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Color Therapy

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Enjoy The Color Elixirs to explore the positive effects of color with the following suggestions:
  • Take 7 drops under the tongue 1-4 times a day.
  • Put 3 eyedroppers-full in a bath.
  • Rub them on different parts of your body.
  • Atomize them about your body and energy field.
  • Spray them about the room for parties, gatherings, meetings, healings, treatments, etc.
  • Put them in beverages or food.
  • Place the drops on crystals.
  • Add them to water for your plants.
  • Take red on awaking, orange to begin work, yellow at lunch, green in the afternoon, blue after work, purple in the evening, and violet before bed.
Color Elixir Red is an exciting and outgoing vibration related to assertiveness. It expresses vitality, physical strength, and the ability to act, adding force, vigor, energy, and warmth. It stimulates and excites, clearing blockages, sluggishness and limitations. The color red also kindles the first chakra at the base of the spine and supports its associated gland, the adrenals.

Color Elixir Orange releases creativity and arouses the sexual drive. It improves the focus to succeed and expands interests and activities. It also promotes assimilation and invigorates the second chakra in the sacral-hip cradle area and the associated glands, the gonads.

Color Elixir Yellow is a sunny color that enhances motivation and persistence, removing procrastination. It rejuvenates, reactivates and reenergizes. Yellow activates the mind and oneís enjoyment of the moment. It has a centering quality, and stimulates the third chakra at the solar plexus and the associated gland, the pancreas.

Color Elixir Green, both master color and fulcrum of the colors, has universal appeal. It is cooling, and stimulates life, growth, harmony, cooperation, friendship, happiness, appreciation, and a sense of balance. Green raises the vibrations of the body above the vibration of dis-ease and brings forth self-healing, recovery, and renewal. It opens the heart chakra at the center of the chest and stimulates its associated gland, the thymus.

Color Elixir Blue is a relaxing, calming, peaceful vibration, and as such, will build vitality. It lessens such states as stress and nervous tension, clears thought processes, and assists the concrete mind. Blue empowers expression. Often called the color of the soul, it promotes aspiration, devotion, and spiritual strength. It activates the fifth chakra in the throat area and its associated gland, the thyroid.

Color Elixir Purple
is considered a hypnotic and pain reliever. Itís excellent for deepening meditation and improving psychic faculties and insight. Purple strengthens the sense of higher purpose and stimulates the sixth chakra at the brow and its associated gland, the pituitary.

Color Elixir Violet, as the shortest wavelength of the color spectrum, relaxes and calms. It eases over-excitability and irritation and is a motor depressant. It establishes and assists physical and spiritual harmony as well as alignment with others for common goals. Violet improves understanding and wisdom and tempers the addictive nature. It opens the crown chakra at the top of the head and supports its associated gland, the pineal.

Color Elixir Pink, ever a favorite, is about loving, being loved and universal love. It draws more love to one and helps one feel more loving. It balances emotions and soothes and relaxes either overĖ or under-emotional states. The color pink has been proven to reduce violence in people. It heals misunderstandings and cleavages, improves harmony and stimulates the heart chakra.

Color Elixir Turquoise, as one of the most favored intermediate colors, attunes one to the life force and is a tonic for the completion of healing. It can be used on the skin to enhance healing, whether of a burn, a scratch or an infection. Turquoise reduces fevers and is excellent after workouts to cleanse toxins and regenerate tissue. It activates both the heart and the throat chakras.

Colors for Action Set
These color elixirs are sure to set you in motion, activating vitality, motivation, creativity, persistence and sunny disposition.

Colors for Healing Set
These colors calm, cleanse and harmonize and encourage healing and growth.

Colors of the Heart Set
These color elixirs encourage self-esteem and love and harmony with each other.

Colors for Meditation Set
These color elixirs to calm the mind and help you go within.

Colors for Relaxation Set
These color elixir foster relaxation and are excellent after a stressful day or when you want kick back.

Nine Color Elixirs Set
A delightful set to experience and experiment with. It makes a unique and colorful gift. A brochure comes with explanations of the colors and suggestions for their use.