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Anchi Crystals - Raise Vibratory Rate/Harmony & Healing /Better Intent & Creation
Newly discovered and mined in Colorado, this combination of crystals are 1.6 billion years old, with scientific research discovering a strong energy field surrounding and radiating from them. It has been hypothesized that this field was imbued into the crystals during the highly formative genitive era that the earth was in at that time. The crystals have a templating and retemplating effect on body, mind and spirit. As an elixir, it has a number of helpful effects that together make it a powerful ally. 1) It raises the vibratory rate of the body encouraging healing and restoration. 2) It clears and transforms negative emotions into positive feelings. 3) It increases the ability to focus intention and creative power to more quickly manifest desires, goals and abundance. 4) It brings a sense of happy harmony with others and the surroundings. 5) The radiating field protects from EMF, WiFi, microwaves, and negative thought forms. It is highly beneficial used in the bath and as an adjunct to other remedies. It can also be sprayed on affected body areas, around the energy field, and in rooms and spaces, to encourage healing, harmony and clarity, and to elevate the vibrations. As one of the new millennium minerals, anchi crystals significantly enhance spiritualized and harmonious creation, healing, and relationships for all. Comes with an atomizer spray cap. (Check out more about the crystals at

Banksia - Man's Remedy: Assertiveness, Creativity, Sexuality
Banksia is primarily for men and their issues. It clears problems concerning sexuality, easing related insecurities and strengthening the masculine identity. This remedy increases creativity and assertiveness, and supports the male reproductive system.

Bird of Paradise - Expanding Creative Visualization and Vision for One's Life
Bird of Paradise is associated with the words "stretch," "extend," and "expand." This remedy dramatically stimulates and enlarges one's capacity to imagine new visions for one's life and creative endeavors, while also advancing their expression. It is of immense value for blocked imagination or stilted or stale images one clings to in one's life, expression or creativity.

Blue Tourmaline Fifth Chakra - Full Self-Expression, Communication
Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) clears and activates the Fifth or Throat Chakra, which assists in all forms of expression and communication plus endowing the individual with a keen ability for full self-expression. This Elixir enhances the functioning of all the other chakras in this respect. When the Throat Chakra is blocked, the attributes of other Chakras are unable to fully articulate. This includes creativity, goal setting, emotions, feelings, love, caring, visions, ideas, inspiration, spiritual experience and inner guidance. Affirmations and mantras become more effective. We can stand up for ourselves. We also gain a greater interest in spiritual affairs, which is then aroused in others. Blue Tourmaline Elixir is especially potent when taken with Green Tourmaline Elixir. Let's express all aspects of ourselves.

Butterfly Iris - Coordinating Creative Inspiration in Group Endeavors
Butterfly Iris (Dietes iridioides) distinguishes itself from the true iris by growing in a large, round clump with many small iris flowers that last only for a day. All bushes, for miles around, bloom together and then stop in unison, just to begin blooming again simultaneously. This essence has all the creative inspiration of Iris flower essence, giving the added ability to work harmoniously in groups. Butterfly Iris heightens and aligns the creative energy for collaborations, meetings, gatherings, and conferences. It's valuable when the people collaborating are in different cities, states or countries and are using the Internet or telephone to realize creative projects together. Another interesting asset that this essence bestows is the ability to attune and align to current trends in society and the world.

Chrysoberyl - Gather Personal Power, Love, & Spiritual Insight to Excel
Chrysoberyl, also known as Cat's Eye, has long been used as a talisman for wealth, good fortune, and protection. It has a remarkable ability to combine personal power, the energy of love, and spiritual insight. It calms and balances the emotions, helps people feel at ease with themselves and others, and promotes clear thinking. It gives people the understanding that everything they need to succeed is within them. This is the elixir for those who wish to succeed and strive for excellence in their chosen field. It assists them to integrate discipline, self-control, confidence, and farsightedness with serenity, kindness, and generosity. It gives them a strong determination to get things done while allowing them to take responsibility for their actions and experiences. People learn how to look at all aspects of a situation before taking action and to solve problems by deeply understanding the details involved. This elixir is an exceptional ingredient in the recipe for success!

Colors for Action Set

These color elixirs are sure to set you in motion.

Use these three Color Elixirs together:
Color Elixir Red is an exciting and outgoing vibration related to assertiveness. It expresses vitality, physical strength, and the ability to act, adding force, vigor, energy, and warmth. It stimulates and excites, clearing blockages, sluggishness and limitations. The color red also kindles the first chakra at the base of the spine and supports its associated gland, the adrenals.
Color Elixir Orange releases creativity and arouses the sexual drive. It improves the focus to succeed and expands interests and activities. It also promotes assimilation and invigorates the second chakra in the sacral-hip cradle area and the associated glands, the gonads.
Color Elixir Yellow is a sunny color that enhances motivation and persistence, removing procrastination. It rejuvenates, reactivates and reenergizes. Yellow activates the mind and one's enjoyment of the moment. It has a centering quality, and stimulates the third chakra at the solar plexus and the associated gland, the pancreas.

Desert Plume - Better Sense of Individuality, Manifesting More Effectively
Desert Plume is visible from a great distance, with three-to-five foot bright yellow flower stocks rising above the desert. This essence develops a better sense of individuality, one that is confident and effective in the world. It is those who feel invisible, insecure, unworthy, or unable to take a stand for themselves or their ideas and gifts. Desert Plume increases motivation, self-esteem, self-assertion, and charisma for moving out into the world and manifesting goals and desires. Use it with affirmations, visualizations, and other manifestation techniques to increase their effectiveness.

Exceptional Success
Exceptional Success, as a magnified sequel to Sparking Success, is designed to ennoble, advanceand maximize attributes important for elevated success and accomplishment. These qualities include ground, drive, motivation, creativity, perseverance, personal power, courage, confidence, appreciation of others, cooperation, networking, communication, imagination, insight and higher inspiration. All are underpinned with optimism, charisma and a global point of view. This Formula integrates these elements with special attention to actualizing higher purpose and working for the good of all and the planet. Whatever the endeavor or chosen field, people become better able to excel, innovate, express and share. Exceptional Success Formula helps to master manifestation of deepest desires, dreams, visions and ideas. Let's super succeed, with Love in our hearts and with the Greater Good in mind.
Think artists, writers, engineers, athletes, activists, organizers, healers, health professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, teachers, chefs, servers, sales people, financial professionals, parents, caregivers, builders, leaders, speakers, performers, actors, politicos, firefighters, law enforcers, security, judges, investigators, astronauts, mediators, counselors, advisors, contractors, Lightworkers, Light warriors, etc.
Ingredients: Staurolite, Liveforever, Pride of Madeira, Larkspur, Apophyllite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Chrysoberyl, Iris, Zincite, Filtered water, Alcohol

Four O' Clock - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention
Four O' Clock, which grows in California's coastal hills, has bright red-violet flowers that open in the late afternoon and close the next morning. The essence helps people get in touch with their higher purpose and aids its actualization. It clears feeling aimless, insecure, frustrated, dissatisfied, unmotivated, or uninspired, states which prevent the achievement of goals and intentions. There comes a heightened sense of purpose and greater creative expression, self-confidence and motivation to fulfill goals and intentions.

Flower of Life - Alchemy/Harmony/ Creation/Integration/12 Strand DNA Activator
This ancient geometric pattern, mysterious and appealing, was found in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt, carved on a granite pillar. Though it is the oldest example discovered to date, the pattern has also been used liberally in Indian, Asian, Phoenician, Assyrian, Middle Eastern and Medieval art. Leonard da Vinci intensely studied it. As an elixir, the Flower of Life is pure alchemy; it amplifies, quickens, harmonizes, integrates, transforms and spiritualizes. It encourages positive harmonious creation and brings out the best, greatest and highest in a person, integrating all levels and dimensions of the self from the most mundane to the most rarified or sacred. It is an alchemical catalyst for life and consciousness. It activates and aligns the heart, brow, crown and five chakras about the head as well as all seven subtle bodies. It also activates, develops and integrates the 12 strand DNA. This Flower of Life elixir for the new millennium enhances love, harmony, manifestation, problem-solving, physical/emotional/mental balance, psychic gifts, hands-on-healing, and attunement to higher self, inner guidance and Source. It clears, protects and strengthens the energy field. Use it with remedies, herbs, aromatherapy, spiritual practice, intention and goal setting, healing modalities and the like, to advance the highest, best and most harmonious outcome.

Golden Chalice Vine - Welcome/Use Creative, Healing & Spiritual Energies
Golden Chalice Vine has large, deeply-cupped yellow gold flowers. As a flower essence, it creates a deep, open, relaxed receptivity to higher spiritual energies of love, light, vision, inspiration, imagination and healing. One's vibration is immediately raised to feel, receive, allow and hold these higher frequencies and direct them into something good and tangible. They can be used to make life easier, lighter, more creative and more inspired. Being completely universal, this essence can be used to enhance meditation, innovation, channeling, spiritual practice, creative arts, or hands-on-healing, and to link to Source, Guru, angels, inner guides, and Divine Grace. One's intention decides what is received and how this blessed downpour is utilized. It works well when feeling blocked or cut off from higher inspiration of any kind or for any reason. It opens and aligns the third, brow and crown chakras while stimulating and aligning the etheric and spiritual bodies. Bring Heaven to Earth. Use with other remedies to target the results. Wonderful with Golden Fuchsia and Pride of Madeira.

Golden Fuchsia - Access Inspired Information and Actualize for Endeavors
Golden Fuchsia (Deppea splendens), a rare delicate tree-like shrub from the cloud forest, allures with dangling clusters of claret-capped golden trumpet flowers. As a flower essence, it blends a rare combination of abilities: accessing higher guidance along with the persistence and ability to actualize and manifest that which is received. With projects, creative endeavors, visions, dreams, desires, or goals, one is more able draw down the needed inspired information and then become energized and persistent to complete, actualize and manifest them. This is excellent support for procrastination, doing school work, writing papers and books, doing art projects, or completing things with a deadline. Use with other remedies that attune one to inner guidance, or improve creativity and manifestation. Outstanding with Golden Chalice Vine and Pride of Madeira.

Hornbeam - For procrastinating and avoiding tasks
Hornbeam helps people who feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks. They feel tired, but once they get started, usually find that they can complete their duties. Their fatigue is more mental than physical, and is related to those things they dislike doing. This remedy is good for the “morning after” feeling or for Monday morning blues. It helps when studying for exams, tackling big projects at home or work, or doing less appealing tasks such as organizing, taxes or housework.

Illumined Integration Formula
This dynamic combination of new millennium mineral elixirs plus is a most alchemical formula and amplifies, links, and integrates all levels of inner being, personality and body together to bring wholeness, harmony, healing, creation and illumination. It increases ground and creative forces, focuses intent and ability to manifest, and expands the heart, higher consciousness, and psychic faculties. It connects us to a sense of true inner home with a destiny to fulfill while on planet Earth. Kundalini rises, aging slows while the whole subtle anatomy, including the twelve chakras, seven subtle bodies and all the meridians and nadis, is amplified and aligned. The DNA evolves into twelve strands. Protection increases from EMF, WiFi, microwaves, pollution, toxins and negative thought forms. Lightworkers, indigos, crystallines, starseeds, and those firmly on the spiritual path will enjoy the alchemy.

Illumined Success Formula
Generating success, like abundance (see Abundance Attitude Formula), is not based on a single attribute. It is a combination of qualities cast together to include motivation, creativity, perseverance, courage, confidence, ability to appreciate and network with others, communication, imagination, insight and inspiration, all underpinned with an optimistic attitude. This special combination of millennium gem elixirs helps to develop, harmonize, and integrate all of these elements to promote success whenever, wherever and however needed or desired. It has an especial focus on actualizing one's higher purpose in life and working in cooperation for the good of people and the Planet. People are better able to excel, innovate, express, share, persist, produce and manifest ideas, visions, plans, goals, pursuits and projects, no matter the area: artists, writers, engineers, activists, organizers, health professionals, business owners, inventors, scientists, teachers, parents, builders, leaders, etc. Let's go!
Ingredients: Zincite, Chrysoberyl, Ajoite, Natrolite, Beryllonite, Staurolite

Iris - Sparking Artistic and Creative Inspiration
Iris helps those of an artistic inclination who feel frustrated, uninspired or inadequate regarding their work. This flower essence activates the right brain and stimulates creative inspiration for any of the arts, including dance, music, painting, and sculpting. It also aids in the release of hidden artistic talents.
Hornbeam, as the energy remedy, improves certainty of one's strength and vitality, and restores enthusiasm, confidence, persistence and mental energy to face and accomplish all of one's tasks.

Larch - For lack of confidence and fear of failure
Larch helps those who lack confidence and feel inferior. Though quite capable (and sometimes more so than others), they admire others and judge them to be better than themselves. They won't make a strong effort to try new things, as they fear or expect failure. It's useful to take this remedy before exams, interviews, driving tests and such.
Larch increases self-confidence and creative expression, bolstering trust in one's ability to succeed and giving one the courage to take risks and try new things.

Libyan Gold Tektite - The Will to do Good, Manifest Higher Mission, Prosperity
Libyan Gold Tektite, also called Libyan Desert Glass, is found deep in the Saharan Desert of Libya and Egypt. Like other tektites, it holds extraordinary energies from the tremendous forces involved in its formation. King Tutankhamun's funeral breastplate highlights a lustrous scarab carved from Libyan Desert Glass (see second photo). The main focus of this golden yellow tektite is the opening of the third and fourth chakras along with the crown. It balances all chakras and subtle bodies, while stimulating the etheric, mental and spiritual bodies. It elevates the will to do good. Abundance, prosperity, money and good luck improve when one lives and acts from the heart for the benefit of all. Libyan Gold Tektite elixir unites the spiritual and earthly mission, revealing how to materialize one's higher calling on earth. Higher consciousness expands to inspire creative ideas for harmonious manifestation. This elixir also has a powerful cleansing action, clearing and transmuting karmic issues from past lives, including those related to other planets, star systems, and in particular, the Orion constellation. A field of protection increases to prevent others from manipulating or interfering with one's free will. Following the directive of this tektite, the will to do good, brings forth happiness and bliss in life. Take once a day only. Because it grounds inspiration and liberates the true free will, it combines well with Moldavite or Tibetan Tektite for grounded spiritual advancement.

Loosestrife - Grounded Practical Spirituality/Manifesting
Loosestrife helps those who are focused on their spiritual nature and higher ideals, such as through meditation, spiritual study or spiritual practices, but their pragmatic side is languishing a bit. They may be daydreamers, escapists, spacey and ungrounded, or unable to handle or focus the practical areas of life, such as making ends meet. This flower essence helps to open and align the lower centers with the upper centers to increase being grounded and able focus on the practical concerns of life, such as making money, paying bills, and applying spiritual inspiration. Works well with Numerology 8, Numerology 44, Desert Plume, Clematis, and the Abundance Attitude, Quantum Achievement, and Quantum Creation Formulas.

Madia - Completing Projects
Madia, a small yellow daisy-like wild flower, helps those who stall on projects and have difficulty completing them. Such people begin undertakings with great enthusiasm but then fade out as the endeavor continues, through loss of confidence or getting lost in working out the details. This essence improves focus, persistence and perseverance to finish what has been started.

Moth Mullein - Creative Power from Start to Finish
Moth Mullein works to overcome lethargy, procrastination, or difficulty completing projects or endeavors. This remedy powerfully stimulates the creative spark, motivation, focus, and the ability to initiate and complete undertakings. Use it with intention and goal setting and with endeavors already under way.

Mountain Mahogany - Conduct High Spiritual Energies into Action & Form
Mountain Mahogany powerfully conducts and translates the energies of cosmic awareness into the manifest form. These energies promote action and activities based on the Spirit within, not the ego. And they also help to actualize a physical body with a higher frequency. Procrastination and sluggishness dissipate. For those who don't feel at home because they come from higher dimensions or enlightened civilizations, the increased frequencies in the body help them feel more comfortable in the human form. This flower essence aligns the sixth and seventh chakras with the five above the head as well as the first chakra. It also stimulates the etheric body. Use this with the ascension and enlightenment process. Excellent with Purple Scallops, Jade Plant, Asphodel, and Acanthus, and the Ascension and Illumination Formulas.

MultiDimensional Self Formula
The MultiDimensional Self formula liberates over time the capacity to access, mobilize and integrate all the realms of our true nature: generate physical energy, creativity, personal power and expression, enhance compassion and unconditional love, expand psychic gifts, experience unity with Source, and travel the higher dimensions in dreams and meditation. It clears blockages and limitations, dispels negativity, and heightens divine protection. All 12 chakras and the subtle bodies are stimulated and balanced. Enjoy the bounty of being whole. This formula catalyzes quickened results with meditation, spiritual practice, psychic classes and other such training. Check out the Light Body formula.
Ingredients: Zincite, Rhodizite, Luculia, Moldavite, Chiastolite, Red Flowering Currant, Purple Potato, Purple Wings, Butterfly Rose

Number 1 - New Beginnings/Individuality
Increase your originality and sense of individuality and get support for creating and defining new goals. Buoy the beginning of projects, relationships, situations and enterprises with vitality, courage and ambition!

Number 4 - Building/Organization
Build a solid foundation through detail and method. Develop your strength and skill to organize and focus and to be steady, meticulous and tenacious. Excellent for studying and for solidifying goals, business, marriage, or career.

Number 8 - Leadership/Abundance
Move assertively and jovially into the world with charisma, power and leadership. Clear poverty consciousness and accentuate financial awareness and abundance. Make your mark on the world.

Number 22 - Master Builder/Practical Mysticism
Turn higher ambitions and dreams into reality. Be practical, methodical and disciplined, with a high degree of inspiration. Realize universal goals larger than yourself and beyond personal ambition. Serve the world and integrate higher wisdom into organizations and the mainstream.

Number 44 - Master Manifester/Higher Achievement
Manifest your higher goals and dreams. Combine financial skill and awareness with the ability to focus and organize. Create better business methods and practices built upon solid financial foundations. Become financially successful in integrity, and do this for the greater good.

Number 88 - Spiritual Leader/Manifest Wisdom & Scientific Leader/Leading Edge Science
Stand firm in the world for higher thought and higher consciousness. Supports teachers and leaders in either the metaphysical or leading-edge scientific realms. Helps to draw forth wisdom, ground higher knowledge, work with higher laws of science, and develop new scientific theories.

Numbers for Abundance Set
These number elixirs improve creativity, expression and financial focus and awareness.

Numbers for Success Set
These number elixirs are a sure fire way to succeed and make your mark by increasing originality, creative expression, detail and method, financial focus and awareness.

Persistent Brilliance Formula
Are you procrastinating? Having a problem completely things? Need some creative ideas to finish something? Want to wax brilliant on your project? Persistent Brilliance accentuates and blends your abilities to access and receive highly inspired creative information with vigorous persistence to bring things into reality. It clears procrastination, lack of confidence, blocked inspiration or expression, or difficulties actualizing your dreams, desires and goals. It supports completing endeavors, projects, performances, school or work assignments, preparing speeches or presentations, writing articles or books, or any kind of artistic activity. Manifest with magnified inspiration, creativity and perseverance!
Ingredients: Golden Fuchsia, Golden Chalice, Pride of Madeira

Pincushion Protea - Igniting Creativity, Innovation, New Visions and Ideas
Pincushion Protea (Leucospermum) works powerfully to break loose from limitation in visualization, creative inspiration, and problem solving. It clears rigid mindsets, restricted perceptions, and narrow visions as well as the past issues or trauma holding them in place. This essence releases the creative spark and inspires fresh visions and ideas. It is especially germane for today's world to help generate new solutions, innovations and inventions to solve the crises stalling civilization: pollution, hunger, financial upheaval, over population, and such.

Pineapple Lily - Birthing a New Healed Paradigm for the Collective
Pineapple Lily helps people birth a new and healed paradigm based on cooperation and co-creation, for themselves and for their relationship to others and the collective. It clears and transforms familial, cultural, national, and planetary patterns in people, those issues which bring hardship and difficulties to a group. New understanding, compassion, and methods to cooperate and increase harmony emerge along with a deep desire to express and share them with others, in the family, in the community, in the culture, or even at a global level, for the planet. People see the bigger picture, and their relationship to the whole and to the destiny of the collective. They find ways to help create a transformed paradigm based on love, harmony, healing, cooperation and unity. This is an exceptional flower essence for those with high ideals and who are involved in positive social, community, collective, and global action and change. Works well with Joshua Tree, Butterfly Iris, Cosmos, Desert Plume, Larkspur, and Pride of Madeira.

Pride of Madeira - Stimulating Inspired Charismatic Creative Expression
Pride of Madeira (Echium) is one of the most potent flower essences to bestow highly inspired, charismatic, and confident creative expression. It can be universally applied to provide sparkling, powerful artistic presentations and performances for writing, speaking, acting, teaching, leading, and communicating. Use to overcome writer's block, stage fright, fear of failure, or feeling uninspired, inadequate or frustrated about one's creativity or expression.

Quantum Achievement Formula
Achieve and actualize your goals. Sizzle with creative power. This formula helps with all the aspects for accomplishment: starting power, drive, focus, persistence, practicality, confidence, congeniality, inspired creative expression and charisma.

Quantum Creation Formula
Manifest your dreams, desires, visions, ideas, goals, and abundance right now. This combination enhances your ability to visualize and affirm in order to create what you want; fosters new ideas, inventions and solutions; and improves confidence, optimism, and harmonious interactions. It increases effortless, serendipitous actualization and strengthens the connection to your destiny, higher self, and inner guidance. Clears blockages and limitations to any part of the creative process, and stimulates the dream state.

Rhozidite - Master Healer, Manifesting, Psychic Abilities, Amplifier
Rhodizite, a little dodecahedron shaped crystal only 3-5 millimeters across, embodies incredibly intensified energy and is considered a master healer. As an elixir, it clears blockages on all levels, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It improves the ability to manifest, boosting strength of will and personal power as well as magnifying thought, intent and visualization. It develops and augments psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, telepathy and distance viewing. It's a great balancer of the yin/yang forces of the body and left-right brain, while harmonizing the divine Mother/Father energies of the soul. Stress and anxiety ease to promote deep relaxation. Rhodizite helps to bring forth healing, abundance or transformation in life wherever desired. Use it across the board to increase abundance, manifesting, self-healing, psychic gifts and spiritual growth. Please note that this elixir will greatly amplify other remedies, essences and elixirs. Traditional Madagascar shamans have used these crystals, for hundreds of years, to cloud bust and make it rain.

Saffron Crocus - Trust in the Universe/Source to provide, Enhances relaxation response
Saffron Crocus has long been cultivated for its red flower stigmas which are used as an exotic seasoning and to make a rich golden yellow textile dye. As a remedy, this flower eases tension, fear, worry, and anxiety related to the future and to distrusting that life will provide. It alleviates fretting and obsessing that things won't work out, and instead instills tranquility and peace of mind and restores trust and faith in the Universe or Source to meet our needs. The relaxation response is greatly enhanced, relieving muscular and nervous tension. This essence is an outstanding performer, for this time of great change and challenge in the economy and world situation, to promote composure while seeking new solutions.

Sparking Success Formula
Generating success, like abundance (see Abundance Attitude Formula), is not based on a single attribute. It is a combination of qualities cast together to include motivation, creativity, perseverance, courage, confidence, ability to appreciate and network with others, communication, imagination, insight and inspiration, all underpinned with an optimistic attitude. This special combination of millennium gem elixirs helps to develop, harmonize, and integrate all of these elements to promote success whenever, wherever and however needed or desired. It has an especial focus on actualizing one's higher purpose in life and working in cooperation for the good of people and the Planet. People are better able to excel, innovate, express, share, persist, produce and manifest ideas, visions, plans, goals, pursuits and projects, no matter the area: artists, writers, engineers, activists, organizers, health professionals, business owners, inventors, scientists, teachers, parents, builders, leaders, etc. Let's go!
Ingredients: Zincite, Chrysoberyl, Ajoite, Natrolite, Beryllonite, Staurolite

White Magic Formula
White Magic formula wonderfully advances the ability to manifest from an elevated level. It magnifies the power to create, heal, and transform with more ease and harmony. It thins the veil, improving access to realms of Love, Light, all Good, and Divine Will. Channeling, psychic faculties, envisioning, and the power of the Word all increase along with the ability to ground and materialize. Use your own rituals, meditations, mantras, affirmations, declarations, visualizations and the like, while calling in the highest and the best. Then let go, wait and watch as things magically and harmoniously appear. White Magic can also be used on a grander scale, not just for oneself, but also for the Earth and the good of all. Think big: heal the sick, reduce crime, clean up the air and water, bring positive weather changes or peace to troubled areas. This is an excellent aid for people working together in groups with lofty goals. Begin with yourself and move outward.
Ingredients: Filtered energized water, alcohol by 40% volume, Beryllonite, Liveforever, Erythrite, Rhodizite, Pride of Madeira, Larkspur, Zincite

Wild Oat - For uncertainty about one's work, career, or life direction
Wild Oat is used when people are undecided about their work, career or calling in life. Such individuals have ambition and a variety of talents but don't have a clear direction. They may feel restless, dissatisfied, frustrated or unhappy. This remedy is helpful for people in high school or college when they aren't sure what they want to do with their lives. It helps those who are drifting through life without a definite plan or sense of purpose and who feel like life is passing them by. It can also be used when people are tired or bored with their current work or career and seeking new avenues for their talents and ambitions.
Wild Oat clarifies one's purpose, ambition and direction in life, activating one to pursue and succeed in their chosen field and become happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Wild Rose - For feeling resigned, apathetic, and making little effort
Wild Rose is indicated when people have become resigned to their fate, to some unpleasant situation, to uncongenial work, to their problems, or to a poor state of health. They glide through life making little effort to change their conditions or to find some joy, as they are sure it won't help. They don't complain, nor are they really unhappy about their indifference. They can make dull companions, and they are unable to fulfill their potential. Their voices may be expressionless or monotonous. One key is that they are not depressed about their situation, but have come to accept it and learned to live with it. They don't understand that it's their lack of effort that keeps the conditions in place. Wild Rose restores vitality, lively interest, and enthusiasm for life and living, helping people to accept responsibility for their circumstances and to take the initiative to fully participate in changing them.

Wishbone Bush - Actualizing Higher Purpose and Intention
Wishbone Bush, a wild four o' clock in California's coastal hills, has bright red-violet flowers that open in the late afternoon and close the next morning. The essence helps people get in touch with their higher purpose and aids its actualization. It clears feeling aimless, insecure, frustrated, dissatisfied, unmotivated, or uninspired, states which prevent the achievement of goals and intentions. Use it for a heightened sense of purpose and greater creative expression, self-confidence, and motivation to fulfill one's goals and intentions.

Zincite - Integrate Physical Vitality, Creativity & Personal Power to Manifest
Zincite is a potent elixir for stimulating and integrating the power of the first three chakras. It catalyzes and synthesizes physical energy, creativity, and personal power. By awakening the kundalini at the base of the spine, these vital energies are mobilized to mingle with the higher chakras. This is especially beneficial for the spiritually oriented who often need more focus on these first three centers to manifest their ambitions, pursuits, goals and endeavors. It gives the extra push needed to complete things. Zincite firmly places one's attention in the body to generate alertness here and now. It eases procrastination, hesitancy, timidity, impotence, disempowerment, inability to change, spaciness and fatigue. It improves ground, vitality, stamina, focus, drive, creativity, actualization, determination and personal power. It says, "Let's get things done"!

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