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JUNE 2011 - Santa Barbara Quantum Health has two new offerings!

We are offering a new service letting you create your own custom formulas from the collection of single remedies we have available, including the Selected Singles, the Bach Flower Remedies, the Color Elixirs and the Numerology Elixirs, plus the New Products singles. Click here to go to the page that tells you how to start creating your own formulas now.

Here is a convenient summary of the Bach Flower Remedies you may want to print. Each remedy is linked to its more detailed description, photo and shopping cart.

Agrimony - Hiding behind cheerful mask
For those who put on a cheerful mask to hide their problems and their fears of conflict and confrontation. Helps people freely express their authentic selves.

Aspen - Anxiety and vague fears
For those who are nervous and anxious with vague fears, apprehension, or foreboding. Gives trust and confidence to meet the unknown with courage.

Beech - Critical of others
For those who are critical and intolerant of others’ mistakes and shortcomings. Improves being tolerant, understanding and accepting of others, and able to see the good in them.

Centaury - Difficulty saying no
For those who are anxious to please, have difficulty saying ‘no’ to others and neglect their own needs. Gives inner strength and will power to say ‘no’ appropriately and to fulfill one’s own needs.

Cerato - Self-doubt, over-seeking advice
For those who doubt their own abilities and knowledge, over-seeking the advice of others. Improves self-reliance and trusting in one’s own skills, information and inner knowing.

Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control
For those who fear losing control, having desperate or destructive impulses or having a mental or emotional breakdown. Increases balance and equanimity, despite extreme stress or adversity.

Chestnut Bud - Repeating mistakes
For those who fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes, often because of being hurried or distracted. Supports paying close attention to learn from life experiences.

Chicory - Possessive and manipulative
For those who are possessive, manipulative, and emotionally needy in relationships, disguised as love. Cultivates generosity, emotional security, selfless love, and respect for others’ individuality.

Clematis - Lacking interest in the present
For those who lack interest in the present, whose attention is elsewhere, in daydreaming, in the future or on other-worldly or impractical ideas. Increases alertness, paying attention to the present, and being grounded and practical.

Crabapple - Compulsive focus on small imperfections
For those who are always cleaning, purifying, or are obsessed with small imperfections or cleansing rituals. Improves one’s self-image, self-esteem and feeling acceptable just as one is.

Elm - Overwhelmed on occasion by responsibilities
For those responsible and capable who feel temporarily inadequate, overwhelmed or exhausted by their responsibilities. Restores confidence and strength to shoulder one’s obligations.

Gentian - Depressed by setbacks
For those easily discouraged, hesitant or depressed after setbacks, and wanting to give up. Increases confidence, determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles.

Gorse - Hopelessness and despair
For those stuck in despair and hopelessness, unable to imagine a positive outcome. Renews faith, hope, optimism, and conviction that a solution is possible, despite present conditions.

Heather - Overly absorbed and feeling victimized by problems
For those overly self-absorbed by their problems, feeling victimized and talking excessively about them. Increases self-sufficiency, power to handle issues, and ability to listen with empathy.

Holly - Hatred, envy, and jealousy
For those who suffer with feelings of jealousy, envy, suspicion, greed and hatred and become socially isolated. Restores ability to show love, appreciation, compassion and generosity.

Honeysuckle - Living in the past
For those who long for happier times, live in the past, or are homesick. Helps one to become fully present, integrate the past, accept current conditions, and find happiness today.

Hornbeam - Procrastinating tasks
For those who feel tired at the thought of doing something and who avoid doing daily tasks they dislike. Increases the ability and the steady energy needed to do what needs to be done.

Impatiens - Impatience and irritability
For those who are tense, impatient, irritable, and intolerant by the slow pace of others or situations. Promotes patience, tolerance and the ability to relax, allowing all to move at its own pace.

Larch - Low confidence, fearing failure
For those who lack confidence in themselves and fear and expect failure so they won’t try new things. Increases self-confidence, creative expression and the courage to take risks.

Mimulus - Fears of known things
For those with fears that they know about, death, dark, stage fright, socializing, flying, etc. and may be timid, shy, keeping fears to themselves. Increases courage and confidence to face fears and life’s challenges.

Mustard - Deep depression for no apparent reason
For those with depression and deep gloom that comes and leaves suddenly for no apparent reason and without an ability to change it. Restores cheerfulness, abiding peace and equilibrium.

Oak - Working past limits and point of exhaustion
For those reliable and dependable who strive past their limits and point of exhaustion, and may be despondent. Gives the ability to accept limits and stop to nurture self and renew strength and mood.

Olive - Complete exhaustion after long effort
For those who are completely exhausted after long struggle or illness. Restores vitality, strength and sense of wellbeing.

Pine - Guilt and self-reproach
For those suffering from excessive guilt and self-reproach about their mistakes and shortcomings. Improves self-acceptance, self-esteem, and acknowledging own good points and successes.

Red Chestnut - Overly anxious about others’ wellbeing
For those overly worried, anxious or concerned about the wellbeing of others, while anticipating the worst. Helps one care about others while staying calm, serene, and sending positive thoughts their way.

Rock Rose - Terror and panic For gripping terror, panic, extreme fear, nightmares, and for any extreme or emergency circumstance. Brings self-transcendent courage and tranquility when facing adversity and emergencies.

Rock Water - Being too hard on oneself
For those who are overly strict and disciplined and too hard on themselves. Increases being joyful, flexible in mind and body, and gentle and kind toward oneself.

Scleranthus - Indecisive or mood swings
For those with mood swings or who are indecisive and ambivalent, not able to choose between two options. Improves emotional balance and being decisive by making choices from one’s center.

Star of Bethlehem - Shock, trauma, or grief
For the effects of shock, trauma, or grief, from the past or the present. Soothes and comforts, neutralizing shock and trauma and encouraging complete healing.

Sweet Chestnut - Anguish, utter despair, stretched beyond limits
For those suffering from mental anguish, utter despair, and feeling only darkness and annihilation in the future, often called the dark night of the soul. Renews strength, faith, confidence, tranquility, and also hope for the future, along with a sense of transcendence.

Vervain - Overstraining, over-persuading
For those who strain too hard because of their passion and over-enthusiasm, wanting to convert others to their own way of thinking. Improves being relaxed, flexible and open-minded, listening to other viewpoints.

Vine - Domineering and inflexible
For those with a strong will who tend to be inflexible and domineering, thinking they know better than others. Brings out inspired leadership qualities, with flexibility and sensitivity toward others.

Walnut - Protection, staying centered through changes
For facing major life changes or needing protection from limiting influences. Gives strength to stay centered on own path when moving into new situations and also be free from the sway of old habits or outside influence.

Water Violet - Independent and aloof
For those capable and independent who tend to be aloof and proud. Helps them to value, appreciate and enjoy social interaction and share their gifts with others.

White Chestnut - Repetitive thoughts, worries or mental arguments
For those with persistent worries, unwanted thoughts or mental arguments, that can lead to insomnia. Brings peace to the mind and ability to hear the still inner voice; aids sleep and meditation.

Wild Oat - Uncertain about work, career or life direction
For those who are uncertain about their direction in life, and being undecided or dissatisfied about their current job or career. Helps find their chosen path in life and satisfaction in their work, calling, or career.

Wild Rose - Resigned or apathetic
For those drifting through life, having become resigned or apathetic and making little effort to change the situation. Restores joy, enthusiasm, and commitment for participating in life.

Willow - Resentful, bitter or complaining
For those who feel bitter and resentful about life, tending to blame, complain or feel victimized. Restores acceptance, forgiveness, humor, and personal power for life’s changing situations.