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Past Life Recall

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Angel’s TrumpetHigher Dimensions, Shamanic Journeys, Death and Dying
Angel’s Trumpet (Brugsmansia candida aka Datura candida) powerfully augments awareness of and access to the higher dimensions. This remedy also clears the fear of letting go to experiencing these elevated realms. It greatly improves visionary states and psychic faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, and as a result, is of special benefit in vision quests, shamanic journeys, and for deepening meditation. It also assists the dying process to transcend the fear of death, or when there is denial of the reality of the spiritual world.

Heavenly BambooPotent Spiritual Transformation and Acceleration
Heavenly Bamboo is a powerful spiritual tonic, cleanser and accelerator, increasing attunement to spiritual inspiration. It activates the spiritual energies of the upper chakras and outer subtle bodies and allows these energies to move down the central channel to penetrate and align all the chakras and ground the energy into the body and personality. Alchemical in nature, it quickens the clearing of life problems, chronic patterns, karma and negative thought forms to hasten spiritual transformation. It strengthens and protects the energy field from all negativity and difficult astrological aspects. It amplifies the effects of other remedies and healing modalities and increases healing through the hands. It is an invaluable enhancement for meditation and spiritual practice.

Libyan Gold Tektite - The Will to do Good, Manifest Higher Mission, Prosperity
Libyan Gold Tektite, also called Libyan Desert Glass, is found deep in the Saharan Desert of Libya and Egypt. Like other tektites, it holds extraordinary energies from the tremendous forces involved in its formation. King Tutankhamun's funeral breastplate highlights a lustrous scarab carved from Libyan Desert Glass (see second photo). The main focus of this golden yellow tektite is the opening of the third and fourth chakras along with the crown. It balances all chakras and subtle bodies, while stimulating the etheric, mental and spiritual bodies. It elevates the will to do good. Abundance, prosperity, money and good luck improve when one lives and acts from the heart for the benefit of all. Libyan Gold Tektite elixir unites the spiritual and earthly mission, revealing how to materialize one's higher calling on earth. Higher consciousness expands to inspire creative ideas for harmonious manifestation. This elixir also has a powerful cleansing action, clearing and transmuting karmic issues from past lives, including those related to other planets, star systems, and in particular, the Orion constellation. A field of protection increases to prevent others from manipulating or interfering with one's free will. Following the directive of this tektite, the will to do good, brings forth happiness and bliss in life. Take once a day only. Because it grounds inspiration and liberates the true free will, it combines well with Moldavite or Tibetan Tektite for grounded spiritual advancement.

Meteorite - Link to ETs: Cosmic Awareness, Telepathy, DNA, Past Lives
Meteorites are usually black or darkly colored, and are traditionally divided into three categories: metallic, stony or a combination of the two. Throughout the centuries, different cultures and civilizations have viewed meteors and meteorites as sacred objects, omens, signs, and prophecies. Meteorite elixir, with its vibrant other-worldly energy, enhances cosmic consciousness and rapport with extraterrestrial influences. It assists to bring forth past life memories from other planets and star systems. It can also activate latent portions of the genetic code that contain extraterrestrial advancements to promote evolution of the body and psychic sensitivity. People can learn to telepathically communicate with ETs: those on star ships and UFOs, on other planets and star systems, or in higher dimensions. Meteorite creates an affinity for positive ET influence, by awakening related inactive areas of the DNA and increasing awareness and psychic abilities to establish contact across time and space. Ready to connect?

Nutmeg - Higher Self, Self-Integration, Life Mission, Past & Future Lives
Nutmeg is the seed of a tree native to the Moluccas, the Spice Islands, of Indonesia. The flowers, small white orbs, represent wholeness, unity, and the soul level. Nutmeg is a major Flower Essence for attuning to the Higher Self. It accelerates our vibration and increases the capacity to remember and draw wisdom from past and future lives. Great inventors, such as Edison and Tesla, had this ability. Young people, Star seeds and Wanderers, unsure or indecisive about their careers or missions, can receive guidance from their souls. Fractures in the personality can mend and reintegrate. Nutmeg Essence brings forth information and dormant gifts from past or future incarnations to help us improve, prosper and expand. It is excellent for meditation, and with past life regression, future life progression, or Dolores Cannon's QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Training), linked here

Past Life Regression Formula
Use this formula as an aid to help to increase past life recall and release old traumas, resolve relationship issues, and ease karmic issues. Apply with past life regressions, past life recall CDs or tapes, meditation, or suggestions before sleep. It improves psychological well-being, mental clarity and emotional and spiritual balance.

Quantum Spirit Healing Formula
Open up to the healing of the Spirit. Take before healing sessions, meditation, massage, chiropractic, and the like, to increase receptivity and attunement to spiritual healing energies for quickened healing. A superb addition for healers to give to or massage onto their clients. (Note: Check out Quantum Healing Hands to powerfully increase the channel to inner guidance and healing energy flow in the hands.)

Shattuckite - Correct DNA Energetics
An attractive somewhat rare copper silicate mineral, Shattuckite has a special relationship with the energetics of DNA. This elixir works to stimulate, correct and enhance DNA energies, supporting it to release correctly encoded information for wellness as well as memories from past lives. It works well with other remedies that affect DNA energies, such as Variscite, Indium, Date Palm, Flower of Life, etc. Check out the Light Body formula.
A special note: Gregg Braden reported in his book Healing Hearts/Healing Nations, about an experiment done by Dr Vladimir Poponin, a Russian quantum-biologist. In a vacuumed sealed container, he placed photons, which he measured, and noted that they were moving around randomly. When he added DNA inside the container, and then remeasured them, the photons had lined up in an ordered way and aligned with the DNA. After removing the DNA, the photons remained ordered and lined up. Braden suggests that we are forced to accept the possibility that a new field of energy, a web of energy, exists, and that DNA is able to communicate with the photons through this field.

ThymeAmplifier, Quickening the Time Flow
Thyme is a marvelous amplifier of flower essences and quickens the time flow by speeding energies past the speed of light. While using this essence, people can use intention to move backwards or forward in time. Use it to heal the past or glimpse the future. Cleanse crystals by placing them in water with added Thyme essence for five minutes.

Variscite - Evolve DNA Energetics
A rather appealing and relatively rare phosphate mineral, Variscite affects the DNA energetics and process to enhance positive changes in the next generation of cell division. It also helps to directly recall past lives that can positively impact a person's well-being in their current incarnation. Please see Shattuckite for the scientific experiment that shows the relationship between DNA and photons. These two minerals work well together to enhance DNA energies.