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The Seven Rays Elixirs

The Seven Ray Elixirs attune and align us to the Seven Rays, the seven dimensions of consciousness, which reside in the ethers beyond the speed of light. The manifest level of these Rays is the seven chakras. The Ray Elixirs link us to the higher realms of the Rays and draw their influence into the respective chakras. This clears and activates them, assisting us to spiritually evolve, manifest and unfold for our highest good, and fulfill our soul's mission for incarnating.

Understanding the Seven Rays
The Seven Ray Elixirs: Red | Orange | Yellow | Green | Blue | Indigo | Violet
How to Use the Seven Ray Elixirs
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Understanding the Seven Rays*

The Seven Rays are a constant progressing principle from the Source of All, a force from the soul level to generate self-actualization. These seven levels of consciousness reside in the ethers beyond the speed of light, and create different viewpoints for perceiving reality. Though they are distinct vibratory rates without color, they are given names from the visible color spectrum to aid in learning and understanding their meaning.

The First, Second and Third Rays of Red, Orange and Yellow, the first three levels of consciousness, relate to physical reality. They initiate, create and maintain respectively the concrete or third dimension and give us the ability to manage it.

The Fourth or Green Ray, the fourth dimension, is a subtler level consisting of psychic perceptions used to obtain and apply information from the universal mind for living in the third dimension.

The Fifth or Blue Ray, the fifth dimension, gives mastery over physical reality through applying the principles of the higher mind: altruism, power of the Word, and deeds aligned with truth, love and justice for all.

The Sixth or Indigo Ray, the sixth dimension, acts as a pure spiritualizing force, to influence those Rays or levels below it, and begets self-realization.

The Seventh or Violet Ray, the seventh dimension, provides complete identity with the soul, also called God-realization, to ultimately unify with and ascend to the Source or I AM Presence, that abides beyond the seventh level.

*The interpretation of the Seven Rays is according to the Law of One, Books 1-4 by Ra, Living the Law of One by Carla Rueckert, and Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Volume II by Gurudas


The Seven Ray Elixirs

  First or Red Ray Elixir

The First Ray is the grounding element to initiate, activate and vitalize. It may be called the Life Force itself and the origin of orgone energy. Consciousness uses the Red Ray to establish and focus itself in form. To begin anything new or original, we can link to the Red Ray, which stimulates the first chakra at the base of the spine. The Red Ray Elixir launches new beginnings of any sort and stimulates physical vitality. It grounds us to receive energy from the Earth and the earth star below our feet. We can apply this elixir when we feel thwarted or frustrated in new projects or endeavors, or if we feel ungrounded or want to escape. The first Ray Elixir gives us a solid base from which to create and live on the planet.
Let's get started!
Ingredients: Black Tourmaline, Watermelon, Tourmaline, Red Color Elixir, Thyme

  Second or Orange Ray Elixir

The Second Ray stabilizes the force of creativity. Inanimate matter metamorphoses into life forms. Here begins the sparks of consciousness. This ray extends and gives empathy to all beings and arenas. Its activity reaches out into the environment with unbridled joy and with the desire to create, procreate and be intimate. The Orange Ray Elixir activates and integrates the Second Ray with the second chakra in the hip cradle. It heightens creativity, joy, sexual desire and intimacy. It gives life and inspiration to our creative ideas and endeavors. It is excellent for artists, composers, writers, inventors, or anyone who's creating something. It alleviates frustration or blockage in any part of the creative process.
Co-create with the Universe!
Ingredients: Rubellite Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline Orange Color Elixir, Thyme

  Third or Yellow Ray Elixir

With the Third Ray, the pure mental forces of consciousness fully integrate into matter. The ethers have fully awakened to intellectual awareness, from whence come science and philosophy. The mind desires and wills to organize and focus on the first three dimensions. Creativity crystallizes into permanent forms while formal relationships of family, group and community solidify. The Yellow Ray Elixir stimulates the will and intellectual or mental qualities to bring order and discernment. It augments the third chakra at the solar plexus to stimulate lucid thinking. There is also a willingness to work and collaborate in formalized relationships, like with the family and the work place, or with neighbors, community and organizations. This elixir is excellent to improve will power, clarity of thought, for learning, school or taking tests as well as favoring all formal relations.
Clarify and cement ideas, creations, groups!
Ingredients: White Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Yellow Color Elixir, Thyme

  Fourth or Green Ray Elixir

The Fourth Ray is the first step to transcending the baser self. The intellectual/philosophical process moves toward the selfless state of love and healing. Touched by the higher forces of inner peace, the intellect becomes spiritualized and transforms into psychic faculties. Divine love and the capacity to perceive the higher forces now blend into the first Three Rays. The Green Ray Elixir increases unconditional love, healing abilities, and altruism. The Fourth Ray moves into the heart chakra at the center of the chest. Compassion, harmony, cooperation and appreciation improve. Higher inspiration and psychic perception develop. So good for relationships, healers, ministers, and anyone who desire to help others.
Bring on the love!
Ingredients: Green Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Green Color Elixir, Thyme

  Fifth or Blue Ray Elixir

In the Fifth Ray, altruism and the complete expression of the higher self becomes realized. Consciousness now understands its own true position as well as its relationship to others. With genuine humility and inner peace, the perfect servant of the earth plane is born. This translates into being a social force of love, truth and justice. At this level, words and sacred sounds have immense creative power. The Blue Ray Elixir galvanizes people well-established in the Fourth Ray and heart chakra while melding the Fifth Ray with the throat chakra. It inspires those filled with unconditional love and compassion, to move into total service of others. Their words begin to resonate at a profound level of truth. They become a social force for the healing of the planet, filled with aspiration, devotion and spiritual strength.
Speak and act for the good of all!
Please note: Take the Blue Ray Elixir together with the Green Ray Elixir.
Ingredients: Blue Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Blue Color Elixir, Thyme

  Sixth or Indigo Ray Elixir

The Sixth Ray bestows the ability to fully seek the divine self. The Rays before it were more about realizing the self as it acts within the physical plane. Here consciousness fully activates qualities of the divine self and projects them to the other five rays to bring them into total alignment. There is a clear perception of the divine nature and its ability to harmonize in all states of existence. One glimpses greater parts of the whole, through samadhi, ecstasy and service to others. The Indigo Ray Elixir is most effective for those totally dedicated to serving humanity. Meditation deepens with increasing experiences of samadhi, visionary states, and self-realization.
I am a Divine being!
Please note: Use the Indigo Ray Elixir together with the Green Ray Elixir
Ingredients: Cat's Eye Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Purple Color Elixir, Thyme

  Seventh or Violet Ray Elixir

The Seventh Ray aligns all the capacities of the other Six Rays with the Higher Forces. Here is the totally realized spiritual being in complete harmony with all. The key word is transcendence, which is most usually experienced in meditation as total oneness with all the elements. There is the ability to see into the future, all time and all dimensions, and have an inner knowing that eclipses psychic senses. The Violet Ray Elixir helps the self-realized experience unity with all Creation and move into total knowledge and complete harmony. In meditation, there are more samadhi-like experiences and the sense of merging with Love/Light. Spiritual understanding, wisdom and inner knowing intensify. Self-realization becomes God-realization. All chakras and subtle bodies align.
All is One. All is Love.
Please note: Use Violet Ray Elixir together with the Green Elixir.
Ingredients: Quartz Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Violet Color Elixir, Thyme

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How to Use the Seven Ray Elixirs

    1. The Seven Ray Elixirs are designed to be taken alone. They can be taken along side other remedies, essences, elixirs, formulations, or even another Ray elixir, and such. But they are not to be combined together with them. Each Ray Elixir is specially attuned to one of the seven levels or dimensions of consciousness, residing in the ethers, beyond the speed of light and physical plane. Enjoy the heightened experience of the Rays!
    2. One way to use the Seven Ray Elixirs is to choose particular ones, picking lower Rays before upper Rays. The upper Rays will not unfold unless the lower Rays are open and working properly. Always use a lower Ray first. The Fourth Ray needs to always be taken with any of the higher Rays of Blue, Indigo or Violet. Do not combine the Ray Elixirs together. Enjoy the heightened experience of the Rays!
    3. Another approach is to use the Ray Elixirs sequentially from First to Seventh. Take each Ray Elixir for a day or more, beginning with the First Ray, then the Second, then the Third, then the Fourth. To continue the sequence from thereon, the Fourth Ray Elixir needs to taken along with the Fifth Ray, Sixth Ray, or Seventh Ray Elixirs. Cycle through the Rays a number of times. Do not combine the Ray Elixirs together. Enjoy the heightened experience of the Rays!

Recommended Reading

Convoluted Universe, Books IV-V by Dolores Cannon

Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Book II by Gurudas
(out of print)

Living the Law of One by Carla Rueckert

A Wanderer's Handbook by Carla Rueckert

Law of One, Books 1-4 by Ra (can read online for free)

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