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Banksia - Man's Remedy: Assertiveness, Creativity, Sexuality
Banksia is primarily for men and their issues. It clears problems concerning sexuality, easing related insecurities and strengthening the masculine identity. This remedy increases creativity and assertiveness, and supports the male reproductive system.

Butterfly Rose - Soul Travel & Sublime Creativity
The blooms of Rosa chinensis mutabilis, or Butterfly Rose, float enchantingly above the greenery, bobbing in the breezes. As they mature, the flowers change from copper-yellow to pink to crimson, looking a bit like many-colored butterflies. As an essence, this rose lifts one's consciousness beyond the physical plane into higher realms of creativity and experience. It enhances sublime artistic expression, extraordinary dream states, astral projection, and foremost, soul travel. The physical body relaxes to more easily attain these higher realms. This essence also spiritualizes sexuality supporting experiences of mystical union.

Cacao - Sensitivity/Psychic Abilities/Chocolate Cravings
Cacao, the chocolate plant, a favorite of the world, has a unique, benevolent effect as a flower essence. It increases general sensitivity. When we improve oursensitivity, we can better feel, intuit, empathize with, and psychically understand people and situations. Also sensitivity is an important component of both love and sexual intimacy. To tune in to the feeling of things, people need to be relaxed and unclouded. And Cacao does just that, by both reducing stress and improving mental clarity. Also as an aside, it helps to allay addictive chocolate cravings. It's a valuable adjunct for those in the helping and healing professions, and for people who want to better attune together for common goals or better relationships. This remedy can benefit anyone who wants to be more caring, sensitive, intuitive, or psychic and be able to more clearly read, comprehend or aid people, relationships or circumstances.

Color Elixirs to use simultaneously:
Color Elixir Orange releases creativity and arouses the sexual drive. It improves the focus to succeed and expands interests and activities. It also promotes assimilation and invigorates the second chakra in the sacral-hip cradle area and the associated glands, the gonads.
Color Elixir Green, both master color and fulcrum of the colors, has universal appeal. It is cooling, and stimulates life, growth, harmony, cooperation, friendship, happiness, appreciation, and a sense of balance. Green raises the vibrations of the body above the vibration of dis-ease and brings forth self-healing, recovery, and renewal. It opens the heart chakra at the center of the chest and stimulates its associated gland, the thymus.
Color Elixir Yellow is a sunny color that enhances motivation and persistence, removing procrastination. It rejuvenates, reactivates and reenergizes. Yellow activates the mind and one's enjoyment of the moment. It has a centering quality, and stimulates the third chakra at the solar plexus and the associated gland, the pancreas.
Color Elixir Pink, ever a favorite, is about loving, being loved and universal love. It draws more love to one and helps one feel more loving. It balances emotions and soothes and relaxes either over- or under-emotional states. The color pink has been proven to reduce violence in people. It heals misunderstandings and cleavages, improves harmony and stimulates the heart chakra.

Gentian - For feeling discouraged or depressed by setbacks
Gentian works for depression from known causes. It is for those who are easily disheartened or discouraged by obstacles, setbacks and delays. They doubt themselves and believe their difficulties are insurmountable. They live with a negative mental outlook that keeps them from understanding that their own lack of faith and determination is preventing them from overcoming their problems. It is helpful during illness, when there is a setback or for children who are discouraged by schoolwork or exams.
Gentian improves determination and perseverance to do one's best when tackling difficulties, and provides faith and optimism to know that these obstacles bring the very lessons needed for growth.

Hibiscus - Woman's Remedy: Frigidity, Sexual Repression
Hibiscus helps those women who are sexually frigid or repressed for any reason, such as from upbringing, past abuse or exploitation. This essence clears blockages in the flow of sexual energy so sexual feelings can be experienced and enjoyed. It is useful with sex therapy and tantric exercises.

Larch - For lack of confidence and fear of failure
Larch helps those who lack confidence and feel inferior. Though quite capable (and sometimes more so than others), they admire others and judge them to be better than themselves. They won't make a strong effort to try new things, as they fear or expect failure. It's useful to take this remedy before exams, interviews, driving tests and such.
Larch increases self-confidence and creative expression, bolstering trust in one's ability to succeed and giving one the courage to take risks and try new things.

Mimulus - For fear of known things and for shyness
Mimulus is an aid for all the fears people know about and can name: dogs, snakes, tests, heights, pain, cold, insects, poverty, accidents, other people, death, the dark, public speaking, doctor appointments, social gatherings, and so on. Mimulus people are shy and may stammer, fidget, blush easily, or laugh nervously. They procrastinate to avoid the things they're afraid of, and keep their fears to themselves. This remedy is useful after accidents or during convalescence, to help people resume their normal activities. It helps timid sensitive children to be more assertive and secure.
Mimulus increase the ability to face and move through fears with courage, self-assurance, and equanimity.

Penstemon - Persistence in Relationship Difficulties, Clearing Sexual Inhibitions
Penstemon helps people having difficulty with a relationship. They have become impatient, discouraged or want to withdraw from the situation because there are too many problems. This remedy increases patience, persistence, and the confidence to move through the obstacles and find resolution. It also removes sexual inhibitions so that people can become physically closer.

Pine - For guilt and self-reproach
Pine helps those who suffer from guilt and self-reproach regarding their mistakes or shortcomings. Such people are humble and apologetic, and they obsessively condemn themselves, becoming quite despondent, as a result. No matter what they do or how well they perform, they are never satisfied but feel that they should have done better. They even blame themselves for the mistakes of others and for what goes wrong.
Pine improves self-esteem and self-acceptance. It helps people acknowledge and focus on their good points and successes.

Pomegranate - Woman's Remedy: Nurturing, Creativity, Sexuality
Pomegranate is quite valuable for the issues that women face. It balances the emotions and improves the ability to be nurturing to others as well as the self. This essences helps women brings forth their creativity and embrace their sexuality. It supports the female reproductive system.

Pussy Paws - Sensitivity, Compassion, the Soft Touch
Pussy Paws are soft pink clusters of densely packed flowers, whose essence imparts a kind, gentle and sensitive nature; it gives the soft touch. People become more sensitive and compassionate toward others' pain, struggles or shortcomings. People who have become hardened for any reason can benefit, as can nurses, caregivers, psychotherapists, and massage therapists. This essence can also be used to enhance sensuous and sensual touching for cuddling, foreplay and lovemaking.

Quantum Sex: Female or Male Formula
Support the energetic levels of your glands. This formula catalyzes and enhances exercises, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements designed for the same purpose. It clears psychological issues related to sexuality. Helpful for flagging hormones. A bit of an aphrodisiac!

Red-Pink Tourmaline Second Chakra - Creativity, Sexuality, Intimacy
Red-Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) clears, activates, and elevates the Second or Sacral Chakra, drawing it closer to the Heart. This Elixir stimulates creativity, initiative, sexual drive, and the ability to be intimate with another. Sexuality becomes more sensitive. Creative passion is cultivated. Frustration eases. There is a balance between being too aggressive or too passive, so we become assertive without being overbearing. And emotional balance improves. With Rubellite Elixir, we can realize our artistic urges as well as desires for harmonious sexual intimacy. We fulfill the wishes of our heart with the help of an open and balanced Second Chakra.

Sexual Ecstasy Formula
Add pizzazz and good feelings to your sexual experience. Enhance your sexual sensitivity, excitement and responsiveness along with bunches of love. No irritating physical side effects. Works well with Quantum Sex.

Sexual Rejuvenation for Couples Formula Set
Support for the 45-and-older crowd.

Sexual Rejuvenation for Men Formula Set
Enjoy the extra support for after the age of 45. Works well with related natural modalities.

Sexual Rejuvenation for Women Formula Set
Enjoy the extra support after the age of 45. Works well with related natural modalities.

Smithsonite - Fear of Intimacy, Instill Security, Confidence, Harmony in Relations
Smithsonite comes in an array of tranquil and soothing pastel shades, most often pink, teal or lavender. It markedly alleviates fears related to intimacy and interpersonal relationships, and also to the inability to establish such personal relations. The elixir gently releases old emotional wounds and childhood trauma and conflicts. It instills a sense of peace, inner security, self-confidence and compassion to be able to accept and give love. Smithsonite elixir begets harmony and the willingness to commit in intimate relationships. Enjoy!

Sticky Monkeyflower - Fear of Sexual Intimacy
Sticky Monkeyflower assists those who are afraid of sexual intimacy. This essence helps to overcome the repression of sexual feelings or fear of sex or the sex act. It increases courage to face and vanquish these fears, enabling people to enjoy sexual feelings and express them with loved ones. Sticky Monkeyflower is useful with sex therapy and tantric exercises.

Strawberry Ball Dombeya - Inspired Sexual Intimacy & Tantra
This large tree has huge appealing strawberry-color clusters of flowers that hang down, beckoning us to touch them. This essence is full of sensuality, creative joy, and spiritual inspiration. It uplifts sexuality and intimate relations to a love-filled and inspired event. Used with Tantra, Taoist sexual yoga and such, it allows a couple to explore and release karmic or emotional issues in their relationship, and draws them into a more joyful, loving and unified expression together.

Tree Mallow - Fear of Aging/Middle Age/Menopause
Taiwan Flowering Tree Mallow is beneficial for people as they get older. It reduces the fear of aging and insecurity about physical appearance. In a midlife crisis, it bestows a sense of dignity and acceptance about the aging process plus the ability to draw on inner resources to attain a positive mental attitude. As a tonic, it has anti-aging and rejuvenative qualities for the glands, circulation, skin, and DNA, and can be utilized to make the menopausal years of both men and women more comfortable and harmonious. This essence is also helpful for stress and tension that contribute to aging. Works well with other essences, such as Agave, Squash, Jade Plant, Walnut, and Olive.

White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, and mental arguments
White Chestnut is for those who cannot stop persistent unwanted thoughts, ideas, worries or inner arguments or conversations from going around and around in their minds. Having no control over theses continuous thoughts can cause mental torment. At night they may keep people from falling asleep, while in the daytime they may keep people from concentrating. These individuals often appear inattentive and don't answer when spoken to, Even with all their thinking, solutions elude them.
White Chestnut gives peace and clarity to the mind, and helps one solve problems by being attentive to the surroundings and being able to hear the still inner voice.

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