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Another service Santa Barbara Quantum Health offers is letting you create your own custom formula from the collection of single remedies we have available, including the Selected Singles, the Bach Flower Remedies, the Color Elixirs and the Numerology Elixirs, plus New Products singles.

Please note: that only one color elixir can be used at a time in a formula. The same goes for the numerology elixirs. Only one number can be added at a time to a formula. To use more than one color or numerology elixir simultaneously, you must take them from their own separate bottles to maintain their vibrational integrity.

All single flower remedies can be combined together as they enhance and adjust to each other. And one color elixir and one numerology elixir blends well in any flower essence mix.

When you pay for your own custom made formula at PayPal, please list the remedies you want under the Instructions spot. Or you can email me at once you have made your purchase and let me know what remedies you have chosen for your formulation. You can create as many formulas as you wish.

Please note: All remedies come in one ounce bottles and are formulated at stock level.

If you have questions about selecting the remedies, feel free to email me.

Your Own Custom Formula (with up to five single remedies) - $15 per bottle

Each additional remedy - $1 each