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Agave (Century Plant) - Maturity and Longevity
Agave is the flower remedy for maturing adults. It supports the maturing process by developing wisdom and patience. It overcomes the urge to resist aging and act in immature ways not appropriate to one's age, such as sulking or being impatient. It reminds people of the positive aspects of adding years. As a long lived plant that takes many years to flower, Agave enhances longevity, supporting the brain, nervous system, heart, lungs, and circulatory and endocrine systems. It also offers help in diseases of old age related to senility, dementia, the heart, the arteries, or brain cells.

Chamomile - State of Calm and Harmony
Chamomile has for centuries been used as a tea to promote relaxation. As a flower essence, it calms the mind, emotions, and nervous system. It encourages a relaxed harmonious state, improving the ability to study, meditate, or sleep. If emotions run high or there is conflict, chamomile will quickly bring peace and harmony to the situation.

Chestnut Bud - For repeating the same mistakes and failing to learn from mistakes
Chestnut Bud is for people who have difficulty learning from their experiences. Such individuals repeat the same mistakes or patterns over and over, such as picking the wrong partner or friends or choosing the same unsuitable work. Rather than taking the time to reflect on their choices and the ensuing consequences, they try to forget the past. Often they are hurried, distracted, or inattentive. This is one of the remedies of choice for attention deficit disorder in both children and adults.
Chestnut Bud improves the ability to learn by placing one's full attention in the present moment, so as to keenly observe and reflect on one's experiences and gain the information needed to move forward.

Clematis - For daydreaming, with a lack of interest in the present
Clematis is for those whose attention is elsewhere - in daydreams, fantasies or pleasant thoughts of the future. Such people live in hopes of happier times when their ideals may come true. Not being happy or taking an interest in their present circumstances, they let their minds wander and may watch too much TV, take drugs, over-meditate or over-sleep as a means of escape. They are impractical and make little effort to improve their circumstances. Sometimes they look forward to death.
Clematis restores alertness and lively interest in life, so that inspiration received in sensitive and psychic states of awareness can be used practically in the present situation.

Coffee - Acumen/Quick Decision Making/Better Motor Response
Coffee flower remedy offers a number of benefits similar to the coffee beverage but without the physical irritation. It helps us to make quick decisions by relieving indecisiveness and over-analyzing. Also it powerfully enhances our mental acumen or acuity, as well as improving our motor nerve responses. If a person is cutting back on drinking coffee, it eases the side effects, such as headache, body aches, and fatigue. There are many ways that coffee essence may assist us - making quick decisions, taking fast decisive action, studying for exams, taking timed tests, using for competitions and contests, and thinking on our feet, such as with driving, bicycling, sports, refereeing, surfing, supervising children, and even dancing. It's good to have on hand!

Corn - Calm amid Crowded Conditions, Cities, Traffic, Classrooms
Corn helps individuals establish a connection to the earth so that they feel stable and rooted in crowded conditions. This essence improves objectivity and brings a sense of calm in the middle of the fray, in cities, traffic, crowds, classrooms, exams, gatherings, and even for conditions in which the body is congested by cancer cells. People can remain centered and peaceful as they move through any crowded situation, and continue to perform at their best.

Daffodil - Attuned to Inner Guidance and Higher Self amid Activity
Daffodil distinguishes itself from other similar remedies that increase attunement to the higher self and inner guidance. It differs by permitting people to clearly hear the inner voice even when they're in the midst of activity. With other similar essences, people need to quiet themselves and go inside to tune into the inner help. Daffodil lets the higher thoughts to come through even while the mind is busy, improving clarity of thought. As a result, this essence is one of the most important for today's world, and for active people who don't have or make the time to relax and go within. It relaxes stress, mental tension and over-active thought processes to allow the inner guidance to reach the mind even while one is talking, working, driving, caring for children or taking exams.

Fairy Lantern - Adult/Inner Child Balance & Nature Attunement
Fairy Lantern helps to create a healthy accord between the adult and inner child aspects of self. It works for adults who don't want to grow up, or for those who have lost touch with their inner child. Over-strict upbringing and past abuse or trauma can create this split to either side. Fairy Lantern balances the adult powers of being responsible, independent, skillful and knowledgeable, with the inner child gifts of being joyful, playful, spontaneous, and fun-loving. Another use for this essence is increasing attunement to nature, nature spirits, fairies, the little people, and the devic kingdom. Anyone who works with nature or plant energies, like gardeners, herbalists, flower essence practitioners, or aromatherapists, can receive more accurate information and enjoy the communion. This essence enhances appreciation of nature's spiritual beauty. A most delightful and versatile remedy!

Golden Fuchsia - Access Inspired Information and Actualize for Endeavors
Golden Fuchsia (Deppea splendens), a rare delicate tree-like shrub from the cloud forest, allures with dangling clusters of claret-capped golden trumpet flowers. As a flower essence, it blends a rare combination of abilities: accessing higher guidance along with the persistence and ability to actualize and manifest that which is received. With projects, creative endeavors, visions, dreams, desires, or goals, one is more able draw down the needed inspired information and then become energized and persistent to complete, actualize and manifest them. This is excellent support for procrastination, doing school work, writing papers and books, doing art projects, or completing things with a deadline. Use with other remedies that attune one to inner guidance, or improve creativity and manifestation. Outstanding with Golden Chalice Vine and Pride of Madeira.

Larch - For lack of confidence and fear of failure
Larch helps those who lack confidence and feel inferior. Though quite capable (and sometimes more so than others), they admire others and judge them to be better than themselves. They won't make a strong effort to try new things, as they fear or expect failure. It's useful to take this remedy before exams, interviews, driving tests and such.
Larch increases self-confidence and creative expression, bolstering trust in one's ability to succeed and giving one the courage to take risks and try new things.

Lemon - Stimulating Left Brain, Mental Clarity, Math and Computer Skills
Lemon is an excellent remedy to stimulate mental activity and the left brain. When there are mental blocks, an inability to think or link up issues clearly, or a tendency to be more right brained and dreamy, this essence will boost mental clarity and focus. It bolsters analytical skills, math skills, computer skills, studying for exams or doing paperwork or taxes.

Madia - Completing Projects
Madia, a small yellow daisy-like wild flower, helps those who stall on projects and have difficulty completing them. Such people begin undertakings with great enthusiasm but then fade out as the endeavor continues, through loss of confidence or getting lost in working out the details. This essence improves focus, persistence and perseverance to finish what has been started.

Mimulus - For fear of known things and for shyness
Mimulus is an aid for all the fears people know about and can name: dogs, snakes, tests, heights, pain, cold, insects, poverty, accidents, other people, death, the dark, public speaking, doctor appointments, social gatherings, and so on. Mimulus people are shy and may stammer, fidget, blush easily, or laugh nervously. They procrastinate to avoid the things they're afraid of, and keep their fears to themselves. This remedy is useful after accidents or during convalescence, to help people resume their normal activities. It helps timid sensitive children to be more assertive and secure.
Mimulus increase the ability to face and move through fears with courage, self-assurance, and equanimity.

Moth Mullein - Creative Power from Start to Finish
Moth Mullein works to overcome lethargy, procrastination, or difficulty completing projects or endeavors. This remedy powerfully stimulates the creative spark, motivation, focus, and the ability to initiate and complete undertakings. Use it with intention and goal setting and with endeavors already under way.

Number 4 - Building/Organization
Build a solid foundation through detail and method. Develop your strength and skill to organize and focus and to be steady, meticulous and tenacious. Excellent for studying and for solidifying goals, business, marriage, or career.

Petunia - Behavioral Problems
Petunia is useful for difficult behavioral problems in children, the elderly, and animals. They may be resistant, mischievous, hyperactive, overly logical, or stubborn. This essence helps them calmly examine and balance their priorities from a higher perspective, allowing them to reassess their behavior. They become more willing to see the validity of others' viewpoints and more able to adapt.

Rescue Remedy - For stress, shock, trauma, or emergencies
Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach's most famous remedy. It's used all over the world by doctors, dentists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and many other health professionalsDr. Bach created this remedy as an all-purpose emergency combination. It reduces fear, panic and nervousness, eases shock and the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can be used for accidents, bad news, grief, death, loss, stressful situations, doctor's appointments, and commuting in gridlock. Keep it on hand in the purse, satchel, car and medicine cabinet.
Rescue Remedy calms, soothes, and comforts. It restores alertness, balance, and a better frame of mind, as well as encouraging healing.

Strawberry Tree - Bring Intentions to Fruition (Fulfillment)
The charm of Strawberry Tree is the round fruits that start out lime green, and stay on the tree till they ripen to red, when it's flowering time again. The essence is all about being patient, staying positive and optimistic, and keeping one's intent and focus alive during the season of maturing. It helps to bring one's intentions and visions to bear. There is an heightened ability to attract the right people and circumstances to bring things to fruition. It's excellent for those who have long range goals and worthwhile ideas, and also for those who need the cooperation of a group or community to make them happen. Writing a book, completing a academic degree, a training, an art project, a play, a film, a concert, any group endeavor, organizing a demonstration or a presentation - all will be supported through the patience, optimism, focused intention, harmony, and attracting the right people and circumstances.

Sweet Pea - Antisocial Behavior, Irresponsibility
Sweet Pea helps those who rebel against authority, exhibit antisocial behavior, or are irresponsible. It's especially helpful for those children and teenagers who are defiant or insensitive to the social context or consequences of their behavior. This essence improves a sense of social commitment and responsibility, drawing people out of their own world so that they become aware of the community of people around them and desire to involve themselves.

Tree Poppy - Fully Present in the Now
Tree Poppy helps when mental activities, as such fears, worries, anxiety, apprehension, constant thinking or obsessing over problems, carry the mind away from the present moment. This essence quiets the mind and stops it from wandering into the past or future. It promotes a sense of being safe in the here and now. Use Tree Poppy to immediately relax lingering mental stress from extensive effort with work, school, writing, reading or paperwork. Take it to achieve a deeper meditative state or to simply enjoy being fully here and now.

Whirling Butterflies - Releasing Resistance and Accepting Change
Whirling Butterflies is a very important and timely essence for what's occurring on the planet at this time. With so much change coming more and more rapidly, it can become difficult to handle these ever increasing shifts. This sets up resistance in us and we want things to slow down, be more stable, and be more like they used to be. This essence helps us to adapt to this acceleration and overcomes the antagonism to the rapid change and to change in general. It helps us accept and allow all things present and presented. We release our opposition to what is being presented and learn to relax, be at peace, and move, work and flow with the moment. We surrender to the Spirit and learn to trust and have faith in what is happening. We realize that, through our higher nature, we have all that we need to deal with whatever comes our way. And ultimately it is for and increases our good and growth. Consider using with Impatiens, Willow, and the Abundance Attitude, Loving Relations, and Super Stress Relief Formulas.

White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, and mental arguments
White Chestnut is for those who cannot stop persistent unwanted thoughts, ideas, worries or inner arguments or conversations from going around and around in their minds. Having no control over theses continuous thoughts can cause mental torment. At night they may keep people from falling asleep, while in the daytime they may keep people from concentrating. These individuals often appear inattentive and don't answer when spoken to, Even with all their thinking, solutions elude them. White Chestnut gives peace and clarity to the mind, and helps one solve problems by being attentive to the surroundings and being able to hear the still inner voice.

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