Chrysocolla is a complex copper mineral with attractive blue and green layers and mottling. It is sometimes called a Goddess stone, as it enhances the Feminine nature within us all. It generates greater inner peace and tranquility and attracts circumstances we need to get things done. This Elixir notably clears issues in the subconscious that block our emotional maturity or personality growth. Emotions are balanced, stress and hypertension eased, while spiritual understanding and awareness expand. Use this Elixir with breathwork to gain better control over spiritual forces. Chrysocolla, with its Feminine power, assists us to release our shadow areas, increase tranquility, attract what's good for us, and make spiritual progress.

  Cintamani (Saffordite) - Lift the Veil, Advance Spiritual Heart & Higher Mission

The Cintamani, a Sanskrit word meaning wish-fulfilling jewel, is a tektite found only in Arizona, scientifically called Saffordite. This pinkish brown to lavender gray tektite has one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure Light and Love and manifesting the purity of the Soul. It is a reflection of the inner jewel, the I AM presence, and the totality of being. Because it, most significantly, lifts the veil and radically advances both the spiritual heart and the higher calling, it is best-suited for those light workers and star seeds, who are already realizing their divine mission. It vigorously dissolves implants, negative thought forms, emotional blockages and outdated belief systems, so one must be prepared to let go of the old debris to further liberate the greater self. It expands cosmic consciousness, love, light and grace, establishing peace and harmony within oneself, and with life and relationships. It aligns all 12 chakras while opening the heart, brow, crown, and 5 chakras above the head. Likewise, all subtle bodies are balanced, with astral, causal, spiritual and soul bodies being stimulated. It should be taken alone, and no more than once a day and perhaps better less often. Columbianite, a tektite from South America, has very similar qualities but acts a little bit more gently, so some may want to work first with that tektite, and then move on to the Cintamani.
See more on the Tektite Page.

  Columbianite - Gently Lift the Veil, Awaken Spiritual Heart & Higher Calling

Columbianite is a lavender gray tektite found in Columbia and Peru. Though very similar to Saffordite, aka the Cintamani, its effects are somewhat gentler but still it has one of the highest vibratory rates of any mineral or tektite, second only to the Cintamani. It helps to lift the veil, opens the spiritual heart, and awakens people to their higher calling in life. It strongly clears chronic patterns, negative thought forms, emotional baggage and outdated belief systems. Experience of the higher self and cosmic consciousness greatly improves, as well as peace and harmony in life and relationships. It is well-suited for people who are awakening to their spiritual nature and higher purpose in life. It works on the subtle anatomy in a manner similar to the Cintamani, so please refer to it for the specifics. Because of Columbianite elixir''s powerfully liberating and clearing effects, it should not be taken more than once a day, and less often is highly suggested. It will help you remember who you really are and why you''re here, beyond the veil of self-forgetting.
See more on the Tektite Page.

  Danburite - Cosmic Consciousness, Access to Highest Realms & Teachings

Danburite has a most extraordinary and elevating frequency. It powerfully opens and links the Heart, Crown and 12th Chakra above the head, as well as activates the Spiritual and Soul bodies. Our awareness is uplifted to the highest possible level, the domain of the Soul, Higher Self and I AM Presence. This Elixir aids in achieving Christ consciousness. And for those on the verge of Enlightenment, it may just tip the scale. It also transmutes karma. For people close to death, ready to make their transition, it offers peace and access to the Light. In daily life or during difficulty, it fosters tranquility and a broader perspective. Danburite advances meditation, lucid dreaming and rapport with our highest guides and teachers, helping us to remember these experiences after returning to normal consciousness.

  Erythrite - Cultivate Insight, Higher Visions, Dreams, Harmony with Others

Erythrite forms crystals from pink to deep purple in color. Its value lies in its ability to open both heart and brow chakras and balance them together. It powerfully stimulates and harmonizes insight, higher visions, the dream state, and the ability to interpret dreams. At the same time, interactions with others flow more easily as the love of the heart blends with a higher point of view. This elixir brings forth compassion and the ability to see the best in people and situations. Erythrite elixir can be used in a number of ways: to bring discernment and harmony in relationships, and to cultivate higher visions, insight into issues and clarity and understanding of dreams.*
*Note: The elixir was made through the double container method.

  Flower of Life - Alchemy/Harmony/ Creation/Integration/12 Strand DNA Activator

This ancient geometric pattern, mysterious and appealing, was found in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt, carved on a granite pillar. Though it is the oldest example discovered to date, the pattern has also been used liberally in Indian, Asian, Phoenician, Assyrian, Middle Eastern and Medieval art. Leonard da Vinci intensely studied it. As an elixir, the Flower of Life is pure alchemy; it amplifies, quickens, harmonizes, integrates, transforms and spiritualizes. It encourages positive harmonious creation and brings out the best, greatest and highest in a person, integrating all levels and dimensions of the self from the most mundane to the most rarified or sacred. It is an alchemical catalyst for life and consciousness. It activates and aligns the heart, brow, crown and five chakras about the head as well as all seven subtle bodies. It also activates, develops and integrates the 12 strand DNA. This Flower of Life elixir for the new millennium enhances love, harmony, manifestation, problem-solving, physical/emotional/mental balance, psychic gifts, hands-on-healing, and attunement to higher self, inner guidance and Source. It clears, protects and strengthens the energy field. Use it with remedies, herbs, aromatherapy, spiritual practice, intention and goal setting, healing modalities and the like, to advance the highest, best and most harmonious outcome.

  Indium - Evolution & Longevity

Indium is a trace element known for improving longevity, anti-aging and rejuvenation. Scientific tests have shown, that as a mineral supplement, it improves hormonal balance and boosts both physical energy and mineral absorption. As an elixir, Indium increases evolution, longevity and repair of DNA energetics. It is an important aid in the ascension process. It activates the higher self, stimulates the higher template, encourages self-healing, and strengthens and rejuvenates glandular energies associated with the major chakras. Excellent with other remedies that support rejuvenation, DNA energy and longevity, such as Peridot, Flower of Life, Date Palm, Giant Dutchman's Pipe, etc. Check out the Light Body formula.

  Libyan Gold Tektite - The Will to do Good, Manifest Higher Mission, Prosperity

Libyan Gold Tektite, also called Libyan Desert Glass, is found deep in the Saharan Desert of Libya and Egypt. Like other tektites, it holds extraordinary energies from the tremendous forces involved in its formation. King Tutankhamun''s funeral breastplate highlights a lustrous scarab carved from Libyan Desert Glass (see second photo). The main focus of this golden yellow tektite is the opening of the third and fourth chakras along with the crown. It balances all chakras and subtle bodies, while stimulating the etheric, mental and spiritual bodies. It elevates the will to do good. Abundance, prosperity, money and good luck improve when one lives and acts from the heart for the benefit of all. Libyan Gold Tektite elixir unites the spiritual and earthly mission, revealing how to materialize one''s higher calling on earth. Higher consciousness expands to inspire creative ideas for harmonious manifestation. This elixir also has a powerful cleansing action, clearing and transmuting karmic issues from past lives, including those related to other planets, star systems, and in particular, the Orion constellation. A field of protection increases to prevent others from manipulating or interfering with one''s free will. Following the directive of this tektite, the will to do good, brings forth happiness and bliss in life. Take once a day only. Because it grounds inspiration and liberates the true free will, it combines well with Moldavite or Tibetan Tektite for grounded spiritual advancement.
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  Meteorite - Link to ETs: Cosmic Awareness, Telepathy, DNA, Past Lives

Meteorites are usually black or darkly colored, and are traditionally divided into three categories: metallic, stony or a combination of the two. Throughout the centuries, different cultures and civilizations have viewed meteors and meteorites as sacred objects, omens, signs, and prophecies. Meteorite elixir, with its vibrant other-worldly energy, enhances cosmic consciousness and rapport with extraterrestrial influences. It assists to bring forth past life memories from other planets and star systems. It can also activate latent portions of the genetic code that contain extraterrestrial advancements to promote evolution of the body and psychic sensitivity. People can learn to telepathically communicate with ETs: those on star ships and UFOs, on other planets and star systems, or in higher dimensions. Meteorite creates an affinity for positive ET influence, by awakening related inactive areas of the DNA and increasing awareness and psychic abilities to establish contact across time and space. Ready to connect?
See more on the Tektite Page.

  Moldavite - Catalyze Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Abilities, Lucid Dreaming

Moldavite is a beautiful emerald green tektite found in Czechoslovakia in the Moldau River area, and is connected to a meteorite impact from 14.8 million years ago. It has been highly prized throughout the centuries as a talisman. In the middle Ages, it was called the agni mani, Sanskrit for fire pearl, and was strictly reserved for those of royal blood and nobility. It carries a powerful elevated vibration that primarily opens the heart chakra, but also the brow and crown centers, to catalyze spiritual awakening and sensitivity to inner guidance and higher dimensions. All subtle bodies are aligned with astral, causal and spiritual bodies being stimulated. Compassion and unconditional love increase as well as emotions from laughter to tears. Moldavite elixir is a powerful aid to deepen meditation, and to develop psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or intuition. It furthers the dream state, inducing vivid luminous dreams, and becomes a good tool for dream work to remember and interpret dreams as well as to facilitate lucid dreaming and nightly astral travel. People can better communicate with positive ETs, and Starseeds can connect to their home bases. Presently Moldavite has a special role to play in awakening humanity. Take it once a day for a while and then leave some time in between. Libyan Gold Tektite combines well with Moldavite to add ground and positive will and manifesting forces.
See more on the Tektite Page.

  Moonstone - Feminine Power, Emotional Integration, Psychic Abilities

Moonstone with its pearly luster personifies the Feminine nature in her power and glory. This Elixir magnifies the Feminine qualities within us all - peace, receptivity, empathy, sensitivity, nurturing, emotional balance and harmony. Moonstone opens the Solar Plexus Chakra to resolve emotions, especially stress, anxiety and those related to the mother, calming, balancing and integrating them. We are more able to operate from that which we truly are and have to offer. The whole abdominal region relaxes, so it can be used to enhance breathwork, whether in therapy or spiritual practice. And because the Brow and Crown Chakras open, psychic abilities and intuition improve along with reception to higher guidance. As it's becoming crystal clear that the Mother/Goddess/Feminine energies and viewpoint have a major role to play in solving and healing the problems on Earth, Moonstone Elixir is a natural pick to have on hand and use often. Very nice in a bath.

  Natrolite - Bridge Higher Self & Personality/Release Hidden Talents

Natrolite is a beautiful mineral which grows as long straight crystals in sprays. It powerfully promotes connections between mind and spirit. One of its most profound attributes is to build and integrate a pathway between the higher self and the personality or ego. The importance of this cannot be overstated. In consolidating this bridge, spiritual energies flow into the personality to infuse it with confidence, courage, optimism, and faith in oneself and the future. It awakens hidden inherent talents and guides the individual along their true path in life. Reception to the spiritual realms, to higher information, and to one's psychic abilities amply improves. It is excellent for channeling, and then too for rebirthing, as it allows contact with the spiritual self just before the spirit entered the body at birth.

  Nebula Stone - Cosmic Home: Roots & Destiny/ Increased Cosmic Awareness

This delightful nearly black stone looks like a microcosmic universe sprinkled with stars, nebulas and galaxies. It's like looking into a cosmic window. It helps us remember and connect to our spiritual heritage and home. It allows us to feel more at home on earth with a sense of being an integral part of the Cosmos, with a destiny to fulfill. It noticeably expands the consciousness, enhancing access to higher guidance and intelligence, telepathy and psychic abilities. It can be used for traveling the inner domains and linking to other star systems. Even as it raises the consciousness, it is quite grounding and brings spiritual light into the body. The kundalini is kindled, and the aura is cleansed and protected. This newly discovered stone is one of new millennium minerals. It supports humanity's emerging cosmic awareness and its connection and destiny with the larger Universe. Excellent with meditation, contemplation, spiritual pursuits, and starseeds, indigos and crystallines. (Check out more about this stone at

  Peridot - Self-Healing, Cleanse Toxins & Miasms

With its attractive lime green color, Peridot has long been associated with manifesting abundance and health. For health, the focus is with cleansing the body, self-healing, and enhanced wellbeing. It can be utilized during fasts, cleansing regimens, and when healing oneself. It augments creative visualizations, meditations, and affirmations when used for such. It can be taken in a glass of water first thing in the morning, for a year, to clear all the miasmic forces in the DNA.

  Platinum - Metal of Transformation, Higher Dimensions, Meditation, Soul Level

Platinum is a very rare silver white element and is designated as a noble metal, because of its remarkable resistance to corrosion, even beyond gold. Because it has the highest frequency of any metal, it is considered the metal of transformation. It offers distinct and occult properties linked with the soul star, the higher chakras including those above the head, and the higher dimensional bodies. Platinum elixir attunes those who are spiritually advanced to the higher realms for cosmic connection, communion and communication with higher guides, angelic beings, ascended masters, the soul level, and their 'I AM' presence. It increases electrical transmission across brain synapses, aligns all the vertebrae, supports immunity, and improves memory, especially when affected by shock or anxiety. It also acts as an antidepressant. The feminine qualities are balanced, allowing people to objectively observe and work with their emotions while staying centered in their higher Self. Clairvoyance increases, and meditation improves to further the integration of new ideals and higher energies. People stay more focused on their true path with extra dimensionality, wisdom and insight. It is recommended to begin with the combination Copper/Silver/Gold and then add Platinum elixir to raise the bar.

  Rhozidite - Master Healer, Manifesting, Psychic Abilities, Amplifier

Rhodizite, a little dodecahedron shaped crystal only 3-5 millimeters across, embodies incredibly intensified energy and is considered a master healer. As an elixir, it clears blockages on all levels, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It improves the ability to manifest, boosting strength of will and personal power as well as magnifying thought, intent and visualization. It develops and augments psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, telepathy and distance viewing. It's a great balancer of the yin/yang forces of the body and left-right brain, while harmonizing the divine Mother/Father energies of the soul. Stress and anxiety ease to promote deep relaxation. Rhodizite helps to bring forth healing, abundance or transformation in life wherever desired. Use it across the board to increase abundance, manifesting, self-healing, psychic gifts and spiritual growth. Please note that this elixir will greatly amplify other remedies, essences and elixirs. Traditional Madagascar shamans have used these crystals, for hundreds of years, to cloud bust and make it rain.

  Saffordite (Cintamani) - Lift the Veil, Advance Spiritual Heart & Higher Mission

Saffordite, a tektite found only in Arizona, is also called the Cintamani, a Sanskrit term meaning wish-fulfilling jewel. This pinkish brown to lavender gray tektite has one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure Light and Love and manifesting the purity of the Soul. It is a reflection of the inner jewel, the I AM presence and totality of being. Because it, most significantly, lifts the veil and radically advances both the spiritual heart and the higher calling, it is best-suited for those light workers and star seeds, who are already realizing their divine mission. It vigorously dissolves implants, negative thought forms, emotional blockages and outdated belief systems, so one must be prepared to let go of the old debris to further liberate the greater self. It expands cosmic consciousness, love, light and grace, establishing peace and harmony within oneself, and with life and relationships. It aligns all 12 chakras and opens the heart, brow, crown and the 5 chakras above the head. Likewise, all subtle bodies are balanced with the astral, causal, spiritual and soul bodies being stimulated. It should be taken alone, and no more than once a day and perhaps better less often. Columbianite, a tektite from South America, has very similar qualities but acts a little bit more gently, so some may want to work first with that tektite, and then move on to Saffordite.
See more on the Tektite Page.

  Shattuckite - Correct DNA Energetics

An attractive somewhat rare copper silicate mineral, Shattuckite has a special relationship with the energetics of DNA. This elixir works to stimulate, correct and enhance DNA energies, supporting it to release correctly encoded information for wellness as well as memories from past lives. It works well with other remedies that affect DNA energies, such as Variscite, Indium, Date Palm, Flower of Life, etc. Check out the Light Body formula.
A special note: Gregg Braden reported in his book Healing Hearts/Healing Nations, about an experiment done by Dr Vladimir Poponin, a Russian quantum-biologist. In a vacuumed sealed container, he placed photons, which he measured, and noted that they were moving around randomly. When he added DNA inside the container, and then remeasured them, the photons had lined up in an ordered way and aligned with the DNA. After removing the DNA, the photons remained ordered and lined up. Braden suggests that we are forced to accept the possibility that a new field of energy, a web of energy, exists, and that DNA is able to communicate with the photons through this field.

  Shungite - Cleanse & Protect from Toxins/Restore & Promote Healing & Template

This Russian black carbon mineral that looks like coal is very ancient, close to two billion years old. It has been used for years to filter and purify water. In 1719, Peter the Great established Marcial Waters at a group of hot springs discovered to have curative powers. These waters have passed through a thick crust layer of Shungite. The Marcial Waters Resort continues to this day. As an elixir, Shungite purifies, cleanses and protects from toxins and EMF and other pollutants that are poisonous and destructive to living organisms. It brings the entire subtle anatomy of the twelve chakras, seven subtle bodies, meridians and nadis into balance and alignment to set the stage for healing, health and well-being. As one of the new millennium stones, Shungite is majorly important in two areas: 1) purifying and protecting our bodies and health from the onslaught of food, water and air pollution plus EMF, WiFi, microwaves, chemtrails and such, and 2) realigning and balancing our living template to restore and advance the health and healing of our bodies. Use it liberally with other remedies, herbs and modalities to cleanse, protect, normalize, restore and promote healing and health.

  Smithsonite - Fear of Intimacy, Instill Security, Confidence, Harmony in Relations

Smithsonite comes in an array of tranquil and soothing pastel shades, most often pink, teal or lavender. It markedly alleviates fears related to intimacy and interpersonal relationships, and also to the inability to establish such personal relations. The elixir gently releases old emotional wounds and childhood trauma and conflicts. It instills a sense of peace, inner security, self-confidence and compassion to be able to accept and give love. Smithsonite elixir begets harmony and the willingness to commit in intimate relationships. Enjoy!

  Staurolite - Attuning to the Earth/Planetary Purpose

Staurolite, also called Fairy Stone or Fairy Cross, has a most important quality of helping to ground, balance and attune people with the Earth. Many people in today's world are losing touch with the power found in Nature. This elixir reestablishes our connection so we can realize the importance of cooperating with the natural world, the environment, the land, plants and animals. Staurolite instills a sense of planetary purpose and inspires a global perspective, eliminating regional and racial prejudices. People are called to collaborate to find innovative harmonious solutions for environmental concerns, and to heal and protect the planet.

  Tibetan Tektite - Advance Spiritual Clearing, Protection, Kundalini, Ascension

Tibetan Tektite, black or brown/black in color, is found in Tibet and Southern China. It is sacred to the Tibetan monks who called it the Stone of Shambhala, and believe that it originated from the Orion constellation. The Drokma nomads of north-central Tibet gathered these tektites in dry lake country to offer them to Tibetan monasteries in lieu of cash tithes. The monks gladly received them as powerful meditation stones. When the monks were forced to flee during the Communist takeover in 1949, they brought their meditation stones, many of which were purchased by a single individual in the early 1950's. When he retired, he sold his cache. This elixir was made from one of this group. As a result, it has the added power and energy of the Tibetan monks, and their meditation and monasteries. The Tibetan Tektite elixir transforms relativity into oneness, and connects to the Orion Stargate. It awakens Kundalini energy, expands consciousness, brings insight and compassion, and improves psychic sensitivity. It assists in facing inner fears and shadows to transmute them. The elixir removes energetic blockages and stagnant energy to increase one''s frequency while offering divine protection from negative energies and influence. The base, heart, brow and crown chakras open, and all 12 chakras and all subtle bodies align. This brings a free flow of energy throughout one''s being. Tibetan Tektite supports the ascension process to awaken the light body and approach the experience of the I AM presence. Take it only once a day with an occasional breather. Libyan Gold Tektite can be taken with it to add ground and positive will and manifesting abilities.
See more on the Tektite Page.

  The Tourmalines

Tourmaline, as one of the most multicolored minerals, comes in virtually every color of the rainbow. It has special piezoelectric properties, that carry an electrical charge when warmed or rubbed. Herein lies the signature: the gem's color opens a specific Chakra while the piezoelectric qualities magnify and stabilize the frequency.

Tourmalines were highly valued by alchemists who believed them to be related to the philosopher's stone, the substance that would grant enlightenment, give power over spiritual affairs, and reconcile opposites. African shamans believed that Tourmalines promoted awakening from the dream of illusion, and experiencing the self as part of the Universal spirit.

The Tourmaline Elixirs powerfully support and advance the Chakra system from base to crown. They stimulate bio-magnetic, electrical and crystalline properties in the body. Each Tourmaline targets and opens a Chakra to activate its related psycho-spiritual attributes while strengthening the associated meridians, nadis and subtle bodies.

Freely use these Elixirs to heighten specific Chakras. They harmonize and enhance other remedies and formulas.

We also offer Tourmaline Rainbow Formula, which includes all the Tourmaline Elixirs, to advance the entire Chakra system and provide integrated spiritual growth and expansion. Click on the link for more information.

  First Chakra
Black Tourmaline - Ground, Stability, Protection from Negativity


Black Tourmaline (Schorl) clears and activates the First or Base Chakra to ground our spiritual Light and protect us from negative energies. This Elixir relieves stress, anxiety, hyperactivity and disorientation. During chaos, it stabilizes and centers us, enhancing calm and quiescence. Our character is strengthened to better help us understand and work within a culture or society. We can actualize our lives more easily. Our physical vitality improves. And since the First Chakra activates the minor chakras in the feet and the energy that flows up through them, Black Tourmaline is excellent with foot massage and reflexology. Being grounded is a good thing as it helps us thrive on the Earth.

  Second Chakra
Red-Pink Tourmaline - Creativity, Sexuality, Intimacy


Red-Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) clears, activates, and elevates the Second or Sacral Chakra, drawing it closer to the Heart. This Elixir stimulates creativity, initiative, sexual drive, and the ability to be intimate with another. Sexuality becomes more sensitive. Creative passion is cultivated. Frustration eases. There is a balance between being too aggressive or too passive, so we become assertive without being overbearing. And emotional balance improves. With Rubellite Elixir, we can realize our artistic urges as well as desires for harmonious sexual intimacy. We fulfill the wishes of our heart with the help of an open and balanced Second Chakra.

  Third Chakra
White Tourmaline - Emotional Healing, Balance & Integration, Feminine Energy


White Tourmaline (Uvite) clears and stimulates the Third or Solar Plexus Chakra. Its signature, the color white, is the same as for Pearl and Moonstone, also Third Chakra gemstones. White represents the purifying effects of the Feminine or Goddess Energy, which clears, balances and transforms the emotions. She brings forth the True Self, increases intuition and facilitates Enlightenment or Ascension. This Elixir addresses such issues as a lack of receptivity or nurturing, the fear of being weak, and the inability to release stress or negative feelings. All emotions, and especially stress, anxiety and those associated with the mother, are processed and integrated. Tranquility, emotional stability, reception, sensitivity, and operating from that which we truly are and have to offer, all improve significantly. Enlightenment, Ascension and Planetary healing all depend on mastering the Feminine nature within.

  Fourth Chakra
Green Tourmaline - Love, Compassion, Confidence, Harmony


Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) cleanses and awakens the Fourth or Heart Chakra, which then assists to expand the energy field. Grief, anger, criticism, resentment, low self-esteem and lack of appreciation all stem from a blockage in the Heart. This Elixir increases unconditional love, compassion, courage, confidence and stamina. People harmonize their affairs and resonate with others, Nature and all living beings. Perception and viewpoints become more spiritual. The Heart Chakra when opened is the great balancer, helping to align all the other Chakras as well as the Yin/Yang forces. Use this Elixir liberally to enhance harmony and share the Love.

  Fifth Chakra
Blue Tourmaline - Full Self-Expression, Communication


Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) clears and activates the Fifth or Throat Chakra, which assists in all forms of expression and communication plus endowing the individual with a keen ability for full self-expression. This Elixir enhances the functioning of all the other chakras in this respect. When the Throat Chakra is blocked, the attributes of other Chakras are unable to fully articulate. This includes creativity, goal setting, emotions, feelings, love, caring, visions, ideas, inspiration, spiritual experience and inner guidance. Affirmations and mantras become more effective. We can stand up for ourselves. We also gain a greater interest in spiritual affairs, which is then aroused in others. Blue Tourmaline Elixir is especially potent when taken with Green Tourmaline Elixir. Let's express all aspects of ourselves.

  Sixth Chakra
Cat's Eye Tourmaline - Visions, Insight, Psychic Abilities, Higher Nature


Cat's Eye Tourmaline clarifies and opens the Sixth or Brow Chakra. The signature is the cat's eye effect caused by inclusions of multiple tiny parallel fibers that reflect the light when the gem is cut and polished. With this Elixir, visions and creative visualization are stimulated. Greater insight, understanding, psychic abilities and inspiration develop. Christ consciousness aka Buddha nature awakens, with the realization of our Higher nature, that of being an embodiment of Divine Love and Light. Opening the Brow Chakra, without alignment to other Chakras, can create imbalances, such as flights into fantasy, or becoming ungrounded and unable to function in daily life. Cat's Eye Elixir is especially enhanced when used together with Green and Blue Tourmaline Elixirs. Let's see what's within.

  Seventh Chakra
Quartz Tourmaline - Spiritual Alchemy, Clear Energy Field, Great Self


Quartz Tourmaline, also called Tourmilated Quartz, is Quartz crystal with inclusions of Tourmaline. Since both these minerals have piezoelectric properties (carrying an electrical charge when warmed or rubbed), they magnify, catalyze and synergize each other. This Elixir powerfully opens the Crown Chakra and aligns all Chakras and subtle bodies. This process clears negativity from the energy field, while repairing holes or damaged areas. There is greater attunement to and unity with the Great Self, I AM Presence, and Divine Mind, increasing spiritual understanding. Higher psychic gifts and spiritual growth advance. Quartz Tourmaline brings clarity to both thought and emotion, and helps people to stay on their spiritual paths. It can bring issues to the surface to be faced and released. It eliminates destructive crystallized patterns, such as obsessions, addictions and self-sabotage, transmuting them into spiritual gifts. Excellent for meditation and spiritual practice.

Watermelon Tourmaline - Spiritual Heart, Joy, Diplomacy, Relationships


Watermelon Tourmaline is a most appealing gemstone with a pink core ringed by green. This combination and pattern of Pink and Green Tourmalines together amplify and synergize each other's energies. The Elixir powerfully activates and spiritualizes the Heart Chakra and links it to the Higher Self. Immense joy, harmony and positive energy are its hallmarks. It fosters compassion, patience and empathy, while significantly improving tact, diplomacy and reconciliation. Ruptures in relationships can heal. We're able to look past old issues and hurts with others to discover goodness, beauty and humor. Use Watermelon Tourmaline freely to liberate the spiritual heart, joy in life, and harmony with others.
(Note: Watermelon Tourmaline acts as a catalyst for all the other Tourmalines, galvanizing their piezoelectric properties and greatly enhancing their effectiveness.)

  Variscite - Evolve DNA Energetics

A rather appealing and relatively rare phosphate mineral, Variscite affects the DNA energetics and process to enhance positive changes in the next generation of cell division. It also helps to directly recall past lives that can positively impact a person's well-being in their current incarnation. Please see Shattuckite for the scientific experiment that shows the relationship between DNA and photons. These two minerals work well together to enhance DNA energies.

  Zincite - Integrate Physical Vitality, Creativity & Personal Power to Manifest

Zincite is a potent elixir for stimulating and integrating the power of the first three chakras. It catalyzes and synthesizes physical energy, creativity, and personal power. By awakening the kundalini at the base of the spine, these vital energies are mobilized to mingle with the higher chakras. This is especially beneficial for the spiritually oriented who often need more focus on these first three centers to manifest their ambitions, pursuits, goals and endeavors. It gives the extra push needed to complete things. Zincite firmly places one's attention in the body to generate alertness here and now. It eases procrastination, hesitancy, timidity, impotence, disempowerment, inability to change, spaciness and fatigue. It improves ground, vitality, stamina, focus, drive, creativity, actualization, determination and personal power. It says, "Let's get things done"!

  Gem Elixir Formulas

Copper/Silver/Gold - Balance Body-Mind-Spirit, Meditation, Higher Consciousness

The combination of copper, silver and gold is a traditional Vedic astrology remedy worn as a bracelet to enhance protection and transmutation of astrological effects and past wrongdoings. Copper represents the body, Silver the mind, and Gold the soul. As a metal elixir formula, the key word is balance. Silver balances the right side of the brain, copper the left, and gold integrates both sides. Gold with silver accentuates the feminine accord, while gold and copper balance the masculine. Together copper, silver and gold harmonize the personality, the mental and emotional make-up, and creativity and sexuality. The elixir balances the left and right portions of the brain, improves physical coordination, stimulates both pineal and pituitary, and protects from all kinds of EMF and WiFi. Meditation improves, and it's easier to reach higher states of consciousness. All 12 chakras and all 7 subtle bodies are aligned. Heart, brow, crown and the 5 chakras above the head all open and etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies stimulated. Healing of brain, nervous system, electrical properties, immune system, bones and muscles are all supported, especially when used with creative visualization or natural modalities. The Copper/Silver/Gold elixir formula significantly inspires and benefits spiritual evolution and equilibrium. Take it daily and put it in baths.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Copper, Silver, Gold

  Illumined Integration Formula

This dynamic combination of new millennium mineral elixirs plus is a most alchemical formula and amplifies, links, and integrates all levels of inner being, personality and body together to bring wholeness, harmony, healing, creation and illumination. It increases ground and creative forces, focuses intent and ability to manifest, and expands the heart, higher consciousness, and psychic faculties. It connects us to a sense of true inner home with a destiny to fulfill while on planet Earth. Kundalini rises, aging slows while the whole subtle anatomy, including the twelve chakras, seven subtle bodies and all the meridians and nadis, is amplified and aligned. The DNA evolves into twelve strands. Protection increases from EMF, WiFi, microwaves, pollution, toxins and negative thought forms. Lightworkers, indigos, crystallines, starseeds, and those firmly on the spiritual path will enjoy the alchemy.
Ingredients: Nebula Stone, Anchi Crystals, Shungite, Flower of Life, Angelica, Filtered Water, Alcohol

  Illumined Success Formula  

Generating success, like abundance (see Abundance Attitude Formula), is not based on a single attribute. It is a combination of qualities cast together to include motivation, creativity, perseverance, courage, confidence, ability to appreciate and network with others, communication, imagination, insight and inspiration, all underpinned with an optimistic attitude. This special combination of millennium gem elixirs helps to develop, harmonize, and integrate all of these elements to promote success whenever, wherever and however needed or desired. It has an especial focus on actualizing one's higher purpose in life and working in cooperation for the good of people and the Planet. People are better able to excel, innovate, express, share, persist, produce and manifest ideas, visions, plans, goals, pursuits and projects, no matter the area: artists, writers, engineers, activists, organizers, health professionals, business owners, inventors, scientists, teachers, parents, builders, leaders, etc. Let's go!
Ingredients: Zincite, Chrysoberyl, Ajoite, Natrolite, Beryllonite, Staurolite

  Sparking Success Formula  

Generating success, like abundance (see Abundance Attitude Formula), is not based on a single attribute. It is a combination of qualities cast together to include motivation, creativity, perseverance, courage, confidence, ability to appreciate and network with others, communication, imagination, insight and inspiration, all underpinned with an optimistic attitude. This special combination of millennium gem elixirs helps to develop, harmonize, and integrate all of these elements to promote success whenever, wherever and however needed or desired. It has an especial focus on actualizing one's higher purpose in life and working in cooperation for the good of people and the Planet. People are better able to excel, innovate, express, share, persist, produce and manifest ideas, visions, plans, goals, pursuits and projects, no matter the area: artists, writers, engineers, activists, organizers, health professionals, business owners, inventors, scientists, teachers, parents, builders, leaders, etc. Let's go!
Ingredients: Zincite, Chrysoberyl, Ajoite, Natrolite, Beryllonite, Staurolite

  Tourmaline Rainbow Formula - Integrated Spiritual Transformation

The Tourmaline Rainbow Formula, with all eight Tourmalines Elixirs included, notably clears, activates and balances all seven main Chakras: base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown. It also cleanses, strengthens and expands the energy field, aligning all subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, astral, causal, spiritual and soul). This greatly advances spiritual progression and transformation, allowing the individual to experience, over time, total knowledge and understanding of the True Self, sometimes described as being at one with the Universal or I AM Presence, or being in the ecstatic state of Samadhi. Chronic patterns dissipate. Rigid thinking, over-analyzing, and negative emotional states recede. Inspiration, higher thought, positive feeling, unconditional love, joy, tranquility and manifesting higher purpose all predominate. This formula is best utilized after clearing various Chakras and personality issues. Excellent to use after taking the series Ego Less I, Ego Less II, and Ego Less III. Wonderful support to advance diligent spiritual practice.
Schorl, Rubellite, Uvite, Verdelite, Indicoite, Cat's Eye Tourmaline, Quartz Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Filtered water, Alcohol

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