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In the first week or so of using flower essences, mineral elixirs and remedy formulations, you may at times feel an intensification of the negative state, such as tension, fear, anxiety, anger, grief or depression. At these times, the remedies are working to dispel the mental and emotional distress. If your inner experience becomes too intense or uncomfortable, please reduce by half the number of times you take the remedies per day, until the clearing has passed. From then on you can adjust the frequency to find the right number of times per day that is comfortable and provides you with the desired beneficial results.

On rare occasions, with certain highly sensitive persons or with particular issues or remedies, the cleansing effect may be stronger than usual. In such cases, take the essence only once a day, every other day, or even just a few times a week to discover the right frequency to bring forth the positive qualities.

There are a number of ways to deliver the flower essences, mineral elixirs and remedy formulations into your system: through ingesting them, soaking in a bath with them, atomizing (spraying or misting) them about your body and head, and rubbing a few drops on various parts of the body.

The essences, elixirs and remedies are most typically and conveniently ingested one to four times per day. To take one dose, squeeze seven drops from the eyedropper into your mouth under the tongue. Let the drops absorb through the mucosa rather than swallowing them, so that they can be immediately absorbed into the circulatory system. A dose may be taken at any time, even just before or after eating. Common times to take the remedies are first thing in the morning, around noon, early evening and at bedtime.

The drops can alternatively be added to beverages, such as water, juice, or tea, and drunk.

Animals and plants can benefit from remedies just as well as humans do. For animals, the drops can be directly inserted in the mouth or put into a bit of food or their drinking water, using seven drops each time. The water needs to be changed twice a day, with new remedies added each time. For plants, put seven drops in a little water and pour the water onto the soil daily. Atomizing (see below) is another means to administer the remedies to animals and plants.

Important Notes:
  • If you touch the eyedropper to anything, whether your mouth, skin, hair, clothing, or other objects, it is important to wash the eyedropper under the tap for a few seconds or to wipe it with an alcohol swab before replacing it in the bottle, so as not to contaminate the contents.
  • Please keep your bottles away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • People often place their bottles with their supplements, on a shelf in the kitchen or bathroom, or on the nightstand to remind them to take them.
  • You may carry the bottles with you in a purse or satchel during the day.
  • Itís best not to keep the bottles in your vehicle during hot weather. If you must leave them there, putting them under a car seat will keep them cooler longer.
  • Although the bottles can be refrigerated, it is usually unnecessary.
One of most effective ways to administer the essences is to put them in a bath, hot tub or Jacuzzi. This method is especially valuable for easing physical symptoms. It also generally enhances the properties above and beyond ingesting, as the water conducts the essences directly into your energy field as well as your body. Drop 3 eyedroppers full into a drawn bath, hot tub or Jacuzzi and then soak for 15-20 minutes.

Atomizing, spraying or misting the essences and formulations around your body and over your head is another efficacious method of quickly introducing them into your energy field. Many healthcare and healing practitioners atomize themselves and/or their clients before treatments. You can also spray rooms, clothing, closets and corners to clear the atmosphere and release positive qualities into particular spaces. Excellent times would be before and after gatherings, meetings, healing sessions or housecleaning.

As an alternative way to give essences to animals and plants, atomizing them around their bodies can work just as well as ingestion and is at times easier. (Cats may or may not be amenable to this approach!)

Atomizer tops to replace the eyedropper caps are available on this website.

Rubbing on the Body
At times it is helpful to apply a few drops of an essence, elixir or formula to a particular area of the body to create a specific response, such as on joints, bruises, the spine, or various chakras or meridians. Some people like to put a dab on their foreheads, along their spine, or on palms of their hands or soles of their feet. Massage practitioners often rub a few drops of the remedies onto a clientís skin simultaneously with oil or cream during treatments, or mix the drops right into the oil or cream in advance of the treatment.

The essences can also be dropped onto crystals to amplify and broadcast their effects. Cleanse the crystals first by your favorite method, such as packing them in salt for 24 hours or soaking them for five minutes in water with seven drops of pennyroyal or thyme flower essence added. Dry them and add the essence drops on top.

Quick Review: Tips for Using
  • Place 7 drops under the tongue 1-4 times a day.
  • Add to beverages or food.
  • Put 3 eyedroppers full in the bath, hot tub or Jacuzzi.
  • Atomize around the body and energy field.
  • Spray about interior spaces.
  • Rub a few drops on different parts of the body.
  • Give them to animals, pets and plants.
  • Place them on crystals.

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