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The Numerology Elixirs

Numerology Elixirs offer pure, clear energies with the same qualities as the numbers used in Western Numerology, as developed by the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. These Elixirs give a clean, immediate effect. Fun and easy to work with, they combine well with Flower and Mineral Essences, Elixirs and Remedies.

Available are 18 different Numerology Elixirs, Numbers 1 through 9, and the Master Numbers, made up of double numbers 11 through 99. The single-digit numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 represent the human level, whereas the double digits 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 represent the level of the super human. (Read more about the Master Numbers.)

Please note: All remedies come in one ounce bottles and are formulated at stock level.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 22 | 33 | 44 | 55 | 66 | 77 | 88 | 99

Anyone can use the Numerology Elixirs for their desired characteristics and thus experience their positive effects. Choose one or more that match an area in which you want help. An interesting and powerful method is to support a project or endeavor from beginning to end by taking them one at a time, starting with Number 1 and moving sequentially through the numbers to assist the different stages of the project, to end with Number 9. You can buy a set of 9 or 18 Numerology Elixirs at a significant savings.

Numerology enthusiasts will enjoy using the Numerology Elixirs, and specifically those that correspond with their Missing, Challenge or Life Numbers. For example, if you’re missing the number 8 in your Numerology chart, choose Number 8 to quicken the learning of that lesson and reclaim the positive qualities of the number 8 in your life. Or support the learning of your life lesson by taking the Numerology Elixir that corresponds to your Life Number (also known as the Birth Number). You may also select any of the Numerology Elixirs for the certain qualities that you desire.

Call or email us to obtain a complimentary Numerology Elixirs Brochure with further details.

Besides the individual number elixirs, a variety of Numerology Elixir Sets, including the 1-9 and 11-99, is listed below, and is available at a significant savings in Sets and Kits.

  Number 1: New Beginnings/Individuality

Increase your originality and sense of individuality and get support for creating and defining new goals. Buoy the beginning of projects, relationships, situations and enterprises with vitality, courage and ambition!

  Number 2: Receptivity/Patience/Cooperation

Be more receptive, adaptable and patient while incubating your new endeavor. You’ll accumulate new details and become more considerate and cooperative with others in working toward the goal at hand.

  Number 3: Expression/Imagination/Sociability

Stimulate your imagination, humor, and creative expression! Amplify your ability to write, speak, and communicate your creativity, dreams and ideas. Enhance your sociability and experience of traveling.

  Number 4: Building/Organization

Build a solid foundation through detail and method. Develop your strength and skill to organize and focus and to be steady, meticulous and tenacious. Excellent for studying and for solidifying goals, business, marriage, or career.

  Number 5: Change/Freedom

Bring opportunities of change to shift entrenched issues, patterns, habits, situations, and behaviors. Liberate yourself from limitation! Add more spontaneity, versatility, movement and freedom to your life.

  Number 6: Love/Nurturing/Magnetism

Expand your capacity to love and nurture others. Bring more harmony, love and caring into romantic and other relationships. By radiating more love, you’ll be more magnetic to others!

  Number 7: Higher Intellect/Spirituality/Insight

Take a break from the outer world. Go deeper within yourself to contact your higher intellectual and spiritual aspects. Works well to deepen meditation and for receiving new insights in scientific and philosophical studies.
Number 8: Leadership/Abundance

Move assertively and jovially into the world with charisma, power and leadership. Clear poverty consciousness and accentuate financial awareness and abundance. Make your mark on the world.

  Number 9: Completion/Release

Make a contribution to the world by culminating, fulfilling, and finishing your endeavors with an artistic flair. Bring projects, relationships, or personality issues to a state of completion, releasing them to allow room for a new beginning and a new sequence of nine.


Master Number Numerology Elixirs

While the single-digit numbers 1 through 9 represents the human level in Western Numerology, the double-digit master numbers 11 through 99 represents the super human or higher octave level. The single numbers correspond to qualities we develop as individuals along the path of evolution. After we have learned and integrated them, we then master these traits at a higher level, applying them in service of all of humanity rather than for ourselves alone.

One technique is to begin with the single-digit Number Elixir, and once you have attained the lesson of that number, choose the corresponding Master Number Elixir to realize the same quality at the master or spiritual level.
  • Number 1 becomes Number 55
  • Number 2 becomes Number 11
  • Number 3 becomes Number 66
  • Number 4 becomes Number 22
  • Number 5 becomes Number 77
  • Number 6 becomes Number 33
  • Number 7 becomes Number 88
  • Number 8 becomes Number 44
  • Number 9 becomes Number 99
Or select any of the Master Numerology Elixirs for the qualities you wish to further develop

Numerology enthusiasts can choose the Master Numerology Elixirs that correspond with their Soul, Personality, Expression, and/or Life Path Numbers to optimize spiritual change and growth and work for the greater good. Or select any of the Master Numerology Elixirs for the qualities you desire to enhance and incorporate.

  Number 11: The Visionary/Revelation

Increase highly charged original inspiration and revelation from your own higher self and inner guidance. Improve your psychic gifts and visionary capacity. An aid to the practical application of inspiration, revelation, and psychic and visionary gifts, done in cooperation with others.

  Number 22: Master Builder/Practical Mysticism

Turn higher ambitions and dreams into reality. Be practical, methodical and disciplined, with a high degree of inspiration. Realize universal goals larger than yourself and beyond personal ambition. Serve the world and integrate higher wisdom into organizations and the mainstream.

  Number 33: Master Teacher/Universal Love and Service

Combine sympathy, harmony, and selflessness with a flare for magnetic creative communication. Improve your counseling and teaching skills. Cultivate a selfless concern for the welfare of others and also leadership abilities in the realm of service to humanity.

  Number 44: Master Manifester/Higher Achievement

Manifest your higher goals and dreams. Combine financial skill and awareness with the ability to focus and organize. Create better business methods and practices built upon solid financial foundations. Become financially successful in integrity, and do this for the greater good.

  Number 55: Inspired Pioneer/Higher Will

Enhance individuality and originality and align these with your higher nature and will. Advance dynamic leadership that is genuine and freed from past limitation. Become more innovative and inspire originality in others. Good for pioneering movements in reform and new thinking.

  Number 66: Charismatic Communicator/Great-Hearted Expression

Increase loving, joyous expression and magnetism. Become more generous and compassionate and fulfill your responsibilities to others in a joyful creative manner. This elixir supports healers, counselors, speakers, and artists working for the greater good. Be a ray of sunshine in the gloom.

  Number 77: Inspired Innovator/Liberating Insight

Travel the inner realms to discover deep insight and solutions to problems and limitations. Representing perhaps the most intelligent and inventive of all the numbers, this elixir stimulates original thought, innovation, and new systems to benefit humanity through the use of both intuition and technology.

  Number 88: Spiritual Leader/Manifest Wisdom and Scientific Leader/Leading Edge Science

Stand firm in the world for higher thought and higher consciousness. Supports teachers and leaders in either the metaphysical or leading-edge scientific realms. Helps to draw forth wisdom, ground higher knowledge, work with higher laws of science, and develop new scientific theories.

  Number 99: Accomplished Master/ Elevated Fulfillment

Bring out your artistic genius and mastery as you culminate, fulfill and complete those accomplishments related to your chosen path. Glimpse how they connect with the Greater Plan for the planet and can help bring light to humanity. This elixir helps one let go of personality illusions that one is ready release.


Numerology Number Sets

Numbers for Abundance Set

These number elixirs improve creativity, expression, abundance, and financial focus and awareness.

  Numbers of Love Set

These number elixirs improve receptivity, cooperation, caring, and being magnetic to love.

  Numbers for Success Set

These number elixirs are a sure fire way to succeed and make your mark by increasing originality, creative expression, detail and method, financial focus, awareness and abundance.

  Numerology Numbers 1-9 Set

These numbers represent a whole cycle from beginning to end. The effects are clear and immediate. This makes a unique and fascinating gift. The set comes with a complementary Brochure with descriptions, suggestions for use, and how to chart your numerology.

  Numerology Numbers 11-99 Set

These are the higher octaves of the single digit numbers bringing forth the highest qualities and encouraging their use for the betterment of humankind and everyone concerned. This set makes a unique gift for the high achievers in your life. The set comes with a complementary Brochure with descriptions, suggestions for use, and how to chart your numerology.

  Numerology 1-9 and 11-99 Set

These two sets together are a terrific deal and make a most unique gift. They come with complementary Brochures with descriptions, suggestions for use, and how to chart your numerology.


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