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Compulsions / Obsessions

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Blue Dicks - Broaden Perspective/Spiritual Insight/Strengthen Vision
Blue Dicks, also called Wild Hyacinth or Grass Nuts Brodiaea, grows 2 to 3 feet high on leafless stems, in the Coastal sage and Grasslands. Because of their tasty edible corms or bulbs when roasted, settlers and Native Americans alike gathered them for food, hence the name grass nuts. As an essence, it spiritualizes the intellect and perspective. Its signature lies in the bulb from which the plant sprouts, shaped like an eye, and too the purple color of the flower ball, that stimulates the higher centers in the head. It alleviates bitter, cynical or paranoia thoughts and viewpoints that can lead to feeling isolated, self-centered or intellectually hostile. Eccentric geniuses exemplify this. The mind becomes broader and more open to the influx and influence of higher thoughts from the spiritual aspects of self, increasing clarity of thought, self-esteem and less condemnation. It can strengthen and relax the eyes through releasing toxins and narrowed perspectives. Dream states and spiritual insight improve. It's useful with Eyebright, Carrot, Clematis, California Buckeye or White Chestnut to support the eyes.

California Buckeye - Peace of Mind/Higher Inspiration/Beyond Thought
California Buckeye is a horse chestnut in the same genus Aesculus as Dr Edward Bach's flower remedies White Chestnut and Red Chestnut. As such, California Buckeye is very similar to White Chestnut. It clears excessive worry, negative circular obsessive thoughts, and unwanted internal mental arguments or conversations that go round and round in the mind. These states can interfere with one's mental clarity and inner peace. This flower essence calms and brings peace to the mind and mental processes so one can pay heed to one's intuition, hear the still inner voice, and attune to the higher self to receive answers to one's problems or issues. It quiets constant mental activity, sometimes called the monkey mind, and the associated beta brain waves, to access the higher mind to receive inspiration, new ideas and solutions. It is outstanding for problem-solving, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and to aid sleep if thoughts keep one awake. It can also be of help for improving the vision, where one is not looking at or paying attention to one's surroundings because of over-thinking.

Crab Apple - For a poor self-image, feeling unclean, and compulsive cleaning
Crab Apple helps those who feel there is something unclean or toxic about themselves or their environment. They suffer from a poor self-image. There is a compulsion to cleanse their body or keep their houses in complete order so they can feel acceptable or likable. The may obsess over small details, such as germs or skin blemishes, while ignoring a more serious disease or issue. They become despondent if treatment fails. As a cleansing remedy, Crab Apple can be used to assist detoxification, such as during a fast or with a cold or other infection. It can be used alone or with Rescue Remedy for watering or spraying diseased plants.
Crab Apple helps one keep a balanced perspective during the cleansing process and maintains self-esteem despite ailments, impurities, or small defects. The self-image improves with acceptance of oneself and one's imperfections.

Daffodil - Attuned to Inner Guidance and Higher Self amid Activity
Daffodil distinguishes itself from other similar remedies that increase attunement to the higher self and inner guidance. It differs by permitting people to clearly hear the inner voice even when they're in the midst of activity. With other similar essences, people need to quiet themselves and go inside to tune into the inner help. Daffodil lets the higher thoughts to come through even while the mind is busy, improving clarity of thought. As a result, this essence is one of the most important for today's world, and for active people who don't have or make the time to relax and go within. It relaxes stress, mental tension and over-active thought processes to allow the inner guidance to reach the mind even while one is talking, working, driving, caring for children or taking exams.

Heather - For being self-absorbed and feeling victimized by problems
Heather is for those who are preoccupied and obsessed with their own problems and worries. Such people seek the company of anyone who will listen to their complaints. They are the victim of their difficulties, and they feel powerless to help themselves. Because they are poor listeners and lack interest or concern for other people's problems, they sap others' vitality. Consequently people often avoid them because of their extreme neediness and compulsive talking. Heather types dislike being alone for any length of time, and may simulate illness to get sympathy.
Heather provides self-sufficiency, inner strength and a sense of power to handle one's own problems and improves empathy, concern and helpfulness toward others and their problems.

Joshua Tree - Break Free of Family & Cultural Patterns/True Self-Identity
Joshua Tree helps people break free from the dysfunction of family, generational, religious or cultural patterns, such as alcoholism, addiction, gambling, depression, violence, rigid beliefs or hereditary illnesses. This also includes the loss of their individual identity or freedom because of lack of insight regarding these familial and cultural influences. This flower essence helps to establish a true self-identity filled with courage and inner strength as well as being able to express a vibrant healthy individuality, beyond family and cultural conditioning. With this new freedom, people are able to gain more compassion and a better understanding about their history, heritage, and familial and cultural roots. Works well with Pineapple Lily.

Lucid Perception Formula
The definition of perception is a bit different from perspective. Perspective is a point of view. Perception is an interpretation that comes through awareness. We can explore diverse perspectives to generate a new perception, like when Aldous Huxley imbibed mescaline. It gave him a radically different perspective, leading him to write the Doors of Perception. He took the title from a quote by English poet William Blake. "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern."* Lucid Perception helps to release rigid, limited, and confused points of view. It thins the veil, offering a more elevated vision - finer, kinder, more objective and expanded; a perception more in line with the Infinite. Dreams become more luminous and meditation more profound. Insight into daily affairs becomes increasingly crystal clear. Use it liberally to cleanse narrow and negative outlooks to see with greater lucidity the light, love and goodness all around. This formula is for everyone!
*From William Blake's book The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1793.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Liveforever, Beryllonite, Snow on the Mountain, Erythrite, Ajoite, Tiger's Eye, Flower of Life

Oregon Grape - From Mistrust & Hostile Projection to Trust & Loving Inclusion
Oregon Grape is an attractive evergreen shrub with shiny spiny leaflets and dense clusters of gold yellow flowers which are followed by bluish black berries. The flower essence clears distrust of others, that's coupled with hostile projections and paranoid or defensive behavior. Thoughts are congested with irrational ideas of what others are thinking, and may include internal arguments or suspicious imaginings. Oregon Grape opens the heart, helping people to let go of mistrust and reel in untrue projections. It fosters loving inclusion, being able to warm up to people to trust again and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Most of us experience this at one time or another or in a certain part of our personality. It is a good remedy to open our hearts and foster mental clarity, so we can perceive and embrace the goodness of those around us. Very helpful for abuse victims and survivors.

Pennyroyal - Psychic Protection, Clearing Obsessions, Addictions and Chronic Patterns
Pennyroyal is one of the best remedies for strengthening the energy field. It increases protection from psychic attack, whether from negative thoughts directed from another person or from obsessing entities that stay close to the energy fields of those overusing drugs or alcohol. Use it in addiction recovery to release the addiction's hold. This essence is an invaluable aid for clearing obsessions, compulsions, and chronic patterns, when people are aware of them and are ready to let them go. Also, cleanse crystals by placing in water with added Pennyroyal essence for five minutes.

Pine - For guilt and self-reproach
Pine helps those who suffer from guilt and self-reproach regarding their mistakes or shortcomings. Such people are humble and apologetic, and they obsessively condemn themselves, becoming quite despondent, as a result. No matter what they do or how well they perform, they are never satisfied but feel that they should have done better. They even blame themselves for the mistakes of others and for what goes wrong.
Pine improves self-esteem and self-acceptance. It helps people acknowledge and focus on their good points and successes.

Quartz Tourmaline Seventh Chakra - Spiritual Alchemy, Clear Energy Field, Great Self
Quartz Tourmaline, also called Tourmilated Quartz, is Quartz crystal with inclusions of Tourmaline. Since both these minerals have piezoelectric properties (carrying an electrical charge when warmed or rubbed), they magnify, catalyze and synergize each other. This Elixir powerfully opens the Crown Chakra and aligns all Chakras and subtle bodies. This process clears negativity from the energy field, while repairing holes or damaged areas. There is greater attunement to and unity with the Great Self, I AM Presence, and Divine Mind, increasing spiritual understanding. Higher psychic gifts and spiritual growth advance. Quartz Tourmaline brings clarity to both thought and emotion, and helps people to stay on their spiritual paths. It can bring issues to the surface to be faced and released. It eliminates destructive crystallized patterns, such as obsessions, addictions and self-sabotage, transmuting them into spiritual gifts. Excellent for meditation and spiritual practice.

Queen Anne's Lace - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision
Queen Anne's Lace eases over-mental activity, over-intellectualizing, and uncertainty about one's spiritual philosophy. When one over-thinks and over-focuses on small details, one loses the ability to access one's spiritual aspects and to see the bigger picture. This essence calms the mental body and stimulates the pituitary, pineal, and the spiritual aspects of oneself to increase clarity of thought, attune to the higher self and higher information, and make decisions from a spiritual perspective. The eyes become weakened through being over-mental as one is distracted from looking at or paying attention to the environment. By quieting the mind, one can use the eyes properly and then vision can improve. Works well with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Clematis, or Eyebright to support eyesight.

Red Chestnut - For feeling over-anxious and over-concerned for the welfare of others
Red Chestnut helps those who are extremely worried about the safety and wellbeing of others. Such people obsess over others' problems and anticipate the worst. They worry that a minor complaint may become something serious. Perhaps a child will fall or a plane will crash. Caregivers such as nurses or counselors may temporarily fear or worry for their clients' health or wellbeing.
Red Chestnut lets people care compassionately about others without anxiety, so that they can send thoughts of love, safety and healing to those in trouble while remaining calm and serene.

Rock Water - For self-deni al and being too hard on oneself
Rock Water helps people who are hard masters to themselves. Such individuals have high ideals and standards and adhere to them rigidly to the point of hurting themselves. They deny themselves many joys in life with their strict rules and disciplines, whether in pursuit of work, diet, politics, exercise, or spirituality. They seek self-perfection and are often disappointed in and unforgiving of themselves. They don't actively interfere with others, but rather may take pride in being an example for them. This is the only Bach remedy made from mineral water rather than a flower. It is underground spring water that runs through rock, softening and dissolving its hardness.
Rock Water fosters flexibility of mind and body, allowing those with high ideals to become gentler with themselves, more receptive to other ideas, and more able to move more spontaneously, peacefully and joyfully with the flow of life.

Saffron Crocus - Trust in the Universe/Source to provide, Enhances relaxation response
Saffron Crocus has long been cultivated for its red flower stigmas which are used as an exotic seasoning and to make a rich golden yellow textile dye. As a remedy, this flower eases tension, fear, worry, and anxiety related to the future and to distrusting that life will provide. It alleviates fretting and obsessing that things won't work out, and instead instills tranquility and peace of mind and restores trust and faith in the Universe or Source to meet our needs. The relaxation response is greatly enhanced, relieving muscular and nervous tension. This essence is an outstanding performer, for this time of great change and challenge in the economy and world situation, to promote composure while seeking new solutions.

Tree Poppy - Fully Present in the Now
Tree Poppy helps when mental activities, as such fears, worries, anxiety, apprehension, constant thinking or obsessing over problems, carry the mind away from the present moment. This essence quiets the mind and stops it from wandering into the past or future. It promotes a sense of being safe in the here and now. Use Tree Poppy to immediately relax lingering mental stress from extensive effort with work, school, writing, reading or paperwork. Take it to achieve a deeper meditative state or to simply enjoy being fully here and now.

White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, and mental arguments
White Chestnut is for those who cannot stop persistent unwanted thoughts, ideas, worries or inner arguments or conversations from going around and around in their minds. Having no control over theses continuous thoughts can cause mental torment. At night they may keep people from falling asleep, while in the daytime they may keep people from concentrating. These individuals often appear inattentive and don't answer when spoken to, Even with all their thinking, solutions elude them.
White Chestnut gives peace and clarity to the mind, and helps one solve problems by being attentive to the surroundings and being able to hear the still inner voice.

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