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Classes and courses are conducted in small-group settings; individual instruction is also available. Santa Barbara Quantum Health awards certifications for all courses upon the satisfactory completion of all requirements. Please note: PayPal is available to purchase all classes and courses underneath their descriptions.

Bach Flower Remedy Course and Certification

Camille Gilbert began her journey in the field of flower essences in 1977, when she took an accredited Bach Flower Remedies course at the Institute for Holistic Studies and began giving remedy consultations along side her massage therapy practice. In 1985 she continued her training with the well-known Flower Essence Society in Northern California, where she was awarded a certification as an Advanced Flower Essence practitioner.

She has taken further courses from Gurudas, who was the original owner of Pegasus Products, the largest vibrational remedy company in the world; and from Eric Love, author of The Subtle Use of the Bach Flower Remedies. Camille has made over eleven hundred flower and mineral remedies, and she continues to clinically research and develop these essences and elixirs.

In 2003 she began teaching the Bach Flower Remedy Course at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, and she now does private instruction for individuals and small groups.

Bach Flower Remedy Course
Dr. Edward Bach, an innovative 20th Century English physician, bacteriologist and homeopath, originated this unique system of 38 homeopathic flower remedies. Dr. Bach recognized the connection between our health and happiness and being in harmony with our true nature. While conducting his research, he made note of different personalities or constitutions, and discovered that when a personality type became stressed and unbalanced, physical symptoms and disease would ensue. He dedicated the rest of his life to finding the exact flower remedy to restore equilibrium and ease psychosomatic symptoms for each constitution. He had a profound understanding of the human condition, and his personality constitutionals have proved to be universal, extending beyond barriers of time and culture.

If you’re interested in deepening your understanding of human nature and in using flower remedies to help yourself, your family members, your friends or your clients, the Bach Flower Remedy Course is the most important class you can take. You’ll learn Bach’s most valued achievement: his system of 38 flower remedies, based on different personality types, and how to use these remedies to ease mental, emotional and physical suffering and promote positive states of wellbeing.

The certified course is 30 hours long, and is taught weekly, biweekly, over two weekends, or as a three-day intensive. You will receive a certificate.

You’ll learn:
  • Bach’s philosophy
  • The descriptions and use of the 38 Flower Remedies
  • The personality constitutionals
  • The interview process
  • How to choose the correct remedies
  • How to concoct the remedies
  • How to use them with children, pets, animals and plants
  • Where to obtain bottles and labels
Also provided in the course will be:
  • The Bach Flower Remedies Manual
  • A bottle and remedies to make your first remedy formula in class
  • A bibliography
  • Internet resources
  • Certification
To hold your place for the upcoming class, we ask for a $50 deposit, which is non refundable in the event you cancel within a week before the class begins.

Deposit for the Bach Flower Remedy Course - $50.

Tuition for the Bach Flower Remedy Course is $400.

Tuition for the Bach Flower Remedy Course if $50 Deposit has been paid - $350