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Exercise / Workout

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After the Workout Formula
Clear lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles and system after exercise and physical exertion. Ease inflammation as you augment repair and rebuilding of muscle and body tissues. Works wonders in bath or Jacuzzi.

Body Workout Formula Set
Every aspect is accounted for: reducing fat, improving muscle tone, mending strains, sprains, and tissues, and clearing out toxins.

Coffee - Acumen/Quick Decision Making/Better Motor Response
Coffee flower remedy offers a number of benefits similar to the coffee beverage but without the physical irritation. It helps us to make quick decisions by relieving indecisiveness and over-analyzing. Also it powerfully enhances our mental acumen or acuity, as well as improving our motor nerve responses. If a person is cutting back on drinking coffee, it eases the side effects, such as headache, body aches, and fatigue. There are many ways that coffee essence may assist us - making quick decisions, taking fast decisive action, studying for exams, taking timed tests, using for competitions and contests, and thinking on our feet, such as with driving, bicycling, sports, refereeing, surfing, supervising children, and even dancing. It's good to have on hand!

Color Elixir Red is an exciting and outgoing vibration related to assertiveness. It expresses vitality, physical strength, and the ability to act, adding force, vigor, energy, and warmth. It stimulates and excites, clearing blockages, sluggishness and limitations. The color red also kindles the first chakra at the base of the spine and supports its associated gland, the adrenals.

Color Elixir Orange releases creativity and arouses the sexual drive. It improves the focus to succeed and expands interests and activities. It also promotes assimilation and invigorates the second chakra in the sacral-hip cradle area and the associated glands, the gonads.

Elixir Yellow Color is a sunny color that enhances motivation and persistence, removing procrastination. It rejuvenates, reactivates and reenergizes. Yellow activates the mind and one's enjoyment of the moment. It has a centering quality, and stimulates the third chakra at the solar plexus and the associated gland, the pancreas.

Color Elixir Turquoise, as one of the most favored intermediate colors, attunes one to the life force and is a tonic for the completion of healing. It can be used on the skin to enhance healing, whether of a burn, a scratch or an infection. Turquoise reduces fevers and is excellent after workouts to cleanse toxins and regenerate tissue. It activates both the heart and the throat chakras.

Comfrey - Coordinating Muscular and Nervous Systems, For Exercise and Bodywork
Comfrey is an exceptional tonic for the brain and nervous system. It relaxes tension in both the muscular system and nervous system, and improves coordination between the two. As a result, yoga, chi gong, and any kind of sport or exercise are promoted. This essence also enhances the effectiveness of chiropractic, physical and massage therapy, and other bodywork modalities.

Danjeon Breathing Formula
Danjeon Breathing is a form of exercise developed before the early days of acupuncture by the wealthy and powerful Korean elites for longevity, relief from aches and complaints, and as an immune system bolster. Though kept secret for centuries, it moved into the mainstream throughout South Korea after the Korean War. Its Taoist view, that our bodies and minds interact with a natural flow of energy, is similar to that of Chi gong, and also Hatha yoga which seeks to create a cleansing energy flow throughout the body. What distinguishes Danjeon Breathing is a special focused breathing technique done in the lower abdomen below the navel to fill the body with chi and retain it to improve health, stamina, will power, flexibility, oxygenation, and immune response.
The Danjeon Breathing Formula accentuates the benefits of Danjeon Breathing exercises, loosening the whole abdominal region, including the lower area restricted in most people. It relaxes the mind, emotions, muscles and nervous system while opening and balancing the meridian energy flows. And finally it enhances breathing exercises utilized for spiritual progress as well as increasing the capacity to mentally move chi in and around the body. You can learn more about Danjeon Breathing at
Ingredients: Bloodstone, Dark opal, Moonstone, Chrysocolla, Galena, Comfrey, Chamomile, Dandelion, Lilac, Copper, Silver, Gold

Hornbeam - For procrastinating and avoiding tasks
Hornbeam helps people who feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks. They feel tired, but once they get started, usually find that they can complete their duties. Their fatigue is more mental than physical, and is related to those things they dislike doing. This remedy is good for the “morning after” feeling or for Monday morning blues. It helps when studying for exams, tackling big projects at home or work, staying with exercise programs or doing less appealing tasks such as organizing, taxes or housework.
Hornbeam, as the energy remedy, improves certainty of one's strength and vitality, and restores enthusiasm, confidence, persistence and mental energy to face and accomplish all of one's tasks.

Larch - For lack of confidence and fear of failure
Larch helps those who lack confidence and feel inferior. Though quite capable (and sometimes more so than others), they admire others and judge them to be better than themselves. They won't make a strong effort to try new things, as they fear or expect failure. It's useful to take this remedy before exams, interviews, driving tests and such. Larch increases self-confidence and creative expression, bolstering trust in one's ability to succeed and giving one the courage to take risks and try new things.

Olive - For physical exhaustion after long effort or illness
Olive is the remedy for complete and utter exhaustion of body and mind. It is for the deep fatigue that follows a long struggle or a long bout with illness, when all reserve energy and strength have been depleted. Long periods of nursing someone, of personal difficulties, or of intense work or study are circumstances that may lead to a complete loss of energy, strength and reserve.
Olive restores mental and physical strength and vitality and renews one's lively interest in life.

Peach - Universal Healing Amplifier, Better Muscle Tone
Peach accelerates the healing effects of all forms of healing. Use it in remedy and herbal combinations to quicken their results. It protects muscles and helps them hold their tone, so it's superb for people who regularly exercise, such as athletes, bodybuilders, chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

Quantum Bath Formula
Ahhh . . . relax your muscles, mind, and nerves as you balance your body and meridians. Use only a few eyedroppers in a bath, hot tub, or Jacuzzi. It's the perfect R & R after a stressful day or week.

Quantum Joint/Spine/Muscle Formula
Support and strengthen your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, and spine. Help align bones, spine, joints and meridians. Ease inflammation and relax muscular and nervous tension. This formula gives outstanding support for back and joint problems, strains, sprains, tendonitis, or arthritis, and use with massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy. It's excellent in baths, hot soaks, and compresses to ease tension and pain.

Quantum Massage Formula
Deeply relax muscles, tension and nerves, and restore balance and alignment! Put this formula in massage oil, take it under the tongue, or put it in a bath before a getting a massage.

Quantum Muscle Formula
Energetically support your muscles and their tone. With exercise programs and supplements, watch the musculature grow and stay in about half the time!

Quantum Weight Loss Formula
Support your weight loss and exercise program. Improve your metabolism and fat burning while keeping your mood up and appetite and obsessing over food down.

Rock Water - For self-denial and being too hard on oneself
Rock Water helps people who are hard masters to themselves. Such individuals have high ideals and standards and adhere to them rigidly to the point of hurting themselves. They deny themselves many joys in life with their strict rules and disciplines, whether in pursuit of work, diet, politics, exercise, or spirituality. They seek self-perfection and are often disappointed in and unforgiving of themselves. They don't actively interfere with others, but rather may take pride in being an example for them. This is the only Bach remedy made from mineral water rather than a flower. It is underground spring water that runs through rock, softening and dissolving its hardness. Rock Water fosters flexibility of mind and body, allowing those with high ideals to become gentler with themselves, more receptive to other ideas, and more able to move more spontaneously, peacefully and joyfully with the flow of life.

Vervain - For straining and being overzealous and overenthusiastic
Vervain types are passionate about their ideas and opinions and want to convert and persuade all those around them to their own views of life. With zeal, strong will and great courage of their convictions, they rally around causes to redress injustice, sometimes to an extreme point. Their great energy creates tension in their body, and they may have difficulty relaxing or falling asleep. They exhaust themselves with unnecessary effort and over enthusiasm. They can be irritable, frustrated, and annoyed over matters of principle.
Vervain helps to broaden the mind about life and its events. It helps people with strong convictions to accomplish their goals without straining and to attract allies to their cause by being more tolerant of others' opinions.

Wild Rose - For feeling resigned, apathetic, and making little effort
Wild Rose is indicated when people have become resigned to their fate, to some unpleasant situation, to uncongenial work, to their problems, or to a poor state of health. They glide through life making little effort to change their conditions or to find some joy, as they are sure it won't help. They don't complain, nor are they really unhappy about their indifference. They can make dull companions, and they are unable to fulfill their potential. Their voices may be expressionless or monotonous. One key is that they are not depressed about their situation, but have come to accept it and learned to live with it. They don't understand that it's their lack of effort that keeps the conditions in place.
Wild Rose restores vitality, lively interest, and enthusiasm for life and living, helping people to accept responsibility for their circumstances and to take the initiative to fully participate in changing them.

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