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  Camille Gilbert has been consulting with people and creating custom-made remedies for them since 1977. She is recognized for her kind and understanding nature, her deep and expansive knowledge of the remedies and their subtle distinctions, and her refined intuitive ability, honed by more than three decades of service.

Sessions with Camille in person or by telephone are available by appointment. An email consultation is another option, but a direct conversation will be much more informative, beneficial, and satisfying. A personal consultation with Camille is by far the most accurate and effective way to obtain an exact remedy formula to meet your needs, based on your own particular issues and life situation.
A one-hour session consists of a conversation with Camille about your needs, issues, concerns, and situation. It will be most effective if you come prepared to talk about your work, health, interests, relationships, and lifestyle. What medicines or supplements do you take? What other therapies are you involved in? If you come in person, Camille will create one or more custom-made formulas for you to take with you at the end of the session. If you consult with her by telephone, the custom formula(s) will be mailed to you.

To Make an Appointment
    Call: 805-687-2478

By Telephone
$35 per hour (Special Holiday Sale price)

Custom made formula - $15 per bottle

By Email
$35 per request (Special Holiday Sale price)

Custom made formula - $15 per bottle