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AcanthusDistributing Energy Flow throughout Central Channel and Subtle Anatomy
Acanthus mollis (commonly called Bear’s Breech) inspired Roman architecture, with their flower and leaf designs used to adorn the Corinthian columns. This remedy clears and opens the central channel, allowing the energy to flow freely and evenly throughout the chakras, spine and body. It clears all energy-flow imbalances in the meridians, subtle bodies, and chakras, and profoundly relaxes the body. Psychologically, it is a general aid for balancing the personality and incorporating the attributes of chakras as needed: grounding, creativity, feeling, love, expression, imagination, and spiritual inspiration. It is excellent for baths, bodywork, acupuncture, and energy healing.

After the Workout Formula
Clear lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles and system after exercise and physical exertion. Ease inflammation as you augment repair and rebuilding of muscle and body tissues. Works wonders in bath or Jacuzzi.

Allergy Ease Formula
Wonderful energetic relief for respiratory distress related to airborne allergies such as cat hair, pollen, smoke or dust. Temporarily clears the nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs without side effects, drowsiness or over-stimulation.

Blue FlaxResolving Emotional Stress, Increased Objectivity, Meridian Cleanser
Blue Flax eases anxieties and emotional tension and allows more insight and objectivity to help resolve issues in a calm, centered manner. This remedy is a powerful cleanser of the meridians, so it can be used with acupuncture.

Color Elixir Green, both master color and fulcrum of the colors, has universal appeal. It is cooling, and stimulates life, growth, harmony, cooperation, friendship, happiness, appreciation, and a sense of balance. Green raises the vibrations of the body above the vibration of dis-ease and brings forth self-healing, recovery, and renewal. It opens the heart chakra at the center of the chest and stimulates its associated gland, the thymus.

Color Elixir Turquoise, as one of the most favored intermediate colors, attunes one to the life force and is a tonic for the completion of healing. It can be used on the skin to enhance healing, whether of a burn, a scratch or an infection. Turquoise reduces fevers and is excellent after workouts to cleanse toxins and regenerate tissue. It activates both the heart and the throat chakras.

ComfreyCoordinating Muscular and Nervous Systems, For Exercise and Bodywork
Comfrey is an exceptional tonic for the brain and nervous system. It relaxes tension in both the muscular system and nervous system, and improves coordination between the two. As a result, yoga, chi gong, and any kind of sport or exercise are promoted. This essence also enhances the effectiveness of chiropractic, physical and massage therapy, and other bodywork modalities.

DandelionRelaxing Mental and Muscle Tension
Dandelion is quite effective for relaxing mental stress, muscle tension, and chronic body armor. To induce mental and muscular relaxation, use this essence in baths, with massage, as a liniment, or before meditation or sleep.

GrapefruitTension in the Head
Grapefruit works on imbalances of the head related to the jaw, temples, atlas, cranial plates, and any associated muscles. More blood comes into the head region to support the hair, face, and complexion. It is an excellent adjunct with chiropractic, osteopathic, massage, and cranial-sacral work, to help realign the atlas, cranial plates, and jaw line or alleviate headaches or TMJ.

LilacSpinal Support and Alignment, Balanced Kundalini Release
Lilac is a wonderful remedy for the spine and for proper kundalini release along the spine. It relaxes the muscles along the spine and aligns the vertebrae, and as the kundalini moves, all the chakras are penetrated and opened. This essence is outstanding for massage, bodywork, chiropractic and osteopathic treatments, and any spinal problems or degeneration.

Lymphatic Cleanse Formula
Clean up your lymphatic system, clearing blockages, sluggishness, and hardened conditions. Stimulate circulation and flow of lymph. Works with psychosomatic states, such as fear, lack of joy, rigid thinking, or stuffing issues in the body, which may interfere with the lymphatic flow. Exceptional aid in baths, during fasts, and with lymphatic massage therapy.

Meadow RueHeightening Male/Female Attributes and Yin/Yang Principles
Meadow Rue, a graceful and fernlike plant, has male flowers on one plant and female flowers on the other. The male flower essence accentuates all masculine characteristics and the yang qualities, as known in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It increases strength, assertiveness, and action. When people lack initiative or self-assertion, are dreamy or withdrawn, or unable to stand up for themselves, a need for the male essence is indicated. In Chinese medicine, look for an over-predominance of yin or deficient yang. The female flower essence accentuates all feminine characteristics and the yin qualities. When people lack gentleness or sensitivity toward others or are unable to relax, sleep, or nurture themselves or others, a need for the female essence is indicated. In Chinese medicine, look for an over-predominance of yang or deficient yin. These remedies are very effective balancing agents when used to ease deficits in masculine and feminine attributes or in yin and yang polarities. Use them together to balance both male and female traits and the yin and yang energies in the body. Both essences increase the flow of the energies along the spine and encourage good posture.

PeachUniversal Healing Amplifier, Better Muscle Tone
Peach accelerates the healing effects of all forms of healing. Use it in remedy and herbal combinations to quicken their results. It protects muscles and helps them hold their tone, so it’s superb for people who regularly exercise, such as athletes, bodybuilders, chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

PerillaEnhancing Hands-on-Healing Energy
Perilla powerfully increases the healing energy coming out of the hands. If healers have become exhausted or burned out from their work, this essence restores their energy. All health and healing practitioners who touch their clients will enjoy the enhanced energy flow: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and those who do Reiki, chiropractic, osteopathic, therapeutic touch, massage and physical therapy, or cranial-sacral work.

Quantum Bones Formula
Gives energetic strength and support to the entire skeletal system including the teeth. Very soothing in a hot soak to ease arthritic pain. Enhances the effects of natural supplements and treatments for bone issues.

Quantum Healing Hands Formula
Powerfully bolster the spiritual healing that flows through your hands. Deepen your attunement to inner guidance for assistance during healing sessions. This formula gives outstanding support to massage therapists, chiropractors, health workers, Reiki practitioners and all other kinds of healers. (Note: For your clients and those receiving healing, consider recommending Quantum Spirit Healing.)

Quantum Joint/Spine/Muscle Formula
Support and strengthen your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, and spine. Help align bones, spine, joints and meridians. Ease inflammation and relax muscular and nervous tension. This formula gives outstanding support for back and joint problems, strains, sprains, tendonitis, or arthritis, and use with massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy. It’s excellent in baths, hot soaks, and compresses to ease tension and pain.

Quantum Massage Formula
Deeply relax muscles, tension and nerves, and restore balance and alignment! Put this formula in massage oil, take it under the tongue, or put it in a bath before a getting a massage.

Quantum Spirit Healing Formula
Open up to the healing of the Spirit. Take before healing sessions, meditation, massage, chiropractic, and the like, to increase receptivity and attunement to spiritual healing energies for quickened healing. A superb addition for healers to give to or massage onto their clients. (Note: Check out Quantum Healing Hands to powerfully increase the channel to inner guidance and healing energy flow in the hands.)

Rescue RemedyFor stress, shock, trauma, or emergencies
Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach’s most famous remedy. It’s used all over the world by doctors, dentists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and many other health professionals. Dr. Bach created this remedy as an all-purpose emergency combination. It reduces fear, panic and nervousness, eases shock and the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can be used for accidents, bad news, grief, death, loss, stressful situations, doctor’s appointments, and commuting in gridlock. Keep it on hand in the purse, satchel, car and medicine cabinet.
Rescue Remedy calms, soothes, and comforts. It restores alertness, balance, and a better frame of mind, as well as encouraging healing.

Scarlet FlaxReleasing Body Armor, Hidden Emotions, Meridian Blockages
Scarlet Flax clears emotional stress and negative emotions, especially those held as chronic muscle tension called body armor. This essence activates the kundalini to remove tight muscles and blocked meridians and to release hidden emotions and issues. Use with bodywork, Rolfing, acupuncture, rebirthing, Reichian work, Radix work, and other body-centered therapies.

SkullcapPsychic Healing, Easing Withdrawals from Addictions
Skullcap is a wonderful remedy to enhance a sense of physical and emotional relaxation and is excellent support for frayed nerves and withdrawal symptoms from drugs, caffeine, and tobacco. Because it increases receptivity to psychic healing, whether giving or receiving, this essence is an outstanding adjunct for healing, massage and chiropractic practitioners and their clients. Use or atomize about the energy field before sessions.

SnapdragonImprove Speech & Expression/Release Jaw Tension
Snapdragon clears blocks to speaking and expression of feelings, especially when they are held as physical tension in the face, cranial plates, jaw, TMJ, neck and throat, including the larynx and vocal cords. This flower essence improves the ability to speak, releases related suppressed emotional tension, such as anger and rage, and improves logic. Stuttering exemplifies the pattern of difficult speech linked to emotional issues. Snapdragon can help ease this along with proper therapeutic support. Consider using it for tension and misalignments of the cranial plates, jaw, TMJ and neck when they are coupled with inhibited expression.

Super Stress Relief Formula
Are you feeling stressed to the max because of your job, relationships, circumstances or the world situation? Quickly ease physical, emotional and mental stress and tension. Restore the link to your spiritual aspect to clearly hear inner guidance, uplift your emotions, and relieve muscle or nervous tension. This combination also restores physical vitality and aids the clearing habits and patterns of chronic stress.

Taiwan Flowering CherryPeace, Tranquility, Inner Silence
Taiwan Flowering Cherry has a unique ability to immediately impart a relaxed inner state of silence and tranquility. Thoughts and emotions quiet, and one can experience stillness which is often difficult to attain in the today’s world. This flower essence has any number of uses – for emotional trauma, mental tension, addiction recovery, meditation, contemplation, prayer, spiritual practice, and communing with nature. As an emotional rescue, it eases emotional pain and discomfort. For the mind, it stops distracting thoughts, worries, fears and anxiety. It brings people, past thought and emotion, to the threshold of a still inner awareness in which they can profoundly relax, recharge, renew and realize, and commune with a deeper truth inside. This flower essence can be taken daily to ease emotional and mental tension or the constant barrage of negative emotions and thoughts, so to directly feel calm and centered. Then people can access silence and tranquility within to find much needed insight and proper action for issues, situations and relationships.

Yerba SantaCalming Extreme Emotional States and Stress
Yerba Santa helps to ease extreme emotional stress or calm highly charged emotional states, such as hysteria. This essence conveys information from the higher self to balance and uplift emotions. Use it for relaxation prior to deep tissue work.

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