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Dreams / Sleep

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Aspen - For nameless fears and anxiety of unknown origin
Aspen is used for vague, unexplained and nameless fears, those without reason or cause. Such fears may come on suddenly and be accompanied by trembling or sweating. There is often a sense of foreboding or impending disaster. Night terrors, anxiety, paranoia, free-floating fears, and apprehension are all examples of these kinds of unknown fear. People who suffer in these ways are often nervous and anxious, and they keep their troubles to themselves. This remedy can be used for waking in fear from a bad dream, even though the dream is forgotten.
Aspen gives the courage to face and release hidden fears, and the desire and faith to enjoy the adventure of new experiences.

Blue Dicks - Broaden Perspective/Spiritual Insight/Strengthen Vision
Blue Dicks, also called Wild Hyacinth or Grass Nuts Brodiaea, grows 2 to 3 feet high on leafless stems, in the Coastal sage and Grasslands. Because of their tasty edible corms or bulbs when roasted, settlers and Native Americans alike gathered them for food, hence the name grass nuts. As an essence, it spiritualizes the intellect and perspective. Its signature lies in the bulb from which the plant sprouts, shaped like an eye, and too the purple color of the flower ball, that stimulates the higher centers in the head. It alleviates bitter, cynical or paranoia thoughts and viewpoints that can lead to feeling isolated, self-centered or intellectually hostile. Eccentric geniuses exemplify this. The mind becomes broader and more open to the influx and influence of higher thoughts from the spiritual aspects of self, increasing clarity of thought, self-esteem and less condemnation. It can strengthen and relax the eyes through releasing toxins and narrowed perspectives. Dream states and spiritual insight improve. It's useful with Eyebright, Carrot, Clematis, California Buckeye or White Chestnut to support the eyes.

Blue-Eyed Grass - Stimulating and Personalizing the Visualization Process
Blue-Eyed Grass stimulates and clarifies the visualization process. This essence helps people fine-tune their creative envisioning with their heart and desires. The inner images become more stable, plausible, and personalized, permitting people to more readily actualize and practically apply the visions in their life. An aid to remembering dreams.

Butterfly Rose - Soul Travel & Sublime Creativity
The blooms of Rosa chinensis mutabilis, or Butterfly Rose, float enchantingly above the greenery, bobbing in the breezes. As they mature, the flowers change from copper-yellow to pink to crimson, looking a bit like many-colored butterflies. As an essence, this rose lifts one's consciousness beyond the physical plane into higher realms of creativity and experience. It enhances sublime artistic expression, extraordinary dream states, astral projection, and foremost, soul travel. The physical body relaxes to more easily attain these higher realms. This essence also spiritualizes sexuality supporting experiences of mystical union.

California Buckeye - Peace of Mind/Higher Inspiration/Beyond Thought
California Buckeye is a horse chestnut in the same genus Aesculus as Dr Edward Bach's flower remedies White Chestnut and Red Chestnut. As such, California Buckeye is very similar to White Chestnut. It clears excessive worry, negative circular obsessive thoughts, and unwanted internal mental arguments or conversations that go round and round in the mind. These states can interfere with one's mental clarity and inner peace. This flower essence calms and brings peace to the mind and mental processes so one can pay heed to one's intuition, hear the still inner voice, and attune to the higher self to receive answers to one's problems or issues. It quiets constant mental activity, sometimes called the monkey mind, and the associated beta brain waves, to access the higher mind to receive inspiration, new ideas and solutions. It is outstanding for problem-solving, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and to aid sleep if thoughts keep one awake. It can also be of help for improving the vision, where one is not looking at or paying attention to one's surroundings because of over-thinking.

Chamomile - State of Calm and Harmony
Chamomile has for centuries been used as a tea to promote relaxation. As a flower essence, it calms the mind, emotions, and nervous system. It encourages a relaxed harmonious state, improving the ability to study, meditate, or sleep. If emotions run high or there is conflict, chamomile will quickly bring peace and harmony to the situation.

Charoite - Spiritual Fear, Access to Higher Realities, Spiritual Protection
Charoite is a rare lilac purple mineral named after the Chara River in Siberia, where it was discovered. The Mongols ceremoniously boiled the stones as a tea and then drank it with the belief that it could strengthen family and community ties and protect all members from evil spirits. As an Elixir, it first and foremost eases the fear of experiencing higher dimensions. It powerfully opens the Brow and Crown Chakras as well as balancing both analytical and intuitive aspects. When someone is unfamiliar with more rarified levels or has difficulty letting go to allow them, this Elixir clears the fear. Courage, trust and spiritual protection increase so that access to higher states of consciousness comes more easily. Charoite is quite useful for meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral and soul travel. It works well with Erythrite to improve, remember and interpret dreams and visions. It's excellent for enhancing spiritual growth.

Dandelion - Relaxing Mental and Muscle Tension
Dandelion is quite effective for relaxing mental stress, muscle tension, and chronic body armor. To induce mental and muscular relaxation, use this essence in baths, with massage, as a liniment, or before meditation or sleep.

Erythrite - Cultivate Insight, Higher Visions, Dreams, Harmony with Others
Erythrite forms crystals from pink to deep purple in color. Its value lies in its ability to open both heart and brow chakras and balance them together. It powerfully stimulates and harmonizes insight, higher visions, the dream state, and the ability to interpret dreams. At the same time, interactions with others flow more easily as the love of the heart blends with a higher point of view. This elixir brings forth compassion and the ability to see the best in people and situations. Erythrite elixir can be used in a number of ways: to bring discernment and harmony in relationships, and to cultivate higher visions, insight into issues and clarity and understanding of dreams.*
*Note: The elixir was made through the double container method.

Eyebright - Potent Spiritual Perception/Clairvoyance, Psychic Abilities
Eyebright is an extremely powerful essence that clarifies and spiritualizes the point of view while at the same time clears old emotional or mental issues from childhood or past lives that block perception of these higher levels of reality. It stimulates the brow and crown centers and aligns the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul bodies. Gifts that may come forward are clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition, telepathy, inner visions, lucid dreaming, clarified spiritual identity, and sensing auras and chakras in oneself and others. It also has a beneficial influence on eyesight. Eyebright is an outstanding flower essence for meditation, psychic diagnosis, psychic healers and practitioners, or anyone desiring to perceive the higher/spiritual levels of reality in oneself, in others, and in one's daily life. Good with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Carrot, Clematis, or White Chestnut, for better vision.

Jimson Weed - Advancing Dreams, Meditation, and Mantras
Jimson Weed (Datura) is a powerful aid to stimulate dreams and the dream state. It augments the ability to hear inner guidance, enhances inner sound meditation and improves meditation in general. Use it with chants, affirmations and mantras to increase their power and effectiveness.

Moldavite - Catalyze Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Abilities, Lucid Dreaming
Moldavite is a beautiful emerald green tektite found in Czechoslovakia in the Moldau River area, and is connected to a meteorite impact from 14.8 million years ago. It has been highly prized throughout the centuries as a talisman. In the middle Ages, it was called the agni mani, Sanskrit for fire pearl, and was strictly reserved for those of royal blood and nobility. It carries a powerful elevated vibration that primarily opens the heart chakra, but also the brow and crown centers, to catalyze spiritual awakening and sensitivity to inner guidance and higher dimensions. All subtle bodies are aligned with astral, causal and spiritual bodies being stimulated. Compassion and unconditional love increase as well as emotions from laughter to tears. Moldavite elixir is a powerful aid to deepen meditation, and to develop psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or intuition. It furthers the dream state, inducing vivid luminous dreams, and becomes a good tool for dream work to remember and interpret dreams as well as to facilitate lucid dreaming and nightly astral travel. People can better communicate with positive ETs, and Starseeds can connect to their home bases. Presently Moldavite has a special role to play in awakening humanity. Take it once a day for a while and then leave some time in between. Libyan Gold Tektite combines well with Moldavite to add ground and positive will and manifesting forces.

Mugwort - Dream Work, Psychic Abilities
Mugwort has been traditionally used in herb pillows to stimulate dreams. This essence greatly assists one in contacting and clarifying the dimension of dreams. It helps people remember their dreams and gain insight into them, and heed their messages to improve every day life and personal growth. Psychic faculties, including telepathy, are awakened, and the brain cells are invigorated, increasing the IQ and generally aiding brain function.

MultiDimensional Self Formula
The MultiDimensional Self formula liberates over time the capacity to access, mobilize and integrate all the realms of our true nature: generate physical energy, creativity, personal power and expression, enhance compassion and unconditional love, expand psychic gifts, experience unity with Source, and travel the higher dimensions in dreams and meditation. It clears blockages and limitations, dispels negativity, and heightens divine protection. All 12 chakras and the subtle bodies are stimulated and balanced. Enjoy the bounty of being whole. This formula catalyzes quickened results with meditation, spiritual practice, psychic classes and other such training. Check out the Light Body formula.
Ingredients: Zincite, Rhodizite, Luculia, Moldavite, Chiastolite, Red Flowering Currant, Purple Potato, Purple Wings, Butterfly Rose

Owl's Clover - Boredom, Self-Discovery, and Spontaneity
Owl's Clover is an adorable plant with small white spots nestled in dense magenta spikes. On closer inspection, a surprise is waiting: the white spots are little flowers that look like owls. This essence helps those who are bored with their lives, stuck in a rut, and don't believe they have anything more to offer. They mechanically go about living doing the same routine, thinking that is all there is to life. Owl's Clover awakens people to the joy of self-discovery and spontaneity. Sometimes a bright dream or a serendipitous happening comes to guide them to their next step or new path of fulfillment. This new discovery rekindles joy, enthusiasm, and happiness for living, and lets such people break free from boring, worn-out habits.

Pain Ease Formula
Ease pain without physical side effects! Bring out your own endorphins. Enhances the effects of other natural medicinals and modalities that reduce pain. Helpful at night if pain keeps you awake.

Pimpernel - Harmonizing the Dream State and Kundalini Energy
Pimpernel helps coordinate the kundalini energy as it awakens and moves along the spine during spiritual development. As painful emotions release, this essence helps to convert them into positive feelings. It helps to clear energy blockages, easing the sudden body movements from increased kundalini flow. Pimpernel also brings harmony to the dream state, improving memory retention and the ability to interpret and resolve recurring dreams and nightmares.

Quantum Bath Formula
Ahhh . . . relax your muscles, mind, and nerves as you balance your body and meridians. Use only a few eyedroppers in a bath, hot tub, or Jacuzzi. It's the perfect R & R after a stressful day or week. Put in a bath in the evening to promote sleep.

Quantum Dreams Formula
Improves all aspects of dreaming as well as harmony in the dream state. It stimulates dreaming, improves recall and interpretation of dreams, and helps to resolve recurring dreams and nightmares. This formula enhances dream programming and the use of suggestions before sleep, and may also be used to increase the capacity for lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Red Flowering Currant - Shaman's Flower & Multidimensions
Red Flowering Currant grows in the Chaparral and Woodlands from Washington to California, with pleasing pink-red dangling flowers. It's an aid to mobilize among all the realms, inner and outer, to experience the multi-dimensional self. It clears and uplifts both emotions and heart, enhancing personal power, confidence, divine love, and enlightenment. One can experience the higher levels while remaining grounded, thus eliminating the split between the manifest and unmanifest levels of the self. As a shaman's flower, it gives access to the Akashic records, improves lucid dreaming, dreaming awake, astral and soul travel, and strengthens soul identity. Best used and understood by advanced spiritual practitioners and healers. Check out Chiastolite elixir and the MuliDimensional Self formula.

Rescue Remedy - For stress, shock, trauma, or emergencies
Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach's most famous remedy. It's used all over the world by doctors, dentists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and many other health professionals. It contains five Bach remedies: Impatiens, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Star of Bethlehem. Dr. Bach created this remedy as an all-purpose emergency combination. It reduces fear, panic and nervousness, eases shock and the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can be used for accidents, bad news, grief, death, loss, stressful situations, doctor's appointments, and commuting in gridlock. Keep it on hand in the purse, satchel, car and medicine cabinet.
Rescue Remedy calms, soothes, and comforts. It restores alertness, balance, and a better frame of mind, as well as encouraging healing, aiding sleep and calming after nightmares.

Skullcap - Psychic Healing, Easing Withdrawals from Addictions
Skullcap is a wonderful remedy to enhance a sense of physical and emotional relaxation and is excellent support for frayed nerves and withdrawal symptoms from drugs, caffeine, and tobacco. Because it increases receptivity to psychic healing, whether giving or receiving, this essence is an outstanding adjunct for healing, massage and chiropractic practitioners and their clients. Use or atomize about the energy field before sessions.

Sleep Ease Forte Formula
Calm your mind and nerves and ease stress and muscle tension, to promote deep relaxation and restful sleep. Non-habit-forming, and causes no physical side affects.

Sweet Dreams Formula Set
Sleep and dream well.

Valerian - Extreme Stress or Insomnia
Valerian is an aid to the easing of extreme stress of any kind. Use the essence in baths, with massage, or before sleep.

Vervain - For straining and being overzealous and overenthusiastic
Vervain types are passionate about their ideas and opinions and want to convert and persuade all those around them to their own views of life. With zeal, strong will and great courage of their convictions, they rally around causes to redress injustice, sometimes to an extreme point. Their great energy creates tension in their body, and they may have difficulty relaxing or falling asleep. They exhaust themselves with unnecessary effort and over enthusiasm. They can be irritable, frustrated, and annoyed over matters of principle. Vervain helps to broaden the mind about life and its events. It helps people with strong convictions to accomplish their goals without straining and to attract allies to their cause by being more tolerant of others' opinions.

White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, and mental arguments
White Chestnut is for those who cannot stop persistent unwanted thoughts, ideas, worries or inner arguments or conversations from going around and around in their minds. Having no control over theses continuous thoughts can cause mental torment. At night they may keep people from falling asleep, while in the daytime they may keep people from concentrating. These individuals often appear inattentive and don't answer when spoken to, Even with all their thinking, solutions elude them.
White Chestnut gives peace and clarity to the mind, and helps one solve problems by being attentive to the surroundings and being able to hear the still inner voice. It promotes sleep by calming the over-active mind.

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