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Flower Essences

Santa Barbara Quantum Health has made over eleven hundred flower essences, mineral elixirs, and other vibrational remedies, and we continue our clinical research and development. The following list of flower essences has been meticulously studied to our satisfaction and selected for their universally valuable qualities. Week by week and month by month, we add to this list. Whenever you visit the site, click on What's New to see what exciting additions we have included.

Please note: All remedies come in one ounce bottles and are formulated at stock level.

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Acanthus - Distributing Energy Flow throughout Central Channel and Subtle Anatomy

Acanthus mollis (commonly called Bear's Breech) inspired Roman architecture, with their flower and leaf designs used to adorn the Corinthian columns. This remedy clears and opens the central channel, allowing the energy to flow freely and evenly throughout the chakras, spine and body. It clears all energy-flow imbalances in the meridians, subtle bodies, and chakras, and profoundly relaxes the body. Psychologically, it is a general aid for balancing the personality and incorporating the attributes of chakras as needed: grounding, creativity, feeling, love, expression, imagination, and spiritual inspiration. It is excellent for baths, bodywork, acupuncture, and energy healing.

  Agave (Century Plant) - Maturity and Longevity  

Agave is the flower remedy for maturing adults. It supports the maturing process by developing wisdom and patience. It overcomes the urge to resist aging and act in immature ways not appropriate to one's age, such as sulking or being impatient. It reminds people of the positive aspects of adding years. As a long lived plant that takes many years to flower, Agave enhances longevity, supporting the brain, nervous system, heart, lungs, and circulatory and endocrine systems. It also offers help in diseases of old age related to senility, dementia, the heart, the arteries, or brain cells.

  Angelica - Integrating Spirituality into the Mind and Body  
  Angelica rebinds and integrates the spiritual and higher aspects of self with the psychological and physical parts. It allows one to receive insight and information from inner guidance to help find solutions to one's problems. It also can help tissues mend more quickly. This essence is beneficial for psychotherapy, addiction recovery, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, meditation, and speeding the healing of body tissues. As its name implies, it can be used to attune to the angelic realm.

  Angel's Trumpet -Higher Dimensions, Shamanic Journeys, Death and Dying  

Angel's Trumpet (Brugsmansia candida aka Datura candida) powerfully augments awareness of and access to the higher dimensions. This remedy also clears the fear of letting go to experiencing these elevated realms. It greatly improves visionary states and psychic faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, and as a result, is of special benefit in vision quests, shamanic journeys, and for deepening meditation. It also assists the dying process to transcend the fear of death, or when there is denial of the reality of the spiritual world.

  Asphodel - Feeding Spiritual Energy into Body, Restoring the Etheric Blueprint  

Asphodel (fistulosus) powerfully opens the chakras in the head and allows the flow of spiritual energy from the higher realms into the physical form. This remedy realigns the body with its etheric blueprint to reverse aging, increase longevity, and repair genetic damage or problems. It can be taken under the tongue or rubbed on or atomized around the body before healing sessions. It combines well with other remedies that increase healing in the hands, such as Perilla or Spectrolite.

  Baby Blue Eyes - Fear & Distrust of the World/Highly Sensitive People  

Baby Blues Eyes is an important essence for those experiencing fear, distrust or anxiety when looking out at the world, and which may stem from childhood trauma, neglect or abuse by parents or those in authority. Such people don't feel safe and have a core belief that the world is a perilous place. As a result, they tend to withdraw or isolate from interaction and have difficulty seeing goodness around them. Baby Blue Eyes clears distorted perceptions about the world related to loss of innocence and restores inner security and a relaxed embracing, trusting viewpoint filled with childlike wonder. It enhances psychic gifts and the ability to enjoy direct experience of life as well as better vision. It's excellent for highly sensitive and spiritualized people and those engaged in spiritual practices. Works well with California Buckeye, Carrot, Clematis, Eyebright or White Chestnut for better vision; and for feeling safe and relaxed, Mimulus, Aspen, Corn or Rock Rose.

  Banksia - Man's Remedy: Assertiveness, Creativity, Sexuality  

Banksia is primarily for men and their issues. It clears problems concerning sexuality, easing related insecurities and strengthening the masculine identity. This remedy increases creativity and assertiveness, and supports the male reproductive system.

  Bay Laurel - Clearing Blocked Inspiration, Rigid Mindsets, Headaches  
  Bay Laurel clears blockages and inflexibility that affect the higher mind, self-expression or body armor in the upper body. This essence relaxes rigid ideas and mindsets, writers' block, and chronic muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. Flexibility is restored to one's thinking so one can open to greater inspiration for better expression in all creative endeavors, such as painting, writing or speaking. It relieves headaches related to muscle tension, and works well with Grapefruit for such.

  Bird of Paradise - Expanding Creative Visualization and Vision for One's Life  
  Bird of Paradise is associated with the words "stretch," "extend," and "expand." This remedy dramatically stimulates and enlarges one's capacity to imagine new visions for one's life and creative endeavors, while also advancing their expression. It is of immense value for blocked imagination or stilted or stale images one clings to in one's life, expression or creativity.

  Blackberry - Stuck or Entangled, Higher Guidance, Vitality, Flow of Life  

Blackberry has delicate white flowers with numerous stamens, floating above the bramble. Bramble describes the way berry bushes grow in prickly tangled thickets. This Flower Essence helps us get back into the flow of life when we're stuck or entangled in our difficulties. It strongly enhances our connection to the Higher Self, when we take but a moment to go inside, get centered, and ask for the answer to our conundrums. Solutions come more easily, such as in a sudden inspiration or vivid dream. Blackberry teaches how, in any moment, we can go within to ask and receive. Fear of dying, for ourselves or for others, is allayed, restoring faith and focus in living. It also disperses blockages in the flow of vital energy to our organs, glands, and cells, to stimulate and harmonize rhythmic processes. Think about the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, digestion, glandular secretions, elimination, and the like. It creates a greater sense of vitality. This Essence clears the way, showing that we are ever supported and sustained by Universal energy, from the most physical to the most ethereal levels of our being, just for the asking.

  Bladderpod - Cleansing Toxic Conditions of the Body  

Bladderpod is used for any toxic condition in the body in which cleansing is sluggish or difficult. This essence stimulates autolysis and also assists the clearing and resolving those of issues of mind or emotion that hamper toxin elimination. Because Bladderpod accelerates deep cleansing, it's an excellent support for fasting, cleansing diets, chronic disease states and eliminatory problems of any organ or system. Use it with other remedies, herbs or supplements to target specific areas of the body.

  Bleeding Heart - Over-Attachment in Relationships or Breakups  

Bleeding Heart is for people who get so entangled and overly attached in love relationships that they become obsessive, possessive, or needy. It's a wonderful essence for breakups when individuals are heartbroken and can't let go. It helps them release the attachment so they can love unconditionally and restores a sense of peace and harmony to their heart.

  Blue Dicks - Broaden Perspective/Spiritual Insight/Strengthen Vision  

Blue Dicks, also called Wild Hyacinth or Grass Nuts Brodiaea, grows 2 to 3 feet high on leafless stems, in the Coastal sage and Grasslands. Because of their tasty edible corms or bulbs when roasted, settlers and Native Americans alike gathered them for food, hence the name grass nuts. As an essence, it spiritualizes the intellect and perspective. Its signature lies in the bulb from which the plant sprouts, shaped like an eye, and too the purple color of the flower ball, that stimulates the higher centers in the head. It alleviates bitter, cynical or paranoia thoughts and viewpoints that can lead to feeling isolated, self-centered or intellectually hostile. Eccentric geniuses exemplify this. The mind becomes broader and more open to the influx and influence of higher thoughts from the spiritual aspects of self, increasing clarity of thought, self-esteem and less condemnation. It can strengthen and relax the eyes through releasing toxins and narrowed perspectives. Dream states and spiritual insight improve. It's useful with Eyebright, Carrot, Clematis, California Buckeye or White Chestnut to support the eyes.

  Blue-Eyed Grass - Stimulating and Personalizing the Visualization Process  

Blue-Eyed Grass stimulates and clarifies the visualization process. This essence helps people fine-tune their creative envisioning with their heart and desires. The inner images become more stable, plausible, and personalized, permitting people to more readily actualize and practically apply the visions in their life.

  Blue Flax - Resolving Emotional Stress, Increased Objectivity, Meridian Cleanser  

Blue Flax eases anxieties and emotional tension and allows more insight and objectivity to help resolve issues in a calm, centered manner. This remedy is a powerful cleanser of the meridians, so it can be used with acupuncture.

  Borage - Easing Grief and Heavy-Heartedness  

Borage is for people who feel sad, heavy-hearted or grief-stricken. This remedy increases the courage to face difficult circumstances, chases away sorrow and restores happiness and optimism.

  Butterfly Iris - Coordinating Creative Inspiration in Group Endeavors  

Butterfly Iris (Dietes iridioides) distinguishes itself from the true iris by growing in a large, round clump with many small iris flowers that last only for a day. All bushes, for miles around, bloom together and then stop in unison, just to begin blooming again simultaneously. This essence has all the creative inspiration of Iris flower essence, giving the added ability to work harmoniously in groups. Butterfly Iris heightens and aligns the creative energy for collaborations, meetings, gatherings, and conferences. It's valuable when the people collaborating are in different cities, states or countries and are using the Internet or telephone to realize creative projects together. Another interesting asset that this essence bestows is the ability to attune and align to current trends in society and the world.

  Butterfly Rose - Soul Travel & Sublime Creativity  

The blooms of Rosa chinensis mutabilis, or Butterfly Rose, float enchantingly above the greenery, bobbing in the breezes. As they mature, the flowers change from copper-yellow to pink to crimson, looking a bit like many-colored butterflies. As an essence, this rose lifts one's consciousness beyond the physical plane into higher realms of creativity and experience. It enhances sublime artistic expression, extraordinary dream states, astral projection, and foremost, soul travel. The physical body relaxes to more easily attain these higher realms. This essence also spiritualizes sexuality supporting experiences of mystical union.

  Cacao - Sensitivity/Psychic Abilities/Chocolate Cravings  

Cacao, the chocolate plant, a favorite of the world, has a unique, benevolent effect as a flower essence. It increases general sensitivity. When we improve our sensitivity, we can better feel, intuit, empathize with, and psychically understand people and situations. Also sensitivity is an important component of both love and sexual intimacy. To tune in to the feeling of things, people need to be relaxed and unclouded. And Cacao does just that, by both reducing stress and improving mental clarity. Also as an aside, it helps to allay addictive chocolate cravings. It's a valuable adjunct for those in the helping and healing professions, and for people who want to better attune together for common goals or better relationships. This remedy can benefit anyone who wants to be more caring, sensitive, intuitive, or psychic and be able to more clearly read, comprehend or aid people, relationships or circumstances.

  California Buckeye - Peace of Mind/Higher Inspiration/Beyond Thought  

California Buckeye is a horse chestnut in the same genus Aesculus as Dr Edward Bach's flower remedies White Chestnut and Red Chestnut. As such, California Buckeye is very similar to White Chestnut. It clears excessive worry, negative circular obsessive thoughts, and unwanted internal mental arguments or conversations that go round and round in the mind. These states can interfere with one's mental clarity and inner peace. This flower essence calms and brings peace to the mind and mental processes so one can pay heed to one's intuition, hear the still inner voice, and attune to the higher self to receive answers to one's problems or issues. It quiets constant mental activity, sometimes called the monkey mind, and the associated beta brain waves, to access the higher mind to receive inspiration, new ideas and solutions. It is outstanding for problem-solving, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and to aid sleep if thoughts keep one awake. It can also be of help for improving the vision, where one is not looking at or paying attention to one's surroundings because of over-thinking.

  California Peony - Releasing Facades, Being Real  

California Peony is invaluable for the shedding of masks, fronts, facades, defenses, pretense, and false personas that plague humanity. It also helps stop people from being reactive to and annoyed by others' facades. People can face things more realistically and communicate more honestly. There is a sense of relief and relaxation in being more real, along with a realization of the extra energy it has taken to keep up fronts or to react to the masks of others. California Peony works well for teenagers, for those leaving a group, or in psychotherapy to release defenses in order to liberate the authentic self.

  California Poppy - Balancing Spiritual and Psychic Growth  

California Poppy is one of the most important flower essences for our times, as more and more people are awakening to and developing their spiritual and psychic gifts. This essence offers a sense of inner balance as the psychic awareness opens. It's very beneficial to use for six months or more, to help release and properly integrate psychic and spiritual abilities.

  California Snowdrop Bush - Overburdened by Life, Restoring Spiritual Peace & Lightness  

California Snowdrop Bush is helpful when feeling out of touch with one's spiritual nature or the spiritual realms. This essence strengthens the connection between one's spiritual essence and human self, restoring a sense of unity, spiritual peace, and unconditional love. When feeling overburdened by life's problems, irritated by people's idiosyncrasies, or weary of living in the density of the third dimension, California Snowdrop offers a lightness of being. People remember that they're spiritual beings having a human experience. They can pause and commune with the spiritual and angelic realms to be replenished and uplifted. Use with prayer work, meditation, or with death and dying, and for extreme stress.

  Cantu - Kindling Joy, Ecstasy, Happiness, and Serendipity  

Cantu, the national flower of both Peru and Bolivia, is considered to be imbued with the attributes of the hummingbird. As a flower essence, Cantu powerfully opens and frees the heart and expression, enhancing joy, happiness, harmony, ecstasy and serendipity. It also improves flexibility and movement in the body. It works magic for dancing, traveling, relationships, and marriage. It's immensely helpful for depression, addiction recovery and chronic or terminal illness. Let the inner child play!

  Carrot - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision  

Carrot eases over-mental activity, over-intellectualizing, and uncertainty about one's spiritual philosophy. When one over-thinks and over-focuses on small details, one loses the ability to access one's spiritual aspects and to see the bigger picture. This essence calms the mental body and stimulates the pituitary, pineal, and the spiritual aspects of oneself to increase clarity of thought, attune to the higher self and higher information, and make decisions from a spiritual perspective. The eyes become weakened through being over-mental as one is distracted from looking at or paying attention to the environment. By quieting the mind, one can use the eyes properly and then vision can improve. Works well with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Clematis, or Eyebright to support eyesight.

  Chamomile - State of Calm and Harmony  

Chamomile has for centuries been used as a tea to promote relaxation. As a flower essence, it calms the mind, emotions, and nervous system. It encourages a relaxed harmonious state, improving the ability to study, meditate, or sleep. If emotions run high or there is conflict, chamomile will quickly bring peace and harmony to the situation.

  Chocolate Lily - Constriction in Creativity, Sensuality, or the Belly  

Chocolate Lily is a delightful little plant with chocolaty brown bells hanging close to the ground. This essence releases constrictions in the lower abdomen and associated organs and glands, such as the intestines or sexual organs. At times emotional tensions may surface while using this remedy. Chocolate lily liberates highly inspired creative states, permits greater sensuality and relaxes the belly.

  Chokecherry - Clarity & Illumination  

Chokecherry bushes glow from afar on hillsides with their prolific white and gold flower clusters. The flower essence quickly clears, clarifies and illuminates any muddle, confusion, relationship problem, or passage through darkness. It immediately sheds the light of higher consciousness on any situation or issue to improve clarity and understanding. It speedily removes debris from the breaking up of old or negative thought forms. At the end of cycles, it can be used to more easily and rapidly release the last of outworn habits, beliefs, or perceptions. Then one can move more smoothly into the new ways of being, acting, and perceiving in life. Take it alone when the need arises or in combination with other remedies to support transformation and elucidation.

  Chrysanthemum - Objectivity and Mental/Emotional Balance  

Chrysanthemum balances the emotional and mental aspects of people so that they can be more objective and calm. This remedy will help individuals be more emotional or mental according to what the situation calls for. It calms highly charged emotional states such as irritation, depression, or agitation promoting a calm objective point of view.

  Cobra Lily - Left-Right Side Imbalances in the Body  

Cobra Lily (Chasmanthe) has the marvelous ability to clear blockages when there are differences between the left and right sides of the body. This essence relaxes muscular tension and restores balance to meridians and energies on the affected side of the body, whatever the reason. It clears any emotional state related to these left-right splits. This is a wonderful adjunct for bodywork, chiropractic, acupuncture and related healing modalities, easing such issues as scoliosis, shoulder or hip displacement on one side, or pain or tension on one side more than the other.

  Coffee - Acumen/Quick Decision Making/Better Motor Response  

Coffee flower remedy offers a number of benefits similar to the coffee beverage but without the physical irritation. It helps us to make quick decisions by relieving indecisiveness and over-analyzing. Also it powerfully enhances our mental acumen or acuity, as well as improving our motor nerve responses. If a person is cutting back on drinking coffee, it eases the side effects, such as headache, body aches, and fatigue. There are many ways that coffee essence may assist us - making quick decisions, taking fast decisive action, studying for exams, taking timed tests, using for competitions and contests, and thinking on our feet, such as with driving, bicycling, sports, refereeing, surfing, supervising children, and even dancing. It's good to have on hand!

  Comfrey - Coordinating Muscular and Nervous Systems, For Exercise and Bodywork  

Comfrey is an exceptional tonic for the brain and nervous system. It relaxes tension in both the muscular system and nervous system, and improves coordination between the two. As a result, yoga, chi gong, and any kind of sport or exercise are promoted. This essence also enhances the effectiveness of chiropractic, physical and massage therapy, and other bodywork modalities.

  Corn - Calm amid Crowded Conditions, Cities, Traffic, Classrooms  

Corn helps individuals establish a connection to the earth so that they feel stable and rooted in crowded conditions. This essence improves objectivity and brings a sense of calm in the middle of the fray, in cities, traffic, crowds, classrooms, exams, gatherings, and even for conditions in which the body is congested by cancer cells. People can remain centered and peaceful as they move through any crowded situation, and continue to perform at their best.

  Cosmos - Confident Speaking & Communicating/Debating Objectively  

Cosmos helps one be composed before speaking or starting any creative endeavor. It opens the heart so one communicates with confidence. It is especially helpful for shy and introverted people, and for actors, speakers, teachers, writers, and those in leadership positions. One can debate issues clearly and objectively while being respectful of the other person's point of view.

  Cottonwood Fluff - Soothing Stress and Psychosomatic Symptoms  

Cottonwood trees send off their seeds surrounded by fluff that floats about in the air. The white fluff gathers on the ground like snow where birds collect it to line their nests. This essence soothes and comforts, eases psychosomatic symptoms, and can be universally added to remedy combination to ease emotional and mental tension and psychosomatic stress, such as headache, high blood pressure or irritable bowel syndrome.

  Daffodil - Attuned to Inner Guidance and Higher Self amid Activity  

Daffodil distinguishes itself from other similar remedies that increase attunement to the higher self and inner guidance. It differs by permitting people to clearly hear the inner voice even when they're in the midst of activity. With other similar essences, people need to quiet themselves and go inside to tune into the inner help. Daffodil lets the higher thoughts to come through even while the mind is busy, improving clarity of thought. As a result, this essence is one of the most important for today's world, and for active people who don't have or make the time to relax and go within. It relaxes stress, mental tension and over-active thought processes to allow the inner guidance to reach the mind even while one is talking, working, driving, caring for children or taking exams.

  Dahlia - Easing Extreme Emotional Stress, Restoring Optimism and Resiliency  

Dahlia is another very important flower essence for today's world, given the tremendous emotional pressure in the workplace, in relationships, in financial situations, and at school. This remedy improves emotional resiliency and stamina, as well as stimulating positive feelings of faith, optimism, and confidence. It helps overly logical people integrate their emotions.

  Dandelion - Relaxing Mental and Muscle Tension  

Dandelion is quite effective for relaxing mental stress, muscle tension, and chronic body armor. To induce mental and muscular relaxation, use this essence in baths, with massage, as a liniment, or before meditation or sleep.

  Date Palm - DNA Energetics & Longevity  

Date palm is a simple yet powerful flower essence to increase the distribution of the life force into all the cells of the body. It rejuvenates the energetics of DNA and RNA to enhance longevity and reduce the fear of aging. It is most helpful to use in combination with similar flower essences, gem elixirs and preparations, like Giant Dutchman's Pipe, Shattuckite and Variscite.

  Desert Plume - Better Sense of Individuality, Manifesting More Effectively  

Desert Plume is visible from a great distance, with three-to-five foot bright yellow flower stocks rising above the desert. This essence develops a better sense of individuality, one that is confident and effective in the world. It is those who feel invisible, insecure, unworthy, or unable to take a stand for themselves or their ideas and gifts. Desert Plume increases motivation, self-esteem, self-assertion, and charisma for moving out into the world and manifesting goals and desires. Use it with affirmations, visualizations, and other manifestation techniques to increase their effectiveness.

  Easter Egg Bush - Positive Outlook & Transformation in Challenges and Upheavals  

This Australian bush appears after wildfires and is so named for the profusion of oval-shaped buds and flowers that emerge in orange, yellow, pink and violet. Easter Egg Bush is an extremely powerful remedy for transformation, especially for life's challenges, catastrophes, and disasters, which lead to fear, anxiety, discouragement, depression, worry, or overwhelming negative outlooks one can't shake. It elevates, balances, and harmonizes the mood and attitude, resurrecting optimism, faith, joy, love, and trust to face and find solutions for the present and future. For those doing spiritual practices to clear negative emotional/mental patterns and habits, this remedy powerfully quickens transformation. It is also a potent amplifier and enhancer of other remedies and formulas, but is best used as a single in its own bottle along side them. Use as a superb support for the current upheavals in the world situation to face the uncertainty and challenges with renewed faith, trust, optimism and confidence.

  Easter Lily - Union with Source/Oneness/Divine Nature  

Easter Lily attunes people to the uppermost reaches of their spiritual nature, as can be experienced in a physical body. It enables them to embrace the highest level of consciousness, the purity of soul that is in ever-communion and union with Source, the Infinite, and the all-inclusive Oneness of All. The crown chakra and twelfth chakra above the head open and align with the brow center while the spiritual and soul bodies are stimulated and aligned. This essence allows us to let go of our individuality and our egos and rest, renew and recharge in the complete peace, light, and bliss of pure Cosmic Awareness. We receive the gift of previewing our Enlightenment. We can use this flower essence to lift the heavy load of living when we're feeling burdened by life's troubles, trials, and tribulations. It is splendid for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practice, for use in meditation and prayer groups, or anytime people want to remember and experience their true elevated nature. We are all connected.

  Elderberry - Accessing Spiritual Light, Protection and Guidance  

Elderberry powerfully attunes and connects people to the spiritual light within them. This essence greatly strengthens and protects the energy field, healing any holes in the aura. People are able to access, embrace and receive guidance from the spiritual light within during states of siege, extraordinary stress, harrowing experiences, or when feeling attacked by dark or sinister forces. It can be atomized around the room and body or put into a bath.

  Eyebright - Potent Spiritual Perception/Clairvoyance, Psychic Abilities  

Eyebright is an extremely powerful essence that clarifies and spiritualizes the point of view while at the same time clears old emotional or mental issues from childhood or past lives that block perception of these higher levels of reality. It stimulates the brow and crown centers and aligns the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul bodies. Gifts that may come forward are clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition, telepathy, inner visions, lucid dreaming, clarified spiritual identity, and sensing auras and chakras in oneself and others. It also has a beneficial influence on eyesight. Eyebright is an outstanding flower essence for meditation, psychic diagnosis, psychic healers and practitioners, or anyone desiring to perceive the higher/spiritual levels of reality in oneself, in others, and in one's daily life. Good with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Carrot, Clematis, or White Chestnut, for better vision.

  Fairy Lantern - Adult/Inner Child Balance & Nature Attunement  

Fairy Lantern helps to create a healthy accord between the adult and inner child aspects of self. It works for adults who don't want to grow up, or for those who have lost touch with their inner child. Over-strict upbringing and past abuse or trauma can create this split to either side. Fairy Lantern balances the adult powers of being responsible, independent, skillful and knowledgeable, with the inner child gifts of being joyful, playful, spontaneous, and fun-loving. Another use for this essence is increasing attunement to nature, nature spirits, fairies, the little people, and the devic kingdom. Anyone who works with nature or plant energies, like gardeners, herbalists, flower essence practitioners, or aromatherapists, can receive more accurate information and enjoy the communion. This essence enhances appreciation of nature's spiritual beauty. A most delightful and versatile remedy!

  Four O' Clock - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention  

Four O' Clock, which grows in California's coastal hills, has bright red-violet flowers that open in the late afternoon and close the next morning. The essence helps people get in touch with their higher purpose and aids its actualization. It clears feeling aimless, insecure, frustrated, dissatisfied, unmotivated, or uninspired, states which prevent the achievement of goals and intentions. There comes a heightened sense of purpose and greater creative expression, self-confidence and motivation to fulfill goals and intentions.

  Garlic - Release Hidden or Obvious Fears/Anger with Increased Objectivity  

Garlic has been used for thousands of years as a condiment, insect repellent, immune support, and a way to ward off negative energies. As a flower essence, Garlic is a valuable universal remedy to clear all kinds of fear and anger, whether hidden or obvious. It allows people to become relaxed and mentally and emotionally objective in order to release anxiety, paranoia, stage fright, resentment, hostility, impatience and the like. Even if a person is afraid to let go of fears or anger still buried, Garlic flower essence gradually removes any insecurity so they can be faced and processed in a calm detached manner. The many layers of the garlic bulb signify its ability to quarry negative states and dispel them. Use this essence liberally for any type of fearful or angry state. Excellent in psychotherapy, ego clearing, negative thought form release, and spiritual work.

  Giant Dutchman's Pipe - Create the Light Body  

This is a vigorous attractive vine with giant flowers 8 inches long. The flower essence raises the vibrational rate of the physical body, helping to develop the light body. The light body is a grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy, and electromagnetically links the multidimensional self with the infinite universe. As we continue to clear, heal and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the body, cells and DNA are able to hold more light, to increase the vibration. The essence of Giant Dutchman's Pipe supports this process, improving conscious access to the higher dimensions while filling the body, cells and DNA with life force. It eases Ascension symptoms, and aids those who want to move toward vegetarianism in a gradual natural manner. It can also ease chronic dis-ease states, addictions, and psychosomatic symptoms. This essence synergizes with the formula MultiDimensional Self. Check out the Light Body formula as well.

  Giant Snail Vine - Spiritual Development and Unfolding  

Giant Snail Vine is a delight to behold, with flower buds coiled like brown snails that unfold into pale purple twisted pea flowers. This flower essence activates and develops spiritual awareness. It helps those who are new to the spiritual path and first becoming aware of their spiritual nature, so that they can explore the meaning of spirituality and discover their own spiritual path and expression. It improves receptivity and sensitivity to spiritual ideas and centers people as their spirituality unfolds. This essence works well for children.

  Golden Chalice Vine - Welcome/Use Creative, Healing & Spiritual Energies  

Golden Chalice Vine has large, deeply-cupped yellow gold flowers. As a flower essence, it creates a deep, open, relaxed receptivity to higher spiritual energies of love, light, vision, inspiration, imagination and healing. One's vibration is immediately raised to feel, receive, allow and hold these higher frequencies and direct them into something good and tangible. They can be used to make life easier, lighter, more creative and more inspired. Being completely universal, this essence can be used to enhance meditation, innovation, channeling, spiritual practice, creative arts, or hands-on-healing, and to link to Source, Guru, angels, inner guides, and Divine Grace. One's intention decides what is received and how this blessed downpour is utilized. It works well when feeling blocked or cut off from higher inspiration of any kind or for any reason. It opens and aligns the third, brow and crown chakras while stimulating and aligning the etheric and spiritual bodies. Bring Heaven to Earth. Use with other remedies to target the results. Wonderful with Golden Fuchsia and Pride of Madeira.

  Golden Fuchsia - Access Inspired Information and Actualize for Endeavors  

Golden Fuchsia (Deppea splendens), a rare delicate tree-like shrub from the cloud forest, allures with dangling clusters of claret-capped golden trumpet flowers. As a flower essence, it blends a rare combination of abilities: accessing higher guidance along with the persistence and ability to actualize and manifest that which is received. With projects, creative endeavors, visions, dreams, desires, or goals, one is more able draw down the needed inspired information and then become energized and persistent to complete, actualize and manifest them. This is excellent support for procrastination, doing school work, writing papers and books, doing art projects, or completing things with a deadline. Use with other remedies that attune one to inner guidance, or improve creativity and manifestation. Outstanding with Golden Chalice Vine and Pride of Madeira.

  Golden Yarrow - Protection from Thoughts and Systems of Beliefs of Others or of Society  

Golden Yarrow helps those people who are sensitized to the thoughts and beliefs of others, the group, or society. In the face of these thought systems, such people either imitate or withdraw from them. Because of an energetic vulnerability, they have lost their ability to stand for their own belief systems. This essence strengthens the energy field, especially where thought is concerned. People can create "belief boundaries," to trust their own systems of thought and stand for and express them even though differing systems of thought may be present. Useful for weak-willed people, original thinkers, and people at the forefront of ideas. Use as a spray to atomize about the room or body.

  Grapefruit - Tension in the Head  

Grapefruit works on imbalances of the head related to the jaw, temples, atlas, cranial plates, and any associated muscles. More blood comes into the head region to support the hair, face, and complexion. It is an excellent adjunct with chiropractic, osteopathic, massage, and cranial-sacral work, to help realign the atlas, cranial plates, and jaw line or alleviate headaches or TMJ.

  Green Rose - Balanced Expansion of Psychic Abilities and Healing  

Green Rose helps to enhance psychic abilities and the healing power of the hands. It is especially useful if there are emotions connected with the unfolding, such as being afraid of perceiving or trying to repress these experiences. There may be psychosomatic symptoms associated with such avoidance, such as colitis, headaches, ulcers, night terrors, or allergies. This essence calms and balances the emotions so that psychic abilities can unfold in a natural manner.

  Heavenly Bamboo - Potent Spiritual Transformation and Acceleration  

Heavenly Bamboo is a powerful spiritual tonic, cleanser and accelerator, increasing attunement to spiritual inspiration. It activates the spiritual energies of the upper chakras and outer subtle bodies and allows these energies to move down the central channel to penetrate and align all the chakras and ground the energy into the body and personality. Alchemical in nature, it quickens the clearing of life problems, chronic patterns, karma and negative thought forms to hasten spiritual transformation. It strengthens and protects the energy field from all negativity and difficult astrological aspects. It amplifies the effects of other remedies and healing modalities and increases healing through the hands. It is an invaluable enhancement for meditation and spiritual practice.

  Henbane - Ego Death/Soul Retrieval  

Henbane is a potent aid for those dedicated and determined to clear and clean up their egos, defensive patterns and old issues for the purpose of spiritual growth or enlightenment. This is not for the faint of heart. This flower essence supports all stages of ego death to generate spiritual growth and identity with the higher/true self. Upon first taking this essence, intense old emotions, defenses, or even occluded memories may surface to be faced and released. Once uncovered, they may take some time to clear depending how deeply ingrained and unconscious they are. The entire cleansing process reseeds the personality, and then euphoria may be experienced. Some may need to take only one or two doses to activate the process, and then at a later date, may decide to repeat the course. Go carefully! Be prepared to ask for support from your helpers, healers, and guides.

  Hibiscus - Woman's Remedy: Frigidity, Sexual Repression  

Hibiscus helps those women who are sexually frigid or repressed for any reason, such as from upbringing, past abuse or exploitation. This essence clears blockages in the flow of sexual energy so sexual feelings can be experienced and enjoyed. It is useful with sex therapy and tantric exercises.

  Hummingbird Sage - Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance in Emotional Cleansing  

Hummingbird Sage is a wonderful aid for the emotional cleansing process. It helps to balance and spiritualize the emotions while building and maintaining self-esteem and self-acceptance. It relieves the guilt and shame often experienced while facing and releasing painful emotions. Joy, humor, and uplifted feelings emerge. This is very beneficial for psychotherapy and for children who have experienced emotional trauma.

  Hyssop - Resolving Guilt  

Hyssop helps to resolve the guilt associated with mistakes or wrongdoing. It's different from Pine, which works for people who relentlessly focus on their mistakes and shortcomings, even though they're actually doing a good job. Hyssop helps those who hold onto guilt about their past actions rather than face and deal with the changes they need to make. This essence helps people honestly confront their actions and make positive shifts in their personalities. It's useful with prison reform, teenagers, children, and anyone feeling guilt-ridden over past errors.

  Iris - Sparking Artistic and Creative Inspiration  

Iris helps those of an artistic inclination who feel frustrated, uninspired or inadequate regarding their work. This flower essence activates the right brain and stimulates creative inspiration for any of the arts, including dance, music, painting, and sculpting. It also aids in the release of hidden artistic talents.

  Ivy Geranium - Mood Enhancer, Anti-Depressant, Seeing the Upside  

Ivy Geranium is a simple enhancer for one's mood. It lets people see the bright side, the upside of life, and the good in something or someone. Gloomy, sad, unhappy people who look at the negative or downside of life, events or others can reclaim optimism and a positive point of view. As an ant-depressant, this essence is quite useful in times of stress, dieting, or addiction recovery, as when quitting cigarettes, alcohol, or recreational drugs, when serotonin levels temporarily decrease.

  Jacaranda - Receiving and Expressing Inspired Thoughts and Wisdom  

Jacaranda tree lavishes upon the world a most pleasing profusion of lavender-purple flowers. The flower essence helps people hear higher thoughts and wisdom and bring them into expression. It clears idle chatter of the mind and develops greater appreciation for inner guidance. Use it for meditation, to develop clairaudience, and to improve the ability to receive spiritual concepts and information from guides and higher self. It stimulates the ability to express and communicate, so it's valuable for speaking, writing and channeling higher wisdom and inspiration.

  Jade Plant - Increase Life Force & Healing/Transform Blueprint & DNA  

Jade Plant is a beautiful succulent with plump, oval, jade green leaves and white to blush pink clustered star flowers. As a flower essence, it greatly strengthens and distributes the life force throughout the body stimulating general healing, longevity and age reversal. It restores the original etheric blueprint and raises the frequency of the body to encourage and quicken mitosis, DNA repair, positive DNA transformation, and organ and glandular balance. Use it in combination with other remedies to support healing, health, longevity and transformation of the body and DNA, such as Purple Scallops, Tree Mallow, Agave, and Asphodel and the Vibrant Health Formula.

  Jimson Weed - Advancing Dreams, Meditation, and Mantras  

Jimson Weed (Datura) is a powerful aid to stimulate dreams and the dream state. It augments the ability to hear inner guidance, enhances inner sound meditation and improves meditation in general. Use it with chants, affirmations and mantras to increase their power and effectiveness.

  Joshua Tree - Break Free of Family & Cultural Patterns/True Self-Identity  

Joshua Tree helps people break free from the dysfunction of family, generational, religious or cultural patterns, such as alcoholism, addiction, gambling, depression, violence, rigid beliefs or hereditary illnesses. This also includes the loss of their individual identity or freedom because of lack of insight regarding these familial and cultural influences. This flower essence helps to establish a true self-identity filled with courage and inner strength as well as being able to express a vibrant healthy individuality, beyond family and cultural conditioning. With this new freedom, people are able to gain more compassion and a better understanding about their history, heritage, and familial and cultural roots. Works well with Pineapple Lily.

  Large-Flowered Phacelia - Despair or Hopelessness over Challenges or World Events  

Large-Flowered Phacelia blooms profusely on California mountainsides after wildfires. In the spring, whole burned hillsides are covered with masses of round, two-inch, deep lavender flowers. This flower essence works for being overcome by hopelessness, despair, depression, or pessimism in the face of life's great challenges, disasters, world events, or circumstances. It buoys the heart and brings forth a larger, more uplifted perspective, enabling better understanding, problem solving, and transformation in the midst of change. More positive and optimistic feelings like hope, faith and a sense of higher purpose are revived, while dream states, intuition, and inner guidance improve. This is an excellent remedy for today's world of uncertainty and upheaval, to help steer people to new solutions and larger perspectives with faith, hope, and optimism for the future.

  Larkspur - Positive Attitude, Cooperation, Leadership Skills  

Larkspur (Delphinium) is a universal balancer for people, and also as a balancer for remedy combinations. It creates a positive mental attitude, increasing charisma, courtesy, altruism, cooperation, enthusiasm, and humor. It develops leadership abilities, helping to inspire others without being domineering or aggrandizing.

  Lemon - Stimulating Left Brain, Mental Clarity, Math and Computer Skills  

Lemon is an excellent remedy to stimulate mental activity and the left brain. When there are mental blocks, an inability to think or link up issues clearly, or a tendency to be more right brained and dreamy, this essence will boost mental clarity and focus. It bolsters analytical skills, math skills, computer skills, studying for exams or doing paperwork or taxes.

  Lewisia - Grounding Expansive Spiritual Inspiration and Experience  

Lewisia profoundly expands psychic sensitivity, spiritual awareness, and the experience of spiritual light flowing into the consciousness, and into the heart and body. People are better able to discern and understand the different subtle energies. This essence balances intense psychic growth with being grounded and feeling love and compassion. It can be used in a number of ways: to expand cosmic and psychic awareness; to balance spiritual abilities and experiences with love and compassion; to enjoy more unified experiences with nature, plants and animals; and to stay grounded and use these spiritual and psychic gifts in practical ways to serve humanity. Indigo, crystalline and starseed children/adults will find this essence invaluable to help them feel grounded on the planet, compassionate toward others, and guided by a sense of purpose on Earth.

  Lilac - Spinal Support and Alignment, Balanced Kundalini Release  

Lilac is a wonderful remedy for the spine and for proper kundalini release along the spine. It relaxes the muscles along the spine and aligns the vertebrae, and as the kundalini moves, all the chakras are penetrated and opened. This essence is outstanding for massage, bodywork, chiropractic and osteopathic treatments, and any spinal problems or degeneration.

  Live Forever - Receiving Clear Organized Inner Guidance  

Live Forever (Dudleya) is a wild succulent that often grows on rocky outcrops. It imparts strength to the body and aligns the body, mind and spirit. It is superb for receiving inner guidance in a clear and organized fashion while focusing the attention inwardly. It temporarily suspends emotional confusion or personal beliefs that can interfere with accurate reception. Use it to get answers from within, to deepen meditation and to create more clarity during conscious channeling.

  Loosestrife - Grounded Practical Spirituality/Manifesting  

Loosestrife helps those who are focused on their spiritual nature and higher ideals, such as through meditation, spiritual study or spiritual practices, but their pragmatic side is languishing a bit. They may be daydreamers, escapists, spacey and ungrounded, or unable to handle or focus the practical areas of life, such as making ends meet. This flower essence helps to open and align the lower centers with the upper centers to increase being grounded and able focus on the practical concerns of life, such as making money, paying bills, and applying spiritual inspiration. Works well with Numerology 8, Numerology 44, Desert Plume, Clematis, and the Abundance Attitude, Quantum Achievement, and Quantum Creation Formulas.

  Lotus - Spiritual Alchemy  

Lotus is considered a master healer and is the grandest of spiritual tonics, enhancing, harmonizing, and transforming whatever it contacts. It activates the spiritual qualities in individuals and aligns these qualities with the rest of the personality and chakras. The essence stimulates higher wisdom, psychic abilities, and creative visualization, and helps to resolve painful emotions. When added to other combinations, whether of essences, elixirs, herbs, or aromatherapy, it boosts and balances their effects. Excellent for meditation and spiritual practice.

  Luculia - Compassion & Forgiveness  

This small beautiful tree with scented pink tubular flowers, is native to the Himalayas. It is a master flower essence to open to the divine heart and increase unconditional love, greatly easing anger and resentment. It brings forth forgiveness for both oneself and others and fosters compassion and kindness toward self and all. This is a wonderful treatment to advance spiritual growth, and to bring further clarity and enhancement to psychic and spiritual gifts and readings.

  Madia - Completing Projects  

Madia, a small yellow daisy-like wild flower, helps those who stall on projects and have difficulty completing them. Such people begin undertakings with great enthusiasm but then fade out as the endeavor continues, through loss of confidence or getting lost in working out the details. This essence improves focus, persistence and perseverance to finish what has been started.

  Madrone - Universal Wisdom & Harmony  

Madrone is a beautiful tree with glossy dark green leaves and white urn-shaped flowers that contrast nicely with its rich reddish bark. The flower essence gives us access to universal wisdom, aligned with the heart. This understanding doesn't come through the mental body or in words, but as a direct experience accompanied by deep peace and divine presence. There is a sense of connection and harmony with all living beings. It's of great benefit for all problem solving and relationship concerns. Meditation is deep and full with easy contact to the Source of All. One is able to take everyone and everything into consideration to find the highest truth for situations. Consider applying it with ecology, farming, working with people in any situation or profession, social action for the Planet, or in personal spiritual practice. Use it often and liberally.

  Mariposa Lily - Feeling Unloved, Unlovable or Alienated from Others  

Mariposa Lily is focused around feeling unloved or unlovable, feeling abandoned or alienated by family members or other people, or feeling unable to emotionally connect to others. Oftentimes these feelings stem from unhappy childhood experiences such as birth trauma, parental abuse or neglect, or extended hospital stays. Other incidences may include betrayal by or loss of a loved one. Those suffering from these wounds have survived by blocking heartbreak or emotional pain. This essence heals the heart and awakens positive feelings. It allows people to appreciate and emotionally bond with others and take pleasure in human company again. Mariposa Lily gives splendid support for parent-child bonding, rebirthing, psychotherapy, and addiction recovery.

  Meadow Rue - Heightening Male/Female Attributes and Yin/Yang Principles  

Meadow Rue, a graceful and fernlike plant, has male flowers on one plant and female flowers on the other. The male flower essence accentuates all masculine characteristics and the yang qualities, as known in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It increases strength, assertiveness, and action. When people lack initiative or self-assertion, are dreamy or withdrawn, or unable to stand up for themselves, a need for the male essence is indicated. In Chinese medicine, look for an over-predominance of yin or deficient yang. The female flower essence accentuates all feminine characteristics and the yin qualities. When people lack gentleness or sensitivity toward others or are unable to relax, sleep, or nurture themselves or others, a need for the female essence is indicated. In Chinese medicine, look for an over-predominance of yang or deficient yin. These remedies are very effective balancing agents when used to ease deficits in masculine and feminine attributes or in yin and yang polarities. Use them together to balance both male and female traits and the yin and yang energies in the body. Both essences increase the flow of the energies along the spine and encourage good posture.

  Milkmaids - An Open Loving Nature/Healing the Emotional Heart  

Milkmaids, a sweet enchanting little flower, glows brightly in the moist shady banks of Oak Woodlands. It uplifts our hearts, improving acceptance and self-esteem. Gently it heals emotional trauma to the heart, removing grief, anger, and judgments, while restoring an open, loving nature. Excellent for children, parents, relationship difficulties, divorce, loss, inner child work and psychotherapy, it works well with Borage, Mariposa Lily or Rose Cactus.

  Moreton Bay Fig - Subconscious Blocks, Acumen, Creation, Mind over Matter  

Moreton Bay Fig is a large Australian tree best known for its imposing buttress roots, which meander away from the sides of the trunk, adding support to its broad canopy. Like all fig trees, the flowering parts are hidden inside green, olive-shaped buds. A tiny wasp burrows within and fertilizes them, and then they swell, becoming the succulent fruits. This Essence, most significantly, clears hidden fears and blockages in the subconscious mind. Through confronting and releasing these issues, we're able to access confidence, acumen, mental clarity, and understanding. Higher psychic powers, such as visions, clairvoyance and telepathy, develop. Creative visualization, harmony in relationships, and the ability to create one's life and health, all improve. We're being better able to handle life's complexities. Moreton Bay Fig Essence bears an alchemical quality, granting the power of mind over matter, the ability to clearly and cleanly conceive and create. It works well with biofeedback, psychotherapy, and Shadow clearing. Please use it carefully and wisely.

  Morning Glory - Nervous Habits  

Morning Glory is a tonic for the nervous system that helps to steady the nerves. When individuals are nervous and jittery with habits like scratching, nail biting, leg shaking, or teeth grinding, this essence calms the nervousness and helps them break these habits. Morning Glory is helpful for the irritation and jitteriness people experience while giving up smoking cigarettes.

  Moth Mullein - Creative Power from Start to Finish  

Moth Mullein works to overcome lethargy, procrastination, or difficulty completing projects or endeavors. This remedy powerfully stimulates the creative spark, motivation, focus, and the ability to initiate and complete undertakings. Use it with intention and goal setting and with endeavors already under way.

  Mountain Mahogany - Conduct High Spiritual Energies into Action & Form  

Mountain Mahogany powerfully conducts and translates the energies of cosmic awareness into the manifest form. These energies promote action and activities based on the Spirit within, not the ego. And they also help to actualize a physical body with a higher frequency. Procrastination and sluggishness dissipate. For those who don't feel at home because they come from higher dimensions or enlightened civilizations, the increased frequencies in the body help them feel more comfortable in the human form. This flower essence aligns the sixth and seventh chakras with the five above the head as well as the first chakra. It also stimulates the etheric body. Use this with the ascension and enlightenment process. Excellent with Purple Scallops, Jade Plant, Asphodel, and Acanthus, and the Ascension and Illumination Formulas.

  Mugwort - Dream Work, Psychic Abilities  

Mugwort has been traditionally used in herb pillows to stimulate dreams. This essence greatly assists one in contacting and clarifying the dimension of dreams. It helps people remember their dreams and gain insight into them, and heed their messages to improve every day life and personal growth. Psychic faculties, including telepathy, are awakened, and the brain cells are invigorated, increasing the IQ and generally aiding brain function.

  Naked Ladies Lily - Self-Consciousness, Fear of Rejection  

Naked Ladies Lily (Amaryllis belladonna) helps those who are self-conscious about their appearance or performance. With high standards they cannot meet, such people fear rejection above all else. They expect to be rejected, as they have first rejected themselves. This essence helps people find and enjoy the beauty and goodness that they possess. It improves self-acceptance and feelings of worthiness. Naked Ladies Lily is useful for bulimic and anorexic conditions and for models, actors, performers, and salespeople.

  Nutmeg - Higher Self, Self-Integration, Life Mission, Past & Future Lives  

Nutmeg is the seed of a tree native to the Moluccas, the Spice Islands, of Indonesia. The flowers, small white orbs, represent wholeness, unity, and the soul level. Nutmeg is a major Flower Essence for attuning to the Higher Self. It accelerates our vibration and increases the capacity to remember and draw wisdom from past and future lives. Great inventors, such as Edison and Tesla, had this ability. Young people, Star seeds and Wanderers, unsure or indecisive about their careers or missions, can receive guidance from their souls. Fractures in the personality can mend and reintegrate. Nutmeg Essence brings forth information and dormant gifts from past or future incarnations to help us improve, prosper and expand. It is excellent for meditation, and with past life regression, future life progression, or Dolores Cannon's QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Training), linked here

  Onion - Purge Emotional Debris to Access True Self, Clarity, Positive Outlook  

Onion has become a worldwide culinary favorite with important medicinal and nutritive virtues. As a flower essence, Onion can be universally applied to purge and alleviate emotional states and debris, both those associated with tears as well as those that need to be processed step by step, layer by layer. Look to the parts of the personality that are undisciplined, illogical or irrational, or feel blocked, stuck or defended. Onion flower essence strips away the barriers to access the true inner self and bring forth clarity, patience and a more positive emotional outlook on life. Use in psychotherapy, rebirthing, ego clearing, negative thought form release, and spiritual work.

  Oregon Grape - From Mistrust & Hostile Projection to Trust & Loving Inclusion  

Oregon Grape is an attractive evergreen shrub with shiny spiny leaflets and dense clusters of gold yellow flowers which are followed by bluish black berries. The flower essence clears distrust of others, that's coupled with hostile projections and paranoid or defensive behavior. Thoughts are congested with irrational ideas of what others are thinking, and may include internal arguments or suspicious imaginings. Oregon Grape opens the heart, helping people to let go of mistrust and reel in untrue projections. It fosters loving inclusion, being able to warm up to people to trust again and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Most of us experience this at one time or another or in a certain part of our personality. It is a good remedy to open our hearts and foster mental clarity, so we can perceive and embrace the goodness of those around us. Very helpful for abuse victims and survivors.

  Oval-Leaf Buckwheat - Withdrawn from People, Group Harmony  

Oval-Leaf Buckwheat (Eriogonum) forms dense mats of soft gray green leaves with round masses of white to pink flowers. The flower essence helps those who withdraw, set themselves apart, or feel isolated from other people as a protective mechanism. There may be fear, criticalness, or past trauma. It improves self-esteem and unconditional love, helping people discover what there is to share in common and so live harmoniously together and enjoy a feeling of closeness in family, group, or community.

  Owl's Clover - Boredom, Self-Discovery, and Spontaneity  

Owl's Clover is an adorable plant with small white spots nestled in dense magenta spikes. On closer inspection, a surprise is waiting: the white spots are little flowers that look like owls. This essence helps those who are bored with their lives, stuck in a rut, and don't believe they have anything more to offer. They mechanically go about living doing the same routine, thinking that is all there is to life. Owl's Clover awakens people to the joy of self-discovery and spontaneity. Sometimes a bright dream or a serendipitous happening comes to guide them to their next step or new path of fulfillment. This new discovery rekindles joy, enthusiasm, and happiness for living, and lets such people break free from boring, worn-out habits.

  Peach - Universal Healing Amplifier, Better Muscle Tone  

Peach accelerates the healing effects of all forms of healing. Use it in remedy and herbal combinations to quicken their results. It protects muscles and helps them hold their tone, so it's superb for people who regularly exercise, such as athletes, bodybuilders, chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

  Pennyroyal - Psychic Protection, Clearing Obsessions, Addictions and Chronic Patterns  

Pennyroyal is one of the best remedies for strengthening the energy field. It increases protection from psychic attack, whether from negative thoughts directed from another person or from obsessing entities that stay close to the energy fields of those overusing drugs or alcohol. Use it in addiction recovery to release the addiction's hold. This essence is an invaluable aid for clearing obsessions, compulsions, and chronic patterns, when people are aware of them and are ready to let them go. Also, cleanse crystals by placing in water with added Pennyroyal essence for five minutes.

  Penstemon - Persistence in Relationship Difficulties, Clearing Sexual Inhibitions  

Penstemon helps people having difficulty with a relationship. They have become impatient, discouraged or want to withdraw from the situation because there are too many problems. This remedy increases patience, persistence, and the confidence to move through the obstacles and find resolution. It also removes sexual inhibitions so that people can become physically closer.

  Peony - Releasing Facades, Being Real  

Peony is invaluable for the shedding of masks, fronts, facades, defenses, pretense and false personas that plague humanity. It also helps stop people from being reactive to and annoyed by others' facades. People can face things more realistically and communicate more honestly. There is a sense of relief and relaxation in being more real, along with a realization of the extra energy it takes to keep up a front or to react to the masks of others. Peony works well for teenagers, when leaving a group, or in psychotherapy to release defenses in order to liberate the authentic self.

  Perilla - Enhancing Hands-on-Healing Energy  

Perilla powerfully increases the healing energy coming out of the hands. If healers have become exhausted or burned out from their work, this essence restores their energy. All health and healing practitioners who touch their clients will enjoy the enhanced energy flow: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and those who do Reiki, chiropractic, osteopathic, therapeutic touch, massage and physical therapy, or cranial-sacral work.

  Petunia - Behavioral Problems  

Petunia is useful for difficult behavioral problems in children, the elderly, and animals. They may be resistant, mischievous, hyperactive, overly logical, or stubborn. This essence helps them calmly examine and balance their priorities from a higher perspective, allowing them to reassess their behavior. They become more willing to see the validity of others' viewpoints and more able to adapt.

  Pimpernel - Harmonizing the Dream State and Kundalini Energy  

Pimpernel helps coordinate the kundalini energy as it awakens and moves along the spine during spiritual development. As painful emotions release, this essence helps to convert them into positive feelings. It helps to clear energy blockages, easing the sudden body movements from increased kundalini flow. Pimpernel also brings harmony to the dream state, improving memory retention and the ability to interpret and resolve recurring dreams and nightmares.

  Pincushion Protea - Igniting Creativity, Innovation, New Visions and Ideas  

Pincushion Protea (Leucospermum) works powerfully to break loose from limitation in visualization, creative inspiration, and problem solving. It clears rigid mindsets, restricted perceptions, and narrow visions as well as the past issues or trauma holding them in place. This essence releases the creative spark and inspires fresh visions and ideas. It is especially germane for today's world to help generate new solutions, innovations and inventions to solve the crises stalling civilization: pollution, hunger, financial upheaval, over population, and such.

  Pineapple Lily - Birthing a New Healed Paradigm for the Collective  

Pineapple Lily helps people birth a new and healed paradigm based on cooperation and co-creation, for themselves and for their relationship to others and the collective. It clears and transforms familial, cultural, national, and planetary patterns in people, those issues which bring hardship and difficulties to a group. New understanding, compassion, and methods to cooperate and increase harmony emerge along with a deep desire to express and share them with others, in the family, in the community, in the culture, or even at a global level, for the planet. People see the bigger picture, and their relationship to the whole and to the destiny of the collective. They find ways to help create a transformed paradigm based on love, harmony, healing, cooperation and unity. This is an exceptional flower essence for those with high ideals and who are involved in positive social, community, collective, and global action and change. Works well with Joshua Tree, Butterfly Iris, Cosmos, Desert Plume, Larkspur, and Pride of Madeira.

  Pink Ball Dombeya - Trust & Optimism in the Future  

This small tree has lovely large balls of pink flowers hanging like ornaments. Over-focus on what's wrong in the present often leads to worry, self-defeating attitudes, and self-fulfilling behaviors. Pink Ball essence improves optimism for the present and future. It brings peace to the emotions while easing fear, worry and anxiety. It increases confidence, faith and trust in the Divine. We are able to look forward with reasonable confidence, that events will turn out for the best. We then think and act in ways today to prepare for a brighter future. This is important now, with so much chaos and change happening at increasing rates. Stop worrying about the future. Optimism is a healthier, more potent option!

  Pink Monkeyflower - Courage to Express Feelings  

All the monkeyflowers (the genus Mimulus) work with fear while the color of their blooms allude to which kind. Dr Bach's Mimulus is yellow and gives courage and confidence to overcome mental fears. Pink Monkeyflower is for fear of feeling vulnerable to, or of being rejected for, showing or expressing one's emotions. Culturally men are often conditioned to not reveal how they feel, for fear of being ridiculed or accused of being weak. Past abuse or trauma can set up people, regardless of gender, to hide their emotional pain. And then too, people will typically hide their feelings of shame, guilt or unworthiness. At times, people put on a tough exterior to mask these fears. This essence gives courage and confidence to be emotionally honest and take emotional risks with others. It relieves the internal pressure that can come from holding back one's real feelings. People come to realize the strength there is in expressing their feelings in appropriate ways and situations.

  Pink Yarrow - Protection from Negative Emotional Energy and Emotional Enmeshment  

Pink Yarrow helps empathic and overly sympathetic people who are sensitized to the negative emotional states of others or become emotionally enmeshed in the emotional drama of others. This essence strengthens the energy field and breaks the link to any emotional confusion in the surrounding environment. It helps one to create emotional boundaries, and is especially useful for counselors, psych technicians, and those working with the mentally ill. Use as a spray to atomize about the room or body.

  Pomegranate - Woman's Remedy: Nurturing, Creativity, Sexuality  

Pomegranate is quite valuable for the issues that women face. It balances the emotions and improves the ability to be nurturing to others as well as the self. This essences helps women brings forth their creativity and embrace their sexuality. It supports the female reproductive system.

  Pride of Madeira - Stimulating Inspired Charismatic Creative Expression  

Pride of Madeira (Echium) is one of the most potent flower essences to bestow highly inspired, charismatic, and confident creative expression. It can be universally applied to provide sparkling, powerful artistic presentations and performances for writing, speaking, acting, teaching, leading, and communicating. Use to overcome writer's block, stage fright, fear of failure, or feeling uninspired, inadequate or frustrated about one's creativity or expression.

  Princess Flower - Revealing and Sharing Spiritual and Psychic Gifts  

Princess Flower bush has large vibrant purple flowers that contrast with fuzzy red buds. This flower essence increases people's insight into their higher purpose, spiritual gifts, and vision in life, and brings about a magnanimous spirit of altruism. People desire to use their special gifts to manifest harmony and goodwill in the world. Use it to clear fear or confusion related to revealing or sharing spiritual gifts and abilities. This is a wonderful aid for spiritually and psychically gifted people, and for indigo, crystalline and starseed children and adults.

  Purple Potato - Expanded Psychic Abilities  

Purple Potato's signature is threefold. First the tuber develops underground, second it has many eyes all around, and third both it and its flowers are purple. It clears the subconscious mind to give greater clarity to both the conscious and super conscious parts of oneself. Then too it opens the third eye, 6th and 7th chakras, and aligns them with the 5 chakras above the head. This helps to develop an omni-dimensional clairvoyance and ability to see into all the higher dimensions with lucidity. It works well with Butterfly Rose, and other such remedies, to clarify and expand one's psychic abilities and experiences.

  Purple Scallops - Potent Spiritual and Physical Advancement  

Purple Scallops is a succulent in the genus Kalanchoe that contains plants called “mother of thousands” because they generate little plantlets along the edges of their leaves, besides using pollination to produce seeds. Purple Scallops grows plantlets around its purple-tinged scalloped leaves, the plantlets which then drop off and root in the soil next to the mother plant. As a powerful flower essence, it encompasses both highly spiritual qualities as well as strongly physical ones. It opens and aligns all twelve chakras and all seven subtle bodies, allowing the highest spiritual energies to flow down through the central channel. It brings forward the next psycho-spiritual issue ready to be faced, released and transformed so that spiritual awareness can be advanced. Simultaneously it dramatically increases and distributes the life force energies throughout the body to transform health, glands, organs and DNA. It cleanses, stimulates, repairs and enhances at the cellular and molecular level. It encourages age reversal and longevity, an excellent tool for the ascension and enlightenment process. Use it with visualization to aid healing in body and mind. Works well with Jade Plant, Tree Mallow, Agave, Acanthus and Asphodel, and the Illumination, Ascension, and Vibrant Health Formulas.

  Purple Wings - Divine Peace in Daily Living  

Purple Wings vine has delightful blooms with two bright purple-violet bracts either side tiny flowering parts. Its essence give us a sense of peace and rest in the Source of All, allowing us to experience life and ourselves from that a Divine point of view. It frees us from the bondage of fear, worry, anxiety, or obsessing. We're able to relax and feel inner peace with the knowledge that we are ultimately safe and protected. We can go about our daily affairs more easily while keeping this mindset. Good to have on hand for stressful and challenging times. Great for meditation.

  Pussy Paws - Sensitivity, Compassion, the Soft Touch  

Pussy Paws are soft pink clusters of densely packed flowers, whose essence imparts a kind, gentle and sensitive nature; it gives the soft touch. People become more sensitive and compassionate toward others' pain, struggles or shortcomings. People who have become hardened for any reason can benefit, as can nurses, caregivers, psychotherapists, and massage therapists. This essence can also be used to enhance sensuous and sensual touching for cuddling, foreplay and lovemaking.

  Queen Anne's Lace - Spiritualizing the Intellect/Improving Vision  

Queen Anne's Lace eases over-mental activity, over-intellectualizing, and uncertainty about one's spiritual philosophy. When one over-thinks and over-focuses on small details, one loses the ability to access one's spiritual aspects and to see the bigger picture. This essence calms the mental body and stimulates the pituitary, pineal, and the spiritual aspects of oneself to increase clarity of thought, attune to the higher self and higher information, and make decisions from a spiritual perspective. The eyes become weakened through being over-mental as one is distracted from looking at or paying attention to the environment. By quieting the mind, one can use the eyes properly and then vision can improve. Works well with Baby Blue Eyes, California Buckeye, Clematis, or Eyebright to support eyesight.

  Red Flowering Currant - Shaman's Flower & Multidimensions  

Red Flowering Currant grows in the Chaparral and Woodlands from Washington to California, with pleasing pink-red dangling flowers. It's an aid to mobilize among all the realms, inner and outer, to experience the multi-dimensional self. It clears and uplifts both emotions and heart, enhancing personal power, confidence, divine love, and enlightenment. One can experience the higher levels while remaining grounded, thus eliminating the split between the manifest and unmanifest levels of the self. As a shaman's flower, it gives access to the Akashic records, improves lucid dreaming, dreaming awake, astral and soul travel, and strengthens soul identity. Best used and understood by advanced spiritual practitioners and healers. Check out Chiastolite elixir and the MuliDimensional Self formula.

  Rose Cactus - Heals Past Trauma of the Heart to Love & Trust Again  

Rose Cactus appears as a small tree with leaves. Hidden behind them on the trunk are long sharp spines. As a flower essence, it works with blocks, grief and any kind of past wounds, hurts, or abuse to the emotional heart, including from past lives. It soothes, heals and restores peace, harmony, and balance to the heart and emotions, so one can openly love, enjoy and trust people and life again. Works well with Star of Bethlehem and Mariposa Lily.

  Saffron Crocus - Trust in the Universe/Source to provide, Enhances relaxation response  

Saffron Crocus has long been cultivated for its red flower stigmas which are used as an exotic seasoning and to make a rich golden yellow textile dye. As a remedy, this flower eases tension, fear, worry, and anxiety related to the future and to distrusting that life will provide. It alleviates fretting and obsessing that things won't work out, and instead instills tranquility and peace of mind and restores trust and faith in the Universe or Source to meet our needs. The relaxation response is greatly enhanced, relieving muscular and nervous tension. This essence is an outstanding performer, for this time of great change and challenge in the economy and world situation, to promote composure while seeking new solutions.

  Sagebrush - Releasing False Self, Restoring Authentic Self, Soul Retrieval Work  

Sagebrush helps people break free from false self-identifications. This essence reestablishes the authentic self through improving reception to inner guidance and information from the higher self. People are better able to see through and release attachments to addictions, dysfunction, old identities, and well worn, chronic patterns, recovering the power of their authentic identity. This is an exceptional aid for soul retrieval, psychotherapy and personal evolution.

  Scarlet Flax - Releasing Body Armor, Hidden Emotions, Meridian Blockages  

Scarlet Flax clears emotional stress and negative emotions, especially those held as chronic muscle tension called body armor. This essence activates the kundalini to remove tight muscles and blocked meridians and to release hidden emotions and issues. Use with bodywork, Rolfing, acupuncture, rebirthing, Reichian work, Radix work, and other body-centered therapies.

  Self-Heal - Self-Healing & Fasting  

This sweet little flower of the mint family has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. As an essence, it eases self-doubts and confusions, especially around the ability to heal or get well. For those facing great healing challenges, it enables them to affirm and draw from the deep wellspring of life for recovery, restoration and wholeness. It increases motivation and commitment for wellness, helping one turn inwardly for guidance to make decisions about one's health, and which treatments to choose. Use with psychosomatic ailments, recuperating children and convalescing elderly persons, and also as an aid for fasting to maintain one's focus, motivation and energy.

  Shooting Star - Astrology & Astronomy  

Just as its name implies, this flower essence is connected to the stars. More accurately it heightens awareness and sensitivity to celestial and planetary bodies, and their movement and positions. It is of especial interest for practitioners and students of astrology. But it also supports those who study and practice astronomy. By adding it to particular essences and elixirs, Shooting Star will bring out their special astrological effects. Check out the Astrology page.

  Shrimp Plant - Improving Family and Interpersonal Relationships  

Shrimp Plant helps those who are having difficulty in family and interpersonal relationships. There may be fear, frustration, lying, withdrawal, crazy-making ploys, lost or stifled communication, or family dysfunction. This essence helps people clarify their motives to understand their own behavior. They learn to get along by opening their heart towards the other and seeking ways to reach across the gap. Communication, compassion, and understanding of the other's viewpoint improve, as well as the desire to find ways to make things work. Shrimp Plant is very useful for family and relationship counseling and therapies.

  Siberian Cedar - Bond Spiritual/Physical Natures, Connect to all Living Beings, Longevity  

Siberian Cedar, made popular by the Anastasia books, is one of the most powerful essences for this time in order to connect Spirit & Nature, harmonizing people's spiritual and physical facets. This flower essence grounds spiritual awareness and energy into the body, improving alertness in the present moment as well as strengthening the body's life force and stimulating rejuvenation. The heart opens, fostering unconditional love and harmony with people and all living beings. This remedy is excellent for re-establishing and strengthening one's relationship to Nature, plants, and animals, and is an exception aid to enhance nature walks, hiking, surfing, gardening, farming, animal husbandry, and learning to live rurally or in community.

  Sierra Primrose - Gratitude for Living, Regardless of Outer Conditions  

Sierra Primrose works for those who live without joy and are habitually unhappy, bored, depressed or unappreciative. This flower essence revives the heart and uplifts the perspective to boost gratitude for the gift of life, regardless of outer conditions or state of health. People discover within themselves a deep wellspring of joy and enthusiasm for living that sustains them through all circumstances and situations.

  Silk (Mimosa) Tree - Emotional Healing, Self-Integration, Joy, Love, Spiritual View  

Silk Tree aka Mimosa Tree is an ornamental beauty, laden with fragrant pink pom-pom flowers and large fern-like leaves that curl in and down at sunset or when it rains. The leaves responding to rain or darkening of the light symbolize how harrowing emotions can trigger a part of us to retreat. This Essence ameliorates extreme emotional imbalances, created by separating or disassociating from the trauma. Most of us have areas of old hurt that are highly resistant to change or being touched. Underneath our negated pain lies a gift, a part of ourselves that was buried with it. Silk Tree to the rescue. It works gently, acting as a balm for ancient aches, whether fear, anxiety, depression, alienation, worthlessness, guilt or grief. It sooths and heals our hearts and emotions. It offers us inspiration, new understanding and a transcendental perspective, that encourages reintegration. We feel a new sense of wholeness as the pieces come back together. We're able to embrace love and life again in those areas that had gone dark. Joy, happiness, and expanded awareness come more easily. We find beauty in the present moment. Excellent for emotional healing, inner child work and Shadow clearing.


Skullcap is a wonderful remedy to enhance a sense of physical and emotional relaxation and is excellent support for frayed nerves and withdrawal symptoms from drugs, caffeine, and tobacco. Because it increases receptivity to psychic healing, whether giving or receiving, this essence is an outstanding adjunct for healing, massage and chiropractic practitioners and their clients. Use or atomize about the energy field before sessions.

  Snapdragon - Improve Speech & Expression/Release Jaw Tension  

Snapdragon clears blocks to speaking and expression of feelings, especially when they are held as physical tension in the face, cranial plates, jaw, TMJ, neck and throat, including the larynx and vocal cords. This flower essence improves the ability to speak, releases related suppressed emotional tension, such as anger and rage, and improves logic. Stuttering exemplifies the pattern of difficult speech linked to emotional issues. Snapdragon can help ease this along with proper therapeutic support. Consider using it for tension and misalignments of the cranial plates, jaw, TMJ and neck when they are coupled with inhibited expression.

  Snowberry Bush - Soul Retrieval & Spiritual Liberation  

The pure white berries last through the winter to feed the birds. Snowberry flower essence is master healer, purifier and transformer of the soul. It's about soul retrieval; getting to the core of issues long lost, forgotten, fragmented, or dissociated from, found in the dark depths of the subconscious mind. These are the conundrums unbeknownst to our conscious mind, which block our next breakthrough or enlightenment. This essence is the extreme tool of intrepid spiritual initiates, dedicated to their complete liberation and wholeness. It gives dauntless courage to excavate the basis of hidden problems and to steadfastly face and release them. Immediately, Snowberry bestows spiritual inspiration, guidance, and direction for healing and wholeness helping to resolve problems, conflicts, or chronic issues that remained indecipherable. It brings forth gifts, talents, abilities, and spiritual powers that were deeply buried. The pearl of great price, in the sunken treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, is raised and brought into the light. We retrieve our Divinity and True Self. It may also be of value for intransigent health problems to help reveal the root or karmic play and quicken understanding and healing. It is best used alone, rather than in combinations, for a week or two at a time, to achieve breakthroughs. Sweet Chestnut, Rescue Remedy and such, work well once the issues have surfaced. Excellent with shamanic work and soul retrieval.

  Snow On The Mountain - Elevated Perception & Insight  

Marcel Proust, famous French novelist of the 20th Century, wrote, "The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Snow On The Mountain essence imparts clean, clear vision and perception. By cleansing and purifying our ability perceive and discern, it bestows great insight, clarity and objectivity. It enable us to glimpse a higher vision of ourselves and others with more kindness and depth of understanding. Old beliefs, confusion, negative attitudes, or old thought forms, not in alignment, fall away. The elevated view this essence reveals is a real game changer for our lives. Use in combinations for spiritual growth.

  Squash, Buffalo Gourd - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity  

Buffalo Gourd, a wild round squash native to the Southwest, produces both male and female flowers. The flowers are made into separate concoctions: the male flower essence for men and the female flower essence for women. Both essences stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, and strengthen fertility and the reproductive system. Men and women feel more grounded, and any blocks to the creative process are released. The shape of squash fruit is significant in its support of the reproductive system. For men, Buffalo Gourd essence focuses more on the prostate; for women, the focus is on the uterus. (For the penis and the vagina, use Zucchini Squash.) All squash essences are wonderful aids for planting the feet firmly on the ground, becoming more creative, balancing sexuality, strengthening fertility and the reproductive region, and supporting longevity.



  Squash, Zucchini - Creativity, Grounding, Sexuality, Fertility, Longevity  

Zucchini Squash produces both male and female flowers that are concocted separately: the male flower essence for men and the female flower essence for women. As with Buffalo Gourd Squash, both essences stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, and strengthen fertility and the reproductive system, as well as feeling more grounded and releasing any blocks to the creative process. The shape of squash fruit is significant in its support of the reproductive system. For men, Zucchini essence focuses more on the penis; for women the focus is on the vagina. (For the prostate and the uterus, use Buffalo Gourd.) All squash essences are wonderful aids for planting the feet firmly on the ground, becoming more creative, balancing sexuality, strengthening fertility and the reproductive region, and supporting longevity.



  Star Clusters - Realizing Authentic Self & Unity with Others  

Star Clusters bestows the realization of humanity's essential nature, as beings of loving light linked together, remarkable radiant stars interconnected in love. With this understanding, people live together in harmony for the Greater Good, no matter the place, position, situation, or circumstance. This flower essence liberates from the illusion that individuals are separate, helpless and alone. It gives courage to release emotions, heart pain, and perceptual blocks that interfere with the experience of unity. It relinquishes egocentric concerns and insecurities so that people can truly accept and appreciate themselves and embrace the gifts and goodness of others. Ultimately Star Clusters helps people find their own authentic position in the grand scheme of things while enjoying others to create in love, harmony and gratitude.

  Star Lily - Quick Positive Shift to Bring Out the Best  

Star Lily is one of the most powerful essences to quickly transform consciousness by shifting negative mental or emotional states to positive ones. It brings out the best qualities, new solutions, and new methods, by attuning people to their higher self to immediately receive answers. Stress is quickly eased, and in its place, comes deep relaxation. Use Star Lily to enhance and amplify the effects of other remedies, and for protection from difficult astrological aspects. Combine with Sagebrush for immediate realignment with what is best and true in oneself.

  Sticky Monkeyflower - Fear of Sexual Intimacy  

Sticky Monkeyflower assists those who are afraid of sexual intimacy. This essence helps to overcome the repression of sexual feelings or fear of sex or the sex act. It increases courage to face and vanquish these fears, enabling people to enjoy sexual feelings and express them with loved ones. Sticky Monkeyflower is useful with sex therapy and tantric exercises.

  Strawberry Ball Dombeya - Inspired Sexual Intimacy & Tantra  
Strawberry Ball Dombeya2
This large tree has huge appealing strawberry-color clusters of flowers that hang down, beckoning us to touch them. This essence is full of sensuality, creative joy, and spiritual inspiration. It uplifts sexuality and intimate relations to a love-filled and inspired event. Used with Tantra, Taoist sexual yoga and such, it allows a couple to explore and release karmic or emotional issues in their relationship, and draws them into a more joyful, loving and unified expression together.

  Strawberry Tree - Bring Intentions to Fruition (Fulfillment)  

The charm of Strawberry Tree is the round fruits that start out lime green, and stay on the tree till they ripen to red, when it's flowering time again. The essence is all about being patient, staying positive and optimistic, and keeping one's intent and focus alive during the season of maturing. It helps to bring one's intentions and visions to bear. There is an heightened ability to attract the right people and circumstances to bring things to fruition. It's excellent for those who have long range goals and worthwhile ideas, and also for those who need the cooperation of a group or community to make them happen. Writing a book, completing a academic degree, a training, an art project, a play, a film, a concert, any group endeavor, organizing a demonstration or a presentation - all will be supported through the patience, optimism, focused intention, harmony, and attracting the right people and circumstances.

  Sweet Pea - Antisocial Behavior, Irresponsibility  

Sweet Pea helps those who rebel against authority, exhibit antisocial behavior, or are irresponsible. It's especially helpful for those children and teenagers who are defiant or insensitive to the social context or consequences of their behavior. This essence improves a sense of social commitment and responsibility, drawing people out of their own world so that they become aware of the community of people around them and desire to involve themselves.

  Sweet William - Reviving Joviality and Joyful Expression  

Sweet William is a universal flower essence that everyone can enjoy. It uplifts the mood, increasing optimism and joyful, happy, heartfelt expression. It will dispel any mental or emotional state that interferes with joviality or being joyously present. Such states include grief, wallowing, sulking, sarcasm, and depression. This essence can be used for emotional release therapies or when people are facing difficult or painful circumstances, to help reinstate a positive optimistic state.

  Taiwan Flowering Cherry - Peace, Tranquility, Inner Silence  

Taiwan Flowering Cherry has a unique ability to immediately impart a relaxed inner state of silence and tranquility. Thoughts and emotions quiet, and one can experience stillness which is often difficult to attain in the today's world. This flower essence has any number of uses - for emotional trauma, mental tension, addiction recovery, meditation, contemplation, prayer, spiritual practice, and communing with nature. As an emotional rescue, it eases emotional pain and discomfort. For the mind, it stops distracting thoughts, worries, fears and anxiety. It brings people, past thought and emotion, to the threshold of a still inner awareness in which they can profoundly relax, recharge, renew and realize, and commune with a deeper truth inside. This flower essence can be taken daily to ease emotional and mental tension or the constant barrage of negative emotions and thoughts, so to directly feel calm and centered. Then people can access silence and tranquility within to find much needed insight and proper action for issues, situations and relationships.

  Tamarisk - Enlightening the Heart  

Tamarisk powerfully opens the heart on all levels, promoting compassion, self-esteem, unconditional love, sensitivity to others' conditions, and love for life and all living things. This essence immediately centers people in their heart, and as a love potion, brings forth ecstatic, light-hearted feelings. All chakras are stabilized, balanced, and aligned with the heart chakra, which assists the distribution of the life force throughout the body. Use with chi gong, tantric exercises, Taoist sexual yoga, heart-centered meditations, and the circulation of the life force through the microcosmic circuit. Tamarisk alleviates all heart issues: grief, anger, fear, depression, heartlessness, lost happiness, judgment of self or others, and feelings of social alienation, emotional disconnect, or insensitivity to others' feelings. The emotions are balanced and spiritualized. This flower essence powerfully facilitates enlightenment of the heart.

  Thyme - Amplifier, Quickening the Time Flow  

Thyme is a marvelous amplifier of flower essences and quickens the time flow by speeding energies past the speed of light. While using this essence, people can use intention to move backwards or forward in time. Use it to heal the past or glimpse the future. Cleanse crystals by placing them in water with added Thyme essence for five minutes.

  Tree Anemone - Being Reactive to or Enmeshed in Others' Behavior and Issues  

Tree Anemone flowers, large white rounds with lovely sprays of golden stamens, look straight out at the world. Their essence helps one directly face the world, people, and situations without reactivity. People gain a higher perspective, becoming more centered, detached and objective toward others' patterns, games and ploys. This is very useful for people who overreact or become easily enmeshed in the games people play. It assists those who feel victimized or powerless in the face of manipulation, power plays or obnoxious behavior. Tree Anemone increases a sense of self and helps people to calmly set boundaries and see beyond others' shortcomings and difficult behavior. Use for relationship difficulties, with behavioral therapy, or with relationship or marital counseling.

  Tree Mallow - Fear of Aging/Middle Age/Menopause  

Tree Mallow is beneficial for people as they get older. It reduces the fear of aging and insecurity about physical appearance. In a midlife crisis, it bestows a sense of dignity and acceptance about the aging process plus the ability to draw on inner resources to attain a positive mental attitude. As a tonic, it has anti-aging and rejuvenative qualities for the glands, circulation, skin, and DNA, and can be utilized to make the menopausal years of both men and women more comfortable and harmonious. This essence is also helpful for stress and tension that contribute to aging. Works well with other essences, such as Agave, Squash, Jade Plant, Walnut, and Olive.

  Tree Poppy - Fully Present in the Now  

Tree Poppy helps when mental activities, as such fears, worries, anxiety, apprehension, constant thinking or obsessing over problems, carry the mind away from the present moment. This essence quiets the mind and stops it from wandering into the past or future. It promotes a sense of being safe in the here and now. Use Tree Poppy to immediately relax lingering mental stress from extensive effort with work, school, writing, reading or paperwork. Take it to achieve a deeper meditative state or to simply enjoy being fully here and now.

  Tree Tobacco - Easing Cravings for Tobacco, Improving Self-Expression  

Tree Tobacco improves self-expression. Its main use is for easing tobacco cravings. Use it regularly and consistently for months, and with programs to stop smoking, to relieve the cravings. Check out the formulation Tobacco Free for further support with quitting. Another supportive formula Quantum Shift helps to overcome the addictive tendencies in the personality.

  Valerian - Extreme Stress or Insomnia  

Valerian is an aid to the easing of extreme stress of any kind. Use the essence in baths, with massage, or before sleep.

  Whirling Butterflies - Releasing Resistance and Accepting Change  

Whirling Butterflies is a very important and timely essence for what's occurring on the planet at this time. With so much change coming more and more rapidly, it can become difficult to handle these ever increasing shifts. This sets up resistance in us and we want things to slow down, be more stable, and be more like they used to be. This essence helps us to adapt to this acceleration and overcomes the antagonism to the rapid change and to change in general. It helps us accept and allow all things present and presented. We release our opposition to what is being presented and learn to relax, be at peace, and move, work and flow with the moment. We surrender to the Spirit and learn to trust and have faith in what is happening. We realize that, through our higher nature, we have all that we need to deal with whatever comes our way. And ultimately it is for and increases our good and growth. Consider using with Impatiens, Willow, and the Abundance Attitude, Loving Relations, and Super Stress Relief Formulas.

  White Sage - Stimulating Higher Consciousness, Cleansing the Energy Field  

White Sage powerfully stimulates higher states of consciousness. It awakens and clarifies psychic, visionary, and spiritual awareness. As a potent cleanser of the energy field, this essence clears toxic thought forms and releases negative mental and emotional issues that are blocking spiritual growth. Use it with ceremony, meditation, and fasting. To clear stale or negative energy and to strengthen spiritual protection, atomize it about the room or energy field.

  Wishbone Bush - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention  

Wishbone Bush, a wild four o' clock in California's coastal hills, has bright red-violet flowers that open in the late afternoon and close the next morning. The essence helps people get in touch with their higher purpose and aids its actualization. It clears feeling aimless, insecure, frustrated, dissatisfied, unmotivated, or uninspired, states which prevent the achievement of goals and intentions. Use it for a heightened sense of purpose and greater creative expression, self-confidence, and motivation to fulfill one's goals and intentions.

  Yarrow - Protection from Negative Psychic Energy and Electromagnetic Frequencies  

Yarrow helps highly sensitive and spiritualized people who are sensitized to negative and confused subtle energies and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This essence strengthens the energy field to block such energies and frequencies. For people who have regular spiritual practice and need to live and work in the every day world, it helps protect their expanded energy fields. Use as a spray to atomize about the room or body.

  Yerba Santa - Calming Extreme Emotional States and Stress  

Yerba Santa helps to ease extreme emotional stress or calm highly charged emotional states, such as hysteria. This essence conveys information from the higher self to balance and uplift emotions. Use it for relaxation prior to deep tissue work.

  Zinnia - Being Over-Serious, Increasing Laughter and Playfulness  

Zinnia helps people contact the inner child to increase laughter, spontaneity, and playfulness. This essence helps those who are depressed, over-serious, or supersensitive, as well as parents, people with marital difficulties, or those with unfulfilled desires to have children. Zinnia helps people to lighten up and play more.

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