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Butterfly Iris - Coordinating Creative Inspiration in Group Endeavors
Butterfly Iris (Dietes iridioides) distinguishes itself from the true iris by growing in a large, round clump with many small iris flowers that last only for a day. All bushes, for miles around, bloom together and then stop in unison, just to begin blooming again simultaneously. This essence has all the creative inspiration of Iris flower essence, giving the added ability to work harmoniously in groups. Butterfly Iris heightens and aligns the creative energy for collaborations, meetings, gatherings, and conferences. It's valuable when the people collaborating are in different cities, states or countries and are using the Internet or telephone to realize creative projects together. Another interesting asset that this essence bestows is the ability to attune and align to current trends in society and the world.

Chrysoberyl - Gather Personal Power, Love, & Spiritual Insight to Excel
Chrysoberyl, also known as Cat's Eye, has long been used as a talisman for wealth, good fortune, and protection. It has a remarkable ability to combine personal power, the energy of love, and spiritual insight. It calms and balances the emotions, helps people feel at ease with themselves and others, and promotes clear thinking. It gives people the understanding that everything they need to succeed is within them. This is the elixir for those who wish to succeed and strive for excellence in their chosen field. It assists them to integrate discipline, self-control, confidence, and farsightedness with serenity, kindness, and generosity. It gives them a strong determination to get things done while allowing them to take responsibility for their actions and experiences. People learn how to look at all aspects of a situation before taking action and to solve problems by deeply understanding the details involved. This elixir is an exceptional ingredient in the recipe for success!

Color Elixirs to use simultaneously:
Color Elixir Red is an exciting and outgoing vibration related to assertiveness. It expresses vitality, physical strength, and the ability to act, adding force, vigor, energy, and warmth. It stimulates and excites, clearing blockages, sluggishness and limitations. The color red also kindles the first chakra at the base of the spine and supports its associated gland, the adrenals.
Color Elixir Orange releases creativity and arouses the sexual drive. It improves the focus to succeed and expands interests and activities. It also promotes assimilation and invigorates the second chakra in the sacral-hip cradle area and the associated glands, the gonads.
Color Elixir Yellow is a sunny color that enhances motivation and persistence, removing procrastination. It rejuvenates, reactivates and reenergizes. Yellow activates the mind and one's enjoyment of the moment. It has a centering quality, and stimulates the third chakra at the solar plexus and the associated gland, the pancreas.

Elm - For feeling overwhelmed by responsibility on occasion
Elm helps those who are doing good work and following their calling in life. Often they hold positions of responsibility and importance. Occasionally they suddenly feel overwhelmed by the scope of their work and lose confidence, becoming depressed and exhausted. Though the feeling is only temporary, at this time, they might give up and fail those who rely on them. In such a moment of weakness, their perfectionist striving prevents them from seeing that they're doing a good job.
Elm reassures capable and efficient people with much responsibility that within them they have the strength, faith and ability to carry on their work, and also to consider their own needs so that they take on only as much as they can handle.

Hornbeam - For procrastinating and avoiding tasks
Hornbeam helps people who feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks. They feel tired, but once they get started, usually find that they can complete their duties. Their fatigue is more mental than physical, and is related to those things they dislike doing. This remedy is good for the “morning after” feeling or for Monday morning blues. It helps when studying for exams, tackling big projects at home or work, or doing less appealing tasks such as organizing, taxes or housework.
Hornbeam, as the energy remedy, improves certainty of one's strength and vitality, and restores enthusiasm, confidence, persistence and mental energy to face and accomplish all of one's tasks.

Lemon - Stimulating Left Brain, Mental Clarity, Math and Computer Skills
Lemon is an excellent remedy to stimulate mental activity and the left brain. When there are mental blocks, an inability to think or link up issues clearly, or a tendency to be more right brained and dreamy, this essence will boost mental clarity and focus. It bolsters analytical skills, math skills, computer skills, studying for exams or doing paperwork or taxes.

Madia - Completing Projects
Madia, a small yellow daisy-like wild flower, helps those who stall on projects and have difficulty completing them. Such people begin undertakings with great enthusiasm but then fade out as the endeavor continues, through loss of confidence or getting lost in working out the details. This essence improves focus, persistence and perseverance to finish what has been started.

Mimulus - For fear of known things and for shyness
Mimulus is an aid for all the fears people know about and can name: dogs, snakes, tests, heights, pain, cold, insects, poverty, accidents, other people, death, the dark, public speaking, doctor appointments, social gatherings, and so on. Mimulus people are shy and may stammer, fidget, blush easily, or laugh nervously. They procrastinate to avoid the things they're afraid of, and keep their fears to themselves. This remedy is useful after accidents or during convalescence, to help people resume their normal activities. It helps timid sensitive children to be more assertive and secure.
Mimulus increase the ability to face and move through fears with courage, self-assurance, and equanimity.

Moth Mullein - Creative Power from Start to Finish
Moth Mullein works to overcome lethargy, procrastination, or difficulty completing projects or endeavors. This remedy powerfully stimulates the creative spark, motivation, focus, and the ability to initiate and complete undertakings. Use it with intention and goal setting and with endeavors already under way.

Number 4 - Building/Organization
Build a solid foundation through detail and method. Develop your strength and skill to organize and focus and to be steady, meticulous and tenacious. Excellent for studying and for solidifying goals, business, marriage, or career.

Number 22 - Master Builder/Practical Mysticism
Turn higher ambitions and dreams into reality. Be practical, methodical and disciplined, with a high degree of inspiration. Realize universal goals larger than yourself and beyond personal ambition. Serve the world and integrate higher wisdom into organizations and the mainstream.

Number 44 - Master Manifester/Higher Achievement
Manifest your higher goals and dreams. Combine financial skill and awareness with the ability to focus and organize. Create better business methods and practices built upon solid financial foundations. Become financially successful in integrity, and do this for the greater good.

Pineapple Lily - Birthing a New Healed Paradigm for the Collective
Pineapple Lily helps people birth a new and healed paradigm based on cooperation and co-creation, for themselves and for their relationship to others and the collective. It clears and transforms familial, cultural, national, and planetary patterns in people, those issues which bring hardship and difficulties to a group. New understanding, compassion, and methods to cooperate and increase harmony emerge along with a deep desire to express and share them with others, in the family, in the community, in the culture, or even at a global level, for the planet. People see the bigger picture, and their relationship to the whole and to the destiny of the collective. They find ways to help create a transformed paradigm based on love, harmony, healing, cooperation and unity. This is an exceptional flower essence for those with high ideals and who are involved in positive social, community, collective, and global action and change. Works well with Joshua Tree, Butterfly Iris, Cosmos, Desert Plume, Larkspur, and Pride of Madeira.

Quantum Creation Formula
Manifest your dreams, desires, visions, ideas, goals, and abundance right now. This combination enhances your ability to visualize and affirm in order to create what you want; fosters new ideas, inventions and solutions; and improves confidence, optimism, and harmonious interactions. It increases effortless, serendipitous actualization and strengthens the connection to your destiny, higher self, and inner guidance. Clears blockages and limitations to any part of the creative process, and stimulates the dream state.

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