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Abundance Attitude Formula
Acanthus - Distributing Energy Flow throughout Central Channel and Subtle Anatomy
Advanced Meditation: Kriya/Taoist/Kundalini Formula
After the Workout Formula
Agave (Century Plant) - Maturity and Longevity
Agrimony - For hiding problems behind a cheerful mask
Ajoite - Finding Joy, Love, Beauty & Acceptance Inside and Out
All about Love Formula Set
Allergy Ease Formula
Anchi Crystals - Raise Vibratory Rate/Harmony & Healing /Better Intent & Creation
Angelica - Integrating Spirituality into the Mind and Body
Angel's Trumpet - Higher Dimensions, Shamanic Journeys, Death and Dying
Apophyllite - Spiritual Light, Joy, Optimism, Opportunity
Aspen - For nameless fears and anxiety of unknown origin
Asphodel - Feeding Spiritual Energy into Body, Restoring the Etheric Blueprint
AstroProtect: Cosmos Formula
AstroProtect: Cosmos Set AstroProtect: Custom Formula
AstroProtect: Formula Set
AstroProtect: Galactic Center Formula - Evolutionary Fire of our Galaxy
AstroProtect: Natal Formula
AstroProtect: Transits Formula
AstroProtect: Super Galactic Center - Evolutionary Fire of the Universe
AstroProtect: Uranus Square Pluto Formula
Baby Blue Eyes - Fear & Distrust of the World/Highly Sensitive People
Bach Flower Remedy Set of 39
Bach Flower Remedy Set of 19
Bach Flower Remedy Set of 10
Banksia - Man's Remedy: Assertiveness, Creativity, Sexuality
Bay Laurel - Clearing Blocked Inspiration, Rigid Mindsets, Headaches
Beech - For being critical and intolerant of others
Beryllonite - Experience Spiritual Light & All Good Inside & Out
Bird of Paradise - Expanding Creative Visualization and Vision for One's Life
Bixbite (Red Beryl) - Loving Intimate Relationships
Blackberry - Stuck or Entangled, Higher Guidance, Vitality, Flow of Life
Bladderpod - Cleansing Toxic Conditions of the Body
Bleeding Heart - Over-Attachment in Relationships or Breakups
Blue Dicks - Broaden Perspective/Spiritual Insight/Strengthen Vision
Blue-Eyed Grass - Stimulating and Personalizing the Visualization Process
Blue Flax - Resolving Emotional Stress, Increased Objectivity, Meridian Cleanser
Body Workout Formula Set
Borage - Easing Grief and Heavy-Heartedness
Butterfly Iris - Coordinating Creative Inspiration in Group Endeavors
Butterfly Rose - Soul Travel & Sublime Creativity
Cacao - Sensitivity/Psychic Abilities/Chocolate Cravings
California Buckeye - Peace of Mind/Higher Inspiration/Beyond Though
California Peony - Releasing Facades, Being Real
California Poppy - Balancing Spiritual and Psychic Growth
California Snowdrop Bush - Overburdened by Life, Restoring Spiritual Peace & Lightness
Cantu - Kindling Joy, Ecstasy, Happiness, and Serendipity
Carrot - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision
Centaury - For being anxious to please and having difficulty in saying no
Cerato - For feeling self-doubt and distrust of one's own abilities and decisions
Chamomile - State of Calm and Harmony
Charoite - Spiritual Fear, Access to Higher Realities, Spiritual Protection
Cherry Plum - For having fear of the mind giving way or of losing control
Chestnut Bud - For repeating the same mistakes and failing to learn from mistakes
Chiastolite - Transmutation, Get Unstuck
Chicory - For being over-protective, selfish, and possessive in showing love
Chocolate Lily - Constriction in Creativity, Sensuality, or the Belly
Chokecherry - Clarity & Illumination
Chrysanthemum - Objectivity and Mental/Emotional Balance
Chrysoberyl - Gather Personal Power, Love, & Spiritual Insight to Excel
Chrysocolla - Emotional Balance, Spiritual Progress, Breath Work
Cintamani (Saffordite) - Lift the Veil, Advance Spiritual Heart & Higher Mission
Clematis - For daydreaming, with a lack of interest in the present
Cobra Lily - Left-Right Side Imbalances in the Body
Coffee - Acumen/Quick Decision Making/Better Motor Response
Cold/Flu Ease Formula
Color Elixir Red
Color Elixir Orange
Color Elixir Yellow
Color Elixir Green
Color Elixir Blue
Color Elixir Purple
Color Elixir Violet
Color Elixir Pink
Color Elixir Turquoise
Color Elixirs Set of Nine
Colors for Action Set
Colors for Healing Set
Colors of the Heart Set
Colors for Relaxation Set
Columbianite - Gently Lift the Veil, Awaken Spiritual Heart & Higher Calling
Comfrey - Coordinating Muscular and Nervous Systems, For Exercise and Bodywork
Copper/Silver/Gold - Balance Body-Mind-Spirit, Meditation, Higher Consciousness
Corn - Calm amid Crowded Conditions, Cities, Traffic, Classrooms
Cosmos - Confident Speaking & Communicating/Debating Objectively
Cottonwood Fluff - Soothing Stress and Psychosomatic Symptoms
Crab Apple - For a poor self-image, feeling unclean, and compulsive cleaning
Crisis/Trauma Recovery Formula
Crystal Evolution Formula
Daffodil - Attuned to Inner Guidance and Higher Self amid Activity
Dahlia - Easing Extreme Emotional Stress, Restoring Optimism and Resiliency
Danburite - Cosmic Consciousness, Access to Highest Realms & Teachings
Dandelion - Relaxing Mental and Muscle Tension
Danjeon Breathing Formula
Date Palm - DNA Energetics & Longevity
Desert Plume - Better Sense of Individuality, Manifesting More Effectively
Easter Egg Bush - Positive Outlook & Transformation in Challenges and Upheavals
Easter Lily - Union with Source/Oneness/Divine Nature
Ecstatic Dance Formula
Ego Less I Formula
Ego Less II Formula
Ego Less III Formula
Elderberry - Accessing Spiritual Light, Protection and Guidance
Elm - For feeling overwhelmed by responsibility on occasion
Erythrite - Cultivate Insight, Higher Visions, Dreams, Harmony with Others
Exceptional Success Formula
Extreme Immunity Formula
Eyebright - Potent Spiritual Perception/Clairvoyance, Psychic Abilities
Fairy Lantern - Adult/Inner Child Balance & Nature Attunement
Flower of Life - Alchemy/Harmony/ Creation/Integration/12 Strand DNA Activator
Forgiveness Forumla
Four O' Clock - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention
Garlic - Release Hidden or Obvious Fears/Anger with Increased Objectivity
Gentian - For feeling discouraged or depressed by setbacks
Giant Dutchman's Pipe - Create the Light Body
Giant Snail Vine - Spiritual Development and Unfolding
Golden Yarrow - Protection from Thoughts & Systems of Beliefs of Others or of Society
Golden Chalice Vine - Welcome/Use Creative, Healing & Spiritual Energies
Golden Fuchsia - Access Inspired Information and Actualize for Endeavors
Gorse - For hopelessness and despair
Grapefruit - Tension in the Head
Green Rose - Balanced Expansion of Psychic Abilities and Healing
Happy Child Formula
Happy Family Formula
Happy Family Formula Set
Happy Inner Child Formula Set
Happy Parent Formula
Healing Trauma Formula
Heather - For being self-absorbed and feeling victimized by problems
Heavenly Bamboo - Potent Spiritual Transformation and Acceleration
Henbane - Ego Death/Soul Retrieval
Hibiscus - Woman's Remedy: Frigidity, Sexual Repression
Holly - For hatred, envy, jealousy, or suspicion
Honeysuckle - For living in the past, because of nostalgia or post-trauma
Hornbeam - For procrastinating and avoiding tasks
Hummingbird Sage - Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance in Emotional Cleansing
Hyssop - Resolving Guilt
Illumination Formula
Illumined Integration Formula
Illumined Success Formula
Impatiens - For impatience and irritability
Indium - Evolution & Longevity
Iris - Sparking Artistic and Creative Inspiration
Ivy Geranium - Mood Enhancer, Anti-Depressant, Seeing the Upside
Jacaranda - Receiving and Expressing Inspired Thoughts and Wisdom
Jailbreak the DNA Formula
Jimson Weed - Advancing Dreams, Meditation, and Mantras
Jade Plant - Increase Life Force & Healing/Transform Blueprint & DNA
Joshua Tree - Break Free of Family & Cultural Patterns/True Self-Identity
Larch - For lack of confidence and fear of failure
Large-Flowered Phacelia - Despair or Hopelessness over Challenges or World Events
Larkspur - Positive Attitude, Cooperation, Leadership Skills
Lemon - Stimulating Left Brain, Mental Clarity, Math and Computer Skills
Lewisia - Grounding Expansive Spiritual Inspiration and Experience
Libyan Gold Tektite - The Will to do Good, Manifest Higher Mission, Prosperity
Light Body Formula
Lilac - Spinal Support and Alignment, Balanced Kundalini Release
Live Forever - Receiving Clear Organized Inner Guidance
Loosestrife - Grounded Practical Spirituality/Manifesting
Lotus - Spiritual Alchemy
Loving Relations Formula
Lucid Perception Formula
Luculia - Compassion & Forgiveness
Lymphatic Cleanse Formula
Madia - Completing Projects
Madrone - Universal Wisdom & Harmony
Make your own Formulas Kit
Mariposa Lily - Feeling Unloved, Unlovable or Alienated from Others
Meadow Rue: Female - Heightening Female Attributes and Yin Principle
Meadow Rue: Male - Heightening Male Attributes and Yang Principle
Meteorite - Link to ETs: Cosmic Awareness, Telepathy, DNA, Past Lives
Milkmaids - An Open Loving Nature/Healing the Emotional Heart
Mimulus - For fear of known things and for shyness
Mix and Match your own Bach, Selected Singles, or Elixirs Kits
Moldavite - Catalyze Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Abilities, Lucid Dreaming
Moonstone - Feminine Power, Emotional Integration, Psychic Abilities
Moreton Bay Fig - Subconscious Blocks, Acumen, Creation, Mind over Matter
Morning Glory - Nervous Habits
Moth Mullein - Creative Power from Start to Finish
Mountain Mahogany - Conduct High Spiritual Energies into Action & Form
Mugwort - Dream Work, Psychic Abilities
MultiDimensional Self Formula
Mustard - For deep gloom and depression for no apparent reason
Naked Ladies Lily - Self-Consciousness, Fear of Rejection
Natrolite - Bridge Higher Self & Personality/Release Hidden Talents
Nebula Stone - Cosmic Home: Roots & Destiny/ Increased Cosmic Awareness
Number 1 - New Beginnings/Individuality
Number 2 - Receptivity/Patience/Cooperation
Number 3 - Expression/Imagination/Sociability
Number 4 - Building/Organization
Number 5 - Change/Freedom
Number 6 - Love/Nurturing/Magnetism
Number 7 - Higher Intellect/Spirituality/Insight
Number 8 - Leadership/Abundance
Number 9 - Completion/Release
Number 11 - The Visionary/Revelation
Number 22 - Master Builder/Practical Mysticism
Number 33 - Master Teacher/Universal Love & Service
Number 44 - Master Manifester/Higher Achievement
Number 55 - Inspired Pioneer/Higher Will
Number 66 - Charismatic Communicator/Great-Hearted Expression
Number 77 - Inspired Innovator/Liberating Insight
Number 88 - Spiritual Leader/Manifest Wisdom & Scientific Leader/Leading Edge Science
Number 99 - Accomplished Master/ Elevated Fulfillment
Numbers 1-9 Set
Numbers 11-99 Set
Numbers 1-9 and 11-99 Set
Numbers for Abundance Set
Numbers of Love Set
Numbers for Success Set
Nutmeg - Higher Self, Self-Integration, Life Mission, Past & Future Lives
Oak - For struggling dutifully on, even past the point of exhaustion
Olive - For physical exhaustion after long effort or illness
Onion - Purge Emotional Debris to Access True Self, Clarity, Positive Outlook
Opening to Love Formula
Oregon Grape - From Mistrust & Hostile Projection to Trust & Loving Inclusion
Oval-Leaf Buckwheat - Withdrawn from People, Group Harmony
Owl's Clover - Boredom, Self-Discovery, and Spontaneity
Pain Ease Formula
Paradigm Shift Formula
Past Life Regression Formula
Peach - Universal Healing Amplifier, Better Muscle Tone
Peak Performance Formula Set
Pennyroyal - Psychic Protection, Clearing Obsessions, Addictions & Chronic Patterns
Penstemon - Persistence in Relationship Difficulties, Clearing Sexual Inhibitions
Peony - Releasing Facades, Being Real
Peridot - Self-Healing, Cleanse Toxins & Miasms
Perilla - Enhancing Hands-on-Healing Energy
Persistent Brilliance Formula
Petunia - Behavioral Problems
Pimpernel - Harmonizing the Dream State and Kundalini Energy
Pincushion Protea - Igniting Creativity, Innovation, New Visions and Ideas
Pine - For guilt and self-reproach
Pineapple Lily - Birthing a New Healed Paradigm for the Collective
Pink Ball Dombeya - Trust & Optimism in the Future
Pink Monkeyflower - Courage to Express Feelings
Pink Yarrow - Protection from Negative Emotional Energy and Emotional Enmeshment
Platinum - Metal of Transformation, Higher Dimensions, Meditation, Soul Level
Pomegranate - Woman's Remedy: Nurturing, Creativity, Sexuality
Power of Now Formula
Presence Formula
Pride of Madeira - Stimulating Inspired Charismatic Creative Expression
Princess Flower - Revealing and Sharing Spiritual and Psychic Gifts
Purple Potato - Expanded Psychic Abilities
Purple Scallops - Potent Spiritual and Physical Advancement
Purple Wings - Divine Peace in Daily Living
Pussy Paws - Sensitivity, Compassion, the Soft Touch
Quantum Achievement Formula
Quantum Bath Formula
Quantum Bones Formula
Quantum Creation Formula
Quantum Dreams Formula
Quantum Healing Hands Formula
Quantum Joint/Spine/Muscle Formula
Quantum Massage Formula
Quantum Muscle Formula
Quantum Networking Formula
Quantum Sex: Female Formula
Quantum Sex: Male Formula
Quantum Shift I Formula
Quantum Shift II Formula
Quantum Shift Formula Set
Quantum Spirit Healing Formula
Quantum Weight Loss Formula
Queen Anne's Lace - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision
Quick Shift Formula
Radiant Heart Formula
Radiation Protect Formula
Rainbow Body Formula
Raising the Form Formula
Red Chestnut - For feeling over-anxious and over-concerned for the welfare of others
Red Flowering Currant - Shaman's Flower & Multidimensions
Rescue Remedy - For stress, shock, trauma, or emergencies
Rhozidite - Master Healer, Manifesting, Psychic Abilities, Amplifier
Rock Rose - For terror, panic or extreme fear
Rock Water - For self-denial and being too hard on oneself
Rose Cactus - Heals Past Trauma of the Heart to Love & Trust Again
Saffordite (Cintamani) - Lift the Veil, Advance Spiritual Heart & Higher
Saffron Crocus - Trust in the Universe/Source to provide, Enhances relaxation response
Sagebrush - Releasing False Self, Restoring Authentic Self, Soul Retrieval Work
Scarlet Flax - Releasing Body Armor, Hidden Emotions, Meridian Blockages
Scleranthus - For indecision between alternatives and for mood swings
Self-Heal - Self-Healing & Fasting
The Seven Rays Elixirs
Sexual Ecstasy Formula
Sexual Rejuvenation for Couples Formula Set
Sexual Rejuvenation for Men Formula Set
Sexual Rejuvenation for Women Formula Set
Shattuckite - Correct DNA Energetics
Shooting Star - Astrology & Astronomy
Shrimp Plant - Improving Family and Interpersonal Relationships
Shungite - Cleanse & Protect from Toxins/Restore & Promote Healing & Template
Siberian Cedar - Bond Spiritual/Physical Natures, Connect to all Living Beings, Longevity
Sierra Primrose - Gratitude for Living, Regardless of Outer Conditions
Silk (Mimosa) Tree - Emotional Healing, Self-Integration, Joy, Love, Spiritual View
Skullcap - Psychic Healing, Easing Withdrawals from Addictions
Sleep Ease Forte Formula
Smithsonite - Fear of Intimacy, Instill Security, Confidence, Harmony in Relations
Snapdragon - Improve Speech & Expression/Release Jaw Tension
Snowberry Bush - Soul Retrieval & Spiritual Liberation
Snow On The Mountain - Elevated Perception & Insight
Social Action and Change Formula
The Solar Eclipse Evolution Formula
Soulmate Formula
Sparking Success Formula
Spiritual Healing Formula Set
Squash, Buffalo Gourd: Female - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity
Squash, Buffalo Gourd: Male - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity
Squash, Zucchini: Female - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity
Squash, Zucchini: Male - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity
Star Clusters - Realizing Authentic Self & Unity with Others
Star Lily - Quick Positive Shift to Bring Out the Best
Star of Bethlehem - For shock, trauma and grief
Staurolite - Attuning to the Earth/Planetary Purpose
Sticky Monkeyflower - Fear of Sexual Intimacy
Stop Smoking Formula Set
Strawberry Ball Dombeya - Inspired Sexual Intimacy & Tantra
Strawberry Tree - Bring Intentions to Fruition (Fulfillment)
Stress Relief Formula Set
Super Stress Relief Formula
Sweet Chestnut - For mental anguish, utter despair, and feeling stretched to the limit
Sweet Dreams Formula Set
Sweet Pea - Antisocial Behavior, Irresponsibility
Sweet William - Reviving Joviality and Joyful Expression
Taiwan Flowering Cherry - Peace, Tranquility, Inner Silence
Tamarisk - Enlightening the Heart
Thanksgiving Formula
Thyme - Amplifier, Quickening the Time Flow
ThyroStim Formula
Tibetan Tektite - Advance Spiritual Clearing, Protection, Kundalini, Ascension
Tobacco Free Formula
The Tourmalines
Tourmaline Rainbow Formula - Integrated Spiritual Transformation
Tree Anemone - Being Reactive to or Enmeshed in Others' Behavior and Issues
Tree Mallow - Fear of Aging/Middle Age/Menopause
Tree Poppy - Fully Present in the Now
Tree Tobacco -Easing Cravings for Tobacco, Improving Self-Expression
Unlock the DNA Formula
Valerian - Extreme Stress or Insomnia
Variscite - Evolve DNA Energetics
Vervain - For straining and being overzealous and overenthusiastic
Vibrant Health Formula
Vibrational Medicine Chest Formula Set
Vine - For being domineering and inflexible
Walnut - For protection from outside influence, staying centered during change/transition
Water Violet - For being aloof, independent, and preferring to be alone
Whirling Butterflies - Releasing Resistance and Accepting Change
White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, mental arguments
White Chestnut - For having unwanted repetitive thoughts, worries, mental arguments
White Magic Formula
Wild Oat - For uncertainty about one's work, career, or life direction
Wild Rose - For feeling resigned, apathetic, and making little effort
Willow - For resentment, complaining, and feeling that life has been unfair
Wishbone Bush - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention
Yarrow - Protection from Negative Psychic Energy and Electromagnetic Frequencies
Yerba Santa - Calming Extreme Emotional States and Stress
Zincite - Integrate Physical Vitality, Creativity & Personal Power to Manifest
Zinnia - Being Over-Serious, Increasing Laughter and Playfulness

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