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After the Workout Formula
Clear lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles and system after exercise and physical exertion. Ease inflammation as you augment repair and rebuilding of muscle and body tissues. Works wonders in bath or Jacuzzi.

Bladderpod - Cleansing Toxic Conditions of the Body
Bladderpod is used for any toxic condition in the body in which cleansing is sluggish or difficult. This essence stimulates autolysis and also assists the clearing and resolving those of issues of mind or emotion that hamper toxin elimination. Because Bladderpod accelerates deep cleansing, it's an excellent support for fasting, cleansing diets, chronic disease states and eliminatory problems of any organ or system. Use it with other remedies, herbs or supplements to target specific areas of the body.

Borage - Easing Grief and Heavy-Heartedness Borage is for people who feel sad, heavy-hearted or grief-stricken. This remedy increases the courage to face difficult circumstances, chases away sorrow and restores happiness and optimism.

California Snowdrop Bush - Overburdened by Life, Restoring Spiritual Peace & Lightness
California Snowdrop Bush is helpful when feeling out of touch with one's spiritual nature or the spiritual realms. This essence strengthens the connection between one's spiritual essence and human self, restoring a sense of unity, spiritual peace, and unconditional love. When feeling overburdened by life's problems, irritated by people's idiosyncrasies, or weary of living in the density of the third dimension, California Snowdrop offers a lightness of being. People remember that they're spiritual beings having a human experience. They can pause and commune with the spiritual and angelic realms to be replenished and uplifted. Use with prayer work, meditation, or with death and dying, and for extreme stress.

Centaury - For being anxious to please and having difficulty in saying no
Centaury people are gentle, kind, and eager to please, and they overtax themselves in this way. They have a hard time saying no, and often neglect their own needs and mission in life to serve others. As a result, they tire easily and often lack energy. They may become bound to dominating people, such as parents or other family members (see Chicory). As they are so easily influenced, their thoughts and actions are often colored by the ideas and dictates of others.
Centaury strengthens the will and individuality of service-oriented people, so they can say yes to their own needs and mission in life.

Chamomile - State of Calm and Harmony
Chamomile has for centuries been used as a tea to promote relaxation. As a flower essence, it calms the mind, emotions, and nervous system. It encourages a relaxed harmonious state, improving the ability to study, meditate, or sleep. If emotions run high or there is conflict, chamomile will quickly bring peace and harmony to the situation.

Cherry Plum - For having fear of the mind giving way or of losing control Cherry Plum helps those who feel as if their mind may give way and they may do something desperate, dreaded, or wrong. Such people may be on the verge of a breakdown or in deep despair. This remedy is helpful for sudden violent impulses, for becoming hysterical or abusive, or for having sudden outbursts around friends or family members. It also helps counter suicidal feelings or the feeling that one is going insane. Cherry Plum gives courage, equanimity, and tranquility when one is undergoing extreme stress or adversity.

Cottonwood Fluff - Soothing Stress and Psychosomatic Symptoms
Cottonwood trees send off their seeds surrounded by fluff that floats about in the air. The white fluff gathers on the ground like snow where birds collect it to line their nests. This essence soothes and comforts, eases psychosomatic symptoms, and can be universally added to remedy combination to ease emotional and mental tension and psychosomatic stress, such as headache, high blood pressure or irritable bowel syndrome.

Dahlia - Easing Extreme Emotional Stress, Restoring Optimism and Resiliency
Dahlia is another very important flower essence for today's world, given the tremendous emotional pressure in the workplace, in relationships, in financial situations, and at school. This remedy improves emotional resiliency and stamina, as well as stimulating positive feelings of faith, optimism, and confidence. It helps overly logical people integrate their emotions.

Dandelion - Relaxing Mental and Muscle Tension
Dandelion is quite effective for relaxing mental stress, muscle tension, and chronic body armor. To induce mental and muscular relaxation, use this essence in baths, with massage, as a liniment, or before meditation or sleep.

Gorse - For hopelessness and despair
Gorse is for very great hopelessness and despair and the belief that no more can be done. Such are the people who have given up and have lost all hope. To please their loved ones they will try different treatments but assure them that they will not work. It is valuable to give early on in any chronic case or illness or with the pronouncement that nothing more can be done.
Gorse provides deep abiding conviction and renewed hope and faith that recovery is possible, despite the present physical or mental conditions. It helps one imagine a positive outcome.

Happy Family Formula
Increase emotional bonding and balance in the family. Furthers happiness, inner security, self-esteem, courtesy, humor, harmony and appreciation for everyone in the family.

Happy Parent Formula
Assistance for parents to advance emotional bonding and balance, as well as inner security, patience, understanding, harmony, courtesy, optimism, humor, and appreciation for your child and his/her gifts.

Healing Trauma Formula
Clear the trauma from your past, such as shock, pain, abandonment, abuse, neglect, a broken heart, or post traumatic stress. Reclaim feeling lovable, being able to love, and connecting to others and life. This formula calms, soothes and heals. It's helpful in addiction recovery.

Loving Relations Formula
Are you having difficulties with your spouse, partner, friend, family members or other loved ones? This mixture dissipates impatience, irritability, arguments, resentment, reactions to the other's issues or ideas, feeling discouraged or confused, or wanting to give up. It restores the loving bond by fostering patience, forgiveness, nonreactivity, flexibility, and the ability to listen to the other's viewpoint. Enjoy more positive, joyful, loving communication and gracious interaction.

Lymphatic Cleanse Formula
Clean up your lymphatic system, clearing blockages, sluggishness, and hardened conditions. Stimulate circulation and flow of lymph. Works with psychosomatic states, such as fear, lack of joy, rigid thinking, or stuffing issues in the body, which may interfere with the lymphatic flow. Exceptional aid in baths, during fasts, and with lymphatic massage therapy.

Mariposa Lily - Feeling Unloved, Unlovable or Alienated from Others
Mariposa Lily is focused around feeling unloved or unlovable, feeling abandoned or alienated by family members or other people, or feeling unable to emotionally connect to others. Oftentimes these feelings stem from unhappy childhood experiences such as birth trauma, parental abuse or neglect, or extended hospital stays. Other incidences may include betrayal by or loss of a loved one. Those suffering from these wounds have survived by blocking heartbreak or emotional pain. This essence heals the heart and awakens positive feelings. It allows people to appreciate and emotionally bond with others and take pleasure in human company again. Mariposa Lily gives splendid support for parent-child bonding, rebirthing, psychotherapy, and addiction recovery.

Moonstone - Feminine Power, Emotional Integration, Psychic Abilities
Moonstone with its pearly luster personifies the Feminine nature in her power and glory. This Elixir magnifies the Feminine qualities within us all - peace, receptivity, empathy, sensitivity, nurturing, emotional balance and harmony. Moonstone opens the Solar Plexus Chakra to resolve emotions, especially stress, anxiety and those related to the mother, calming, balancing and integrating them. We are more able to operate from that which we truly are and have to offer. The whole abdominal region relaxes, so it can be used to enhance breathwork, whether in therapy or spiritual practice. And because the Brow and Crown Chakras open, psychic abilities and intuition improve along with reception to higher guidance. As it's becoming crystal clear that the Mother/Goddess/Feminine energies and viewpoint have a major role to play in solving and healing the problems on Earth, Moonstone Elixir is a natural pick to have on hand and use often. Very nice in a bath.

Mustard - For deep gloom and depression for no apparent reason
Mustard is for those who suffer from deep black depression that comes on suddenly and leaves just as suddenly, without cause. Such gloom takes away all joy, peace and happiness when it descends. The sufferers cannot shake the deep gloom and melancholia at will.
Mustard restores cheerfulness, helps one find the basis of the depression, and replaces it with inner stability and abiding joy and peace.

Olive - For physical exhaustion after long effort or illness
Olive is the remedy for complete and utter exhaustion of body and mind. It is for the deep fatigue that follows a long struggle or a long bout with illness, when all reserve energy and strength have been depleted. Long periods of nursing someone, of personal difficulties, or of intense work or study are circumstances that may lead to a complete loss of energy, strength and reserve.
Olive restores mental and physical strength and vitality and renews one's lively interest in life.

Pain Ease Formula
Ease pain without physical side effects! Bring out your own endorphins. Enhances the effects of other natural medicinals and modalities that reduce pain.

Perilla - Enhancing Hands-on-Healing Energy
Perilla powerfully increases the healing energy coming out of the hands. If healers have become exhausted or burned out from their work, this essence restores their energy. All health and healing practitioners who touch their clients will enjoy the enhanced energy flow: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and those who do Reiki, chiropractic, osteopathic, therapeutic touch, massage and physical therapy, or cranial-sacral work.

Pomegranate - Woman's Remedy: Nurturing, Creativity, Sexuality
Pomegranate is quite valuable for the issues that women face. It balances the emotions and improves the ability to be nurturing to others as well as the self. This essences helps women brings forth their creativity and embrace their sexuality. It supports the female reproductive system.

Pussy Paws - Sensitivity, Compassion, the Soft Touch
Pussy Paws are soft pink clusters of densely packed flowers, whose essence imparts a kind, gentle and sensitive nature; it gives the soft touch. People become more sensitive and compassionate toward others' pain, struggles or shortcomings. People who have become hardened for any reason can benefit, as can nurses, caregivers, psychotherapists, and massage therapists. This essence can also be used to enhance sensuous and sensual touching for cuddling, foreplay and lovemaking.

Quantum Bath Formula
Ahhh . . . relax your muscles, mind, and nerves as you balance your body and meridians. Use only a few eyedroppers in a bath, hot tub, or Jacuzzi. It's the perfect R & R after a stressful day or week.

Quantum Healing Hands Formula
Powerfully bolster the spiritual healing that flows through your hands. Deepen your attunement to inner guidance for assistance during healing sessions. This formula gives outstanding support to massage therapists, chiropractors, health workers, Reiki practitioners and all other kinds of healers. (Note: For your clients and those receiving healing, consider recommending Quantum Spirit Healing.)

Quantum Massage Formula
Deeply relax muscles, tension and nerves, and restore balance and alignment! Put this formula in massage oil, take it under the tongue, or put it in a bath before a getting a massage.

Quantum Spirit Healing Formula
Open up to the healing of the Spirit. Take before healing sessions, meditation, massage, chiropractic, and the like, to increase receptivity and attunement to spiritual healing energies for quickened healing. A superb addition for healers to give to or massage onto their clients. (Note: Check out Quantum Healing Hands to powerfully increase the channel to inner guidance and healing energy flow in the hands.)

Quantum Weight Loss Formula
Support your weight loss and exercise program. Improve your metabolism and fat burning while keeping your mood up and appetite and obsessing over food down.

Red Chestnut - For feeling over-anxious and over-concerned for the welfare of others
Red Chestnut helps those who are extremely worried about the safety and wellbeing of others. Such people obsess over others' problems and anticipate the worst. They worry that a minor complaint may become something serious. Perhaps a child will fall or a plane will crash. Caregivers such as nurses or counselors may temporarily fear or worry for their clients' health or wellbeing.
Red Chestnut lets people care compassionately about others without anxiety, so that they can send thoughts of love, safety and healing to those in trouble while remaining calm and serene.

Rescue Remedy - For stress, shock, trauma, or emergencies
Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach's most famous remedy. It's used all over the world by doctors, dentists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and many other health professionals. Dr. Bach created this remedy as an all-purpose emergency combination. It reduces fear, panic and nervousness, eases shock and the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can be used for accidents, bad news, grief, death, loss, stressful situations, doctor's appointments, and commuting in gridlock. Keep it on hand in the purse, satchel, car and medicine cabinet.
Rescue Remedy calms, soothes, and comforts. It restores alertness, balance, and a better frame of mind, as well as encouraging healing.

Rock Rose - For terror, panic or extreme fear
Rock Rose is helpful for panic, terror or severe fright in response to extreme circumstances. Examples are accidents, near escapes, natural disasters, sudden illness, nightmares, muggings, or witnessing something terrible. This remedy also helps to alleviate the extreme fears that people live with daily in connection to past traumas.
Rock Rose gives self-transcending valor and courage, and the tranquility to face and meet emergencies and adversity.

Sleep Ease Forte Formula

Calm your mind and nerves and ease stress and muscle tension, to promote deep relaxation and restful sleep. Non-habit-forming, and causes no physical side affects.

Star of Bethlehem - For shock, trauma and grief
Star of Bethlehem is for times of great distress that produce great unhappiness, such as grief, loss, shock, pain, accident, bad news or physical or emotional trauma. It helps those who refuse, for a time, to be consoled. Past injuries or traumas that have not completely healed may interfere with the restoration of a current situation. This remedy neutralizes and clears the old distress to allow for a complete cure. Star of Bethlehem soothes comforts and neutralizes shock and trauma, whether immediate or from the past, and encourages complete healing.

Sweet Chestnut - For mental anguish, utter despair, and feeling stretched to the limit
Sweet Chestnut helps those who suffer from terrible, appalling anguish and utter despair. For such people, their hopelessness is complete and the future holds nothing but darkness and annihilation. They feel like they've reached the limits of their endurance, and they bravely bear it all in silence and with deep loneliness. Often they feel like God has forsaken them. Sometimes called the dark night of the soul, this can be the time when spiritual transformation is imminent.
Sweet Chestnut liberates, renewing strength, peace of mind and hope for the future. When stretched to the limit, we can become transcendent.

Super Stress Relief Formula
Are you feeling stressed to the max because of your job, relationships, circumstances or the world situation? Quickly ease physical, emotional and mental stress and tension. Restore the link to your spiritual aspect to clearly hear inner guidance, uplift your emotions, and relieve muscle or nervous tension. This combination also restores physical vitality and aids the clearing habits and patterns of chronic stress.

Tree Tobacco - Easing Cravings for Tobacco, Improving Self-Expression
Tree Tobacco improves self-expression. Its main use is for easing tobacco cravings. Use it regularly and consistently for months, and with programs to stop smoking, to relieve the cravings. Check out the formulation Tobacco Free for further support with quitting. Another supportive formula Quantum Shift helps to overcome the addictive tendencies in the personality.

Tobacco Free Formula
Need some help while quitting? Ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms, such as nervousness, edginess, irritability, and depression. For increased support, use Quantum Shift I.

Valerian - Extreme Stress or Insomnia
Valerian is an aid to the easing of extreme stress of any kind. Use the essence in baths, with massage, or before sleep.

Vibrant Health Formula
Enhance your physical vitality, life force energy, and health by energetically nurturing your skin, immune system, skeletal system, circulatory and lymphatic systems, and all your glands and organs. This beneficial formulation can be universally applied and works well for recovery and convalescence, and with older people, pets and animals.

White Tourmaline Third Chakra - Emotional Healing, Balance & Integration, Feminine Energy
White Tourmaline (Uvite) clears and stimulates the Third or Solar Plexus Chakra. Its signature, the color white, is the same as for Pearl and Moonstone, also Third Chakra gemstones. White represents the purifying effects of the Feminine or Goddess Energy, which clears, balances and transforms the emotions. She brings forth the True Self, increases intuition and facilitates Enlightenment or Ascension. This Elixir addresses such issues as a lack of receptivity or nurturing, the fear of being weak, and the inability to release stress or negative feelings. All emotions, and especially stress, anxiety and those associated with the mother, are processed and integrated. Tranquility, emotional stability, reception, sensitivity, and operating from that which we truly are and have to offer, all improve significantly. Enlightenment, Ascension and Planetary healing all depend on mastering the Feminine nature within.

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