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Crisis/Trauma Recovery
Crisis, adversity and disaster have mounted in our world. Most of us have been affected directly or indirectly, and know others who've been too. This Formula addresses shock and trauma, anguish and grief, terror and fear, and emotional and mental duress, that occur in these critical situations. It soothes, comforts, calms and centers, restoring courage, hope, tranquility, and belief in recovery. People are better able to handle challenges and move forward more smoothly through transitions to reclaim peace, optimism and faith once more.
Ingredients: Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut, Honeysuckle, Walnut, Filtered water, Alcohol

Easter Egg Bush - Positive Outlook & Transformation in Challenges and Upheavals
This Australian bush appears after wildfires and is so named for the profusion of oval-shaped buds and flowers that emerge in orange, yellow, pink and violet. Easter Egg Bush is an extremely powerful remedy for transformation, especially for life's challenges, catastrophes, and disasters, which lead to fear, anxiety, discouragement, depression, worry, or overwhelming negative outlooks one can't shake. It elevates, balances, and harmonizes the mood and attitude, resurrecting optimism, faith, joy, love, and trust to face and find solutions for the present and future. For those doing spiritual practices to clear negative emotional/mental patterns and habits, this remedy powerfully quickens transformation. It is also a potent amplifier and enhancer of other remedies and formulas, but is best used as a single in its own bottle along side them. Use as a superb support for the current upheavals in the world situation to face the uncertainty and challenges with renewed faith, trust, optimism and confidence.

Elm - For feeling overwhelmed by responsibility on occasion
Elm helps those who are doing good work and following their calling in life. Often they hold positions of responsibility and importance. Occasionally they suddenly feel overwhelmed by the scope of their work and lose confidence, becoming depressed and exhausted. Though the feeling is only temporary, at this time, they might give up and fail those who rely on them. In such a moment of weakness, their perfectionist striving prevents them from seeing that they're doing a good job.
Elm reassures capable and efficient people with much responsibility that within them they have the strength, faith and ability to carry on their work, and also to consider their own needs so that they take on only as much as they can handle.

Gentian - For feeling discouraged or depressed by setbacks
Gentian works for depression from known causes. It is for those who are easily disheartened or discouraged by obstacles, setbacks and delays. They doubt themselves and believe their difficulties are insurmountable. They live with a negative mental outlook that keeps them from understanding that their own lack of faith and determination is preventing them from overcoming their problems. It is helpful during illness, when there is a setback or for children who are discouraged by schoolwork or exams.
Gentian improves determination and perseverance to do one's best when tackling difficulties, and provides faith and optimism to know that these obstacles bring the very lessons needed for growth.

Gorse - For hopelessness and despair
Gorse is for very great hopelessness and despair and the belief that no more can be done. Such are the people who have given up and have lost all hope. To please their loved ones they will try different treatments but assure them that they will not work. It is valuable to give early on in any chronic case or illness or with the pronouncement that nothing more can be done.
Gorse provides deep abiding conviction and renewed hope and faith that recovery is possible, despite the present physical or mental conditions. It helps one imagine a positive outcome.

Happy Child Formula
This is a universal formula for children to clear fear, impatience, irritability, learning issues, and emotional extremes. It helps them to feel the Spirit and develop joyful, loving, and creative expression as well as courage, self-esteem, courtesy, cooperation, patience, optimism, emotional balance and enhanced learning. It also works wonders for adults who want to reclaim their inner child!

Ivy Geranium - Mood Enhancer, Anti-Depressant, Seeing the Upside
Ivy Geranium is a simple enhancer for one's mood. It lets people see the bright side, the upside of life, and the good in something or someone. Gloomy, sad, unhappy people who look at the negative or downside of life, events or others can reclaim optimism and a positive point of view. As an ant-depressant, this essence is quite useful in times of stress, dieting, or addiction recovery, as when quitting cigarettes, alcohol, or recreational drugs, when serotonin levels temporarily decrease.

Large-Flowered Phacelia - Despair or Hopelessness over Challenges or World Events
Large-Flowered Phacelia blooms profusely on California mountainsides after wildfires. In the spring, whole burned hillsides are covered with masses of round, two-inch, deep lavender flowers. This flower essence works for being overcome by hopelessness, despair, depression, or pessimism in the face of life's great challenges, disasters, world events, or circumstances. It buoys the heart and brings forth a larger, more uplifted perspective, enabling better understanding, problem solving, and transformation in the midst of change. More positive and optimistic feelings like hope, faith and a sense of higher purpose are revived, while dream states, intuition, and inner guidance improve. This is an excellent remedy for today's world of uncertainty and upheaval, to help steer people to new solutions and larger perspectives with faith, hope, and optimism for the future.

Mustard - For deep gloom and depression for no apparent reason
Mustard is for those who suffer from deep black depression that comes on suddenly and leaves just as suddenly, without cause. Such gloom takes away all joy, peace and happiness when it descends. The sufferers cannot shake the deep gloom and melancholia at will.
Mustard restores cheerfulness, helps one find the basis of the depression, and replaces it with inner stability and abiding joy and peace.

Oak - For struggling dutifully on, even past the point of exhaustion
Oak helps those conscientious, hardworking and reliable people who never give up and are the mainstay of their family, friends and workplace. Such individuals carry responsibility, are helpful to others, and have a strong sense of duty. They struggle on with relentless effort despite hardship or illness. They hide and ignore their fatigue, unwilling to relax if there is work to be done. This takes them down the path of depression, exhaustion, stress symptoms, and sudden collapse.
Oak teaches strong, dependable people how to relax and recognize their limits. They learn to take time off to nurture and replenish themselves in a timely manner.

Pine - For guilt and self-reproach
Pine helps those who suffer from guilt and self-reproach regarding their mistakes or shortcomings. Such people are humble and apologetic, and they obsessively condemn themselves, becoming quite despondent, as a result. No matter what they do or how well they perform, they are never satisfied but feel that they should have done better. They even blame themselves for the mistakes of others and for what goes wrong.
Pine improves self-esteem and self-acceptance. It helps people acknowledge and focus on their good points and successes.

Pink Ball Dombeya - Trust & Optimism in the Future
This small tree has lovely large balls of pink flowers hanging like ornaments. Over-focus on what's wrong in the present often leads to worry, self-defeating attitudes, and self-fulfilling behaviors. Pink Ball essence improves optimism for the present and future. It brings peace to the emotions while easing fear, worry and anxiety. It increases confidence, faith and trust in the Divine. We are able to look forward with reasonable confidence, that events will turn out for the best. We then think and act in ways today to prepare for a brighter future. This is important now, with so much chaos and change happening at increasing rates. Stop worrying about the future. Optimism is a healthier, more potent option!

Sierra Primrose - Gratitude for Living, Regardless of Outer Conditions
Sierra Primrose works for those who live without joy and are habitually unhappy, bored, depressed or unappreciative. This flower essence revives the heart and uplifts the perspective to boost gratitude for the gift of life, regardless of outer conditions or state of health. People discover within themselves a deep wellspring of joy and enthusiasm for living that sustains them through all circumstances and situations.

Sweet William - Reviving Joviality and Joyful Expression
Sweet William is a universal flower essence that everyone can enjoy. It uplifts the mood, increasing optimism and joyful, happy, heartfelt expression. It will dispel any mental or emotional state that interferes with joviality or being joyously present. Such states include grief, wallowing, sulking, sarcasm, and depression. This essence can be used for emotional release therapies or when people are facing difficult or painful circumstances, to help reinstate a positive optimistic state.

Thanksgiving Formula
We live in a world focused on what's wrong. Mainstream media is filled with headlines, articles, videos and blogs reporting and commenting on bad news, at the local, national and worldwide level. Stop! To be healthy in mind and body, we need to move out of the stress response, also called flight or fight. It's automatically triggered when we react to negative input and information. Adrenaline starts pumping, digestion stops working, the body halts repairing itself. We need to relax and appreciate what's good. The Thanksgiving formula helps us do just that. It uplifts our perspective and ability to see the upside and the good in life. We discover a deep wellspring of joy, gratitude and enthusiasm for living, no matter the outer circumstance. Optimism, harmony, serendipity, playfulness, laughter and heartfelt expression are restored. Use it in times of stress, crisis, depression, or discouragement. It is helpful in adversity, addiction recovery, and for chronic or terminal illness and any long term struggle. We need to look, find and be grateful for the silver lining. It's for the sake of our health and peace of our mind.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Cantu, Sierra Primrose, Ivy Geranium

Wild Rose - For feeling resigned, apathetic, and making little effort
Wild Rose is indicated when people have become resigned to their fate, to some unpleasant situation, to uncongenial work, to their problems, or to a poor state of health. They glide through life making little effort to change their conditions or to find some joy, as they are sure it won't help. They don't complain, nor are they really unhappy about their indifference. They can make dull companions, and they are unable to fulfill their potential. Their voices may be expressionless or monotonous. One key is that they are not depressed about their situation, but have come to accept it and learned to live with it. They don't understand that it's their lack of effort that keeps the conditions in place.
Wild Rose restores vitality, lively interest, and enthusiasm for life and living, helping people to accept responsibility for their circumstances and to take the initiative to fully participate in changing them.

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