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The Bach Flower Remedies


The following are the original 38 flower remedies developed by Dr Edward Bach,innovative 20th Century English physician, bacteriologist and homeopath. Dr. Bach created one of the most accurate and complete systems for aiding the human condition. The remedies ease mental, emotional and physical suffering and promote positive states of wellbeing. These tinctures have for six decades been proven to be universal across the board, beyond time and cultural barriers.

  You'll recognize yourself in a number of the following descriptions. Choose three to five at a time, selecting remedies that fit the situations, circumstances and experiences you're currently working with in your life, not those from the past. More information on how to pick remedies can be found on the page Tips for Choosing.

You can create your own formula of Bach Flower Remedies by going to the Create Your Own Formula page. To get expert help in choosing the right combination for your needs, you may also wish to make an appointment for a consultation.

You can purchase a part or the entire set of Bach Flower Remedies at a significant savings if you go to Sets and Kits.

Please note: All remedies come in one ounce bottles and are formulated at stock level.

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Agrimony - For hiding problems behind a cheerful mask

Agrimony is for those who swallow their own true feelings, worries and selfexpression so as not to create conflict with other people. Such people tend to be cheerful and amiable, making light of things to avoid dealing with problems or conflict. As result of the buildup of concealed feelings, they can suffer from worry and restlessness in a kind of inner mental torment, and may tend to overindulge in food, alcohol or drugs to stop the inner turmoil. To distract themselves from their angst, they prefer to seek company rather than spending time alone.

Agrimony reveals that hiding unpleasantness increases inner torment, and that sharing and expressing real feelings brings inner peace through acceptance of life's less pleasant side.

  Aspen - For nameless fears and anxiety of unknown origin  

Aspen is used for vague, unexplained and nameless fears, those without reason or cause. Such fears may come on suddenly and be accompanied by trembling or sweating. There is often a sense of foreboding or impending disaster. Night terrors, anxiety, paranoia, free-floating fears, and apprehension are all examples of these kinds of unknown fear. People who suffer in these ways are often nervous and anxious, and they keep their troubles to themselves. This remedy can be used for waking in fear from a bad dream, even though the dream is forgotten. Aspen gives the courage to face and release hidden fears, and the desire and faith to enjoy the adventure of new experiences.

  Beech - For being critical and intolerant of others  

Beech helps people who are critical of and over-sensitized to the shortcomings or mistakes of others. Their intolerance and high but rigid mental standards lead them to want to be alone - away from those with whom they find fault. They feel superior to others and become judgmental, arrogant, or unsympathetic. They are unable to make allowances for and see the good in others. They are lonely taskmasters who suffer much because of their high ideals. Beech infuses the heart with compassion, humor and tolerance toward others, and advances the ability to see the good in them despite their imperfections.

  Centaury - For being anxious to please and having difficulty in saying no  

Centaury people are gentle, kind, and eager to please, and they overtax themselves in this way. They have a hard time saying no, and often neglect their own needs and mission in life to serve others. As a result, they tire easily and often lack energy. They may become bound to dominating people, such as parents or other family members (see Chicory). As they are so easily influenced, their thoughts and actions are often colored by the ideas and dictates of others.
Centaury strengthens the will and individuality of service-oriented people, so they can say yes to their own needs and mission in life.

  Cerato - For feeling self-doubt and distrust of one's own abilities and decisions  

Cerato helps those who do not trust their own knowledge or abilities and who lack confidence in their own decision-making. Although they usually know what they want and have the needed wisdom and intuition to support them, because of self-doubt they want outside confirmation. They constantly seek the advice of others and thus are often misguided, which causes them dissatisfaction and confusion. Because of their continual question asking, they sap the energy of others. They are changeable, and often imitate whomever they have just been with. Cerato strengthens self-trust, self-reliance, and self-confidence to follow one's own wisdom, knowledge, abilities, and inner guidance in reaching decisions.

  Cherry Plum - For having fear of the mind giving way or of losing control  

Cherry Plum helps those who feel as if their mind may give way and they may do something desperate, dreaded, or wrong. Such people may be on the verge of a breakdown or in deep despair. This remedy is helpful for sudden violent impulses, for becoming hysterical or abusive, or for having sudden outbursts around friends or family members. It also helps counter suicidal feelings or the feeling that one is going insane. Cherry Plum gives courage, equanimity, and tranquility when one is undergoing extreme stress or adversity.

  Chestnut Bud - For repeating the same mistakes and failing to learn from mistakes  

Chestnut Bud is for people who have difficulty learning from their experiences. Such individuals repeat the same mistakes or patterns over and over, such as picking the wrong partner or friends or choosing the same unsuitable work. Rather than taking the time to reflect on their choices and the ensuing consequences, they try to forget the past. Often they are hurried, distracted, or inattentive. This is one of the remedies of choice for attention deficit disorder in both children and adults. Chestnut Bud improves the ability to learn by placing one's full attention in the present moment, so as to keenly observe and reflect on one's experiences and gain the information needed to move forward.

  Chicory - For being over-protective, selfish, and possessive in showing love  

Chicory people are full of caring and concern for their families and friends, but are also self-centered and possessive. Being strong-willed, they expect those near and dear to conform to their values and demands. They want them close by, while criticizing, correcting, and arguing with them. They easily feel rejected if someone stands up to them or contradicts their demands. They will feign illness to gain attention. They often speak about the duty owed to them, and have difficulty giving without expecting something in return. Chicory parents often produce Centaury children who cannot say no or break away from their grip. Chicory increases the feeling of assurance that one is worthy of being loved. Demands and nagging give way to selfless giving and concern, as well as the experience that giving freely of one's attention leads to receiving attention freely from others.

  Clematis - For daydreaming, with a lack of interest in the present  

Clematis is for those whose attention is elsewhere - in daydreams, fantasies or pleasant thoughts of the future. Such people live in hopes of happier times when their ideals may come true. Not being happy or taking an interest in their present circumstances, they let their minds wander and may watch too much TV, take drugs, over-meditate or over-sleep as a means of escape. They are impractical and make little effort to improve their circumstances. Sometimes they look forward to death. Clematis restores alertness and lively interest in life, so that inspiration received in sensitive and psychic states of awareness can be used practically in the present situation.

  Crab Apple - For a poor self-image, feeling unclean, and compulsive cleaning  

Crab Apple helps those who feel there is something unclean or toxic about themselves or their environment. They suffer from a poor self-image. There is a compulsion to cleanse their body or keep their houses in complete order so they can feel acceptable or likable. The may obsess over small details, such as germs or skin blemishes, while ignoring a more serious disease or issue. They become despondent if treatment fails. As a cleansing remedy, Crab Apple can be used to assist detoxification, such as during a fast or with a cold or other infection. It can be used alone or with Rescue Remedy for watering or spraying diseased plants. Crab Apple helps one keep a balanced perspective during the cleansing process and maintains self-esteem despite ailments, impurities, or small defects. The self-image improves with acceptance of oneself and one's imperfections.

  Elm - For feeling overwhelmed by responsibility on occasion  

Elm helps those who are doing good work and following their calling in life. Often they hold positions of responsibility and importance. Occasionally they suddenly feel overwhelmed by the scope of their work and lose confidence, becoming depressed and exhausted. Though the feeling is only temporary, at this time, they might give up and fail those who rely on them. In such a moment of weakness, their perfectionist striving prevents them from seeing that they're doing a good job. Elm reassures capable and efficient people with much responsibility that within them they have the strength, faith and ability to carry on their work, and also to consider their own needs so that they take on only as much as they can handle.

  Gentian - For feeling discouraged or depressed by setbacks  

Gentian works for depression from known causes. It is for those who are easily disheartened or discouraged by obstacles, setbacks and delays. They doubt themselves and believe their difficulties are insurmountable. They live with a negative mental outlook that keeps them from understanding that their own lack of faith and determination is preventing them from overcoming their problems. It is helpful during illness, when there is a setback or for children who are discouraged by schoolwork or exams. Gentian improves determination and perseverance to do one's best when tackling difficulties, and provides faith and optimism to know that these obstacles bring the very lessons needed for growth.

  Gorse - For hopelessness and despair  

Gorse is for very great hopelessness and despair and the belief that no more can be done. Such are the people who have given up and have lost all hope. To please their loved ones they will try different treatments but assure them that they will not work. It is valuable to give early on in any chronic case or illness or with the pronouncement that nothing more can be done. Gorse provides deep abiding conviction and renewed hope and faith that recovery is possible, despite the present physical or mental conditions. It helps one imagine a positive outcome.

  Heather - For being self-absorbed and feeling victimized by problems  

Heather is for those who are preoccupied and obsessed with their own problems and worries. Such people seek the company of anyone who will listen to their complaints. They are the victim of their difficulties, and they feel powerless to help themselves. Because they are poor listeners and lack interest or concern for other people's problems, they sap others' vitality. Consequently people often avoid them because of their extreme neediness and compulsive talking. Heather types dislike being alone for any length of time, and may simulate illness to get sympathy. Heather provides self-sufficiency, inner strength and a sense of power to handle one's own problems and improves empathy, concern and helpfulness toward others and their problems.

  Holly - For hatred, envy, jealousy, or suspicion  

Holly helps people who are attacked by thoughts of hatred, envy, jealousy, or suspicion. Such people can be bad-tempered and hard-hearted, aggressive and vengeful, or even cruel or violent. They lack the ability to love, and often feel a generalized anger toward others. They suffer much for no apparent reason, and deep down may feel insecure and unlovable. Children jealous of their siblings can often benefit from this remedy. Holly opens the heart to unconditional love and compassion, inspiring one to generosity and the ability to truly enjoy others' success.

  Honeysuckle - For living in the past, because of nostalgia or post-trauma  

Honeysuckle helps those who dwell in the past and believe they can no longer be happy. This lost happiness and lack of attention for the present can stem from a past time either of great happiness or of deep trauma. Some people are nostalgic, longing for the good old days or better times. Others have not released or recovered from past regrets or ordeals, such as an accident, a war incident, childhood abuse, or loss of a loved one. This remedy is helpful for orphans, war veterans, widows or widowers, people who have failed in business or older folks who have to live alone. Honeysuckle lets one live fully and find joy and happiness in the present. It helps one realize that past experiences provide valuable lessons for living today and moving forward in life.

  Hornbeam - For procrastinating and avoiding tasks  

Hornbeam helps people who feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks. They feel tired, but once they get started, usually find that they can complete their duties. Their fatigue is more mental than physical, and is related to those things they dislike doing. This remedy is good for the “morning after” feeling or for Monday morning blues. It helps when studying for exams, tackling big projects at home or work, or doing less appealing tasks such as organizing, taxes or housework. Hornbeam, as the energy remedy, improves certainty of one's strength and vitality, and restores enthusiasm, confidence, persistence and mental energy to face and accomplish all of one's tasks.

  Impatiens - For impatience and irritability  

Impatiens is for those who are quick in thought and action. Such people like everything to be done rapidly and become irritated and intolerant of slower-paced individuals and situations. They prefer to work alone so that they can maintain their fast pace. They hate to waste time and tend to be tense, with a temper that flares easily but just as soon dies down. Their hastiness may lead them to be accidentprone. Impatiens is an excellent remedy for parents and teachers. Impatiens increases patience and tolerance for the slow pace of people and situations, and it helps one to be efficient yet relaxed and to remain calm when irritated.

  Larch - For lack of confidence and fear of failure  

Larch helps those who lack confidence and feel inferior. Though quite capable (and sometimes more so than others), they admire others and judge them to be better than themselves. They won't make a strong effort to try new things, as they fear or expect failure. It's useful to take this remedy before exams, interviews, driving tests and such. Larch increases self-confidence and creative expression, bolstering trust in one's ability to succeed and giving one the courage to take risks and try new things.

  Mimulus - For fear of known things and for shyness  

Mimulus is an aid for all the fears people know about and can name: dogs, snakes, tests, heights, pain, cold, insects, poverty, accidents, other people, death, the dark, public speaking, doctor appointments, social gatherings, and so on. Mimulus people are shy and may stammer, fidget, blush easily, or laugh nervously. They procrastinate to avoid the things they're afraid of, and keep their fears to themselves. This remedy is useful after accidents or during convalescence, to help people resume their normal activities. It helps timid sensitive children to be more assertive and secure. Mimulus increase the ability to face and move through fears with courage, self-assurance, and equanimity.

  Mustard - For deep gloom and depression for no apparent reason  

Mustard is for those who suffer from deep black depression that comes on suddenly and leaves just as suddenly, without cause. Such gloom takes away all joy, peace and happiness when it descends. The sufferers cannot shake the deep gloom and melancholia at will. Mustard restores cheerfulness, helps one find the basis of the depression, and replaces it with inner stability and abiding joy and peace.

  Oak - For struggling dutifully on, even past the point of exhaustion  

Oak helps those conscientious, hardworking and reliable people who never give up and are the mainstay of their family, friends and workplace. Such individuals carry responsibility, are helpful to others, and have a strong sense of duty. They struggle on with relentless effort despite hardship or illness. They hide and ignore their fatigue, unwilling to relax if there is work to be done. This takes them down the path of depression, exhaustion, stress symptoms, and sudden collapse. Oak teaches strong, dependable people how to relax and recognize their limits. They learn to take time off to nurture and replenish themselves in a timely manner.

  Olive - For physical exhaustion after long effort or illness  

Olive is the remedy for complete and utter exhaustion of body and mind. It is for the deep fatigue that follows a long struggle or a long bout with illness, when all reserve energy and strength have been depleted. Long periods of nursing someone, of personal difficulties, or of intense work or study are circumstances that may lead to a complete loss of energy, strength and reserve. Olive restores mental and physical strength and vitality and renews one's lively interest in life.

  Pine - For guilt and self-reproach  

Pine helps those who suffer from guilt and self-reproach regarding their mistakes or shortcomings. Such people are humble and apologetic, and they obsessively condemn themselves, becoming quite despondent, as a result. No matter what they do or how well they perform, they are never satisfied but feel that they should have done better. They even blame themselves for the mistakes of others and for what goes wrong. Pine improves self-esteem and self-acceptance. It helps people acknowledge and focus on their good points and successes.

  Red Chestnut - For feeling over-anxious and over-concerned for the welfare of others  

Red Chestnut helps those who are extremely worried about the safety and wellbeing of others. Such people obsess over others' problems and anticipate the worst. They worry that a minor complaint may become something serious. Perhaps a child will fall or a plane will crash. Caregivers such as nurses or counselors may temporarily fear or worry for their clients' health or wellbeing. Red Chestnut lets people care compassionately about others without anxiety, so that they can send thoughts of love, safety and healing to those in trouble while remaining calm and serene.

  Rescue Remedy - For stress, shock, trauma, or emergencies  

Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach's most famous remedy. It's used all over the world by doctors, dentists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and many other health professionals. It contains five Bach remedies: Impatiens, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Star of Bethlehem. Dr. Bach created this remedy as an all-purpose emergency combination. It reduces fear, panic and nervousness, eases shock and the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can be used for accidents, bad news, grief, death, loss, stressful situations, doctor's appointments, and commuting in gridlock. Keep it on hand in the purse, satchel, car and medicine cabinet. Rescue Remedy calms, soothes, and comforts. It restores alertness, balance, and a better frame of mind, as well as encouraging healing.

  Rock Rose - For terror, panic or extreme fear  

Rock Rose is helpful for panic, terror or severe fright in response to extreme circumstances. Examples are accidents, near escapes, natural disasters, sudden illness, nightmares, muggings, or witnessing something terrible. This remedy also helps to alleviate the extreme fears that people live with daily in connection to past traumas. Rock Rose gives self-transcending valor and courage, and the tranquility to face and meet emergencies and adversity.

  Rock Water - For self-denial and being too hard on oneself  

Rock Water helps people who are hard masters to themselves. Such individuals have high ideals and standards and adhere to them rigidly to the point of hurting themselves. They deny themselves many joys in life with their strict rules and disciplines, whether in pursuit of work, diet, politics, exercise, or spirituality. They seek self-perfection and are often disappointed in and unforgiving of themselves. They don't actively interfere with others, but rather may take pride in being an example for them. This is the only Bach remedy made from mineral water rather than a flower. It is underground spring water that runs through rock, softening and dissolving its hardness. Rock Water fosters flexibility of mind and body, allowing those with high ideals to become gentler with themselves, more receptive to other ideas, and more able to move more spontaneously, peacefully and joyfully with the flow of life.

  Scleranthus - For indecision between alternatives and for mood swings  

Scleranthus people have difficulty making decisions, especially when there are two choices. They waver back and forth, unable to decide or take action. As a result, they procrastinate and waste time. They can have wide mood swings, experiencing the extremes between happiness and sadness, energy and lethargy, optimism and pessimism, or laughter and tears. Their changeability makes them unreliable and unpredictable. Their physical symptoms may move about their body. They suffer in silence, not inclined to share their dilemma with others. This remedy can be of value for bipolar issues. Scleranthus provides poise and balance to help people make decisions from the center, not the extremes, so they can act promptly.

  Star of Bethlehem - For shock, trauma and grief  

Star of Bethlehem is for times of great distress that produce great unhappiness, such as grief, loss, shock, pain, accident, bad news or physical or emotional trauma. It helps those who refuse, for a time, to be consoled. Past injuries or traumas that have not completely healed may interfere with the restoration of a current situation. This remedy neutralizes and clears the old distress to allow for a complete cure. Star of Bethlehem soothes comforts and neutralizes shock and trauma, whether immediate or from the past, and encourages complete healing.

  Sweet Chestnut - For mental anguish, utter despair, and feeling stretched to the limit  

Sweet Chestnut helps those who suffer from terrible, appalling anguish and utter despair. For such people, their hopelessness is complete and the future holds nothing but darkness and annihilation. They feel like they've reached the limits of their endurance, and they bravely bear it all in silence and with deep loneliness. Often they feel like God has forsaken them. Sometimes called the dark night of the soul, this can be the time when spiritual transformation is imminent. Sweet Chestnut liberates, renewing strength, peace of mind and hope for the future. When stretched to the limit, we can become transcendent.

  Vervain - For straining and being overzealous and overenthusiastic  

Vervain types are passionate about their ideas and opinions and want to convert and persuade all those around them to their own views of life. With zeal, strong will and great courage of their convictions, they rally around causes to redress injustice, sometimes to an extreme point. Their great energy creates tension in their body, and they may have difficulty relaxing or falling asleep. They exhaust themselves with unnecessary effort and over enthusiasm. They can be irritable, frustrated, and annoyed over matters of principle. Vervain helps to broaden the mind about life and its events. It helps people with strong convictions to accomplish their goals without straining and to attract allies to their cause by being more tolerant of others' opinions.

  Vine - For being domineering and inflexible  

Vine people are ambitious, capable and gifted. They feel sure of their abilities and confident of their success. They crave power and authority and enjoy directing people, but they can lack sensitivity or sympathy for others' feelings or viewpoints. They can become aggressive and tyrannical in demanding obedience, and can be cruel and ruthless to gain power to meet their ends and to convince others to their way of thinking. The class bully, the political dictator and parents or bosses who rule with an iron rod are such extreme examples of this type. Vine helps ambitious, capable, and confident people to relax, be flexible and become open and sensitive to others' feelings and ideas. Then such people may become true leaders, inspiring and guiding others.

  Walnut - For protection from outside influence, staying centered during change/transition  

Walnut is for those times when difficulty arises in adapting to change and making smooth transitions. It helps people when they're oversensitive to certain ideas or atmospheres, or at those times in the course of life when outside influences throw them off track. It is the remedy for such life changes as getting married or divorced; moving to a new house; changing a job, career or religion; or going through puberty or menopause. It breaks the link to the past and to old habits. It is invaluable in releasing the hold of addictions, psychological issues, or negative family patterns, and even hereditary conditions. The key is when people feel the need to break free from the sway of something that's negatively affecting them. This remedy also provides a protective shield for those healers and psychically sensitive individuals who are susceptible to the negative thoughts, emotions or energy of others. Walnut helps people stay centered and on their chosen path during transitions, and allows them to move forward in a smooth fashion, free of the past, old conditioning and unwanted influences.

  Water Violet - For being aloof, independent, and preferring to be alone  

Water Violet people are private individuals, often very advanced, capable and talented. They move quietly and gently through life, carrying on quite independently, free from the opinions of others. They don't impose themselves on others, and prefer their own company or that of a few close friends. They appear aloof or even arrogant and condescending. They keep their troubles to themselves, preferring to withdraw behind a calm façade. Water Violet assists capable, talented and independent persons to become more involved with humanity and to find joy and value in participating.

  White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, and mental arguments  

White Chestnut is for those who cannot stop persistent unwanted thoughts, ideas, worries or inner arguments or conversations from going around and around in their minds. Having no control over theses continuous thoughts can cause mental torment. At night they may keep people from falling asleep, while in the daytime they may keep people from concentrating. These individuals often appear inattentive and don't answer when spoken to, Even with all their thinking, solutions elude them. White Chestnut gives peace and clarity to the mind, and helps one solve problems by being attentive to the surroundings and being able to hear the still inner voice.

  Wild Oat - For uncertainty about one's work, career, or life direction  

Wild Oat is used when people are undecided about their work, career or calling in life. Such individuals have ambition and a variety of talents but don't have a clear direction. They may feel restless, dissatisfied, frustrated or unhappy. This remedy is helpful for people in high school or college when they aren't sure what they want to do with their lives. It helps those who are drifting through life without a definite plan or sense of purpose and who feel like life is passing them by. It can also be used when people are tired or bored with their current work or career and seeking new avenues for their talents and ambitions. Wild Oat clarifies one's purpose, ambition and direction in life, activating one to pursue and succeed in their chosen field and become happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

  Wild Rose - For feeling resigned, apathetic, and making little effort  

Wild Rose is indicated when people have become resigned to their fate, to some unpleasant situation, to uncongenial work, to their problems, or to a poor state of health. They glide through life making little effort to change their conditions or to find some joy, as they are sure it won't help. They don't complain, nor are they really unhappy about their indifference. They can make dull companions, and they are unable to fulfill their potential. Their voices may be expressionless or monotonous. One key is that they are not depressed about their situation, but have come to accept it and learned to live with it. They don't understand that it's their lack of effort that keeps the conditions in place. Wild Rose restores vitality, lively interest, and enthusiasm for life and living, helping people to accept responsibility for their circumstances and to take the initiative to fully participate in changing them.

  Willow - For resentment, complaining, and feeling that life has been unfair  

Willow helps people who hold on to resentment, bitterness and self-pity. Such individuals feel that life has been unfair to them in some way and they haven't deserved such a trial. They blame others and circumstances for their problems, grumbling and complaining and not taking responsibility for what happens in their lives and relationships. They begrudge others their success, happiness or good fortune. They are rarely pleased or satisfied, and more often than not they refuse to admit to improvements, preferring to see themselves as victims. Willow restores a positive mental outlook and optimism about life, allowing people to forgive and forget past injustices. No longer victims they can enjoy life and attract friends and positive conditions into their lives.

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