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Bleeding HeartOver-Attachment in Relationships or Breakups
Bleeding Heart is for people who get so entangled and overly attached in love relationships that they become obsessive, possessive, or needy. It’s a wonderful essence for breakups when individuals are heartbroken and can’t let go. It helps them release the attachment so they can love unconditionally and restores a sense of peace and harmony to their heart.

CentauryFor being anxious to please and having difficulty in saying no
Centaury people are gentle, kind, and eager to please, and they overtax themselves in this way. They have a hard time saying no, and often neglect their own needs and mission in life to serve others. As a result, they tire easily and often lack energy. They may become bound to dominating people, such as parents or other family members (see Chicory). As they are so easily influenced, their thoughts and actions are often colored by the ideas and dictates of others. Centaury strengthens the will and individuality of service-oriented people, so they can say yes to their own needs and mission in life.

ChicoryFor being over-protective, selfish, and possessive in showing love
Chicory people are full of caring and concern for their families and friends, but are also self-centered and possessive. Being strong-willed, they expect those near and dear to conform to their values and demands. They want them close by, while criticizing, correcting, and arguing with them. They easily feel rejected if someone stands up to them or contradicts their demands. They will feign illness to gain attention. They often speak about the duty owed to them, and have difficulty giving without expecting something in return. Chicory parents often produce Centaury children who cannot say no or break away from their grip.
Chicory increases the feeling of assurance that one is worthy of being loved. Demands and nagging give way to selfless giving and concern, as well as the experience that giving freely of one’s attention leads to receiving attention freely from others.

Desert PlumeBetter Sense of Individuality, Manifesting More Effectively
Desert Plume is visible from a great distance, with three-to-five foot bright yellow flower stocks rising above the desert. This essence develops a better sense of individuality, one that is confident and effective in the world. It is those who feel invisible, insecure, unworthy, or unable to take a stand for themselves or their ideas and gifts. Desert Plume increases motivation, self-esteem, self-assertion, and charisma for moving out into the world and manifesting goals and desires. Use it with affirmations, visualizations, and other manifestation techniques to increase their effectiveness.

Joshua TreeBreak Free of Family & Cultural Patterns/True Self-Identity
Joshua Tree helps people break free from the dysfunction of family, generational, religious or cultural patterns, such as alcoholism, addiction, gambling, depression, violence, rigid beliefs or hereditary illnesses. This also includes the loss of their individual identity or freedom because of lack of insight regarding these familial and cultural influences. This flower essence helps to establish a true self-identity filled with courage and inner strength as well as being able to express a vibrant healthy individuality, beyond family and cultural conditioning. With this new freedom, people are able to gain more compassion and a better understanding about their history, heritage, and familial and cultural roots. Works well with Pineapple Lily.

OakFor struggling dutifully on, even past the point of exhaustion
Oak helps those conscientious, hardworking and reliable people who never give up and are the mainstay of their family, friends and workplace. Such individuals carry responsibility, are helpful to others, and have a strong sense of duty. They struggle on with relentless effort despite hardship or illness. They hide and ignore their fatigue, unwilling to relax if there is work to be done. This takes them down the path of depression, exhaustion, stress symptoms, and sudden collapse.
Oak teaches strong, dependable people how to relax and recognize their limits. They learn to take time off to nurture and replenish themselves in a timely manner.

Pink YarrowProtection from Negative Emotional Energy and Emotional Enmeshment
Pink Yarrow helps empathic and overly sympathetic people who are sensitized to the negative emotional states of others or become emotionally enmeshed in the emotional drama of others. This essence strengthens the energy field and breaks the link to any emotional confusion in the surrounding environment. It helps one to create emotional boundaries, and is especially useful for counselors, psych technicians, and those working with the mentally ill. Use as a spray to atomize about the room or body.

Red ChestnutFor feeling over-anxious and over-concerned for the welfare of others
Red Chestnut helps those who are extremely worried about the safety and wellbeing of others. Such people obsess over others’ problems and anticipate the worst. They worry that a minor complaint may become something serious. Perhaps a child will fall or a plane will crash. Caregivers such as nurses or counselors may temporarily fear or worry for their clients’ health or wellbeing.
Red Chestnut lets people care compassionately about others without anxiety, so that they can send thoughts of love, safety and healing to those in trouble while remaining calm and serene.

Tree AnemoneBeing Reactive to or Enmeshed in Others’ Behavior and Issues
Tree Anemone flowers, large white rounds with lovely sprays of golden stamens, look straight out at the world. Their essence helps one directly face the world, people, and situations without reactivity. People gain a higher perspective, becoming more centered, detached and objective toward others’ patterns, games and ploys. This is very useful for people who overreact or become easily enmeshed in the games people play. It assists those who feel victimized or powerless in the face of manipulation, power plays or obnoxious behavior. Tree Anemone increases a sense of self and helps people to calmly set boundaries and see beyond others’ shortcomings and difficult behavior. Use for relationship difficulties, with behavioral therapy, or with relationship or marital counseling.

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