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Agave (Century Plant) - Maturity and Longevity
Agave is the flower remedy for maturing adults. It supports the maturing process by developing wisdom and patience. It overcomes the urge to resist aging and act in immature ways not appropriate to one's age, such as sulking or being impatient. It reminds people of the positive aspects of adding years. As a long lived plant that takes many years to flower, Agave enhances longevity, supporting the brain, nervous system, heart, lungs, and circulatory and endocrine systems. It also offers help in diseases of old age related to senility, dementia, the heart, the arteries, or brain cells.

Allergy Ease Formula
Wonderful energetic relief for respiratory distress related to airborne allergies such as cat hair, pollen, smoke or dust. Temporarily clears the nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs without side effects, drowsiness or over-stimulation.

Baby Blue Eyes - Fear & Distrust of the World/Highly Sensitive People
Baby Blues Eyes is an important essence for those experiencing fear, distrust or anxiety when looking out at the world, and which may stem from childhood trauma, neglect or abuse by parents or those in authority. Such people don't feel safe and have a core belief that the world is a perilous place. As a result, they tend to withdraw or isolate from interaction and have difficulty seeing goodness around them. Baby Blue Eyes clears distorted perceptions about the world related to loss of innocence and restores inner security and a relaxed embracing, trusting viewpoint filled with childlike wonder. It enhances psychic gifts and the ability to enjoy direct experience of life as well as better vision. It's excellent for highly sensitive and spiritualized people and those engaged in spiritual practices. Works well with California Buckeye, Carrot, Clematis, Eyebright or White Chestnut for better vision; and for feeling safe and relaxed, Mimulus, Aspen, Corn or Rock Rose.

Banksia - Man's Remedy: Assertiveness, Creativity, Sexuality
Banksia is primarily for men and their issues. It clears problems concerning sexuality, easing related insecurities and strengthening the masculine identity. This remedy increases creativity and assertiveness, and supports the male reproductive system.

Bay Laurel - Clearing Blocked Inspiration, Rigid Mindsets, Headaches
Bay Laurel clears blockages and inflexibility that affect the higher mind, self-expression or body armor in the upper body. This essence relaxes rigid ideas and mindsets, writers' block, and chronic muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. Flexibility is restored to one's thinking so one can open to greater inspiration for better expression in all creative endeavors, such as painting, writing or speaking. It relieves headaches related to muscle tension, and works well with Grapefruit for such.

Blackberry - Stuck or Entangled, Higher Guidance, Vitality, Flow of Life
Blackberry has delicate white flowers with numerous stamens, floating above the bramble. Bramble describes the way berry bushes grow in prickly tangled thickets. This Flower Essence helps us get back into the flow of life when we're stuck or entangled in our difficulties. It strongly enhances our connection to the Higher Self, when we take but a moment to go inside, get centered, and ask for the answer to our conundrums. Solutions come more easily, such as in a sudden inspiration or vivid dream. Blackberry teaches how, in any moment, we can go within to ask and receive. Fear of dying, for ourselves or for others, is allayed, restoring faith and focus in living. It also disperses blockages in the flow of vital energy to our organs, glands, and cells, to stimulate and harmonize rhythmic processes. Think about the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, digestion, glandular secretions, elimination, and the like. It creates a greater sense of vitality. This Essence clears the way, showing that we are ever supported and sustained by Universal energy, from the most physical to the most ethereal levels of our being, just for the asking.

Bladderpod - Cleansing Toxic Conditions of the Body
Bladderpod is used for any toxic condition in the body in which cleansing is sluggish or difficult. This essence stimulates autolysis and also assists the clearing and resolving those of issues of mind or emotion that hamper toxin elimination. Because Bladderpod accelerates deep cleansing, it's an excellent support for fasting, cleansing diets, chronic disease states and eliminatory problems of any organ or system. Use it with other remedies, herbs or supplements to target specific areas of the body.

Blue Dicks - Broaden Perspective/Spiritual Insight/Strengthen Vision
Blue Dicks, also called Wild Hyacinth or Grass Nuts Brodiaea, grows 2 to 3 feet high on leafless stems, in the Coastal sage and Grasslands. Because of their tasty edible corms or bulbs when roasted, settlers and Native Americans alike gathered them for food, hence the name grass nuts. As an essence, it spiritualizes the intellect and perspective. Its signature lies in the bulb from which the plant sprouts, shaped like an eye, and too the purple color of the flower ball, that stimulates the higher centers in the head. It alleviates bitter, cynical or paranoia thoughts and viewpoints that can lead to feeling isolated, self-centered or intellectually hostile. Eccentric geniuses exemplify this. The mind becomes broader and more open to the influx and influence of higher thoughts from the spiritual aspects of self, increasing clarity of thought, self-esteem and less condemnation. It can strengthen and relax the eyes through releasing toxins and narrowed perspectives. Dream states and spiritual insight improve. It's useful with Eyebright, Carrot, Clematis, California Buckeye or White Chestnut to support the eyes.

California Buckeye - Peace of Mind/Higher Inspiration/Beyond Thought
California Buckeye is a horse chestnut in the same genus Aesculus as Dr Edward Bach's flower remedies White Chestnut and Red Chestnut. As such, California Buckeye is very similar to White Chestnut. It clears excessive worry, negative circular obsessive thoughts, and unwanted internal mental arguments or conversations that go round and round in the mind. These states can interfere with one's mental clarity and inner peace. This flower essence calms and brings peace to the mind and mental processes so one can pay heed to one's intuition, hear the still inner voice, and attune to the higher self to receive answers to one's problems or issues. It quiets constant mental activity, sometimes called the monkey mind, and the associated beta brain waves, to access the higher mind to receive inspiration, new ideas and solutions. It is outstanding for problem-solving, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and to aid sleep if thoughts keep one awake. It can also be of help for improving the vision, where one is not looking at or paying attention to one's surroundings because of over-thinking.

Carrot - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision
Carrot eases over-mental activity, over-intellectualizing, and uncertainty about one's spiritual philosophy. When one over-thinks and over-focuses on small details, one loses the ability to access one's spiritual aspects and to see the bigger picture. This essence calms the mental body and stimulates the pituitary, pineal, and the spiritual aspects of oneself to increase clarity of thought, attune to the higher self and higher information, and make decisions from a spiritual perspective. The eyes become weakened through being over-mental as one is distracted from looking at or paying attention to the environment. By quieting the mind, one can use the eyes properly and then vision can improve. Works well with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Clematis, or Eyebright to support eyesight.

Chiastolite - Transmutation, Get Unstuck
Chiastolite is the stone of transition, for transmuting from a less desirable state to a better one smoothly and quickly. It creates a bridge for crossing over: from old to new, youth to maturity, false to true, illness to wellness, dissention to harmony and the like. It helps people get over the hump, to blast through obstacles and unproductive patterns, and to gain a foothold in the new with confidence, fresh insight and better options. People stay centered, calm and grounded, linked to their higher self and soul mission. This elixir dispels and protects from negative energies. One can safely journey to the higher realms or the Akashic records. Chiastolite activates the earth star below the feet and the soul star above the head as well as aligning all the major chakras and subtle bodies. This universal elixir has many applications for making progress when feeling stuck, in both daily affairs and traveling transcendent levels. Excellent adjunct with other remedies to guarantee successful shifts.

Chocolate Lily - Constriction in Creativity, Sensuality, or the Belly
Chocolate Lily is a delightful little plant with chocolaty brown bells hanging close to the ground. This essence releases constrictions in the lower abdomen and associated organs and glands, such as the intestines or sexual organs. At times emotional tensions may surface while using this remedy. Chocolate lily liberates highly inspired creative states, permits greater sensuality and relaxes the belly.

Cobra Lily - Left-Right Side Imbalances in the Body
Cobra Lily (Chasmanthe) has the marvelous ability to clear blockages when there are differences between the left and right sides of the body. This essence relaxes muscular tension and restores balance to meridians and energies on the affected side of the body, whatever the reason. It clears any emotional state related to these left-right splits. This is a wonderful adjunct for bodywork, chiropractic, acupuncture and related healing modalities, easing such issues as scoliosis, shoulder or hip displacement on one side, or pain or tension on one side more than the other.

Coffee - Acumen/Quick Decision Making/Better Motor Response
Coffee flower remedy offers a number of benefits similar to the coffee beverage but without the physical irritation. It helps us to make quick decisions by relieving indecisiveness and over-analyzing. Also it powerfully enhances our mental acumen or acuity, as well as improving our motor nerve responses. If a person is cutting back on drinking coffee, it eases the side effects, such as headache, body aches, and fatigue. There are many ways that coffee essence may assist us - making quick decisions, taking fast decisive action, studying for exams, taking timed tests, using for competitions and contests, and thinking on our feet, such as with driving, bicycling, sports, refereeing, surfing, supervising children, and even dancing. It's good to have on hand!

Cold/Flu Ease Formula
Helps prevent and ease cold/flu symptoms, such as a sore throat and mucus congestion in the sinuses, nose, throat, or lungs. Synergizes well with other related herbs and natural medicinals, and enhances their effects.

Color Elixir Green, both master color and fulcrum of the colors, has universal appeal. It is cooling, and stimulates life, growth, harmony, cooperation, friendship, happiness, appreciation, and a sense of balance. Green raises the vibrations of the body above the vibration of dis-ease and brings forth self-healing, recovery, and renewal. It opens the heart chakra at the center of the chest and stimulates its associated gland, the thymus.

Color Elixir Turquoise, as one of the most favored intermediate colors, attunes one to the life force and is a tonic for the completion of healing. It can be used on the skin to enhance healing, whether of a burn, a scratch or an infection. Turquoise reduces fevers and is excellent after workouts to cleanse toxins and regenerate tissue. It activates both the heart and the throat chakras.

Colors for Healing Set
These colors calm, harmonize and encourage healing.

Comfrey - Coordinating Muscular and Nervous Systems, For Exercise and Bodywork
Comfrey is an exceptional tonic for the brain and nervous system. It relaxes tension in both the muscular system and nervous system, and improves coordination between the two. As a result, yoga, chi gong, and any kind of sport or exercise are promoted. This essence also enhances the effectiveness of chiropractic, physical and massage therapy, and other bodywork modalities.

Copper/Silver/Gold - Balance Body-Mind-Spirit, Meditation, Higher Consciousness
The combination of copper, silver and gold is a traditional Vedic astrology remedy worn as a bracelet to enhance protection and transmutation of astrological effects and past wrongdoings. Copper represents the body, Silver the mind, and Gold the soul. As a metal elixir formula, the key word is balance. Silver balances the right side of the brain, copper the left, and gold integrates both sides. Gold with silver accentuates the feminine accord, while gold and copper balance the masculine. Together copper, silver and gold harmonize the personality, the mental and emotional make-up, and creativity and sexuality. The elixir balances the left and right portions of the brain, improves physical coordination, stimulates both pineal and pituitary, and protects from all kinds of EMF and WiFi. Meditation improves, and it's easier to reach higher states of consciousness. All 12 chakras and all 7 subtle bodies are aligned. Heart, brow, crown and the 5 chakras above the head all open and etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies stimulated. Healing of brain, nervous system, electrical properties, immune system, bones and muscles are all supported, especially when used with creative visualization or natural modalities. The Copper/Silver/Gold elixir formula significantly inspires and benefits spiritual evolution and equilibrium. Take it daily and put it in baths.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Copper, Silver, Gold

Cottonwood Fluff - Soothing Stress and Psychosomatic Symptoms
Cottonwood trees send off their seeds surrounded by fluff that floats about in the air. The white fluff gathers on the ground like snow where birds collect it to line their nests. This essence soothes and comforts, eases psychosomatic symptoms, and can be universally added to remedy combination to ease emotional and mental tension and psychosomatic stress, such as headache, high blood pressure or irritable bowel syndrome.

Crab Apple - For a poor self-image, feeling unclean, and compulsive cleaning
Crab Apple helps those who feel there is something unclean or toxic about themselves or their environment. They suffer from a poor self-image. There is a compulsion to cleanse their body or keep their houses in complete order so they can feel acceptable or likable. The may obsess over small details, such as germs or skin blemishes, while ignoring a more serious disease or issue. They become despondent if treatment fails. As a cleansing remedy, Crab Apple can be used to assist detoxification, such as during a fast or with a cold or other infection. It can be used alone or with Rescue Remedy for watering or spraying diseased plants.
Crab Apple helps one keep a balanced perspective during the cleansing process and maintains self-esteem despite ailments, impurities, or small defects. The self-image improves with acceptance of oneself and one's imperfections.

Dandelion - Relaxing Mental and Muscle Tension
Dandelion is quite effective for relaxing mental stress, muscle tension, and chronic body armor. To induce mental and muscular relaxation, use this essence in baths, with massage, as a liniment, or before meditation or sleep.

Danjeon Breathing Formula
Danjeon Breathing is a form of exercise developed before the early days of acupuncture by the wealthy and powerful Korean elites for longevity, relief from aches and complaints, and as an immune system bolster. Though kept secret for centuries, it moved into the mainstream throughout South Korea after the Korean War. Its Taoist view, that our bodies and minds interact with a natural flow of energy, is similar to that of Chi gong, and also Hatha yoga which seeks to create a cleansing energy flow throughout the body. What distinguishes Danjeon Breathing is a special focused breathing technique done in the lower abdomen below the navel to fill the body with chi and retain it to improve health, stamina, will power, flexibility, oxygenation, and immune response.
The Danjeon Breathing Formula accentuates the benefits of Danjeon Breathing exercises, loosening the whole abdominal region, including the lower area restricted in most people. It relaxes the mind, emotions, muscles and nervous system while opening and balancing the meridian energy flows. And finally it enhances breathing exercises utilized for spiritual progress as well as increasing the capacity to mentally move chi in and around the body. You can learn more about Danjeon Breathing at
Ingredients: Bloodstone, Dark opal, Moonstone, Chrysocolla, Galena, Comfrey, Chamomile, Dandelion, Lilac, Copper, Silver, Gold

Eyebright - Potent Spiritual Perception/Clairvoyance, Psychic Abilities
Eyebright is an extremely powerful essence that clarifies and spiritualizes the point of view while at the same time clears old emotional or mental issues from childhood or past lives that block perception of these higher levels of reality. It stimulates the brow and crown centers and aligns the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul bodies. Gifts that may come forward are clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition, telepathy, inner visions, lucid dreaming, clarified spiritual identity, and sensing auras and chakras in oneself and others. It also has a beneficial influence on eyesight. Eyebright is an outstanding flower essence for meditation, psychic diagnosis, psychic healers and practitioners, or anyone desiring to perceive the higher/spiritual levels of reality in oneself, in others, and in one's daily life. Good with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Carrot, Clematis, or White Chestnut, for better vision.

Extreme Immunity
The immune system is increasingly challenged and asked to adapt in the current world situation. Extreme Immunity is formulated to vibrationally strengthen, balance, regenerate and evolve the immune and endocrine systems. Thymus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, spleen, liver, kidneys, heart, brain and nervous system are all fortified. This Formula aids the cleansing of viral, bacterial, fungal, foreign or alien infections and toxins. It also disperses blockage in the flow of vital energy to organs, glands and cells, stimulating and harmonizing the body's rhythmic processes, and creating a greater sense of vitality. It provides protection from EMF, WiFi, ELF and other forms of radiation. Confidence, patience, unconditional love, and visualization for selfhealing all get a big boost. It is helpful for those who catch frequent infections, are chronically ill, have serious disease or allergies, or whose immune systems react rather than protect. Combines well with Cold/Flu Ease.
Ingredients: Blackberry, Platinum, Rutilated Quartz, I. O. Jasper, Gold, Jade, American Ginseng, Amaranthus, Queen of Denmark Rose, Peach, Peridot, Self-Heal, Corn, Pansy, Shungite, Crabapple, Olive, Filtered water and Alcohol
Forgiveness Formula
Do yourself a favor, and forgive yourself and others! This formula eases a load of stress from the emotions, mental outlook and body. Guilt and shame over mistakes and shortcomings as well as being too hard on oneself turns into self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and joy. Resentment, feeling bitter, complaining, blaming or criticizing others shifts into forgiveness and acceptance. One sees through people's problems and defenses to truly enjoy and appreciate the goodness that is there. What a relief. What an uplift. What a heart opener.

Giant Dutchman's Pipe - Create the Light Body
This is a vigorous attractive vine with giant flowers 8 inches long. The flower essence raises the vibrational rate of the physical body, helping to develop the light body. The light body is a grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy, and electromagnetically links the multidimensional self with the infinite universe. As we continue to clear, heal and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the body, cells and DNA are able to hold more light, to increase the vibration. The essence of Giant Dutchman's Pipe supports this process, improving conscious access to the higher dimensions while filling the body, cells and DNA with life force. It eases Ascension symptoms, and aids those who want to move toward vegetarianism in a gradual natural manner. It can also ease chronic dis-ease states, addictions, and psychosomatic symptoms. This essence synergizes with the formula MultiDimensional Self. Check out the Light Body formula as well.

Grapefruit - Tension in the Head
Grapefruit works on imbalances of the head related to the jaw, temples, atlas, cranial plates, and any associated muscles. More blood comes into the head region to support the hair, face, and complexion. It is an excellent adjunct with chiropractic, osteopathic, massage, and cranial-sacral work, to help realign the atlas, cranial plates, and jaw line or alleviate headaches or TMJ.

Hibiscus - Woman's Remedy: Frigidity, Sexual Repression
Hibiscus helps those women who are sexually frigid or repressed for any reason, such as from upbringing, past abuse or exploitation. This essence clears blockages in the flow of sexual energy so sexual feelings can be experienced and enjoyed. It is useful with sex therapy and tantric exercises.

Indium - Evolution & Longevity
Indium is a trace element known for improving longevity, anti-aging and rejuvenation. Scientific tests have shown, that as a mineral supplement, it improves hormonal balance and boosts both physical energy and mineral absorption. As an elixir, Indium increases evolution, longevity and repair of DNA energetics. It is an important aid in the ascension process. It activates the higher self, stimulates the higher template, encourages self-healing, and strengthens and rejuvenates glandular energies associated with the major chakras. Excellent with other remedies that support rejuvenation, DNA energy and longevity, such as Peridot, Flower of Life, Date Palm, Giant Dutchman's Pipe, etc. Check out the Light Body formula.

Jade Plant - Increase Life Force & Healing/Transform Blueprint & DNA
Jade Plant is a beautiful succulent with plump, oval, jade green leaves and white to blush pink clustered star flowers. As a flower essence, it greatly strengthens and distributes the life force throughout the body stimulating general healing, longevity and age reversal. It restores the original etheric blueprint and raises the frequency of the body to encourage and quicken mitosis, DNA repair, positive DNA transformation, and organ and glandular balance. Use it in combination with other remedies to support healing, health, longevity and transformation of the body and DNA, such as Purple Scallops, Tree Mallow, Agave, and Asphodel and the Vibrant Health Formula.

Light Body Formula
The Light Body formula conducts life force and higher spiritual energies into the body to raise its vibration, strengthen the energy field, and stimulate the higher template. It cleanses physical toxins as well as miasmic forces in the subtle bodies and DNA. It creates clarity in higher states of consciousness, integrates all levels of the self, including all 12 chakras and subtle bodies, and encourages positive harmonious creation. It eases Ascension symptoms and assists those who wish to move toward vegetarianism. Putting this formula in the bath with Epsom Salts, heightens its effects - use 21 drops and soak for 15 minutes. Check out the MultiDimensional Self formula.
What is the light body? It's a grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy, and electromagnetically links the multidimensional self with the infinite universe. As we continue to clear, heal and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the body, cells and DNA are able to hold more light and increase the vibration.
Ingredients: Peridot, Moss Agate, IO Jasper, Indium, Self-Heal, Nectarine, Date Palm, Shattuckite, Variscite, Flower of Life, Kermescite, Asphodel, Mountain Mahogany, Anchi Crystals, Giant Dutchman's Pipe, Siberian Cedar, Rutilated Quartz, Lotus, Thyme

Lilac - Spinal Support and Alignment, Balanced Kundalini Release
Lilac is a wonderful remedy for the spine and for proper kundalini release along the spine. It relaxes the muscles along the spine and aligns the vertebrae, and as the kundalini moves, all the chakras are penetrated and opened. This essence is outstanding for massage, bodywork, chiropractic and osteopathic treatments, and any spinal problems or degeneration.

Lymphatic Cleanse Formula
Clean up your lymphatic system, clearing blockages, sluggishness, and hardened conditions. Stimulate circulation and flow of lymph. Works with psychosomatic states, such as fear, lack of joy, rigid thinking, or stuffing issues in the body, which may interfere with the lymphatic flow. Exceptional aid in baths, during fasts, and with lymphatic massage therapy.

Olive - For physical exhaustion after long effort or illness
Olive is the remedy for complete and utter exhaustion of body and mind. It is for the deep fatigue that follows a long struggle or a long bout with illness, when all reserve energy and strength have been depleted. Long periods of nursing someone, of personal difficulties, or of intense work or study are circumstances that may lead to a complete loss of energy, strength and reserve.
Olive restores mental and physical strength and vitality and renews one's lively interest in life.

Pain Ease Formula
Ease pain without physical side effects! Bring out your own endorphins. Enhances the effects of other natural medicinals and modalities that reduce pain.

Peach - Universal Healing Amplifier, Better Muscle Tone
Peach accelerates the healing effects of all forms of healing. Use it in remedy and herbal combinations to quicken their results. It protects muscles and helps them hold their tone, so it's superb for people who regularly exercise, such as athletes, bodybuilders, chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

Peridot - Self-Healing, Cleanse Toxins & Miasms
With its attractive lime green color, Peridot has long been associated with manifesting abundance and health. For health, the focus is with cleansing the body, self-healing, and enhanced wellbeing. It can be utilized during fasts, cleansing regimens, and when healing oneself. It augments creative visualizations, meditations, and affirmations when used for such. It can be taken in a glass of water first thing in the morning, for a year, to clear all the miasmic forces in the DNA.

Pomegranate - Woman's Remedy: Nurturing, Creativity, Sexuality
Pomegranate is quite valuable for the issues that women face. It balances the emotions and improves the ability to be nurturing to others as well as the self. This essences helps women brings forth their creativity and embrace their sexuality. It supports the female reproductive system.

Purple Scallops - Potent Spiritual and Physical Advancement
Purple Scallops is a succulent in the genus Kalanchoe that contains plants called “mother of thousands” because they generate little plantlets along the edges of their leaves, besides using pollination to produce seeds. Purple Scallops grows plantlets around its purple-tinged scalloped leaves, the plantlets which then drop off and root in the soil next to the mother plant. As a powerful flower essence, it encompasses both highly spiritual qualities as well as strongly physical ones. It opens and aligns all twelve chakras and all seven subtle bodies, allowing the highest spiritual energies to flow down through the central channel. It brings forward the next psycho-spiritual issue ready to be faced, released and transformed so that spiritual awareness can be advanced. Simultaneously it dramatically increases and distributes the life force energies throughout the body to transform health, glands, organs and DNA. It cleanses, stimulates, repairs and enhances at the cellular and molecular level. It encourages age reversal and longevity, an excellent tool for the ascension and enlightenment process. Use it with visualization to aid healing in body and mind. Works well with Jade Plant, Tree Mallow, Agave, Acanthus and Asphodel, and the Illumination, Ascension, and Vibrant Health Formulas.

Quantum Bones Formula
Gives energetic strength and support to the entire skeletal system including the teeth. Very soothing in a hot soak to ease arthritic pain. Enhances the effects of natural supplements and treatments for bone issues.

Quantum Healing Hands Formula
Powerfully bolster the spiritual healing that flows through your hands. Deepen your attunement to inner guidance for assistance during healing sessions. This formula gives outstanding support to massage therapists, chiropractors, health workers, Reiki practitioners and all other kinds of healers. (Note: For your clients and those receiving healing, consider recommending Quantum Spirit Healing.)

Quantum Joint/Spine/Muscle Formula
Support and strengthen your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, and spine. Help align bones, spine, joints and meridians. Ease inflammation and relax muscular and nervous tension. This formula gives outstanding support for back and joint problems, strains, sprains, tendonitis, or arthritis, and use with massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy. It's excellent in baths, hot soaks, and compresses to ease tension and pain.

Quantum Sex: Female or Male Formula
Support the energetic levels of your glands. This formula catalyzes and enhances exercises, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements designed for the same purpose. It clears psychological issues related to sexuality. Helpful for flagging hormones. A bit of an aphrodisiac!

Quantum Spirit Healing Formula
Open up to the healing of the Spirit. Take before healing sessions, meditation, massage, chiropractic, and the like, to increase receptivity and attunement to spiritual healing energies for quickened healing. A superb addition for healers to give to or massage onto their clients. (Note: Check out Quantum Healing Hands to powerfully increase the channel to inner guidance and healing energy flow in the hands.)

Quantum Weight Loss Formula
Support your weight loss and exercise program. Improve your metabolism and fat burning while keeping your mood up and appetite and obsessing over food down.

Queen Anne's Lace - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision
Queen Anne's Lace eases over-mental activity, over-intellectualizing, and uncertainty about one's spiritual philosophy. When one over-thinks and over-focuses on small details, one loses the ability to access one's spiritual aspects and to see the bigger picture. This essence calms the mental body and stimulates the pituitary, pineal, and the spiritual aspects of oneself to increase clarity of thought, attune to the higher self and higher information, and make decisions from a spiritual perspective. The eyes become weakened through being over-mental as one is distracted from looking at or paying attention to the environment. By quieting the mind, one can use the eyes properly and then vision can improve. Works well with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Clematis, or Eyebright to support eyesight.

Radiant Heart Formula
Open your heart to love. Boost self-esteem, self-acceptance, kindness, tolerance, understanding, love and acceptance of your own or others' issues and shortcomings. This formula is very freeing, relaxing and harmonizing. Bring forth joy and appreciation for people and life!

Radiation Protect Formula
This vibrational remedy formula safeguards the body by strengthening the aura, subtle anatomy and energy field. It is an aid to protect from radiation, radioactive fallout, and all kinds of electromagnetic radiation and frequency (EMF, EMR), microwaves and Wi-Fi. It shields the bodily tissues, cellular level and DNA, while repairing radiation damage and augmenting the life force. It is best used in conjunction and synergizes with foods and nutritional supplements that assist in guarding the body from the harmful effects of radiation. Ingredients: Copper, Silver, Gold, Rutilated Quartz, Achillea, Malachite, Shattuckite, Gallium, Turquoise, Juglans

Raising the Form Formula
Boost the life force, spiritual energies, and vibratory rate of the physical body in order to slow aging, enhance health, healing and longevity, and quicken a lighter form and advanced etheric blueprint. This formula supports all organs, glands and the whole anatomy plus awakens, repairs, and transforms the DNA and cellular/molecular levels of the body. It catalyzes and synergizes with visualization, spiritual exercises and supplements/herbs used for longevity, increasing their effectiveness. Works well with Advanced Meditation: Kriya/Taoist/Kundalini formula.
Ingredients: Cinnabar Agate, Bloodstone, Jade, Chert, Pink Granite, Indium, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gallium, Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise, Green Jasper, I.O. Jasper, Asphodel, Sapphire, Lilac, Shattuckite, Variscite, Date Palm, Fire Agate, Moss Agate, Jade Plant, Purple Scallops, Mountain Mahogany

Rhozidite - Master Healer, Manifesting, Psychic Abilities, Amplifier
Rhodizite, a little dodecahedron shaped crystal only 3-5 millimeters across, embodies incredibly intensified energy and is considered a master healer. As an elixir, it clears blockages on all levels, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It improves the ability to manifest, boosting strength of will and personal power as well as magnifying thought, intent and visualization. It develops and augments psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, telepathy and distance viewing. It's a great balancer of the yin/yang forces of the body and left-right brain, while harmonizing the divine Mother/Father energies of the soul. Stress and anxiety ease to promote deep relaxation. Rhodizite helps to bring forth healing, abundance or transformation in life wherever desired. Use it across the board to increase abundance, manifesting, self-healing, psychic gifts and spiritual growth. Please note that this elixir will greatly amplify other remedies, essences and elixirs. Traditional Madagascar shamans have used these crystals, for hundreds of years, to cloud bust and make it rain.

Self-Heal - Self-Healing & Fasting
This sweet little flower of the mint family has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. As an essence, it eases self-doubts and confusions, especially around the ability to heal or get well. For those facing great healing challenges, it enables them to affirm and draw from the deep wellspring of life for recovery, restoration and wholeness. It increases motivation and commitment for wellness, helping one turn inwardly for guidance to make decisions about one's health, and which treatments to choose. Use with psychosomatic ailments, recuperating children and convalescing elderly persons, and also as an aid for fasting to maintain one's focus, motivation and energy.

Sexual Ecstasy Formula
Add pizzazz and good feelings to your sexual experience. Enhance your sexual sensitivity, excitement and responsiveness along with bunches of love. No irritating physical side effects. Works well with Quantum Sex.

Shattuckite - Correct DNA Energetics
An attractive somewhat rare copper silicate mineral, Shattuckite has a special relationship with the energetics of DNA. This elixir works to stimulate, correct and enhance DNA energies, supporting it to release correctly encoded information for wellness as well as memories from past lives. It works well with other remedies that affect DNA energies, such as Variscite, Indium, Date Palm, Flower of Life, etc. Check out the Light Body formula.
A special note: Gregg Braden reported in his book Healing Hearts/Healing Nations, about an experiment done by Dr Vladimir Poponin, a Russian quantum-biologist. In a vacuumed sealed container, he placed photons, which he measured, and noted that they were moving around randomly. When he added DNA inside the container, and then remeasured them, the photons had lined up in an ordered way and aligned with the DNA. After removing the DNA, the photons remained ordered and lined up. Braden suggests that we are forced to accept the possibility that a new field of energy, a web of energy, exists, and that DNA is able to communicate with the photons through this field.

Shungite - Cleanse & Protect from Toxins/Restore & Promote Healing & Template
This Russian black carbon mineral that looks like coal is very ancient, close to two billion years old. It has been used for years to filter and purify water. In 1719, Peter the Great established Marcial Waters at a group of hot springs discovered to have curative powers. These waters have passed through a thick crust layer of Shungite. The Marcial Waters Resort continues to this day. As an elixir, Shungite purifies, cleanses and protects from toxins and EMF and other pollutants that are poisonous and destructive to living organisms. It brings the entire subtle anatomy of the twelve chakras, seven subtle bodies, meridians and nadis into balance and alignment to set the stage for healing, health and well-being. As one of the new millennium stones, Shungite is majorly important in two areas: 1) purifying and protecting our bodies and health from the onslaught of food, water and air pollution plus EMF, WiFi, microwaves, chemtrails and such, and 2) realigning and balancing our living template to restore and advance the health and healing of our bodies. Use it liberally with other remedies, herbs and modalities to cleanse, protect, normalize, restore and promote healing and health.

Skullcap - Psychic Healing, Easing Withdrawals from Addictions
Skullcap is a wonderful remedy to enhance a sense of physical and emotional relaxation and is excellent support for frayed nerves and withdrawal symptoms from drugs, caffeine, and tobacco. Because it increases receptivity to psychic healing, whether giving or receiving, this essence is an outstanding adjunct for healing, massage and chiropractic practitioners and their clients. Use or atomize about the energy field before sessions.

Sleep Ease Forte Formula
Calm your mind and nerves and ease stress and muscle tension, to promote deep relaxation and restful sleep. Non-habit-forming, and causes no physical side affects.

Snapdragon - Improve Speech & Expression/Release Jaw Tension
Snapdragon clears blocks to speaking and expression of feelings, especially when they are held as physical tension in the face, cranial plates, jaw, TMJ, neck and throat, including the larynx and vocal cords. This flower essence improves the ability to speak, releases related suppressed emotional tension, such as anger and rage, and improves logic. Stuttering exemplifies the pattern of difficult speech linked to emotional issues. Snapdragon can help ease this along with proper therapeutic support. Consider using it for tension and misalignments of the cranial plates, jaw, TMJ and neck when they are coupled with inhibited expression.

Squash, Buffalo Gourd - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity
Buffalo Gourd, a wild round squash native to the Southwest, produces both male and female flowers. The flowers are made into separate concoctions: the male flower essence for men and the female flower essence for women. Both essences stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, and strengthen fertility and the reproductive system. Men and women feel more grounded, and any blocks to the creative process are released. The shape of squash fruit is significant in its support of the reproductive system. For men, Buffalo Gourd essence focuses more on the prostate; for women, the focus is on the uterus. (For the penis and the vagina, use Zucchini Squash.) All squash essences are wonderful aids for planting the feet firmly on the ground, becoming more creative, balancing sexuality, strengthening fertility and the reproductive region, and supporting longevity.

Squash, Zucchini - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity
Zucchini Squash produces both male and female flowers that are concocted separately: the male flower essence for men and the female flower essence for women. As with Buffalo Gourd Squash, both essences stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, and strengthen fertility and the reproductive system, as well as feeling more grounded and releasing any blocks to the creative process. The shape of squash fruit is significant in its support of the reproductive system. For men, Zucchini essence focuses more on the penis; for women the focus is on the vagina. (For the prostate and the uterus, use Buffalo Gourd.) All squash essences are wonderful aids for planting the feet firmly on the ground, becoming more creative, balancing sexuality, strengthening fertility and the reproductive region, and supporting longevity.

Super Stress Relief Formula - Are you feeling stressed to the max because of your job, relationships, circumstances or the world situation? Quickly ease physical, emotional and mental stress and tension. Restore the link to your spiritual aspect to clearly hear inner guidance, uplift your emotions, and relieve muscle or nervous tension. This combination also restores physical vitality and aids the clearing habits and patterns of chronic stress.

Thanksgiving Formula
We live in a world focused on what's wrong. Mainstream media is filled with headlines, articles, videos and blogs reporting and commenting on bad news, at the local, national and worldwide level. Stop! To be healthy in mind and body, we need to move out of the stress response, also called flight or fight. It's automatically triggered when we react to negative input and information. Adrenaline starts pumping, digestion stops working, the body halts repairing itself. We need to relax and appreciate what's good. The Thanksgiving formula helps us do just that. It uplifts our perspective and ability to see the upside and the good in life. We discover a deep wellspring of joy, gratitude and enthusiasm for living, no matter the outer circumstance. Optimism, harmony, serendipity, playfulness, laughter and heartfelt expression are restored. Use it in times of stress, crisis, depression, or discouragement. It is helpful in adversity, addiction recovery, and for chronic or terminal illness and any long term struggle. We need to look, find and be grateful for the silver lining. It's for the sake of our health and peace of our mind.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Cantu, Sierra Primrose, Ivy Geranium

ThyroStim Formula - This is an aid to support increased metabolism and thyroid function. Works well with other natural herbals and acupuncture.
Caution: Do not use with prescription thyroid medication.

Tree Mallow - Fear of Aging/Middle Age/Menopause
Taiwan Flowering Tree Mallow is beneficial for people as they get older. It reduces the fear of aging and insecurity about physical appearance. In a midlife crisis, it bestows a sense of dignity and acceptance about the aging process plus the ability to draw on inner resources to attain a positive mental attitude. As a tonic, it has anti-aging and rejuvenative qualities for the glands, circulation, skin, and DNA, and can be utilized to make the menopausal years of both men and women more comfortable and harmonious. This essence is also helpful for stress and tension that contribute to aging. Works well with other essences, such as Agave, Squash, Jade Plant, Walnut, and Olive.

Valerian - Extreme Stress or Insomnia
Valerian is an aid to the easing of extreme stress of any kind. Use the essence in baths, with massage, or before sleep.

Variscite - Evolve DNA Energetics
A rather appealing and relatively rare phosphate mineral, Variscite affects the DNA energetics and process to enhance positive changes in the next generation of cell division. It also helps to directly recall past lives that can positively impact a person's well-being in their current incarnation. Please see Shattuckite for the scientific experiment that shows the relationship between DNA and photons. These two minerals work well together to enhance DNA energies.

Vibrant Health Formula
Enhance your physical vitality, life force energy, and health by energetically nurturing your skin, immune system, skeletal system, circulatory and lymphatic systems, and all your glands and organs. This beneficial formulation can be universally applied and works well for recovery and convalescence, and with older people, pets and animals.

Vibrational Medicine Chest Formula Set
Excellent formulas to keep on hand.

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