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    Thanks so much, Camille!! I got my package yesterday already! I'm trying to take advantage of the eclipse/new moon energy--I feel like I'm a newborn. Your remedies are so helpful... they are just THE BOMB.  I bought Walnut for a friend who was just so badly stuck. Two weeks later--he joined a fitness boot camp. SUCCESS!! :-)
    The Heavenly Bamboo and Walnut I've been working with this month--I can't even describe the shifts in me. Seismic. And occuring in a nonchalant way--I wake up in the mornings a new person. I am astounded.
    Angie P, Loveland, OH

    I really felt some powerful healing energies all day Sunday after my talk with you. Can't wait to start the remedies and stay connected.
    Lots of love...
    Margaret J, Mule Creek, NM

    I am thrilled with Camille’s formulas Anchi Crystals and Illumined Integration and am pleased to offer this wholehearted endorsement.
    Anchi Crystals, I have found, are like a cosmic generator of enlightened intent. Any path of healing and authentic-self exploration is enhanced by this formula—in fact, anything that one brings one’s mind to in terms of raising the vibration seems to be accomplished much more quickly and easily with the help of the Anchi Crystals.
    I have worked with a number of Camille’s formulas, and this one seems to be the culmination of all the work that was brought together by all previous formulas; it also complements any of Camille’s formulas, as well as the action of vitamins, herbs, etc. I also note the protection from EMFs and microwaves offered by the Anchi Crystals.
    I have only ever used the Anchi Crystals with Illumined Integration, so I can only say that this formula is a wonderful companion to the Anchi Crystals, in terms of helping me keep the focus on the higher vibration—love—in any situation. It opens the doorway to experiencing love without all the generational overlays that seem to get in our way and— again, this is in combination with the Anchi Crystals—it has supported a rapid acceleration of my healing process.
    I experience both these formulas in the violet spectrum.
    Margaret J, Mule Creek, NM

    You’re the most to say the least! Thanks for your years (4 now) of loving guidance and powerful sharing of your healing gifts.
    Devorah B, Santa Barbara, CA

    Wow, that’s some powerful formula you created. I really feel it will help me through this next passage. Your gifts and talents are amazing.
    Jeanne C, Phoenix, AZ

    My broken knee cap healed beautifully and I didn’t need surgery, as the doctor first thought. Thanks for the Quantum Bones and Rescue Remedy.
    Joan M, Santa Barbara, CA

    My severely twisted ankle has healed. I can walk again! The Quantum Joint/Muscle/Spine, Rescue Remedy and Anchi Crystals spray really helped with the swelling and discomfort.
    Betty C, Santa Barbara, CA

    I’ve been taking flower essences for years now. With AstroProtect: Transits, my dreams have been incredible, and the healing visions I have had while listening to the Jupiter Re-Zap Power Nap are Uranian, like you would not believe. It feels like fast track to becoming your own Muse, Hero and Guru….I can’t be a victim in any situation, and that is a great thing, but it really makes you look in the mirror. There is no magic cure, we all still have to do the work, but I feel like it makes the work more fun, less stressful, and much more meaningful.
    Willow R, Boulder, CO

    I really think the long distance Reiki Healing Treatment helped me. I slept soundly from about 3 - 7:30 pm after we talked and feel like I'm getting relief. Anyway, that's the good news so send me a bill! You're the best. I'm sending this testimonial along: Camille Gilbert is a genius! She has a combination of rare gifts to offer her clients: focused listening skills to take in the nuances of your situation, a vast knowledge of the human psychology and physiology, and her expertise with the flower/plant remedies to pinpoint a combination that will serve you in moving through whatever healing crisis you are having. When I'm not sure what ails me, I call Camille!
    J Callahan, Phoenix, AZ

    We used the Super Stress Relief formula on the dogs yesterday for the Fourth of July fireworks and it helped a lot. Thanks!
    J Taillac, Lake Forest, CA

    The Custom Remedy formula you made for me is awesome, and so are you!
    M Jones, Mule Creek, NM

    Thanks so much, this phone consultation was very important for me and I so appreciate your help. I really enjoyed meeting you on the phone.
    M A Jones Phoenix, AZ

    I’m reporting how much more active I’ve become since taking the formula you created for me. I’ve reconnected with my trainer at the Y and got a tip about a job. I have a lot to be grateful for. Thank you.
    D Baber, Seattle, WA

    I really feel like I notice a difference using the remedy. I am definitely calmer and cry a whole lot less!! Thanks.
    S Gow, Colorado Springs, CO

    Thanks for the fine elixirs and remedies. They are inspired! The Number 8 is helping with $$! Love it.
    J Callahan, Phoenix, AZ

    Best Reiki Session ever! Thank you so much! Everything was SO Clear and vivid when I left. Thank you, thank you!
    K Evans, Ventura, CA

    Your loving insightful generosity was a key to my new level of self-love and acceptance. Bless you.
    A Johns, Stockton, CA

    Good news! I am doing much better because of your magical tincture plus a buddy coming into my home and helping me move my things. As a result the energies have evoked a powerful sense of newness and possibility.
    S Henry, Madison, MI

    Thank you so much for the Ecstatic Dance Formula. I love it!
    B Amine, Santa Barbara, CA

    You have made such a difference in my life in so many ways—healing massages and remedies for my husband and me, and remedies for the cats. Thank you.
    L Wessberg, Santa Barbara, CA

    Thanks so much for the remedies. Everything you send me always helps and I truly appreciate your gifts and talents.
    J Jacobs, Nashville, TN

    MY CAR IS ALIVE! Recently taken off the critical list is my Subaru Station Wagon which is now much improved. The engine sounds like new, without the knocking from the valve lifters. The mechanic said that, "If you keep the oil changed every 3,000 miles and change the filter, the engine should last another 5 years or 300,000 miles." Yesterday, when all looked bleak for the car, I sent Reiki, asked Spirit for assistance and stated to the Universe my needs. So rather than having to get a new engine, my mechanic discovered that he would only need to replace a number of parts. This new resource with Reiki is very good. So glad I took the Reiki I and II classes.
    S Roberts, Goleta, CA

    Thanks for the exquisite remedies. They work!
    S Oakes, Ojai CA

    Thank you for your tactful insight into my dilemma. The remedy is very effective. My emotional attachment seems to be erased. Feels a little like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!
    T Clenard, Carpinteria, CA

    I always feel like I’m in “good hands” with your healing massage and Reiki Sessions. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you.
    M Gold, Santa Barbara, CA

    Please send me 3 more Sleep Ease Formulas. They make such a difference for my sleep.
    T Kvernik, Oslo, Norway

    I was thinking about you the other day and want you to know that I appreciate you and consider you one of my teachers on my path to fulfill my calling as a healer. I am now in my 3rd year of studying Homeopathy and I have been thinking about how much has changed for me over the past several years. You helped me so much during some pivotal points in my journey so I want you to know that I appreciate everything you have done for me but most importantly that you have shared your being with the world. Thank you!!
    J Tailliac, Lake Forest, CA

    Thanks for keeping our family in the “pink” with your bodywork and essences.
    L Fallon, Santa Barbara, CA

    Today is Day 14 of my authenticity quest and the 1st day I have felt some of my inner enthusiasm in some time. Bless you for your support and knowledge.
    S Murray, Goleta, CA

    Thank you for all your compassionate help. I appreciate all you do. I am so grateful for your attentive healing and carefully made essences.
    C Preston, Santa Barbara, CA

    Thanks for the "Major Overhaul." I really should give my body a tune-up every 10,000 miles!
    C Wessberg, Santa Barbara, CA