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Welcome To Santa Barbara Quantum Health!

  • Highest-quality products and services
  • Leading-edge flower essence and gem elixir formulations
  • Vigorous clinical research
  • 40 years of experience
We specialize in potent flower and gem remedy formulations, and have on hand more than a thousand different flower essences, gem elixirs, and other energetic remedies. They are made in the tradition of Dr. Edward Bach, the great 20th-century English physician and homeopath, and are then enhanced with state-of-the-art vibrational technologies. All formulas, essences and elixirs are meticulously studied before being released to the public.

As a result, our formulations are some of the fastest-acting and most transformative on the market today.

Our aim is to support you by easing your difficulties, such as with addiction, depression, fears, anxiety, worries, stress, anger, guilt, grief, trauma, money, abundance, procrastinating, creating or meeting goals, and so much more! We wish to help to bring out your best, bolster your self-healing and improve your all-around well-being. We seek to quicken your potential, to cultivate your gifts and talents, and to assist you with your relationships, work, and career.

We're here to share with you a myriad of simple, natural methods to optimize your health and create balance in body, mind, and spirit. All of our products are nontoxic, non-habit-forming and without side effects. And they complement and enhance the results of counseling, addiction therapies, and such natural modalities as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, exercise, yoga, chi gong, supplements, herbals, aromatherapy, energy work, meditation, and spiritual practice.

Come explore our discoveries and choose from the uniquely powerful flower essences, gem elixirs and energetic remedies, flower essence and wellness consultations, and other services, plus our certified Reiki I, II, III Classes, Bach Flower Remedy Course and Advanced Flower Essences Course, based on our almost four decades of research and experience!